Rising In The Moment


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Rising in the Moment



Rising in the moment to a place above

the surface of our temporary existence.

Energies expand Our collective expression

and allow the reality of truth to be seen

Let Us All take a deep breath and refresh

that reality into this world of dreams

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.2.20


Encouragement And Trust


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Encouragement And Trust



As I awoke and the day began, I asked what the topic for today’s talk would be. After a few moments of silence, the word Encouragement came through with a feeling of deep love.

Of course, my human mind started questioning what the purpose might be for this topic and then looked back into the dreams that I was having just before I woke up.

They were fragmented thoughts and actions that all had negative connotations. They were bits and pieces of past emotions that were not aligned or could relate to any constructive patterns in my lifetime or future.

As I let out my dog and made my coffee, I realized that we all need a little encouragement. Much darkness and suffering are affecting us now, even when we are not focusing on it.

I was first led to pulling a card from my Course In Miracles deck, which was a gift to me many years ago as a facilitator.

The card reads,

…” Heaven is here.

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now.

There is no other time.”…

Please read that again, slowly, and feel it opening both your heart and mind.

This message comes from the Manual For Teachers, which speaks about Atonement or as I like to say ‘At-One-Ment‘ wherein we are no longer focused or disturbed in the present moment or our past.

We are fully present right here and right now. 

Heaven is always attainable, in this very moment. 

It is our human beliefs and fears that are the leading causes of not feeling Encouragement.

The next word Trust came forward from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards.

”The hand of God guides me. I trust Him as He leads me to where He has always been.”

The present situation of false leadership in the World is triggering a deep division within Humanity’s collective mind.

Wherein We are suffocating. I use the word suffocating because that is what it feels like to me.

It is time now for us to rise up and out of that suffocation and seek the more exceptional Air, which uplifts Us and nourishes Our Souls.

When Our Hearts are closed, We have separated, not physically, but energetically, and at that moment, We are weakened and vulnerable.

“It is Trust that is the key to Our Encouragement.” – crb

I know that each of you is feeling this right now. Whether or not you may realize it. This feeling of separation is the moment of truth for us to encourage each other and trust in Our Divine Presence to change the course of Humanity by directing it back into the Light.

Right now, as a collective, We can enter a New Spring through choice and will. Spring meaning the season of healing and transformation.

Let us encourage each other to find the places within ourselves that need healing. Those ancient wounds of mistrust, abusiveness, or emptiness have become the wounds we have been manipulated by.

Let us challenge ourselves and each other to restore peace, happiness, and self-worth to fill the darkness with the fertile soils that will bring forth the Abundant Joy of the New Spring within Us.

It is the Inner work that We focus on right now that will change the outer world around us, not the opposite.

Let us let go of the judgmental attitudes that are being triggered and remember the message,

” Heaven is here.

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now.

There is no other time.”


From the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild, I offer this, 

Spring Healing Prayer of Kuan Yin and Maiden Ma Gu

Beloved Kuan Yin and Spring Goddess Maiden Ma Gu, thank you for your unconditionally loving help now. I ask to be helped in knowing myself more fully and allowing that part of me that is seeking expression now, to emerge in a conscious, loving and empowering way. May I know and live all of myself, beloved ones, may my life be filled with light, energy and warmth, like Springtime after the Winter, for the highest good of all.

Om Mani Padme Hum!

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.31.2020

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Beyond Duality


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Beyond Duality


Good Morning and May Blessings arise from within you to embrace you and guide you as We All move into the NEW Earth frequencies.

The title of today’s talk came about after reading my morning influx of wisdom from many sisters and brothers experiencing the Rising Tide Energy.

All of us are becoming more sensitive to energetic interference in our daily lives. The changes in our perceptional abilities are allowing Conscious Oneness to become accessible.

Conscious Oneness, for me, is becoming awake and aware of our Multidimensional Self through an energetic shifting of our current perception and the viewpoint from which we observe it.

