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Peaceful Presence

We are constantly surrounded by noise and do not pay a lot of attention to it most of the time. Yet, it is always affecting our physical well-being.

Natalie Glasson defined a peaceful place in her latest blog writing,

“A space that is free from clutter or distraction within your being. A space where you can awaken your divine plan. You will find yourself settling into this space of peace and contentment, maybe without instruction, and automatically because you have completed your searching, you have completed your questioning; you have received so many answers, but there is a surrendering. A surrendering into the peace and contentment of your being.” – Andromedans / Natalie Glasson

Awakening Your Divine Plan by the Andromedans

Two words caught my attention immediately, distraction and surrender.

 I see them as the keys to a world of harmony and balance, which is a Peaceful Presence in its most powerful radiance.

Each of us is now being called from within our hearts to clear away everything that does not have a resonant frequency that synchronizes with our heart.

The distortion created around us makes it more challenging to make decisions that are rational or beneficial to all life forms.

The result is like a runaway train in our bodies that does not crash but keeps on manifesting a fear-filled distortion that gets accepted as normal.

Our personal normal is a balance of energies, not the erratic spiking we have been subjected to over the past couple of years. Nevertheless, it continues in different forms and frequencies.


Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.20.22