Thoughts and Words 3


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Today at the top of Mt Agamenticus in York Maine looking over at the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the distance.
How wonderful it is to experience both the view and the fresh air of mid-winter.
A world of no words… yet completely understood.

As for words, Riverman has collected a few that were shared over social media this week and may you enjoy them as well.

Politics is the curse of humanity… it is the divide and conquer strategy which keeps us slaves to a system that is not sustainable any longer.

Where there is Love
all of Life unifies
Let us Be Love

Deep within the very core of our being there are sparks of energy, that are dancing in a field of resonance… it is each of us sharing Love without restrictions.

The world we imagine was corrupted long ago and this has always been the way it was always done. This imagined world is collapsing because it is no longer sustainable and it cannot move into the new energy. WE have witnessed this many times and this is why we are here now to hold the energy in balance.

The market is shrinking because people are not working… people are not working because the market is shrinking… this is unsustainable living created by greedy corporations and their elite.

All water is Sacred… it is a living environment upon which all other living forms emerge from.

Let us dare to be the truth, an undefined Self that sees through the falsity of illusion.

To truly love without conditions there can be no judgments, for judgment is separation.

Vibrating in a frequency of Love we move through it all, easily and effortlessly.

Many Blessings




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Trying to describe how we feel sometimes is a very challenging proposition. The word that comes to mind for me is Recalibration.

An amazing word to describe our life process when our vision gets blurry. Much like getting new glasses when our sight become a bit blurry. Our eyeglasses just need to be re-calibrated.

2017 has hit most of us right between the eyes… yes, in that 3rd eye chakra if you will!

Each of us is receiving a new vision and sense of purpose, working through so much, which no longer fits what that looks like. It is challenging us on so many levels and at the same time it becomes wearisome and begins to deplete our energies.

The picture I chose to play with was taken on an adventure last year to New Mexico. As I was walking to the airport from my hotel room I could feel the altitude affecting me. I was short of breath and my usual stamina and vigor was not responding to this very short walk.

I had to stop several times and regroup my energy to continue and this one shot was underneath a tree which became my temporary refuge. It reminded me of the neural network of our brains. Which at that moment was questioning why I chose to walk instead of get a cab.

The contrast between the shadowy branches and the morning light radiating on those with buds, is truly where we are right now in our evolution as a collective species named humanity.

It is up to each individual to re-calibrate now and many are either unaware or reluctant to change.

Recalibration will test us at all levels, for we can no longer utilize the same instrumentation that has guided us to this destination. It just will not respond properly.

So as the pilots of these amazing vehicles we call bodies we are faced with overriding much of the programming that has been operating safely and satisfactorily for so many lifetimes.

We have not readily seen the collateral damage we have caused because we have never questioned the programming. However now we are feeling as well as seeing the effects of this autopilot navigation system as it fails to self-correct.

let us recalibrate together and assist each other without getting lost in the larger picture
let us co-create by building upon each others contributions to the sustainable whole
let us rest when we are weak or tired and know that our destination is very close by
let us remember that there will be a cab to take if we stand on the corner and flag it down

It is not that what we are looking for is more important now, but more so, what we no longer need to carry any further with us.

The airport is just up the hill and to our left
we will arrive and be on time for our flight
it will set recalibration as a standard practice
for all who follow behind us

We are the first among many
re-calibrators and co-creators
preparing the way for a better vision
of humanity to anchor itself
and deepen its roots
in unity with Mother Earth



A Snowy Day in York Maine


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Out of my bedroom window facing East this morning, Grandfather Maple in white.


Looking South my neighbors are nestled and hidden away from each other.

2017-02-16-08-20-53-1Then looking to the West the density along the river invites me to dream of hidden animals.

North along the borderline between an old field and the backyards everything surrenders.


At 11:11 a.m. the Sun greets us over the Birch tree with its golden halo .


Now an afternoon walk, shoveling done, the York River gracefully flows beyond the trees.


Blue sky briefly appearing in the Northwest adding a bit of color to our palette of grays.


Finally as we turn to head home, Lillybelle hears other dogs and we head off to greet them.


Morning 1st Glance 2.15.17


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Love Sparks.JPG
Let us deepen our Love for each other…


Sweet Day of Love


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Focusing of Love today as it is celebrated as Valentines Day is a wonderful and playful way to remind us us of what we need to do everyday.