All of which becomes the Gateway of creating a New Reality.

Ram Dass has been quoted as saying, “the one, playing as the two, and then returning to the one.”

This message of Oneness is precisely what I was aware of in my own death experience in a motorcycle accident.

I became Pure Peace, Pure Light, and Pure Love, only to return into my physical body of extreme pain and suffering.

All sense of what We perceive as reality was instantly changed, and I was reminded not to forget who I was again.

Most people would express what I just described as duality. The concept being a Spirit dwelling in a Human body.

However, perceiving the inner Spirit Self leads us to the True Self, which is Multidimensional, which is Beyond Duality.

Hence, We have the title of today’s discussion.

The first card I usually pull for these talks comes from the Sacred Sacred Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden.


“Breath is the basis of life, as I breathe in power from Source: I know I have eternal life.”

My experience had shown me that breathing keeps the physical body alive while the Sacred Self continues to move through many dimensions until it returns to its Source.

The Source of All Life as We understand it in the human form.

Yet We are so much more and beginning to understand it at deeper levels.

The word Levels denoting our multidimensional existence, which is not new, yet certainly challenging to clearly define to the human mind at this point in its evolution.

I was guided to the Kuan Yin Oracle from Alana Fairchild for a message.


“You are a highly creative being with the potential to help raise the vibration of consciousness on this planet through your creative projects, work, dreams, and hobbies. The power of collaboration, choosing to work with others in joint projects, allows for synergy to occur where you can grow stronger and become more than the sum of your individual parts, calling in great cosmic assistance and potency! You are guided to remain open to other Souls joining forces with you. Just like the Sisters of the Sun Rising that bring great energy to help humanity through their group endeavours, when you allow for aligned group effort, much that is wonderful can occur. “
Today is a reminder for us to embrace the opportunities that are arising around us to break free from our old paradigm of awareness and explore all of the rising possibilities.

“We are no longer locked down or held prisoner in a world of duality

We are sovereign beings of Peace, Light, and Love

We are experiencing an essential global transmutation

wherein all of our past errors will be released as no longer necessary for the continued evolution of humanity as both a collective multidimensional form or as a singularity limited by the projection of fear within the higher dimensional Earth.” – Riverman

Many Blessings to each of you as We join within Our Hearts, which are opening more every day.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.25.20


Deepening Compassion


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Deepening Compassion Moon 7.27.20

We are now being called to be ‘On Purpose’

at a deeper level of Our Awareness.

Let go of old beliefs.

Embrace the ‘New’ with an Open Heart.

Deepening Compassion

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.28.20


GateKeeper Water Blessing 2020


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York River 5.28.16

Today is the day out of time

The day of no months

The day of no week

The dawn of a new Galactic Year.

It is also Global Water Appreciation Day.

We are in this frequency and structure of galactic void where we wait within our hearts. Together with each other and our star families at the gateways. Through which the birth of our Solar System and our beloved Mother Earth led to creating a home for the human species.

We are gathered here as the Gate Keepers, so let us remember the Waters as they formed and collected as a part of our Ancient Galaxy. Flowing in its sovereign beingness into our amazing Universe and Planet, as well as into each of us as we were formed within our mothers Womb

Let it be our greatest joy and pleasure to remember and honor all Water, from which there is never any separation even in isolation. Each drop of Water holds the memory of all life, and it is the bringer of life, the bearer of life, and the essence of life in many dimensions.

Dr. Masaru Emoto chose this day to be Global Water Appreciation Day. Let us begin by receiving his simple words into our hearts.

I love you

I thank you

I respect you

Then express them to the Water

We can then represent the grail cup from which both Grace and Glory flow into every dry well and replenish it.

To the Divine Mother, we bow in honor and thanksgiving for all, that is seen and unseen, from within this Sacred space, and may we always remain those who will hear the Sweet Voice of Water throughout all dimensions, whether consciously aware of them or not.

