Choosing Peace Within Us


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Choosing Peace Within Us

When we are no longer able to change a situation –
we are challenged to change ourselves. ~Viktor E. Frankl

(The Fork In The Road)
The time of decision has come.
We all must choose.  
Do I stay in duality?
Or move into Oneness?
The 11:11 Alignment Cards – Zera Starchild

Point of Presence

Slow down, relax and always choose love.

Make it your commitment,

No matter what is swirling around you.

Keep your eyes WIDE open

There will be lots that you see,

Engage only with what lights up your Soul.

TRUST with every micro cell of your being

There is heavenly support,

Ask for guidance daily with gratitude.

Express fully with courage and care

Your capacity and skills are expanding every day,

Believe it.

Create with wild enthusiasm

Beauty, love, and grace are your golden essence,

Keep tending the fire.

Joy is not the result of the journey,

It is the process and the way,

Be it.

by Shelley Darling 
Author of ‘Songline of the Heart: A Navigator’s Guide to Resurrecting Your Heart’

“The biggest discovery for me is finding that just loving myself turns out to be the most empowering and fastest way to bring me back into Balance. It does not feel good when I am closed down to receiving. I don’t have the energy I need to do what I love and would most uplift me.
One of my favorite long
time affirmations is: I now allow myself to be loved and supported on all levels.

Shanta Gabriel – March 19, 2023


Truth and Love or Denial


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Truth and Love or Denial – Show Notes

Two words which each of us hold up as powerful symbols that are sacred and yet we are sometimes challenged with them in our daily walk of life.

We are all given opportunities to experience them outside of our physical self, yet we can be fearful of them within.

Their opposites are always around us and can be seen and felt yet within us we have a great ability to move them into a seemingly safe place where they are hidden away.

This stuffing action is mostly autonomic which allows us to move on with our lives until something triggers them and their energies spread through our personal presence.

We then have to struggle with or try to run away from them and each of us know these feelings and their many forms.

I think these words arose in me today because of the St Patrick’s Day story of ridding Ireland of snakes. For this is much like snake behavior that strikes us without warning and if poisonous will end our lives in many ways.

I was called to open the Angel Blessings book written by Kimberly Marooney and is was #22 Manifesting Angel Amitiel – Truth

 Truth itself will assist in every way him who has gone forth in search of truth.. Matri Vani,Wisdom of Sri Anandamayi Ma

As we have entered into the gateway of a new paradigm Amitiel suggests that we begin to seek eternal truth where we resonate in harmony in our soul memory.

He is always willing 2 help us open our personal gateways in order to release the past trauma of not only our personal lives but our ancestral lives as well.

by seeking the truth within yourself you are directing your attention to a part of yourself yeah it is you’re creating center.

Here you will see that there is no darkness only light and you will receive love and healing

the feelings of darkness, lies, and misunderstanding will gradually subside and disappear as you embrace your true self that was hidden behind all of that

let us find our darkness, accept our denial, and receive all that we need that has always been there but hidden beneath our misunderstanding a pool we truly are and what power that we each individually have and even more so as a collective which when it comes together joined at the heart free of the past shines light upon everyone.

‘We are the ones we have been waiting for.’

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


LOVE 411


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Love 411

When we gather at the crossroads
there is always a moment
of which way we go next

As we come together
and allow Spirit to show us the way
we become wiser

The turbulent energies subside,
and we move forward
each of us with our heart open

With our minds subdued
we return to our innocence
that counterbalances the distortions.

Love and blessings
to each of you who read this
and know that you are always loved.

Beyond your understanding of Love…

Love is not something you desire
Love is who you are

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

3.15.23 at 411 PM


Optimism – Enthusiasm – Trust



Optimism – Enthusiasm – Trust

Blessings to everyone as we slip into March, which is always a time of change.

Emily Dickinson expresses it as, “March is the month of expectation.”

Many of us experience an earthly sense of change, One in which possibilities are seen but not yet fulfilled. It is a time of connection to Mother Earth.

Watching closely at what happens in the natural world around us, we can choose to be outwardly inspired and creative or to pause and seek our inner presence as the place we might seek to communicate with.

Optimism brings us to seek the best possibilities that may occur on our living journey and charge our minds with many ways in which the best of our true selves can evolve.

Enthusiasm feels different as its presence allows our energy to move from thought and feeling to an entirely physical and emotional reality.


We seek to experience a better future with trust not just for ourselves but for everyone who feels diminished by our daily conflicts.

The lack of trust within ourselves brings us to a place of inner conflict and confusion, which diminishes our full potential.

Optimism – Enthusiasm – Trust

Three keys to our future. May we seek them and allow their energy to flow without restraints, price tags, or investments as commodities?

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.3.2023




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This morning the word imagine captured my attention in a very peaceful way. Triggered by

“Whatever I Can Imagine, the Universe Can Deliver” – from the Ask and It Is Given Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks

It has a peaceful energy of attraction that allows us to bring to our awareness all possibilities within any situation we may find ourselves.

“Whatever I Can Imagine, the Universe Can Deliver” Esther and Jerry Hicks

For thousands of years, false beliefs and information have blocked our ability to communicate with the unseen universe or our multi-dimensional self.

I remembered how John Lennon sang to us about a world where we might imagine being at peace, without separation, in which the whole of humanity would live “unattached to material possessions.”

