A New Dream Breaking Through


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A New Dream Breaking Through


Every Storm
Brings with it a Hidden Gift
Sweeping out the worn out

Bringing us to a Fresh New Sprout
the clouds slowly disappear
A New Shining Sun is Near
Breaking through our old self restrictions
We Burst into Life
With New Vitality

And without Fear

~Mia Leventhal – from her Soul Inspirations Cards by Kahliya

Here we are in the midst of a storm which is unprecedented in the way we are responding to a virus.
Viruses are not new to humanity or Planet Earth for they are a natural part of the evolution of all life forms.

However this particular virus has brought into the human mind of its leaders a fear which plays out like a science fiction movie.
A movie in which everyone is quarantined and held captive in their own homes.

I do not say this without great compassion for all who are experiencing this virus, losing loved ones and/or living in limitation.

Yet as in the message above there is a message of a future where “We Burst into Life With New Vitality And Without Fear”

I ask you all to think about what that might look like for you…

What is coming up in your minds right now that you might feel regret about?
What is no longer acceptable within with your heart about your life path?
What changes are you willing to make in order to create more alignment with your Highest Self.

This is a time of deep self reflection and releasing not manifesting fearful thoughts.
Everybody is included and not to be judged, for it is an opportunity to see our beliefs and truly ask if they are still valid or were created to serve a dream we had about ourselves.

The Dream is ending and a re-awakening or New Dawn will arise out of all of this.

The New Dawn will present us with many challenges to let go of old habits and desires that we thought were important.

We will also be assisted by many Beings which we have been taught were not real or just folklore and fairy tales. Finding companionship now with the Elementals of Nature and working with Planetary Energies in ways that create more cohesiveness amongst all Life.

I pulled two of Kimberly Marooney’s Angel Blessings Cards which came out of the deck simultaneously… Communication and Joy

Communication – “Omgkanon… God’s Messenger who offers love and guidance as you progress on your way home.” Whose job is “often to part the veil of illusion and connect you with your Eternal Self.”

The message here is to seek the truth within you, and in all your relationships to discern what is true for your highest expression of Self.

The message here is to seek the truth within you, and in all your relationships to discern what is true for your highest expression of Self.

The second card Joy – “Ramaela… Joy is not something to be acquired. Like true happiness, lasting joy is your natural state and may only be found deep within. To feel joy is a spontaneous and contagious gift of grace. Catch it from a bubbling brook, the song of a bird or a radiant flower newly opened, and then pass it on to those you encounter during the day.”

Our expression of True Joy is powered by the Divine Light within us and as we share it with others we receive even more to share, which creates the Unification of our hearts and mind. So to, it creates the opportunity for Unity to be expressed as a Gift of Grace amongst us All.

One last message comes from the Kuan Yin Oracle Cards created by Alan Fairchild

Two cards again pulled simultaneously…
#44 Weave the Future Golden and #22 Princess of the Autumn Harvest

#44 is the last card of the deck and tells us that “Something good is coming your way! Kuan Yin urges you to weave your future into the present moment, to call in and draw to you the opportunities, teachings circumstances and synchronicities waiting for you, that will enable your Soul to live its divine destiny with greater abundance, bliss and creative fulfillment.”

#22 “The Princess of the Autumn Harvest brings gifts of bounty and bless for efforts and actions of the past. It is a time when the fruit of labor is ripe for picking. A beautiful blessing is on its way to you now.

So perhaps these messages are telling us that we have reached a point in our evolution where many of us will journey backwards, through all that no longer serves us personally or collectively, as the Hu-Man Children of this Solar System.

Many will continue along their path of destruction and that will be their freewill choice.
So my hope for you who tune in to these messages is to remain calm and take the time to deepen your relationship with your connection to the Natural Body of Our Earth Mother and know that, As We Sow… So Shall We Receive.

A Closing Reading… from The Still Voice – A White Eagle Book of Meditation

“Be still in mind and spirit, breathe gently and deeply, breathing in the stillness and peace which is from God. Let all the disquiets of the outer world fall away as you withdraw into the small while and gold temple within. On the altar of light, here in your innermost, burns the still white flame. Kneel before the flame, gaze upon it until you become the flame.

Its light fills your being and its radiance encompasses the whole earth…”

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love To All,

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.27.20


Our Radiant Presence


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Awakening to Our Radiant Presence and shining forth during the darkness of our separation is not an easy task but a necessary one.

It can be devoid of color yet still remind us that We are so much more than these small beings on a magically abundant planet.

We are a part of that magic and have withstood so much to be present, right here and right now.

Let us give Thanks and Praise for every moment… even when the shadows of our past appear and feel as if they are enclosing us in a fog of misunderstanding.

For in these moments where all appears to be infringing upon our joy and freedom, we may begin to see the patterns of our lives through which we have held ourselves prisoner.

It is these streams of consciousness so deeply buried beneath the busyness of Life and which have been held under lock and key that are the cause of Our deep inner unsettledness.

The process of “social distancing” will begin to open the gateways of Our Hearts and perhaps the tear ducts will flow, at first in small and intermittent streams. For we have limited access to anyone else’s energy to distract us.

During this process We get an opportunity to reach deep within ourselves and truly see where we have forgotten our connection to the amazing gift that Life in a Human body offers us. There is nowhere else where We can experience all that is offered for us to co-create in physical form. 

Yes many of us have illness, disease, chronic pain, birth anomalies and many mental or emotional issues to deal with. Yet, during this span of time We are moving through, let us put aside the fears which arise within us.

Remembering who We truly are as the offspring of Our Divine Mother – Father God, knowing and recognizing each other as part of the Whole Of Creation.

I offer you these words…

May We who are the children of the Divine
remember the true gifts of our birth…
to be the representation of Grace
in all of Our words, actions and deeds

May each of us honor this Presence
by knowing and receiving Grace
first within Our own Hearts
allowing it to heal all of our wounds

Finding that in Our acceptance
the sharing and caring of others
becomes easier and more light-hearted
which connects us all, even at a distance

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.26.20


The Fire of Transformation


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Sunrise 3.25.20

There are moments when we are “caught between a rock and a hard place”, as the old saying expresses.

This morning ‘s sunrise, as  I looked out of my bedroom window was this fiery sky, which in a matter of minutes went from a deeper red to this color and then vanished, revealing a very soft blue-gray cloudiness.

This is the essence of transformation which all of us are experiencing during our dance with the C19 virus. One minute we are overwhelmed and the next becoming clearer.

The Element Fire is very necessary right now for all of us to embrace and learn more about as it completely changes everything that we have held on to, as solid, deeply rooted, and unmovable in our consciousness.

We have recently witnessed the fires around the world which have left rich and diverse parts of our physical planet in charred ruins, stressing all of the life forms dwelling there and killing many.

Our hearts are heavy with that remembrance and yet as that ends we are faced as humans with a fire of equal proportion, specifically aligned to cause the same havoc within our physical bodies.

Transformation is not always a gentle process but a necessary one, in which we re-evaluate who we are and what we are creating, in order to bring about something new and aligned within our evolution.
It can be very painful yet we will move through it and at some point be able to look back at it without the anxiety and fearfulness we express while witnessing it all around us.

Let us now take whatever measures are necessary to embrace this opportunity, to let go of all the old traumas and negative memories. Seeing them as no longer necessary in our living journey and offering them to the Fire.
To be burned away so we can create and allow an empty space in which to plant better ways of existing together, as one amazingly beneficial species … Humankind.

A New Humanity in which co-operation and less judgment are prevalent.
Where each of us look for the goodness in each other and embrace and encourage it to flow freely and effortlessly.

Each of us right now have the capacity to be the Phoenix rising from the ashes and are truly being called to do so.

For it is in the Peace, Light and Love
that each of us have pushed aside
for material wealth and desire
that WE move through the Fire and Rise

Blessings to each of you as you move through the fire and smoke
Remember who you are as a Source Of Unconditional Love – S O U L
Know that your Presence of Heart is all that is needed
And We Will Rise As ONE Unified Field of Consciousness

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.25.20


New Moon Spring Snow


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New Moon Snow

The New Moon arrived at 5:28AM here on the Southwest Coast of Maine along with a heavy wet snow which remained clinging to the tree branches as the Sun appeared.

A reminder of nature’s ability to ignore all that humanity has accomplished or destroyed during it’s existence here.

The York River seen through the trees is very calm and it’s shoreline peacefully accepts the wet snow it will assist in returning to Mother Ocean.

Yet We as humans all around the world are experiencing a blanket of fear not snow, the scale of which is unprecedented in our recorded history.

The New Moon offers us a new beginning, a new cycle, a new opportunity to recalibrate all of our living skills. Especially how We interface with fearful thoughts and their energetic disturbance to our physical bodies.

Look at the photograph again and feel the peaceful orderliness of the natural world around us. Even in spite of all that has happen to it, it has no fearful energy.
It flows without trying to grasp at life or to hoard the elemental abundance which supports it.

Allow this New Moon to show you where you are needing more self awareness, more courage or what no longer serves your creativity.

May your self awareness locate all those places within you that are stressed by fear. Where fight, flight or freeze shuts down our abilities to think rationally and breathe properly.
Where anxiety and depression arise from, to hold us prisoners within our physical and emotional bodies.
Where our choices are scattered, diminished, out of reach or even frozen and useless.

May your courage begin to return at double the rate of the fear you release. To allow you to return into your Fullness Of Presence which triggers your Divine Self to Create an abundance of positive energy.

With this New Energy surging through every molecule of water in your physical body, you become like the River which is not held back by a dam.  Flowing freely to carry along and nourish everything that enters into its path.

Over rocks, through deep winding channels, never ceasing to bring life to all that come within its field of resonance.

Each of you are Rivers of Life and capable of amazing influence if you can let go of your relationship with fear.
It has always been your only limitation and the time is now to release it back into the dark spaces of the Ether where it has been drawn down to limit you.

You All Are Unlimited Beings and the time has arrived to acknowledge and be seen as such.

New Moon Blessing To ALL
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.24.20


The Light of Our Solar Presence


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Light of Our Solar Presence

The Light of Our Solar Presence
shines without interruption… it is the Central Connection
through which We have found our way here
and cannot be controlled by any creation within its field of resonance.
~ Riverman 3.23.20

The fear that exists within you now is created through the manipulation of our immediate surroundings. Yet We are never separated from each other or Our Source, no matter what you have been told.

Our survival is not predicated on our ability to create more fear or surrender to it, but to overcome it and shine Our Light into the fields of distortion created by the constant programming of the human mind.

Much like the clouds as they create a screen through which the Light cannot be seen. The Sun still sends its Energy to all Life on Our Planet yet it is filtered by the clouds.

Do not allow the filtering of information to distort the Truth you feel in your hearts. For that is a greater epidemic than you can imagine at this point in our evolution.

Our Evolution is more important than the discomfort which during these times is very disturbing to our balancing of energies.

Be Well in your Hearts and embrace the Sun as much as possible, allowing yourself to let go and become the Energy you feel streaming into your physicality.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.23.20



World Water Day 2020


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World Water Day 2020

Once again we are reminded of the most precious Element of Life on Planet Earth…WATER.

Just think about what is happening right now in the world as we embrace this current virus. Yes, I said embrace.

Perhaps the virus is the only way we will completely begin to understand how much damage we have caused, to All Life over the past couple of hundred years.