Close your eyes if they are not already closed.

Breathe in through your mouth and feel the water evaporating as a cool breeze.

Feel it as it enters into our lungs and deposits water throughout our whole body.

Yes, even the Element of Air carries the Water as a Water Bearer into our physicality, and as it flows through Our amazing structures, May we remain mindful of how precious it truly is.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.25.20



Trusting Visions and Clarity


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Trusting Visions and Clarity


Good Rising to All of my Sisters and Brothers

My wish for each of you is that today becomes a moment in your life that you listen more carefully to your Inner Self, which dwells within your Heart rather than your head.

It is 10 AM here in Maine as I go live on Humanity Healing with a deep feeling of gratitude in My Heart for the great gift of this opportunity.

During this Time of Our Greater Evolution, it is important to trust ourselves more while watching the energy around us distort much of what we have been told or taught throughout our lifetimes.

Upon awakening, at 715 AM, I looked for a message to guide me through the day, so I look up the time at Joanne Sacred Scribes – Angel Numbers.

I always encourage people to find something that you may enjoy reading or tap into every day, which gives you a sense of uplifting forward vision. It is like planting a seed in your mind that you can watch during the day to see how it aligns or apprises you of distortions.

Here is a part of the reading for 715 –
“Angel Number 715 indicates that you are being aided and assisted as you go through major life changes. The choices you have made and the actions you have taken will lead to new opportunities in your life and you are encouraged to stay positive and optimistic as you will soon see these positive changes take effect.”

Today is also 717, so I read that as well and it brings forth this message –
“Angel number 717 is a message from the angels at the new beginnings; an opportunity is occurring in your life that will bring you into full alignment with your Divine Purpose and Soul Mission. You are encouraged to follow your intuition and guidance from the Angels regarding your next steps.”

Both of these are Powerful Messages that remind us to trust our visions and intuition at a deeper level and not allow the External Energies that we encounter to play with our many doubts and insecurities.

All of us have many insecurities that we have carried forward from our childhood, which are coming to the surface within our conscious awareness during this social separation.
They are rising from the deep caverns of our subconscious mind, where we buried them many years ago, mostly since we have been energetically disconnected form each other.

As I continued my process of cue cards for today, I pulled a Soul Inspirations Message Card that is very simple and inviting us to listen deeper.

“Your Soul Is Calling”

What does it mean for you when you hear the words your soul is calling?

For me, SOUL means a source of unconditional love.
It is that place within our hearts that is connected to everything whether or not we understand it at any given moment, it is that place that can not be distorted by our minds, yet it will refuse to enter.

Commonly we think of our Heart as just a natural part of our body, yet we are learning that it is so much more than that on an energetic level.
It is a form of communication that is not heard but felt like an energetic form of communication.

Herein lies all possibilities to tap into Our Divine Self, if we choose to listen and learn about the energies being emitted beyond words.

We have been told did those are just feelings and
We have been told to dismiss our feelings and
We have been told to live our lives by logic
All of which has brought us to this point in our Evolution
wherein we are challenged to make any sense of its self-destructive messages

It isn’t time to look forward to trusting what is not in plain sight
but what is percolating within us

All of which brings forth the next card I pulled –

Ace of Wands – AGNI Roerich Tarot Deck
Inspiration, new opportunities, growth, potential

Then, of course, I have my favorite deck of message cards –
The Sacred Space Meditation cards which bring forth –

Visions –
” I Envision my world, and I know that I created with mine and God’s plan.”

I choose happiness over hardship.
I release what no longer serves me.
I see the spiritual being I am, and my vision is of something great.
My sight is one of a new world of Oneness and Peace.

