Morning 1st Glance – 9.17.17


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Stand Up

Who Are You and will you please stand up, be seen and be heard.

Not as the critic of everything that is wrong with the world for we all know what is wrong.
We have for far too long allowed so many greedy and selfish humans tell us what to think and how to act.


So when then, will be your day of freedom. I mean true freedom to align with your heart in its beautiful unified field of energy.

Open your minds to your Heart and begin to listen once again.
Put away all those toys of destruction which falsely make you feel safe.

Life is not safe, it is not always comforting.

Atlantic Ocean.JPG

It is the Ocean which is raw, treacherous and yet can be a blessing of amazing abundance.

We in these bodies are the vessels which set sail from birth into this watery vastness.

We are the captains who are in charge of the safety of our crew and have a responsibility to all others we may encounter in our voyages.

Your responsibility is to live in respect rather than to conquer and possess.

Reclaim your powerful presence as one drop of water in the ocean of life…
one cell in the body of humanity.

Respect yourself once again as the powerful influential being you truly are in the co-creation of a more cohesive and beneficent planetary existence.

Be seen… Be heard… Be You without fear

I Love You
I Thank You
I Respect You

Charlie Riverman Bergeron



Kindness – Respect – Surrender


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On my weekly Presence Of Light – Humanity Healing facebook live show this week my topic was based on triads of words which began a week ago after my last talk.
The show however was not saved and so only those who were present in the moment were able to get the whole story.

I start with a few words as an outline which have called out to me during the week and never try to write it out before hand so everything is from the heart.

I will now attempt to re-create the show in written words.  It won’t be from memory as I agreed to have that altered before coming back into my body after death so it will be slightly different but with the same message.
The first Triad of Words and their resonance are
Kindness – Feminine
Respect – Masculine
Surrender – Honest Acceptance

In exact order, their shadows are  Greed – Distrust – Rage

My explanation was about how, as we look around at the world today, what we see are the shadows. Women are not fully expressing kindness, Men are not showing respectfulness and Rage has countered an honest acceptance of the truth within us.
We have now ended up with excesses of the shadows which are not balanced or sustainable but actually life threatening.

As we become aware of these dynamics we begin to realize we are really trying to balance our own masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and in doing so we balance the external automatically.
We are truly seeking the True Self which is ultimately the energy of the Divine Creator of Life itself and to become of the True Sovereign Beings we know we are in our hearts but do not express in this physical form.
This leads us to the next Triad of Words and their resonance…
Self Love – Feminine
Self Nurturing – Masculine
Self Appreciation – Recognizing the Light

The shadows for these are once again in order… Hatred – Abuse – Lack of Self Esteem

What we realize here is that as children we were programmed against or deprived of these energies and in turn many of us did the same to our children.

If our mothers could not show us love we felt unworthy and a hatred towards ourselves began to grow. When our fathers were absent or could not accept nurturing as their power of protection within themselves they accepted abuse as normal.
Each of these creating a sense of powerlessness which was counter intuitive to Self Esteem and so we became defiant and aggressive before we could ever understand the concept.

Now we are the ones who must change all this for the next seven generations as the children being born now are genetically different and their DNA is more advanced than ours. They will look for those who speak the truth, exhibit kindness and protect trust.
They are of the next triad…
Purity – Feminine
Innocence – Masculine
Regeneration – Human Evolution

They represent Sender – Receiver – Soul
God Ss Source – We Are Love – We Are In Love

When we are in love
kindness and respect are natural
Kindness is the language of Love
Respect is Love in action

Charlie Riverman Bergeron




Presence Of Light Talks – 9.8.17



2017_09_04 York River

It is now 3 days since this show was aired and the energies are still creating much to be processed. Here in Maine the colors are beginning to deepen as we prepare for Autumn.
This tranquil picture is far from what we have been experiencing energetically…

We have been through Hurricanes, Flooding, Earthquakes and Powerful Solar Flares. and this Presence of Light Talk  was based on what was arising for me to take notice of.

I have added the link to my YouTube channel rather than uploading the complete video here for convenience.
May you all stay safe and grounded as we move through all this shifting and evolutionary energy.



Two Sides of Demolition


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2 Hickory Lane.JPG

Life is always an interesting process even from your living room window.

As I have spent the week doing energy work to balance the destructive forces of flooding and fires, today it is earthquakes and another hurricane bearing down on Florida.

Here in Maine it has been quiet yet across the street the trucks arrived to demolish the house along the river, which the new owners deemed was too small or not quite the perfect layout.

They are excited about the demolition and it represents the beginning of a new life adventure by removing something old and loved by others and making it their own.
They are not trying to hurt anyone but realizing a new dream for their family’s future.

So too, are we all caught is these energies, but for some it will not be a pleasant experience or a celebration of moving forward. For those who will have to rebuild after losing all of their belongings will certainly have a deeper and different perspective.

I took the picture of this lovely Post & Beam Cape through my window screen as I wanted it to reflect the ambivalence of my emotions.
I quietly feel glad for my new neighbors and yet great sadness for those who are today taking pictures to show their insurance companies their loss.

Let us all be thankful for this very moment
wherever we are and whatever we are encountering
for in this moment we are whole and complete
as the beautiful Children of Light We Are
whether we can see it in each other or not.



Cosmic Energy Drain


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“Matter” by Wojtek Siudmak –

 Where has all my energy gone
silently speaking as if noise is not acceptable
This unusual and deeply rooted sensing
has left me questioning everything

If it is not a depression or lack of drive
whence has it come and wither will it go
for it is deep within the very core
of my physical and mental presence

Even the ability to think is at stake here
as I write to try and capture its meaning
From a dimension of self not affected
by this emotionless human flesh and bone

We are caught between the timelines
comes the message from within
a place of unreasonable instability
where everything and nothing occurs

We are safe and guided but will be weary
so rest as you are being transported
but needed to be dissolved first
in order to make the journey safely

Many will not even notice this present change
for they are too focused on all the chaos
too self-indulged in their plots and plans
maneuvering to safety or survival

Yes it is but a moment in your time
and you will leave behind much of yourself
which is no longer needed or desired
and be enriched greatly with stability




Let Us Agree


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Philippe Manguin Photography

Let us now accept and agree within ourselves to release the shadows of discord.
Let us embrace the vastness of expression which calls us into each other’s hearts.

Standing at the edge of infinity
I see myself being swept away
into a palette of Divine Expression
expanding into insignificance
and immortality beyond which
there is only Peace, Light and Love

Let us then manifest the Self which has no limitations or boundaries
Reclaiming our True Identity and Our Sovereign Nature
returning to Unity and Perfect Balance



“Climate is Consciousness – Water is Presence


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York River 2017-08-28

The York River – Maine

KA’ryna SH’ha GrandMother AH’LU’SHa’Mah
(“she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being”)
responded ever so gently to my invocation “Prayer For Floods” post…

Here is Her Divine message to us all …

GrandMother Speaks…. “Climate is Consciousness-Water is Presence”

Water is presence in fluid motion,
Water is consciousness tuned through the e-motional (energy in motion) body of being,
Water is constantly responding to our predominant consciousness tunings and focus, Water does not destroy it flows into whatever is in its path…. every-thing is purified by it, It does not flood, it moves that which needs to move into a higher order,
Water is Life, We are Water,
It is responsive, and curious the direct causal form of the immanent immaculate incarnate nature,

We give it all the qualities we see in it because we are so freighted by its power and grace.
How can something pool quietly one moment and then rush and move so rapidly the next,
let’s be clear here…. water is fluid, the power it has is natural flow.

Winds whip it up, air can freeze it or warm it up, earth turns it into liquid flowing mud…so water only inhabits the form completely that it comes in contact with.
It slides down mountains, it pools in puddles, it bubbles up from over-heating and cooling.
It is so abundant and so effortlessly aware and conscious.

So if a storm “appears” to brew on earth in truth, it is in us too… attuned by solar frequencies, aligned by super-galactic cosmic waves…there so much more beneath and above the so-called calamity and disaster models we create.

Isn’t it time we stop making nature and the natural elements into all of these disaster tales of great floods of endings and beginnings…and start realizing we are symbiotically attuned, interconnected and inter-twinned with each element that we have so unconsciously placed outside of ourselves.
Climate and Consciousness are one in the same. Let us thank water for the life that lives in it and the life that lives within us all.

