Grace and Harmony


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Whatever we are waiting for- peace of mind, contentment, grace the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

This post of my Presence of Light Talk on Friday the 4th of January is a little behind schedule as the beginning of 2019 has been a rocket blast that in about it’s 3rd stage.

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Grace and Harmony

The first two words that hit me this morning are Grace and Harmony.

Each one represents an aspect of ourselves that we sometimes find quite evasive.

So what are these sometimes flowing and sometimes not flowing spiritual aspects of ourselves?

Grace is defined as simple elegance or refinement of movement. In religious belief it is considered the favor of God.

Harmony outside of musical expression is considered agreement or accord.

So within these two words we find understanding, cooperation, friendship and unity.

So how important are these words now in this world that seems so factionalized.

Many of us right now are experiencing that division not only outside of ourselves but within the very beingness of our everyday lives. We are torn sometimes between what we know is the best thing to do and what the rest of humanity is doing.

Today there is a celebration of the element air and as I think about that I look out my window at the sky and watch how the clouds move in the body here which surrounds our earth knowing that there is a distinction among the different forms of clouds but they’re not factionalized.


Perhaps the clouds could be a good representation of how we are to move and have our being both internally and externally.

Yes there are storms that arise but they move on.

Yes there are days of emptiness, however eventually the clouds return.

How amazing is air itself as we only see it in forms of water molecules which gather or smoke which rises come from the other elements water and fire.

Yet those three elements: mingled and then dissipate many times in a form of both Grace and Harmony.

So too we need to do that within our wrong physicality and outside of us when we are interacting with others. Sometimes we need to just allow whatever is coming up to rise and dissipate. Sometimes we need to allow it to can just the atmosphere so that the only thing that can be done is to Spend choke on it. All the time we should maintain an observation wherein we can see it but not necessarily become it.

This is our saving grace and our blessed harmony… To become more like air… A mixture of gases which has both weight and takes up space however it has an advantage that it can be compressed and expanded.

It is in this compression and expansion of our innermost self that reminds us that we are more much more than the physical container we are held in.


Let us take a deep breath feel our lungs and chest expand

Exhaling and allowing this container to contract

So to in life and in all things that upset our energetic fields we should be able to maintain a constant flow of air and focus on that just simply breathing when things are feeling separated or agitated.

Just coming back to that simple process of breathing, without which we won’t be here very long and knowing that in that space we are able to observe, from a place of non-judgment realizing that the physical body will always take the hit of energetic disturbance. Yet if we rise to this a amorphic and spiritual state of ourselves we can always find Grace and Harmony.

I wish you all grace and Harmony and the ability to become like Air … yes the joke is Airy Fairy indeed.

Yet it is not a form of instability but an aspect of ourselves which calls upon great focus to become and remain there.

In that focusing we contract away from all of the things that are bothering us, all of the things that are happening, all of the things that are creating chaos both around us and within us.

I know that as I move into 2019 I’m going to add that into my practice as much as I possibly can, to be more like air, the wind that shows up and can be felt, seen and heard.

Yet also to be flexible enough to endure being affected by whatever environment I may encounter.

Join me and let’s see what we create and where we land.

Charlie Riverman




Day 6 of 7 Days of Rest – Biodiversity


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webhannet falls

Webhannet Falls Maine

Many people and groups around the world have been celebrating with and honoring our amazing planet and our relationship with its life supporting aspects through

Tonight on LovingWaters 
We gathered to listen to Maya Shaw Gale read her amazing children’s book called Little Bear which was inspired by Marshall Jack “Golden Eagle” which hopefully will be published soon.

(Please click on both links above to check out their amazing projects)

As I tapped into the theme for the day of Biodiversity the following words spilled onto the screen of my computer and are now presented for your enjoyment…

A Gentle Reminder as we gather water for our Blessings

Pouring Water into a bowl is a reflection of a waterfall forming into a small pond in which it will spend time attracting and supporting life forms that come, to sip and be nourished by its Elemental Spirit Nature

Pouring water from the bowl reminds us of the streams which have become rivers rushing forth to share the wealth of all that has dwelt along their banks and spread forth life along their wealthy shorelines creating Biodiversity

Biodiversity in turn improves water quality and helps ecosystems to withstand pressures from pollution.