WATER is playing a bigger role in this as we are told to wash and clean everything. People are frightened and hoarding water in fear of their not having access to clean water.

Yet in all of this, the message does not seem to get through to everyone, that We as a collective have created all of this.

It is not just one country or group but all of us thinking that there is no end to our wanting and receiving material wealth regardless of the environmental cost and loss of All Natural Life.

WATER will remind us that our thirst for all that we have created will kill us as much we have polluted and depleted the Planet’s Water supplies.

Our hunger and greed for more of everything material will exceed the capacity of Earth’s ability to host Our Presence here.

So let us return to honoring the All of the Waters of Mother Earth and find ways to stop the corporations from owning the rights to it and profiting by their pollution of public waters, along with privately owning the sacred sources of our drinking water.

This is not a simple process anymore, as we need to address it as a full scale War in which All Life is now threatened more by this than the now current virus.

I ask that each of you who read this begin by Blessing the Water within your own bodies.

No matter what religion or spiritual practice you follow… each of us can create a Blessing which when spoken to the Water within us will begin a change it’s structure.

Remember that on a molecular level 99% of our bodies are Water.

The simplest one was given to us by Dr Masaru Emoto whose studies have shown that thoughts and vibrations can affect the structure of Water.

I Love You

I Thank You

I Respect You

Are three offerings when said in sincerity from your hearts actually invite Water to respond to your sincerity and desires. In the same moment connecting all the molecules of Water within you in a bond of unified resonance with All Water.

It is time now for all of us to take another look as well at how We are wasting Water as more Watersheds are becoming polluted by the neglect of corporations who are aware of what they are doing, lobby their governments for less restrictions and are having them granted in return for political funding and contributions.

This is the human corruption which has led us all to this global crisis and it is time to wake up from the lullaby, that our leaders have sung to us for so long in order to profit materially and wall themselves off from the public society they have taken oaths to uphold.

Today’s message from me is not written in anger nor is it in anyway to demean anyone. It is just meant to ask each of you who may read it to take a deeper look into your own hearts.

Within your Hearts, the Water flows as life giving blood and it is time to make a New Commitment Yourself, to Humanity and to Mother Earth.

I Love You

I Thank You

I Respect You

May this Blessing reach into every molecule of Water within You and co-create in you the positive alignments which awaken you all to the seriousness of Water and Watersheds around the World.

The time has come to act and speak out in whatever way that brings us back into alignment with Water.

May You act and speak with Love and Compassion in a strong and unwavering voice.

I Am You and together We Are Unity

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.22.2020



Resurrection of Light


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Resurrection Of Light



Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

I Am Protected
The Angel of Light protects and guides me along my worldly path. I Am never alone.

Let go of all worries and relax.
Feel Light creating a safe place all around you
Know that your Angels of Light are waiting to respond to you everywhere you go.
Who Are WE?

In our purest wholeness we are creators.
We actually create through our hearts not our minds…

Rene Descartes of the 17th century said “I think, therefore I am”
and was influential in laying the foundation of rationalism.

How is your rational thinking doing right now with the affairs of the world such as a pandemic.

What is rational to the mind is not always rational to the Heart.

Yet when you rewrite those words to say
“I Am, therefore I think”
there is a gentle switching of focus that reminds us that our minds struggle to fully understand who we are.

The thinking mind then creates thoughts which justify it illusions and manifest them to prove it is supreme.

It is time to come back into our hearts and focus on what I call the Heart-Mind which reveals the
Distortion of Power and Greed that comes from thinking that are entitled to rule over others.

It is a very old story that is ending and the pandemic is forcing us to face this demon logic.

Where We have become so enamored by our thinking to the point where it has justified the destruction of the natural world around us and finally our human selves through the distortion of power and greed.

Now we are facing a pandemic that would not have happened as it has, without human interference, taxing our abilities to remain calm or balanced.

Yet if we remember who WE truly are there comes a realization of more options than we can see at first. So I urge all you to seek deep within your Hearts for all answers.

