Tree of Life
The Tree of Life

A feeling of emptiness,
amidst laughter and joy,
it feels so hollow;

deep down inside,
as my mind drifts away
to a world full of dreams
and unimaginable possibilities;

as i stare listlessly into this matrix,
the beating of my heart reverberates through my soul,
emotions trying to take control and i
realize i am running on empty;

exhausted, i try not to think,
as the clouds pass by, i wonder if
this tree of life has ceased to have a meaning;

as the battle to live goes on,
in silence i sit in the shadows,
for the scars to fade away and
paint my dreams afresh;

~Praveen Kumar

Lover’s Journey by Jen Anu

Afresh I awaken
to a new dawning of Light
within the auric fields of my consciousness
There in the midst of Beauty
and in awe I breathe in the nectar
that sustains my presence

now Reveling in the foretaste
of Eternal Love I ask you

Come with me and let’s dance
joined at the heart in Holy Union
twirling through the darkness of eons
free to embody Joy and Peace
in spiraling vortices of creation
Afresh I awaken

cRb 12.13.14 @ 11:11
Many Blessings Sister of Light

The Artwork of Jen and The Poetry by Praveen enticed me to respond without hesitation. Jen and I met years ago on facebook on a page she still has up (see link below). She invited many of us to participate with her in a collaborative effort and also to create albums of our works. Time shifts us all and many of us who were there in the beginning no longer participate yet have remained friends and admirers as well as inspirers of each other.

Last night when Jen posted her Artwork and I read the attached poem, my fingers started typing automatically in response from the depths of my soul. As I was posting it to her page she was responding with her musical response… A Lover’s Journey

Oh how I love synchronicity, the connection between creators and the confirmations that we are all drawing energy from the same source yet displaying it uniquely with our own vibrations.

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