And so, as we gather and return waters let us also think of how we are contributing to honoring Biodiversity as well.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.6.19



A Climate Blessing


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2017-06-23 08.52.24A Climate Blessing

Let us all vow to all beings . . .
To commit every day to the healing of our world
To engage in assisting in the welfare of the whole
To live our lives in a more graceful manner
Honoring all life that brings forth our precious daily sustenance

Let us also vow to support…

The natural and beneficent order of Planet Earth

for the purpose of bringing about

a better balance and greater harmony

in all of our ages-old industriousness
which has been a dramatic contributor to our climactic challenges

Let us also join with others in seeking a peaceful resolution
to the many human causes in honor and trust

And May We each remember how precious Life truly is.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.5.19


The Message of Air


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air messages

The Message of Air

I am the medicine

I am the constant medicine

I am the constant flow

of all which you need

Deepen your relationship into me

feel me in every breath

know that I surround you
no matter where you are

Deepen Your relationship to me

I will not ever fail you

I can not fail you
because I am also within you

And together we have
this symbiotic relationship

where I need you as
much as you need me

Thank you for being here
human being

know how much you mean to me

feel me, taste me, touch me…

I will always be here

And if you listen, closely

I will teach you

I will teach you

that harmony and grace
is all around you

if you allow yourself

to create the space within you

for it to fulfill

its promise to you

thank you element air

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.4.19


Fire and Water

Fire and Water.jpg

York River Sunset


Fire and water
not only opposites
but brother and sister

each bringing forth
their elemental selves
to both enrich and destroy

as they dance through and around
all of which is presented in their paths

yet somehow without either of these
our lives would never have begun
for they are the bearers of both life and death

and unto each we must bow
in deep reverence
for their balancing which sustains us
in a world where our vulnerability
is constantly becoming visible

Charlie Riverman Bergeron for Loving Waters
gathering as part of 
7 Days of Rest & Reflection

7 Days of Rest



Water Blessing – January 1st 2019

2019-01-01 York Harbor Beach 2


It was a rough storm that moved through here in York Maine on New Year’s Eve and I had already turned down an offer to do a live Water Blessing video for LovingWaters on Facebook.

However as I had an appointment in York Harbor and the sun was shining to my surprise… I was guided to go York Harbor Beach and as you can see in the above photo … this is what I encountered

So how could I not do a Water Blessing ???

Please enjoy this amazing moment on the 1st day of the year as Water and Earth embrace each other as ancient partners in this dance I call Living Presence.

When I was finished and cold from the rawness of the winds, my heart was renewed with wonder and enchantment at how we are are being called to be Present for Mother Earth and Mother Water as well as all the Elements which have sustained us as living creatures here on this small planet.

2019-01-01 York Harbor Beach
This picture as I left invites us all to embrace the New Year more fully knowing that although there may be dark nights with storms, everything changes in the morning Light.

Happy New Year to you all,
Charlie Riverman Bergeron


2019 Year of Trust


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As the Last talk of the Year and the New Year off to a rapid beginning I offer you an MP3  here on the page and my show notes as they were written on that very morning.
Of Course you can still find my posts on YouTube and yourListen if you so desire.
May your New Year 2019 be one of Peace, Light and Love – Riverman



SHOW NOTES 12.28.2018
What a lovely message to awaken to as the last talk of the year.
The day is a 6 representing

energy of service

harmony between the macrocosms and microcosms
and balance between helping and interfering

So the question is how are we going to express that in 2019???
What does Service mean to you?
What does Harmony and Balance Mean to you?

Many of us have been through a year of ups, downs, ins and outs and uncertainty, irregardless of where we live around the world. We so need to begin the year with a little more reflection than usual.

I pulled a card this morning with the wonderful word

Affirmations for that card are basically


To rely on Source to guide us with love and wisdom.

To know We can trust that guidance.

To open Our Hearts and reach out to receive that guidance and wisdom.
And to take what it given to us and apply it in our journey back into oneness.