Our world has changed dramatically since then, and we have become enslaved in ways we could never have imagined would happen.

Warned by many writers who informed us in their books, we looked at them as illusionary and allowed the corporate world to redesign how they present information.

When leadership becomes erratic, the result is confusion, and very soon, destructive behavior begins to increase.

Our physical bodies respond in many ways, and we might not understand why because it happens very slowly.

However, when we recognize that all information, we receive has an energetic frequency, we can begin to diminish its effect on our physical being.

If we don’t like the music we are listening to because it is emotionally disruptive, we change the channel or turn the source of it off.

We are now being called from within ourselves to become aware of the sources of our distress and do precisely that.

Imagine that you no longer need to be misled by information designed to create fear rather than understanding.

The ability to refuse what is no longer healthy for all of life on Mother Earth is a choice for everyone—the future generations, are those young minds who get targeted to follow Artificial Intelligence rather than trust their fantastic imagination.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.24.23


Facing Forward


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Eleven years ago
we were wondering what our future would be like in the abyss.
Now we know.


Manifest And Magnify

Manifest And Magnify – Show Notes

This morning, the words manifestation and magnification caught my attention.

Those words made me think about my Soul Mission as we rapidly shift into a new paradigm. This has brought us to this point in our evolution which is now being altered in many ways.

The confusion for all of us is created by how rapidly our energies are propelled into future visions.

As a result, our stability is not only threatened but also attacked at many levels, similar to the destruction that happens with an earthquake.

This message clearly defines how related we are to mother earth and Her evolving process.

Mother Earth is a living example of what we are experiencing within our physical bodies. Her response is to manifest and magnify everything needed to move through this energy shifting.

Each of us is also capable of manifesting and magnifying everything within our own emotional and physical vehicle we call our human body.

Our ancestors had to do this many times before we developed into the beings we are now. They are also guided internally from a higher level of what we might call spiritual power, or we might think of it as their sole mission.

So as we sit and not only watch but feel this shifting of mother earth synergy, we too have to adapt our energy to be in synchronicity with hers and to know that it is part of our mission to assist all life on planet earth to adjust or leave with ease and grace.

Ease and grace become the energy format by which we unite from our separation into a unified world.

So with the word unity, I am having you not think about giving up your individuality but take that inner self that sees through and beyond what is happening around you and share it with others, not to frighten or overload them but to confirm in them that they are not alone in their processing of this evolutionary shift.

So, we all realize that we are far more advanced as universal beings than we have been allowed to believe and trust. We are now much like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon and adapting to something different from what we had previously experienced.

Those who have become the commanders of civilization are being threatened, and their fear is projected into the fields of humanity to have them believe that they are the saving grace of society. Yet, their only tool has been one of destruction, and we can no longer support destruction at a greater level than we are now.

It becomes our responsibility now to manifest what is positive and nurturing and magnify it in ways that everybody is a part of it equally and knowingly.

There is no way around all of this. So we have to move through it, and we can do this by coming back into our hearts and trusting that a higher self dwelling in our hearts has the power to rule and fuel our physical body and also the power to lead and fuel all existence.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.17.23




Relax And Release


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Relax And Release

I was contemplating the word Freedom this morning and realized that our present state of collective awareness is operating at a very high rate of fluctuation.

We no longer live in a world where fear as an energy force is not a weapon; instead, it is used to motivate us.

Now appearing in many new ways, feeling tense and changing focus or not being able to focus is a common malady.

The word malady comes from the 13th century, meaning disorder.

What are we doing to each other and ourselves today in 2023?

The disorder is everywhere and comes in more ways than ever before. We are all being made victims, and the words releasing and relaxing appeared as a remedy.

The leaders of the world and the media we have supported are no longer credible, and we are now being intentionally confused and fed “street cred”.

The only way through it all is to honor yourself and find new ways to diminish your understanding of how fear is the weapon of choice of all who wish to control you.

Notice what does not support your peace and friendliness.

Treat it with Love and Kindness, not drugs or anger.

Find ways that help you shift your conscious awareness to something that brings you, Inner Joy.

The ultimate goal is to relax and release all that you know does not align with your True Self in a way that creates a better understanding of who you are rather than who someone else wants you to be.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2/10/23






Unity And Cohesion



Unity And Cohesion

Listening to the cold wind gusting from the WNW this morning, Spirit guided me to think about the severe weather that creates suffering, separation, and loss for many.

2023 is a new way of experiencing life for all humans as Unity diminishes at many levels of our everyday existence. Yet, it also has a song that invites us to learn and sing from our hearts.

The song is one of Unity and Peace for All.

Perhaps Rumi expresses it well in his words, “A heart filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison.” — Rumi.

Unity refers to a harmony and balance of energy that is not only renewable but also a vibrational frequency of Light that is always available within us.

Nothing can destroy the source of Peace and is kept from rising within us by feeling fear.

When we unlock our hearts from fear, we can witness the truth and adapt our brains to change our hearts’ frequency from duality to wholeness.

A completely different wavelength ensures better communication with all of nature and each other.

Let us all reunite within our hearts first by offering Peace to ourselves.

May we then share it with all we encounter who have been through pain and suffering inflicted by greed and selfishness?

There is a long way to go, yet the path is now open to a more peaceful inner presence, unity, and harmony with our beloved Mother Earth.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron