It’s A Brand New Life


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Like.Dislike List

I suppose if each of us were to make a list like the one above we might be a little hesitant at first.
We may not really want to know what we like or don’t like.
We may feel a bit uncomfortable at what might appear on that piece of paper.
Yet isn’t being uncomfortable the energy we need right now, to motivate and uproot us from these traumas and repeat offenses of abusive behavior.

As I began to write this message an old song floated into my mind
Isn’t Life Strange… Moody Blues lyrics
Isn’t Life Strange – The Moody Blues

and as I listened to it once again after so many years, these words had a new meaning for me…

“Wished I could be in your heart
To be one with your love
Wished I could be in your eyes
Looking back there you were, and here we are.”

Simply realizing how much Life had changed for me in all of those passing years.
What would it have been like if I had made that list way back then?
Where were the moments I ‘might not’ have experienced which left so many deep scars?
How would different alignments within myself and their energies affected others?

Potential Rose

The potential for Change is always within us, be it a new day or new life
Simply awaiting the Light of the Sun to align and embrace it,
the Rose is encouraged to reveal the Truth
of it’s beauty and power to an awaiting world.

Try the Brand New Day list and be honest… know that within your heart you are not just here, you are amazing and have an inner gift to give to the world around you.

Remember that the only thing stopping any of us
from being fully in Our Own Hearts is
being in your heart
one with your love
being in your eyes
right here, right now

Please take the time to be honest with yourself and step into a Brand New Life. 


Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.18.19


Action And Attraction


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Action and Attraction.pngAction and Attraction 8.16.19

My first question to my Higher Self as I began my show notes this morning was…
How do We as an evolving race of beings here on planet Earth… not manipulate and deconstruct all that is fruitful and beneficial in our past as We spiral ever more rapidly forward?

As I sat down to process the early morning awakening chatter of my Angelic and Galactic guides and messengers, I was presented with… We see all things through our human perception.

Our True Self is naturally operational in…
Divine Innocence
Infinite Possibilities
Life Being About Choices

Our Light Family comforts us, warns us when we are headed in the wrong direction or on dangerous paths. They also redirect, realign and encourage us to flow in the perfect direction for Our Highest Self to Shine Brilliantly and attract others do the same.

Okay I know that is easier for me to say than most but it is the Truth within each of you that is accessible during the Full Moon, when Her Bright Light even as a reflection, has the power to dispel the darkness of the evening skies.

The first 2 cards I pulled this morning were from from the Sacred Space Mediation Cards by Elinor Von Linden…

The Law Of Attraction and Action

Through the law of attraction, all I ever choose comes to me.
I know Source has given me intuition and Divine guidance.
I act for my good and the good of others.

I’m reminded that intentions and efforts as well as positive work, bring new opportunities for growth.
I hear the words often to “Trust your intuition and guidance”

I share with others to see themselves as a Higher Light…
“Your True Self as a Multi-Dimensional Being knows that fear has no power over it.”

A Truly Sovereign Being who will act from their Hearts when presented by all obstacles and challenges as they are only present in our human lives, to remind us of the power of our choices.

Amazing as it may sound, you are all of this, the Energy of the Universe supports you and is ready to provide you with whatever you need to break through the bondage of this dimensional density in which we many times feel trapped.

“It is through Action and Attraction that We overcome all of our limitations.”
I put those words in that order even though the cards were drawn in the opposite.

 It is the perfect example of how We have been taught to see things backward, for without Action there can be no Attraction.
“The Law of Attraction is always there yet We must Activate it through the Actions of Our Hearts.”

The next deck I chose to pull a card from was the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Call Of The Dancing Crane

“Dancing Crane moves through waters and muddy marsh with elegance and grace. The mating call and dance of the Crane is full of beautiful movement and flow. There are times when the astral waters of our emotional life become stagnant and will benefit from the healing movement, grace and beauty of the Dancing Crane. The Call of the Dancing Crane is a reminder that Sound can be healing too. This is particularly so when your thoughts, beliefs and emotional, patterns do not support you in living the spiritual destiny you were borne to live.”

So once again we are being called into Action, “Just like sifting the mud out of the Water, so that we can move more freely and gracefully like the Dancing Crane, if we accept healing energy to help us filter through our psychological programs so that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions can create new habits and patterns more aligned with what we would like to experience in our lives.”