From A Course In Miracles comes this wonderful message…

You have but two emotions, yet in your private world you react to each of them as though it were the other. For love cannot abide in a world apart, where when it comes it is not recognized. If you see your own hatred as your brother, you are not seeing him. Everyone draws nigh unto what he loves, and recoils from what he fears. And you react with fear to love, and draw away from it. Yet fear attracts you, and believing it is love, you call it to yourself. Your private world is filled with figures of fear you have invited into it, and all the love your brothers offer you, you do not see.
ACIM T, 248.5

From my heart comes this brief thought…

Where there is Love
all of Life unifies
Let us Be Love


Thoughts and Words 2


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It is sometimes quite interesting how our social media invites us to express ourselves.
We can choose from a variety of roles to play and dramas to get caught up in.
This month is about Love for me with a 28 Days of Love Alchemy group started by a friend and another from Good Of The Whole called the #LoveMore campaign.

Please feel the Love…

In every scar there is a story of endurance and perseverance.                    

Taking the long view the horizon becomes introduced by fields of possibilities.

Be careful how you define Freedom… for in a world of separation it cannot fully manifest.         

When we realize we are so much more than what we have been told… everything changes.

Let us find the racism and prejudice
within ourselves first
asking ourselves
where it came from

Let us forgive ourselves first
for taking on this energy
passed down to us
from ancestors

and see the world of possibilities
that arise as a result
of Diversity                             

Our ancestors are asking us to remove the traumas that are frozen in crystalline form which have created suffering so that they may be free again.                

So many are thirsty and It is through the roots that we drink of the waters. You are no apprentice here nor are any of us! Yet we are all re-calibrating to new frequencies and deeper resonance with each other.                                                                                          

Deep within our hearts

there is a tunnel that never ends
It dissolves all illusions                                                                 

Can we find Love in the midst of chaos? Yes!!!
Love is within us waiting to be expressed and does not recognize chaos.                              

Let us manifest through our hearts
Let us transmute the energies which are dense
into the updrafts on which we will soar                                                                               

As the East Coast of America moves farther away from our Solar Presence and we move easily into the Heavens revealed to us by the Stars…
Let us breathe deeply into the consistency of this cycle,
(wherever you are)
reminding us of the perfect rhythm of Yin and Yang

Upon awakening let us dance in the Light in thankfulness for Joy is a Blessing.  

I bow to you and pour forth Love,

open your Hearts and receive.                                                                               

Indeed …
the children will come
they will be born from the future
and we will Love them into Being

Many Blessings,




The Bliss of Emptiness


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Bliss of Emptiness.JPG

Every moment we choose to let go
is responded to with freedom
Bliss cannot truly be perceived
it arrives quite silently
when we are empty

We live a lifetime of always trying to be something or do something.
Always creating layer upon layer of intentions as well as disappointments.

This “we” of the mind is always dismissing the truth of our hearts through its interpretations and calculations, which may be exciting but over time wearisome.

There is no longer any space within us to retreat to, stuck now, in a construct of our own making. Eventually our energy is drained and we become impaired in some manner. Even our deepest loving thoughts begin to fail at raising us up and we are lost in despair.

The mind begins to work even harder to bring about a transition, a resurrection of the heart and spirit. It only serves to create a deeper and more entrenched rut, from which our Light becomes more difficult to distinguish.

WE cry out that we only want a few moments of Peace, and the message comes… LET GO!

It is when we truly let go of all our concepts of how life should be, or what we desire, or what has happened in the past… that we begin to empty. To clear away the debris of our incessantly creating mind and begin to see our way to that silent, quiet place, deep within.

That space which cannot contain any forms for it is the source of our Self.
It is emptiness quantified, yet contains the energy of Peace, Light and Love.
It is Bliss!

It is in this Emptiness, when the mind has surrendered to the heart, that Bliss begins to gently appear and we are truly free.
Once again.



The Power of Love


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Power of Love

I have been part of small group who have chosen to do 28 Days of Love Alchemy with a friend and teacher Kalee Coombs on a Facebook event.

The intention is really simple and fun…
“For 28 days we will love ourselves and BE love to change our your world. By loving ourselves and ‘being’ the love we ripple it out into our world.”

Here is a wonderful video she created especially for this event…
Honoring Your Feelings – Kalee Coombs – Love Alchemy

Everyday brings up it’s usual distractions and frustrations which really disturb our sense of loving. So I use them as a opportunity to bring myself back to a loving center. Seeing that Love is an extension of who we are rather than an object of attraction.

I can only suggest to find that center of love within you and encourage it to grow and spread outward without fear of rejection. It is very challenging I can assure you but well worth the effort.

Many Blessings to each of you as we move into the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse



Daily Inspiration 14


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2016_03_29_1188_“Love, in all its fragile forms, is the one powerful, enduring force that brings real meaning to our everyday lives … but the love I mean is the fire that burns inside us all, the inner warmth that prevents our soul from freezing in the winters of despair.” — Bradley Grieves

The rising Sun is for me a symbol of both Hope and Love which never fails to set me back in the right direction. If I arise early enough I even do a brief Sun Gazing before it is fully over the horizon.
It never fails to remind me that I have another day in which the unknown opportunities to express Love will appear in front of me and ask me to dance.

Yes Love is much like a dance which can well be done alone and in privacy, but so much more when in the company of others who are free to express it openly and without fear.
Oh, how much we have to offer each other, when we let go of our fears of abandonment and unwantedness.

So let us be mindful to allow the fire which the Sun represents bring forth our
“inner warmth that prevents our soul from freezing in the winters of despair”

Each day we rise to greet the day
Let us embrace each other in Love
clouds and darkness
have no power over Light
Let your Love & Light burn it all away


Riverman 2017



New Bio – Old Soul


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Earthangel Riverman

Handmade Earthangel Pin created by Graywing who saw me as such and bestowed upon me the name Riverman.

The energies of 2017 have been just amazing. Yes, some may say with others cringing!

It is really a time to embrace who and what you really feel that you are here to do.

So, I was asked to create a Bio for a book that is being written by a group of amazing people from around the world. Obviously I would be one of them.

Having always relied on others to identify me and actually having a fear of writing about myself, the intense energy we are all experiencing has allowed me to define myself and step out of the shadows of others perceptions.



Earth Angel and Near Death Experiencer

Evolutionary and Transformational Dowser

Planetary Healer and Galactic Energy Conduit

Charlie Riverman’s practices over the past 25 years have included

but are not limited to:

Earth Angel; A Course In Miracles Facilitator; Spiritual Recovery Facilitator; Angelic/Spiritual/ Crystalline Collective Messenger; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; NPMDT (Shamballa) Master and 13 D Healer; 9 Rites of Munay-Ki (Earthkeeper); Energy/Crystal Grid Creator; Crystal Skull Guardian; Golden Light Dowser; Watershed Guardian and River Blessing Conduit; Spiritually Inspired Poet; and on the more grounded side a Maker of Dowsing Rods; Custom Woodworker and Amateur Photographer.

In 1991 I had what is commonly called a NDE which completely changed the course of my human life. Ending one and beginning another in the same body.

So…First and foremost I Am an Earth Angel and Messenger who has come back to Honor and Serve All Life Forms by transmitting the Source Energy of Peace, Light and Love which I came back from as my Multi-Dimensional Self.
“There are only three things

you need to be concerned about in this lifetime…

PEACE, LIGHT and LOVE, nothing else really matters.”

Remember to:

Live in Peace
Walk in Light
Share in Love


I was given the name “Riverman” by Graywing an Artist/Storyteller who created beaded “Earth Angel” pins at a Bead and Craft Store in Portsmouth NH. I met her through Crowfeather who was there at her store. I was on my mission of promoting Bumper Stickers that I was guided to write and create not too long after my Near Death Experience in 1991.

Crowfeather met me first but was very cautious and aloof about my Energy, so she asked if I would come back and meet her friend Graywing, who would be very interested in meeting me.

Returning for a second visit to meet Graywing there was a Bee flying around me inside the store and she immediately said to me that I was a gatherer. Which at that time made no sense to me but I accepted her as someone who saw me as I truly was in my new energy form.

She then asked Crowfeather to place her hands on mine and describe what she felt. The answer was a powerful flowing river and it was then that she said, “I want you to meet Riverman.”… “I have been waiting for him to appear.”

I was then presented with a special Earth Angel pin which she made in my honor as she had visioned me and had a Medicine Shaman carve a piece of Basalt to protect me. I still wear these during ceremonies and during Healings and Blessings to remind me of my Star Ancestry and balance between the Earth and the Heavens.

Everyday Is An Adventure

It Can Be Your Wildest Fantasy

Or Your Worst Nightmare

…”You” Choose…

Your Wildest Fantasy Is A Limited Thought

And Your Worst Nightmare Is Just An Illusion