What you perceive as outside of you is also you as well. It has been co-created by all of us over many ages and lifetimes. When we are face to face with this and overwhelmed, it becomes our challenge to stand still and look for all the possibilities that it may contain.

This becomes our personal expansion without which nothing changes except in our separation from the reality which can only be recognized from a higher level of energetic form.

We are now processing all this information at rates beyond anything humanity has ever done before and backtracking through our genetic lines to release the core/source of all we are now experiencing. So please be gentle with yourselves and know that you truly are creators of your own experiences and not victims, nor have you ever been, for the words you use are but symbols of your experiences like the carvings in stone of our ancestors.

Look deep within the space between yourself and the reflection of you in the mirror and know the true power of your true heart’s creative ability for it has brought you both to this point in our evolution.