Each Sacred Moment Builds Upon Each Other


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Oak Tree Swing

Sometimes we need to step back a bit and just allow life to flow without a struggle.
When we do it may appear as if everything just appears in an order that is designed specifically for us.

This Friday morning between the 8:8 Stargate and the 8:11 New Moon/Solar Eclipse was one of those days where I just allowed the Universe to speak to me.
Mostly because of the weeks energies which were very erratic and destructive to my computers and communications media. Honestly, I was numbed on so many levels by the interference that I really was at a loss for words that would be uplifting or inspiring.

So shortly after surrendering, the following show notes began to appear and a talk was born.

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Oprah Winfrey – Grace – Unchanging Constant Kindness of the Universe

Anne Lamott  – I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.

The Grace of Source is constantly flowing.
It has no agenda or preference.
Each of us are a part of Grace whether or not we feel or sense it.
It is the support system for all life
from which everything emerges and is beneficent. (unknown)


~ Voice of the Oneness ~ Day 6

When the cobwebs of night are washed away, 
and the sight of the new is visible to
your inner eyes,
then joy shall arise and all darkness vanish,

for your heart shall know that the time 
of emergence is here,
and that all of life is gathering to celebrate.

Julie of lightomega.org


Sometimes we must be strong and hold true whilst all around us seems to be shifting and changing. The yellow tiger mother, Kuan Yin in her guardian role, is roaring or divine sound within you. She asks you to hear her, to remember that you are a powerful being of light and even whilst you are in flow with universal forces, your strong roots help you be at peace with your truth, standing your ground whilst your light shines true.

In our surrender to divine forces, there are times when we must be flexible in flow and then there are times when the surrender is into holding strong and being true to our inner knowing there are truths that we know are worthy of the effort to grow strong enough to honor them in our lives, these are the truths of kindness, compassion, the right of each individual being to be spiritually free and loved and more. The yellow tiger mother sounds her roaring note within you. She is a fierce protective tigress and yellow is her golden strength and wisdom. She urges you to listen for her sound within and trust yourself – you know when you need to stand your ground and not be swayed!

You are more powerful, strong and courageous then you realize. Your strength is not stubbornness a resistance, it is holding firm to what you feel in your heart to be true and in time, you will come to realize the wisdom of your courage. Your strength at this time is needed, like a protective shield, providing nurturing to a young plant, your strength and refusal to be dissuaded from your truths helps your dreams and higher pass continue to manifest. Allow yourself to hear the tiger mother as she gives you with power, strength and knowing. Be brave and stay true to yourself, beloved.

(Transforming old dreams allows you to begin to live within the new sacred one) paraphrasing Alberto Villoldo…

Last But Not Least …

“Each sacred moment builds upon each other, connecting and strengthening our new collective experience in order that We may catch all of the abundance entering into this field of heart resonance.” ~ Riverman




Ever So Sweetly


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Ever So Sweetly.jpg

This photo art and poem is a loving creation stemming from a Water Blessing I did with two Dear Sisters on August 11, 2018 which was a Sacred Journey for all of us.

It had begun a month prior when water was gathered at the Source of a river here in Maine and on this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse day we returned it to the Ocean.

During this time the water was held in Sacredness and was imbued with the energies of the rising Sun and Moon each day as well as much Love and Gratitude.

And so it had traveled without being affected by any of the changes that were done by humanity to the river over hundreds or thousands of years.

I ask that each of you who read this begin to deepen your relationship with Water and truly understand that it is not a commodity it is a part of your human body without which you will not live.

Many Blessings to Each of You
Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Water, Words and Transformation


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Lao Tzu Water Quote.jpg

It is always a Joy for me to acknowledge Water in its many aspects and share my Love for it with others.

In my personal world I continue to clean up files and photos from an Artificial Intelligence breakdown, on not 1 but 2 of my computers, and try to let go of my attachment to having things where I expect them to be.

However… Water always reminds me that impermanence is not only a part of Life but it is also a transformation which is very simple, yet powerful when we are both “flexible and flowing”.
Our attachment to all that is around us at some point teaches us that we have to surrender to a greater understanding which is both elemental and Elemental.