What is amazing is that this process of “Life Being About Choices” creates “Infinite Possibilities” for us to return to Our “Divine Innocence “

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.16.19

Different Perspective


Transitions – Without Fear


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Fear is an alarm signal of the conscious mind… so as I see it… it’s only purpose is to supercharge the body to react to any energetic stimuli which it determines if life threatening..
Transitions are the process of energy being increased, reduced or re-aligned which can be stimulated by fear but it is not itself an actual part.of it, rather an outside force creating a reactionary experience.
So our self transformation, either positive or negative, can be stimulated by fear. However if we hold onto the fear as having a value during the process we will not make the transition completely.
Which is many times why we have remnants of shame, guilt or self-doubt even after the transition has been completed. Which will in turn have us repeat the same task over and over again.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.14.19


Being In Service


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Being In Service

Beings Of Service 8.9.19

Let’s think more about how We can honor each other as Beings of Service.

Yesterday was the Alignment of the Earth, the Star Sirius and the Galactic Center more commonly known as Lion’s Gate and a reminder of our connection to the powerful and unlimited energies of Creation.

As I rode to an Entrainment appointment in the morning I passed to lambs in a fenced area alongside the road.
Never before had I seen them on this road which I take frequently yet there they were, to give me the message that “The Lion will lay down with the Lamb.”

There is a similar passage in the bible which speaks of a time when “Paradise would be restored”

This is a part of the magic that happens when We choose to align within ourselves with our Heart Center and shine as bright stars here on this amazing planetary home we have chosen to live on.

This morning the first card of the day was…

Sacred Space Meditation Cards
I am an energetic worker and I am willing to serve.

As I serve others I serve my higher power.


As I journey through each day with joyous intentions, I bring assistance and pleasure to others.

I look for opportunities to serve, even if it is just a smile and a friendly gesture.
I know that I serve others, I serve my Creator.

So with these thoughts as a prelude let us look deep within ourselves… at the unique abilities and gifts each of us have to offer in service to each other and all life around us.

I know that those of you who listen to my talks or read my blogs when I find time post them are here right now to be of Service to Uplift the Energy in yourselves and all life around you.

Every time We reach from deep within Our Hearts to serve others we are drawing the Light within us to the outer self and honoring each other as One Unified Presence.

This is no illusion or trick but a re-enactment and honoring of the original creation of energy into form.

For us to not do this has been the process which has led to all the suffering we now see so blatantly before us.

The Life Cards DREAM/FANSTASY card reads as follows…
Dream – the story in the dream may guide the journey.
Fantasy – Dreams without action will stay in the future

It reminds me of how many dreams I have had in my life as to who I would be or what I desired that went unfulfilled.
Yet my childhood Dream of being loved and accepted is no longer a childish desire but manifesting in more ways than there are flowers to admire.

This speaks to me of how We have the innate power to choose between Fantasy and Reality by honoring the dreams which align with our hearts rather than our minds.

Our minds are always in a state of need or want and have no ability to fully understand Peace, Light and Love. They are not who We truly are but a valuable part of us as information gatherers, a warning system and a processor of energy to guide us but not rule us.

It is Peace, Light and Love which have been held merely as the desires of the Dreamer.
So keep dreaming and stop telling yourself it can’t happen.
For when We align our dreams and our minds with our hearts everything is not only possible but we become actively In Service to all Life.

Affirmations For The Everyday Goddess

Wheel Of Fortune

“There are an infinite number of possibilities in my life.”

Fortune teaches us to embrace the unfolding of life’s events while paradoxically reminding us to take responsibility for creating personal destiny. As the universe expands and evolves, its mysteries become part of matter. You are a part of the cosmos and as such, you co-create your own reality.

The Wheel of Fortune is not a game of chance at the beach as I remember it in being my childhood.

It is a reminder of the many positive choices we can make at any given point in our spiraling path of life.

It is a representation of the abundance of Creation “the whole (absolute) cosmic pattern”

which we can utilize in any given moment.

