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Heart Crew for the Global Heart

Working together as a Heart Crew community
whose center point is Loving without fear
is the strongest bond that humans can have

Each Heart represents an opportunity
to live where the shadows of life
no longer have a desire or power to create fear

Offering to the Global Heart an energy
which assists and guides all living presences
to a powerful opportunity of dwelling in harmony

Harmony and Balance are the natural order
physically represented by the Heart and brain
which both are very spiritually misaligned

The misalignment created over many eras
is now dissolving through our awakening
and sharing Love with everyone unconditionally

Let us continue to invite others to join with us
and allow them to open their hearts to a new flow
of Loving Kindness, which will be passed on
and stabilized within the Hearts of our future children

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.23.22
For the Global Heart Team