Water Transforms Everything

I’m often reminded and say to others…
Would you rather be a Rock in the River, or a Leaf on the River?
To which each us may reply uniquely as to one or the other.

However, how much more beautiful and efficient it is to “Be The River”…
from the first droplet of rain to the point of evaporation
in a living cycle that embraces all experiences 
without fear or complaint.

So please enjoy both of these pictures I call my Museography and allow both Lao Tzu and my Higher Self make you pause for a moment in reflection.

Being physical in this sometimes overly confusing world is challenging.
Yet to realize that from the drops of rain which begin in the skies to the great deep oceans there is guidance and wisdom for each of us in Water.

Water Always Flows.jpg

Blessings of Flow


Desiring Truth While Honoring Belief


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Desiring Truth

This morning as I was reflecting on what to talk about I pulled a Sacred Space Meditation Card by Elinor Von Linden…

The card was …
The great spirit of Universal wisdom fills my soul. As I accept the insight and knowledge. I realize my unique potential.


I accept the now and dwell in this state of allowing.
As I shift my thoughts to the oneness of the Universe. I am filled with understanding and wisdom.
I know I have opportunities and support which lead my spirit towards unending powers.

I was reminded of how in the past week I had made a lot of changes quite unexpectedly and realized that some of my negative beliefs were no longer being validated. That somehow I stood in a new territory of myself and did not have to apologize for it.

As I was still having computer problems and running out of time I asked for guidance and it appeared as if it was preplanned and 2 books which were on my desk called me to tap into their wisdom.

The Books mentioned in this talk are…
The Spontaneous Healing of Belief – Gregg Braden
Lessons from the Source – Jack Armstrong

Audio Version (Mp3) at Yourlisten

YouTube Video link

Brief Show Notes and my internal dialogue…

Our beliefs about unresolved hurt can create a blockage to our finding the Truth

We live our lives based on what we believe. – Gregg Braden

What if our beliefs are wrong?

Our beliefs have the power to change

Belief is the “program” that creates patterns in reality. – Gregg Braden

“An experience that happen in our minds and our bodies” – Gregg Braden

Healing our Beliefs





In closing I chose St Francis Prayer to read…

Lord make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is hatred let me sow love
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
And where there is sadness, joy

O divine master grant that I may
not so much seek to be consoled as to console
to be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love
For it is in giving that we receive
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned
And it’s in dying that we are born to eternal life



Dropping In To Our Hearts


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Dropping In To Our Hearts

It is sometimes very strange how we can get lost and become confused.
Of course with all the Cosmic Energies right now it is very easily done.
So this talk was held on July 27th… Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

Needless to say it has taken me until today to upload and pass it on to my blogging family.

Audio Version (mp3) on Yourlisten

YouTube Video version

Show Notes:

Dropping In To Our Hearts

Well here we are enjoying a Full Moon that is being eclipsed.

A total eclipse of the moon which will be the longest in a century and is set to last for 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Perhaps many might not say the word enjoying as they experience a wide range of heart-felt emotions.

SO why would we want to be dropping into our hearts and what does that mean anyway?

The Heart is for me a dwelling place… A place where the most sacred part of me resides.

I know that many find that a bit of a stretch and claim it to be just an organ of the body or a lovely metaphor for the source of our ability to love one another.

It also raises the question of where are we if we are dropping into the heart and what does it have to do with a Full Moon Eclipse.

So as always in my talks I share my own personal viewpoints not as an expert but as an experience.
Remember last week I talked about point of view vs viewpoint so here is the opposite.

Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is listen for familiar sounds and then I open my eyes.
Once they are open I express my thankfulness at being here in this physical dimension on this planet.

As you may recall I died 27 years ago and so I know there is something else than this physicality we are living in.
You see, when you die the brain stops and the heart stops but your conscious awareness becomes a traveler into many other realms of experience.
This is why I say thank you when I recognize not only where I am but I AM.