GABRIEL – Resurrection – Angel Blessings from Kimberly Marooney

Gabriel is the archangel of resurrection. The voice of God and bringer of good news. Gabriel is now ready to resurrect or “bring back to life again” all of which appears dead, both around us and within us.

Our Hearts are where this illumination Light of will flow into first, for that is where the Spirit dwells.

This will disturb the mind at first for it has held power over us for so long.

The increase of Light pouring will build until it cleanses the body and reveals that the mind has the ability to receive and send information but not heal or resurrect anything spiritually.

It is through the “White-Fire Body”, composed of “pure electronic light and is your reservoir of divine love, Wisdom and power” that all will be changed.

You may fear this at first however, I suspect you are all feeling it at some level right now.

As you can see the Current Virus is running through Lent and Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection.

I do not presume this to be coincidence and encourage you to use this time to tap into your truth and let go with Gabriel’s assistance…all of which is contrary to your Rising in Love from your newly awakening Heart.

It is from here will will co-create the healing patterns of the Collective Human Energy Field.


Tai Chi Rising – Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

Your energy filed is growing stranger, with more spiritual electricity pulsing through you being. Take time to nourish your nervous system as it adjusts and be gentle with yourself as you adjust to increasing levels of spiritual potency, which gives more impact to your words, actions and thoughts.”

You have a special light within you and the elegance, beauty

and refinement of that light wishes to express itself more potently in the world of forms

so that others may receive healing and refine their light too.

You can help teach others about the power of gentleness, that force is not required and that kindness can be the most healing and powerful balm of all.

It is like having a bigger light globe through which to shine your light, so that it is more visible.”

Allow yourself to reflect that Light Energy from your Hearts and know that Kuan Yin will guide you into a more compassionate relationship with all of Life.

As we end our visit with each other let us close our eyes and breath softly…

Beloved bothers and sisters it is through compassion and mercy that we are held within the Light of Love.

Allow it to gather and flow with great ease as we move through these times of dramatic change.

Remember that each of us are accepting all of which we are, without fear, without hesitation and joining with one another as One Unified Presence of Light which cannot ever be defeated.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.20.20


Embracing Each Other


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Embracing Each Other

Arising early this morning my flow of consciousness quickly became focused on the many ways we are intricately connected.

Especially now that we are being guided to socially distance ourselves from each other in order to slow down the spread of a very potent virus.

The message was very clear that no matter what we do to protect ourselves from any harm, whether virus or outright war,  it is impossible.

We are all interconnected at a molecular level which communicates unceasingly in ways beyond our full comprehension.

I like to call it “On a Cosmic Level.”

The current situation here on Planet Earth is one of deeper discovery brought about by the ongoing misuse of power and greed. Nothing new here, however it is an expansion into subatomic levels.


As the Sun appears behind me just peeking over the trees I’m reminded that this was occurring long before humanity ever was created and it it will continue to do so even if humanity fails to exist.

So I turn in my chair to embrace it and breathe in it’s Light. Feeling the Planet revolving and evolving as the Light spreads across the pale blue-gray sky.

Everything is awakening.
Each of us are connected in this simple observation.
This Cosmic Moment.
No matter where we are or what we are doing.
We collapse all time and distance just by our presence.

I urge each of you to let go of the fears that are arising within you and truly see the amazing power you are as the collective human.
See the power to change everything back into balanced alignment.

Know that neither Viruses nor Social Separation or any other disturbance in the field of Our Totality will keep us from Evolving.

We are seeds which are being Watered and receiving Light.
We are now reseeding the Garden of Mother Gaia

Do not be fooled into feeling powerless or vulnerable…
Remember Who and What We truly are…
Children of the Sun

Peace Light love

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.16.2020



Universal Awakening 313


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Universal Awakening 313

Universal Awakening 313

Today’s talk was inspired by three cards I pulled this morning and today being the first Friday the 13th of 2020.