So 2019 is to be a year of Trusting and having Faith in ourselves as we co-create all the changes which are needed for our collective evolution.

The next card I randomly pulled was about Denial and I suppose that is where we are all coming from these days is a place of denial. Sometimes at a snails pace yet waking up from this not wanting to accept our full individual responsibility for our own welfare but that of Planet Earth and all life as well.

It is not easy to accept our roles as leaders especially when there is so much discord and personal attacking going on. Yet being a leader does not mean we have to be in charge of any great movement but willing to be seen and heard when it matters most in determining the direction in which we could find a better way of life for everyone not just some.

I’m reminded of flocks of birds which trust their guidance systems and each take turns leading during migration.
Are we not all migrating right now … from being limited and enslaved beings to a place of inner sovereignty which cannot be taken away because it is the source of all creation.

Trust in the wind

In order to trust we must be in the moment…

the word “trust” refers to relying on someone or something for a future action
The dictionary defines trust as having a confident dependence on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

In the next year of my life
may I make each moment one of trust

let me allow space between my thoughts

through which all answers to my questions may arise

In the next year of my life

I will withhold my quick judgment

of all actions which may appear before me

so that I may listen to a more truthful aspect of myself

In the next year of my life

I will seek others who are seeking out trust

from within the depths of their hearts

rather than the distorted memory of their minds

And in the next year as well

May I deepen my relationship with my true self

knowing that I cannot understand it

from a place of lack of trust.

Riverman 12.28.18



Solar Angels Are Everywhere


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Solar Angels.jpg

It always amazes me how over the years, we each have been given distinct messages to present to the world.
Sometimes we do and many times we limit ourselves to only certain groups or individuals.
The anticipation that we may or may not be accepted or perhaps will be judged as a bit strange keeps us living at levels of limitation.

SO with the Solstice, Full Moon, Religious Celebrations of Light all leading us into a New Year and perhaps Human Era of Evolution…

May these words resonate within you…

As I re-viewed this beautiful co-creation of Peace, Light and Love today, it was asking to be presented once again as a mirror to remind us all of what we are to now more than ever express.

Let Us Radiate Our Highest Frequencies
Let Our Unlimitedness Be Seen and Felt

Let Every Soul Fully Acknowledge and Activate
the Divine Presence through which All Energy Forms gather
in Harmony, Balance and Grace for Transmutation and Evolution

– Riverman 😇💛🙏🌎💧💦

12.21.18 Solstice Blessings


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SOlstice TiltSolstice – December 21 5:23 pm ET
23.5 tilt in axis of rotation
Full Moon Rises on December 22 @ 12:49 am ET


As with out so within… When we look at a diagram of the sun’s tilt of 23.5° if we add them they become a total of 47° which when broken down becomes 11

The number 11 represents the central union of the sky 6 and the earth 5, the union of the microcosm and the macrocosm, the polarity of internal human body organs as 5 Yang and 6 Yin

Then when broken down into a single number it is a 2 which is our basic duality yet has the ability to create harmony and peace and brings an end to separation.

So as I ponder on these aspects as we move into the calendar year of 2019 I feel that we need to come to places stillness within our own hearts and create affirmations which will bring for us the highest and most divine aspects of ourselves in the new year.

Audio Replay on yourListen

Video Replay on YouTube

Within Every Moment


On the day of Solstice, be it Winter or Summer

we gather and remember the source of our light

Life is sacred, life is divine, life is experience

We are incarnated here on planet Earth

each living moment is precious beyond words

We are here to experience the sacredness

of the powerlessness of our existence

Path along the Waters

I Am ready for positive change!

I activate my path of service.

I will take my place as one of the Children of the Sun

I Am here to co-create and manifest my part in the Divine Plan

I ask that my Higher Self aspect to step forward now to be seen and heard

I choose to embody my Crystalline, Angelic Higher Self !