The heart is more than a mere pump which supports our physical presence here but I like to think of it as the Seat of My SOUL which my guides have expressed as

What the heart actually creates is a field of resonance which is vibrational energy that carries the qualities of “Divine Love” and this is what we want to drop into.

This is our entry point from Spirit into form.

However through thousands of incarnations we have grown very fond of the brain and tend to reside there instead of the heart…

“Compared to the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, the electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater in amplitude, and permeates every cell in the body. The magnetic component is approximately 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers.” – ROLLIN McCRATY, PhD, Institute of HeartMath


So now if we can see that the further away from the heart we have our center then the further away we are from our Truest Self.

Full Moons and Eclipses are opportunities to deepen or increase our heart resonance and embrace it without fear.

It is an opportunity to explore ourselves from a more cohesive point of view as we are not bombarded by thought forms which tend to distract us.
Once we let go and drop onto this energy field of the heart we soon realize that it sustains us and there is no bottom to it.

The initial fear subsides and we are able to recognize it as sustainable in a very gentle and graceful way.

 Charlie Riverman Bergeron


What does it mean to love myself?
How do I love myself more?
How can I work on forgiving myself?
What is your spiritual practice to nurture yourself?
How do I awaken the guru within me?
What does it mean to be yourself?
Is the purpose of life really to experience joy?
How do you find out what message minor illnesses are sending you? 
Anita Moorjani


Day Out Of Time and Water


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Day Out Of Time.jpg

Blessings to All and please offer Blessings to the water in your area in honor of
Dr Masuro Emoto.
His simple blessing of  I love You… I thank You… I respect you…
is enough to change the crystalline structure of water as he proved that
“human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.”

WAITAHA Water Prayer

Let my spirit, my deep mind travel
to the spaces in between the water patterns
Let my heartbeat echo the tinkle and bell sounds
of the water deep inside of my body
Let me hear the memories of the Gods and Goddesses
Let me hear the memories of the Angels, and Ancestors
Let me send my voice into every atom of water that is in me,
Water that is in front of me, behind me, around me, above me
Let all the forms of water hear my resonance in this time and forever
carry my blessings and wishes to the highest mountains, to the heavens
Then let all the living and the dying creatures and humans
hear the sounds of the joy of creation resonating
in every sentient form in this universe and others
to be the sound that sings forever and eternal
in the mind song of Creation




Light, Beauty and Diversity


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Light, Beauty and Diversity

It is Friday once again and I am contemplating what I will speak about on my Humanity Healing/ Facebook live Presence Of Light show.

The week has gifted me with so much beauty and amazing moments that it has been almost too difficult to absorb and process into my energetic fields.

Ceremony Location

Yet, around the world there are so many emotional uprisings which are triggering innocent people to either remember painful experiences or want to run away from their inner responsibilities of moving forward beyond it all.

Topics or words that arose came in this order…

Super Sensitive
Low Esteem

My early childhood friend Francis whose family owned the laundry across the street where I learned to eat rice from a bowl with chopsticks and use the abacus. I’m not too sure what she learned at my house but we did embrace friendship.

186 (3)

Yet, ever since childhood, many of those we always thought of as friends were really not friends.
And I’m not really sure today what the word “friends” really means anymore, as we seem to have become both more and less connected through technology.

As little Children

I was presented with a question this week for a clue to a password…
Who was your best friend in High School?

As I thought about it I realized I didn’t have one.  Sad, however it made me think about much more than that. Truly a new perspective of what many of us are realizing as we begin to release old patterns of behavior.

Many hurt us in so many ways that we were not able to emotionally process it so we became numb to it all and accepted a view of ourselves which was far less than our full potential.

Many of us were Super Sensitive and wanted to be accepted into the world but found it very challenging both within our families and our neighborhoods.
Our viewpoint became one of very low self-esteem and we began to see everything through that lens.

So here is a little thought from Nelson Mandela…nelson-mandela-day

The last word on my little list is Doormat and it is not an easy word to admit to oneself as a feeling, yet many of us have been there even if only for a moment.

So let us focus now on three more words that appeared after those six…


As I wrote these words my energy shifted into what was always there behind the previous negative ones.