If we really want to understand how to cooperate with water….we need to understand how to feel the depths of the oceanic presence that flows through every-thing.

Water is presence and We are within it as much as it is within us!


Many Blessings Dear Ones, I AM KA’ryna SH’ha GrandMother AH’LU’SHa’Mah (“she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being”)


Prayer For Floods


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HOUSTON, TX – AUGUST 28: Homes are seen inundated with flooding from Hurricane Harvey on August 28, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Harvey, which made landfall north of Corpus Christi late Friday evening, is expected to dump upwards to 40 inches of rain in Texas over the next couple of days. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

At the closing my Presence Of Light Live Video on Humanity Healing Facebook  I spoke on the recent flooding and offered the prayer written below.

Here is the video replay…


Dearest and Most Beloved Creator of all that exists… the waters have come, wreaking havoc, chaos and destruction.

Many families and animals are now scattered and lost and their homes uninhabitable.
Those who remain are seeking security, desperately in need of your comfort and support.
Help us to not be angry or condemn the floods or the water for their destructive nature.
Let us seek a gracious flow of Your Love and Comfort to be the Sun which dries all tears.
Water can become the great destroyer of life as it has in our past civilizations. The hurricanes, the tsunamis, and those floods of Biblical proportions are all reminders of the destructive abilities of these flood waters.
Yet, let us also recall now, that the world is also balanced and given abundance by Your Merciful Presence
Let us also seek You within the waters, remembering Your guiding us within the womb of our mothers.
Let us also remember how Your Springs have brought forth water to quench our thirst while in the wilderness and how You led us to wells which healed our parched throats from the deserts.
Our ancestors have traveled across many waters toward new life and new beginnings. And through Your Love, we are once again waiting for the waters to subside.
Be with us now, as we gather during these days of tribulation.
Drawing us close to all whose lives have been altered, harmed or taken by these waters which have no harmful intention toward humanity.
Let us hear the cries of those who are now homeless and hungry, responding to their needs.
Let us support those who will respond to their rescue, whose service is like a precious balm.
Let us all come together around the world to care for the weak, displaced and traumatized.
In our rapidly presenting future… May we all look deeper into our sense of purpose, of being better stewards and guardians of Mother Earth
May we give attention to how we can assist in even the slightest way, the many whose lives are forever changed by the disasters caused by our own greed and denial
May we give attention to how we can assist in even the slightest way, the many whose lives are forever changed by the disasters caused by our own greed and denial
May we begin to collectively alter the direction of our future as the Human Race, so that coming generations may dwell in an era of great cohesiveness and symbiotic relationship.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.31.17


Presence Of Light – Given Birth 8.25.17


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Infinite Grace

Infinite Grace is what I’m feeling as I post this milestone of a 25 year journey from a lost soul to earth angel.

My first solo adventure into publicly sharing my messages on video happened today on Humanity Healing as my Presence of Light weekly live feed was given birth.

So now you get to meet me in person and the world becomes a smaller place…


Each moment in time – to be of good grace – grateful
grace is to honor by presence
it thrills the soul – it excites the source of unconditional love

which is who we truly are

Each moment in time
is an avenue in eternity
whereupon we stroll hand in hand
until we join heart to heart
then in Our Oneness
we radiate through all dimensions

My Closing Prayer

Beloved source of all blessings

allow us to honor you today

let our eyes and ears be open

let our minds be open

and let our hearts be open

let us recognize our full abundance

as the beautiful souls we are

joyously embracing

the full presence of grace

in our lives and the lives of others



New Adventures in Expression


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Show Banner

Tomorrow Morning is the start of a new adventure for me as being a live part of the Humanity Healing family on Facebook.

The facebook live show will be one half hour long on Friday mornings @ 10AM EST.
Humanity Healing/Facebook

The title Presence of Light is what I truly feel is what we are all experiencing as we evolve into our True Self.
Yes Evolving!!!
Hence it is a bit daunting at times to express ourselves from our hearts as we see our world becoming unstable on so many levels.

So I just wanted to invite you  to listen in if you feel inclined and the shows will be saved on Humanity Healing’s page so you don’t have to be there Live.

More than likely I will be able to post them here as I did with my Heart to Soul Talks but first I have to do show number one and I thank you all for your tuning in here over the years.

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love