As we gather around the World as the Beautiful Hearts, We Truly are – let’s deepen into Trusting Our Higher Self and Our Higher Heart.
Especially as We heal ourselves from the ancient wounds and seed the future generations with the Unconditional Love and Compassion, We anchor within ourselves.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.17.20

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Deepen Into The Reflection


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Hole In The Road

There is always a moment in our life journey which catches the eye
that can be a catalyst for changing our programmed awareness

This lens we see life through is only a tiny keyhole
one that has been trained to focus on familiar shapes

Always finding what is visually speaking to us and
allowing an opportunity to feel into a part of a larger picture

The deeper picture held in a loving embrace by our mind
is always reminding us that it is our ability to shift focus
that creates the Magic and Wonder in our daily walk of Life

Let us All begin to see deeper into the ordinary walk of our lives
paying deeper attention to the reflections
appearing to remind us that Our Inner Beauty
needs to be seen now as we walk on this crumbling pavement.

Sometimes We are lost in our programming. Yet, all around us the Universe is communicating to remind each us of our near-nearsightedness and that there has never been any separation.

Separation is the Grand Illusion

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.15.20


It’s A Brand New Day


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It's A New Day

Good Morning and Welcome to A New Day…

Of course, every day is a New Day, yet we don’t always greet every day as the gift it truly is or can be if we let go of our trauma and drama.

Today’s Card from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards Deck by Elinor Von Linden was already in play, even before I pulled it.

I was cleaning and organizing old files on my computer to create a New starting point to record my future adventures in life when I realized I had not thought about today’s talk.

I had drifted into a place between timelines where everything was flowing simultaneously, and I was at peace in the middle of it.

Perhaps you also feel that at times, and it might upset you to come back into the 3D self and might even chastise yourself for being so flaky.

Yet that flow “IS” the New Day.

The day in which We begin to realize that our multi-dimensional self is not a fantasy. It is the energy rising within us that has been stuck or stuffed in those deep and dark pockets of our memory.

The Card reads…


“I leave behind the pain of the past.

I create my new day full of wondrous things.”

I want you all to stop for a moment and allow that to trickle into your consciousness.

I know that each of us has struggled with letting go of past experiences, which were scenes of horror and pain. Those were the moments that became the parts of ourselves self which indeed held us back from being free in our true spiritual nature.

However, New Days brings us to establish foresight and encourage us to release what no longer serves us as sovereign beings.

To be free and sovereign, we have to remove all the obstacles blocking or holding us in a stagnant life pattern. However, here is where we get stuck.

A card from the Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya offers three positive statements that are wonderful for resetting our minds and allowing us to get back into the forward and upward directions of life.

I Forgive

I Release

I AM in Peace

For us to move into this fantastic New Day, we have to be willing to leave behind or erase the old hard drives in our heads. Unconsciously I was doing that, as I was working with the computer.

Many times the thoughts appeared of, Oh, I might need that, or can I let that go up during the process.

When I clicked the delete button, I was happy to say, if I need them in my future, I can re-create them in better versions.

Every day is a New Day.

Wonderful and beautiful moments await us.

We are the ones who will create them.

Not out of selfishness or greed but from within our hearts.

It is from within our hearts that all healing starts its journey, and that is not just for ourselves, but for everyone.

We heal when we say yes, to a New Day, and in that exact moment, we treat at least five others to an opportunity for healing.

Let’s take a deep breath and embrace what life would be like if we all could release ourselves from this ancient bondage to pain and suffering.

I will end with this quote from A Course In Miracles

“The healing of God’s son is all the world is for.

That is the only purpose the Holy Spirit sees in it and thus the only one it has.”