I realized then that my viewpoint is really not something that is stuck in one place forever but can be moved or opened wider to see differently about every thing that has happened in my entire life.

I am the one who limits it, not others.
I have the power to open or close the field of view if I choose to.

However so many of us are stuck in this small viewpoint of Self that we are not fully accessing or expressing the Light, Beauty or Diversity that we truly are.

2018-07-17 09.00.15.jpg

So how do we begin to shift and access those three aspects of ourselves you might ask?
By letting go of them…
we cannot let them go until we recognize and face them, not as who we think we are, but how we are feeling about ourselves due to information that was recorded in our memories with an energetic charge that is still trapped within our physicality.

We can and must release it all, choosing not to honor it, if we want to become freed of all hindrances to our moving into the New Earth frequencies.

I said want to because many do not want to.
For some, it serves a purpose and in my own journey I have to be ready to say…
Do I really want to create Peace within myself?

Peace in the world is not going to happen if I do not honor peace within myself.
The nature of Peace is Light, Beauty and Diversity

If we let go of what could be labeled past grievances we are essentially asking to see our life from a different viewpoint

All of which brings me to the end of my talk about the differences between Point of View and Viewpoint.

Point of View

  1. a particular way of thinking about or judging a situation
  2. someone’s own personal opinion or attitude about something


  1. a particular way of thinking about a problem or subject [= point of view]
  2. a place from which you can see something

As the lawn mowers in the neighborhood shift my point of view to one of annoyance I end this and move to a new viewpoint where their is less distraction.

Once again it is a Joy to share with you all some of my personal reflections and the following links will bring to the actual broadcast…

Link to Video version on YouTube

Link to Audio (MP3) version on Yourlisten


Many Blessings to all as we move into the Day of No Time and beyond.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron


7.13 New Moon -Solar Eclipse – Water


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7.13 New Moon - Solar Eclipse - Water.png

Yes this is an amazing time to be alive here on planet Earth. Each of us awakening to parts of our true self through the amazing shifting of energies which everyone took for granted for so many lifetimes.

There were not any show notes for this talk other than looking up the numerological frequencies and meanings which are dancing through the vibratory frequencies of this Friday the 13th.

SO let’s begin there and you can listen to the talk later on.

The number 7 has overtones of Spiritual Awakening and Collective Consciousness. It relates to our searching for Truth in regards to our Soul Purpose and Life Mission.
If you look at the energies of this whole month that you have been experiencing you will soon note the many different ways that this has been represented. Some are large and in your face but most are very subtle yet you might feel that sense of aha as they flitter through your field of awareness.

Then we have 13 that infamous bad boy of numbers where fear or darkness has become attached to it by many who do not want you to see your Truth and have even eliminated from common use in many ways.

SO when people seek to hide something we have remember that it holds great power and to deepen our understanding not just bury it under reams of stories.
13 is a compound number and a karmic number which for me personally has always held the promise of renewal.
It binds the number 1 and 3 together which represent optimism and enthusiasm with 1 being always about New Beginnings and 3 representing the Ascended Masters which guide us through the dimensional portals to experience life in form.

Yes we are more than we may think we are.

Now we have 713 in a line denoting the total energy of Divine Love and Guidance as a portal or opened gateway during the darkness of the New Moon and partial eclipse of the Sun to express how fully supported we are in even the moments of our lives which grow dim and hard to find our ways in.

Finally the number 11… the Master Number in which I saw each number 1 side by side representing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies of Strength and Intuition.

The Masculine energy of Strength – which has been misused for so many generations that it is destroying Mother Earth as it choose to no longer respect humanity and seeks artificially created forms of life. Be it through tampering with genetics or just plain greed and destruction of Elements which support all living forms.

The Feminine energy of Intuition – which has been threatened and denied by so many that the lives of women throughout these same generations have been taken in heinous ways of torture in order to keep them silent. So as not to reveal the truth of how life should flow forth from the waters of the womb in both Sovereignty and Grace. Allowing for the rules and regulations of life and death to be implanted in total disrespect for Humanity itself.

