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Awakening to a New Self – Show Notes

It has been a couple of weeks since I have had an opportunity to share a live message with you here on Humanity Healing, and it feels good to be back.

Many Blessings to all as we Awaken to the deeper and more enlightened Self.

Awakening is not only physical but also energetic and thoughtful.

It is a deepening and expanding experience which can be strenuous at times.

We begin this journey by simply acknowledging how tired or agitated we are. These are common everyday feelings that most often send us to bed only to wake up and repeat the next day. Most likely arising without resolving or dissolving old judgments, beliefs, fears, or frequent misperceptions.

We are now learning to listen to multiple levels of ourselves, which have greater wisdom than we have been taught as humans. The actual knowledge has been rewritten to play follow-the-leader.

We are leaving our human childhood behind us and being guided by Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon, which will guide us into the Higher realms of Our True selves.

We exist in a singular form as humans and multiple forms as what we call Spirit.

This past week brought us the second of four Super-moons in 2022 that amplified our body and psyche’s gravitational and electromagnetic fields.

Re-connecting us more securely to the Galactic Center – the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, our true Mother’s Womb, the whirling disk which also gives birth to the stars.

The separation is ending, and communication is now resuming in spite of the human effort to block it or use it as a way to continue its destructive patterns of behavior.

What is happening now is only the beginning of another journey in which we are to assist our future generations.

We chose to be here now and have done this before. It is merely a process of letting go of fear first and then trusting our inner Self, which will guide us through offering forgiveness and assist us in sharing more Peace, Light, and Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.17.22

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