Optimism – Enthusiasm – Trust

Blessings to everyone as we slip into March, which is always a time of change.

Emily Dickinson expresses it as, “March is the month of expectation.”

Many of us experience an earthly sense of change, One in which possibilities are seen but not yet fulfilled. It is a time of connection to Mother Earth.

Watching closely at what happens in the natural world around us, we can choose to be outwardly inspired and creative or to pause and seek our inner presence as the place we might seek to communicate with.

Optimism brings us to seek the best possibilities that may occur on our living journey and charge our minds with many ways in which the best of our true selves can evolve.

Enthusiasm feels different as its presence allows our energy to move from thought and feeling to an entirely physical and emotional reality.


We seek to experience a better future with trust not just for ourselves but for everyone who feels diminished by our daily conflicts.

The lack of trust within ourselves brings us to a place of inner conflict and confusion, which diminishes our full potential.

Optimism – Enthusiasm – Trust

Three keys to our future. May we seek them and allow their energy to flow without restraints, price tags, or investments as commodities?

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.3.2023