So today let us honor the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that flows forth into each of us. Allowing it to equally balance within us and work in complete integrity for the most benevolent aspects of all living forms.

Be the 11 and marry your Intuition with your Strength. Allowing them to gain in Light as the orbits of our planets bring forth the Children of Light within us to once again swim in clean waters out of which were given access and permission to be here.

All my talks as well as my writings are transmission from My Heart so feel free to discern for yourself what is appropriate for you.
However please know and feel these simple words of Dr Emoto blessing the water within you…
I Love You – I Thank You – I Respect You

YouTube Video Link

Your Listen Audio File



Your Personal Independence Day


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Your Personal Independence Day
Hello all… I’m posting this a bit late as the amazing energies we are moving through and incorporating within our own physical vehicles has been a bit overwhelming at times.

These were my show notes as I felt into the larger field of my conscious awareness…

Your Personal Independence Day

Having just celebrated Independence Day here in the United States on July 4th reminded me of how timid everyone is to break free of the concepts of life, which hold all of us captives in a paradigm which has truly not been sustainable.

Mostly because it is based on subjugation in one or more forms.

Take a deep breath and relax into that


I wrote a message to myself over 25 years ago when I did not have any concept of what had just happened to me after a motorcycle accident in which I died and returned to my body.

It was like being a “stranger in a strange land” which is actually a biblical quote
Exodus 2:22 and Moses’s reflections on fleeing Egypt
“For he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land.”

Interestingly enough Moses’ first son was named Gershom meaning “sojourner” which is defined as to live temporarily.

So here I was reborn so to speak “a sojourner” into the same body with quite a different viewpoint of all I humanly knew before the accident.
And so, I wrote these words below before I was given the name Riverman…
when I was just trying to sort out all that I was experiencing and especially the enrgy of it all.

Everyday Is an Adventure
It can be your Wildest Fantasy
Or your Worst Nightmare
…”You” choose…
Your Wildest Fantasy is a limited thought
And you Worst Nightmare is just an Illusion
~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Take a deep breath and relax into that

Everday Adventure May2014

So the topic of Your Personal Independence Day hit me this morning in a text conversation with a friend who has watched me speak my truth and understanding, only to find himself become more truthful within himself.

I’m now being reminded of Janis Joplin whose lyrics still resonate in my ears from my youthful days.
“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose
Nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free, no no”

So with that said…

How can each of us free ourselves from thoughts and ideas which have been fed to us by those who wish to control us without creating another war in which they profit even more.

Here are the links and you can always join me on Friday mornings live on Humanity Healing Facebook.

YouTube Video Link

YourListen Audio Link


Allowing the Flow to Carry You


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As we arrive once again at the New Moon it is always a place of self-reflection for me.
An opportunity to become a bit more still and observe what I’m feeling within my human structure.

Of course the world in which we express our Beingness has many other ideas of what we are to focus on in any given moment, so we must sometimes come to an almost complete halt.

That is when we have the opportunity to allow the Flow to carry us.

Jean Tucker 2018-06-26

How many times have we been so centered in our own minds as to not notice the beauty all around us.
Our minds filled with all sorts of energetic responses which occupy and generate illusions.
All of Nature gifts us with an opportunity to come back home and tap back in to our own radiant beauty.
During this New Moon get out in your neighborhoods and find a stunning display of abundant beauty which opens your hearts.

2018-07-10  Stone.jpg

Where we all dwell in harmony and balance whether we are flowers of different colors or massive stones which have been split in two, yet have the power to attract a tree to join them in calling humans to come and be like children.

To sit and dream or share stories of the heart with their friends in a carefree innocence.

These photos represent that Flow which gives us an opportunity to become available.
Available to what, you may ask as my words flow through from some inner presence.

And that is it, exactly!
Your Divine Inner Presence.

Gifts of Renewal

May the Flow of Nature’s energy lift you and mesmerize you
May Mother Earth call out to you from within your own bloodstream
May Blessings be seen, and heard, and felt deep within your hearts

Above all else… Allowing the Flow to Carry You… is truly a renewal of the beautiful Spirit you are… desiring to be seen.

Much Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron