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Blessings to All as we greet another moment with each other.
The title of today’s talk came very quickly as I read a Course In Miracles quote;

Heaven is here,

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now,

There is no other time.

(M,61 Sayings From A Course In Miracles)

if we look around at the world right now, it certainly does not seem to be very Heavenly and appears to many as a prison.

The earliest definitions of Heaven I could find were “home of God,” and earlier “the visible sky, firmament,” and “a heavenly place; a state of bliss.”
‘Here and Now’ is not feeling very heavenly.

Yet if we can shift our awareness from what is outside or around us and come deeper into our heart space, we may find the opportunity to reclaim the more profound relationship to what we think of as Heaven.

The Heaven deep within us is a vast energetic space filled with amazing wonder. We can somehow travel as far into it as we can the outer space around us.

Let us take a moment to go there:

Please gently take a deep and slow breath inward and pause for a couple of seconds before releasing it.

Do that 3 or 4 times and focus on the center of your upper sternum.

Take both your hands and gently tap there to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Repeat as you would if chanting a mantra the words:

Heaven is here,
There is nowhere else.
Heaven is now,
There is no other time.

Take as much time as you wish and feel yourself relaxing.

Hopefully, you are feeling a bit more peaceful and less disconnected from your physical self.

Heaven is where the Divine Self and the Here and Now coexist without agitation or disturbances.

All of us need to take time each day to come into this meditative yet physically active state.

We are honoring the Truth that We are much more than we have been taught.

Our immune system also receives positive effects, as our Thymus Gland is right below where we are tapping.

Let Us Be Well and know that We are Here right Now for a much larger purpose that requires us to align with both the Heaven above and the Heaven within.

Listen to the replay which offers much more than the notes and I offer you this final message;

“Be aware that the answers you are seeking are within you.”
Shanta Gabriel 2019 from The Gabriel Message Cards)

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.21.21

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

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