T,512 A Course In Miracles

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.10.20



Living Droplet


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Radiant Drop 7.5.20

Full Moon Rising through the clouds 7.4.2020 York, Maine

Can we bring ourselves to the Wind

to be lifted and carried into the future

where we are uplifted and then rained down

as the Full Presence of Love’s offerings


Each one of us a Droplet of Preciousness

that quenches the thirst of the barrenness

each brought forth by the misunderstandings

gathered for so long, along our collective journey


Our collective purpose of liquidity

is being to catalyze and transmute

every possibility in all of existent life

gathered upon and within this planet


We All Are here in this Only Moment

transforming within our molecular structure

and flowing deeper into our Divine Beingness

to meet ourselves and each other in Joy


Each droplet of Ever-evolving Wholeness

Blessing the World and each other

without interference or distortion

fully aware of Our Gift of Life to each other



Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Preparation Not Restoration


Preparation Not Reparation – Audio MP3


Let’s begin our talk today by gently quieting our minds.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card I pulled this morning offers us the word… Potential.

When you look at the title of today’s talk, Preparation Not Reparation, I want you to see how potential is a key in both of those actions.

The card Potential headlines the following statement, “I am a spring pouring forth from the ocean of universal potential.”

The affirmations given to us by Elinor Von Linden, the creator of these cards, are as follows…

I draw from the ocean of oneness.

I am open to the universe in all its forms.

It empowers me as I journey through this life as it leads me to a new voyage of discovery.


Right now, in this present moment of our evolution, each of us is a bit out of sorts. The many energetic frequencies that appear now in what would be chaotic patterns no longer support the old paradigm of life in which we have been operating.

A paradigm primarily serves as a pattern or a way for a living community to align with an intellectual viewpoint.

So, as a result of the corona-virus, instigating the shut down of the paradigm, each of us are now experiencing the collapse of the structure in which we live, that is not visibly seen yet we are functionally aligned with.


The words this morning that I arose with were questions that were posed to me by my Guides.

“Now that you recognize that everything in your life that has been prized, as the structure of your life, is now melting or fading away into nonexistence, what is your next step?”

My logical mind immediately went into the thought patterns of fixing it.

However, My inner heart was guiding me to prepare for something new, something not experienced before.

Here we are at a fork in the road, a fork in the road where our future existence as humans is being determined by someone other than ourselves.

It is vital for each of us, no matter how fearful we may be during this time-frame, to ground ourselves to our Beloved Mother Earth and know in our hearts that without this alignment, we become detached from the greater reality of Our True Creation.


Creation is our Gift, for We are Creator Beings, and when we hand over our offering to a paradigm that is telling us it will do our creating for us, then we have given away that part of Our Sovereign Self.

This process is why right now, humans all over the world are being challenged, and so many are suffering from energetic imbalances within their physical structure.

The key to remember for all of us right now is to come back into our physical body and pay attention to what is arising in us as a part of the separation that we are being forced to experience while being told it is a protective measure and for our welfare as a Collective Humanity.

Take time to listen and prepare whatever is needed to stabilize the personal physical energy fields which are out of balance.

Re-arrange your whole daily schedule if needed.

Granted, this is not easy if you have family members who are not flexible or respectful of your personal needs or their own.

However, taking the time to recognize what you now need to bring you back into a sense of balance is very critical right now.

It is also possible to see your loved ones’ behaviors and to try and recognize how their patterns are out of alignment, as well as encourage them to honor themselves in a better way during this time.

Everyone is reacting to these changes differently, and respecting each other as individuals are critical.

Try to remember that we are now preparing for a future existence in a New World.
One that we are co-creating right now through every thought and action.

Remember that our actions are always results of thoughts or impulses.

Our thoughts and impulses now need to align with a more excellent vision than what we have been experiencing for the past thousands of years.


The idea of Reparation is merely inadequate and only serves to bring up all the reasons why we need to move beyond it.

We need to end what no longer works or helps our planet or ourselves and begin to create something new.

Reparation is the old band-aid approach and helps only those selling band-aids, not those who are suffering.

Thoughts of reparation are based on what someone else thinks you need rather than creating what you need.

We can do this together with every new thought pattern that arises to address the moment.

Each moment is a new opportunity for us to co-create offering strength to the structure of the New Paradigm and the Future Generations of Humanity.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.3.20

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