Surrealilty Solstice.jpg

Light of the Winter Solstice

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of an Aries Moon, a few days ahead of the 2018 Winter Solstice. I was born with the Moon in Aries, and on top of the power of the Solstice, this week is a big milestone for me. As I write these words, I am so grateful to be alive my heart is full of things that require more from me than my usual astrological ramblings. That being said, I have written a prayer, and would like to take this opportunity to share it with all of you. I hope that you will keep these words in mind on Dec. 21, I pray that all of your dreams come true as we leave the darkness and return to the light, and that you take what you can from this week’s scopes.

Here is the prayer:

In this season where darkness and light meet and become one, quantum effects in the Heart of Creation stir the matrix and birth the seed atom for the coming year. From the central core of the gravity wave, the life force begins to oscillate, rippling through the waters of the deep, opening us to a sense of oneness out of which the next cycle can emerge.

If we are attentive to the way spirit moves whenever it enters the Great Void, it becomes more than evident that a new atmosphere is formed. Within this nothingness, no longer spell-bound by worn out distractions, and patterns of fear and separation, time and space cease to exist, and each breath connects us to all that is, and to the love that fills us with life.

As this love awakens and expands beyond the boundaries that confine it only to the self, we begin to understand that it is now safe to let it flow unconditionally. With the Light of the Winter Solstice calling us to add this higher kind of love to the ceremonial fire, with our senses focused, and our attention on the only thing that matters, there is no place to go but within. Inside the silence that pervades that space, the voice of the Great Mother will speak and it is through her that the visions for the next cycle will be made real.

We are living on a Fifth Dimensional wavelength. On this level love travels at the speed of thought. What lies ahead will be woven into the threads of thought and feeling that we spin this coming week.  Keep prayers for love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony, and peace echoing in your life. Close your eyes and light up the corner of your heart that remembers the purpose for which you came into being. When it becomes clear enough to read the writing on the wall, and see what that involves, bathe in that message and in the moment when the Truth sets you free, let it steer you closer to the light through the coming year.



Presence of Light Talk 12-14-18 Everything Is Changing


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2018-12-19 York River 1.jpg

So are we really ready for a radical change in humanity.
One that cannot be predicted or understood from any moment before it.
Well get ready because it is happening.

Everything Is Changing – Radical Change Occurs 

I awoke at 7:07 AM and so I looked up the number in Joanne Sacred Scribes – Angel Numbers…

7 reflects on inner wisdom, individuality and endurance. Awakening, empathic and psychic abilities

0 is the number of the Universal Energies/Source, the beginning point, eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness,flow, connecting with the Higher-self, and denotes freedom from limitations.

707 is a message to continue to focus on your life purpose and soul mission. A change in consciousness will create a new reality

So let’s start with everything is changing.2018-12-19 Pink Clouds

So First of all… each ofyou deserve accolades for the mental, spiritual and physical work you have been doing in your life. You are helping yourself and many others with your current life choices and actions, and you are being commended, encouraged and supported by the angelic and spiritual realms.

Continue your great work and keep shining your Light into the face of the shadows.

Video Replay on YouTube

Audio Replay at yourListen

Show Notes:
Humility and gratitude go hand in hand…
Awareness increases so that we become grateful
for everything we are given. We have to learn, literally learn,
to be grateful for what we receive day by day, simply to balance
the criticism that day by day we voice because of powerful emotions.
— Swami Sivananda Radha

While some people are opening to new ideas and ways of expressing themselves
many are experiencing may not be pleasant and align more with failure or depression

One of the greatest keys to move through all of these energies is Gratitude
Yes I speak of it often but here is a note from John Welshons as to Three common ingredients in lifting depression and disappointment.

1. When we begin to find a way to give to others again. 
2.  When we begin to find a way to connect with and love others again. 
3.  When we begin to find a way to feel gratitude again.

Here are 3 Lists which you can make containing 12 lines to carry you into 2019
A Gratitude List – What you are now Grateful for and express daily.
A Release List – What you could release or let go of that no longer serves you.
Intentions List – What you want to attract & activate in alignment with your Highest Self

Gathering all that needs transmutation…12.12 – 12.21
Let Harmony be your heartsong

Blessings to you all and I will speak to you live again on the 21st – Riverman