The Angel number 313 reminds us to be positive and loving and trust that we are being guided by energy from Angelic and Spiritual realms.

313 is about moving forward and letting go of anything that no longer resonates with that movement in your life.

Especially now that so much chaos is present in the many conflicting structures of our faltering paradigm.
I use the word paradigm as it refers to how we have mentally constructed so many beliefs and rules which are not in alignment or supported by the Spiritual realms of Mother Earth.

The Spiritual Nature of our Planet which has given us life and allowed our development now responding to our behavior on Her surface and the damages to Her internal structure.
Some of which we might think in human terms of as Internal Organs.

The first message from Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya is…

Open to the Grandeur of the Universe Beyond The Limit of what it Seems”

So let us take a moment to relax and focus on our breath… inhaling and exhaling peacefully.
Allowing the Elements of Air and Water flow with Ease and Grace as I introduce the second card I pulled from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden.

Spirit Guides
I am guided by many spiritual companions: they quietly lead me on my life’s journey.

Last week’s talk was ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ and as we move forward there will be a greater awareness of Spirits and Elementals who will be working on behalf of Mother Earth and us as we come back into alignment.

The Affirmations express that we are not alone on this journey…
That the Spirits walk alongside us as guides and protectors…

For most it will be a silent communication yet recognized by synchronicity

in direct connection with Our Divine Mother and the Elementals who are not only dwelling in this their Planetary Expression but in the Higher Realms and Dimensions.

As I looked for another messenger my eye was drawn to the Angel Blessings Deck by Kimberly Marooney and the Angel Remliel which was easily pulled and is one of the Mother’s Angels.

Remliel represents Awakening

The very first words of the reading is SLEEPERS AWAKE!

The essence of what we all seek is Divine Love and Freedom from pain and suffering.”

Remliel is the Awakener who clarifies what is Light and what is Illusion.

WE are now awakening to the multiple levels of Our Divine Self at a pace which is just a little beyond our conscious ability to comprehend.

Awareness and Enlightenment is rapidly altering our human ability to slip into denial and remain powerless.

Many things We could not see or feel before are becoming less frightful and We are allowing them to slip into the jet stream behind us.

The word Revelation is not one where what is revealed will harm us… but allow us to rebuild our Etheric as well as Our Physical Structures to align perfectly with the Divine Plan of Creation.

All which does not align will be left behind encouraging us all the the more to not just listen but act upon the Spirit Guidance We Receive and We Trust through Our Heart.

Letting go of the mind chatter, which is now becoming more fragmented and distorted as New Energies no longer support it.

We will emerge from all this into Our Light and our mental processes will adapt, even if reluctantly to the New Presence each of us will represent,
“with a crystal clear, intense awareness… that penetrates all details of Creation”

(A Handbook of Angels p 159)


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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.13.20



71st Trip Around the Sun


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As I embrace and prepare to say good-nite to my 71st trip around the Sun in this physical vehicle… I pause to reflect on the many moments of both Joy and Pain that are still repeating themselves within many new forms.

Teaching me that each of us are always connected within them by the frequencies of many deep and indestructible waves, of Peace, Light and Love.

It is within these waves that WE are truly free to choose and to change all that no longer serves the Greater Whole and to set them free forever.

The world around us is reflecting what is going on within us and its unpleasantness cannot be hidden any longer.

We have come around the corner of the Stone where there is no place to escape, lest We face Our Most Precious Self before moving forward.

Ultimately it is through Gratitude and Respect that We are bound to the Greater Fields of Existence which are becoming revealed to us.

It is Our Choice now to embrace it All in spite of our fears or to remain in place and wonder what it might be like.

The Waves of Peace, Light and Love are always flowing, however our challenge remains,

“Will you step into the Water Of Living Presence and let go of all your fears?”

~ Riverman 3.10.2020