It reminds and gives us another opportunity to once again choose to Serve in alignment with Our Higher Self. Remembering that any form of separation from our hearts or the emotions it may cause us to feel or experience is only the Roaring Lion

The Lion will lay down with the Lamb when the Lamb chooses to no longer be fearful of it’s True Identity and lives in Service rather than Fear.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.9.19


Nourish and Nurture


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Nourish and Nuture

Nourish and Nurture 7.26.19
Day 1 of Mayan Calendar

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This talk unfolded without many show notes yet flowed with the energy of the day and the cards drawn below…

Nourish – to provide things for growth or development, for example telling a child to nourish their plant seeds with water and sunlight.

Nurture – to take care of and encourage growth, for example a teacher can nurture a student’s creativity.
Soul Inspirations Cards by Kahliya

Nourish What You Love and Watch It Grow
Sacred Space Meditation Cards
Universal Wonders

I accept love, guidance and peace.

The wonders of the Universe are mine.

May I never lose sight of Source.

Life Cards
Nurture – Kindness manages resources. Giving is receiving.
Take – What belongs to you or another? Everything eats.

Angel Blessings Cards #43 Stamera
Forgive yourself in order for healing to be complete.

It is not possible to go back and change the past, but you can change how you feel about it.

Forgiveness has a rhythm all its own as you progress through the process of release and healing.

If you force forgiveness, you have not yet learned the lesson of acceptance.

We have been taught to blame our feelings rather than our experience for unpleasantness.

No matter how far away you push feelings, they are yours.

At some point they will come back to you.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.26.19


Peace and Wholeness


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Peace and Wholeness


So as We gather here today let us take a few moments to breath softly…
Let’s bring ourselves into an even and gentle rhythm of breathing.

Let us just think these words and direct them to ourselves:
I love you, I thank you, I respect you, sending that energy deep into our hearts.

The first card I chose today was from …
Life Cards by Rev Susan Collins


Whole… We are created by our interactions

Separated… Every cycle has a time for rest.

We belong to tribes and tribes create communities. Sharing our lives helps give them meaning and creates a legacy. Times of separation are a time for quiet, not the end of the cycle.

This card reminds us that in the world of duality there needs to be a balance… and that separation can be a positive space if it is created with the intention to rest and regain self-awareness. So that when we regather with our tribes they will be filled with peaceful intentions and actions for the blessing of all life around us.

The second card was from
Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden

I am at peace with myself, and I know that a powerful presence is working through me.

As I experience vibrations from Source, I am in a state of acceptance.

Peace is that subtle calm energy that vibrates within.

I am quiet and still everyday and listen to the voice of my Higher Power.

The world around right now us is becoming unbearable in so many ways that it is a challenge some days to feel connected to each other or Mother Earth, for that matter.

WE many times, arise reluctantly and move into our daily routines without acknowledging gratitude or expressing joyous wonder.

(As I wrote those words I laughed and thought “what a precious gift Joyous Wonder would be if we could just bundle it as a gift and give it away without judgment”)

They reminded me of the first message I read from a friend who is an Indigenous Grandmother visiting and sharing wisdom in NZ this morning which contained pictures of Water, Trees and Family with these messages…

View above Big Bay Villages
Fresh Water River comes to the Ocean
Tree of Life
Grandmother, daughters and grandchildren

What a perfect definition of Joyous Wonder which can only come from a Heart that can be at Peace and feel Wholeness.

It reminded me that each of us are responsible for our own Peace and Wholeness and We Are far more capable of bringing it through when we shift our whole process of living, from our heads to our hearts, and let go of old fears of who we think we are and accept who We Truly Are.


It is then that WE recognize our lives are changing because our energetic vibration is changing and We can no longer be held prisoner any more.

The Freedom of our Souls is our most important mission right now and We are being assisted by so many brilliant Beings of Light who are walking among us so look for them and invite them into your life.
While the struggle appears to continue it becomes the illusion that no longer has any power over you because you have chosen to honor yourself and you recognize how beautiful you truly are.
So the last message was from the…
Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild


You have won a victory beloved, a victory over the past and the Amaryllis Lute is sounding through every cell of your being, heralding your rising vibration as you leave fear behind you once again.

In fact the Lute says you are growing fast and spiritually, you are outgrowing your old life even more so.

When your vibration changes, so too does your old life, beloved. This is natural.

It is safe and loving for you to release that which no longer feels right for you, no matter how much was important in your old life, it might not have the same place on your new life

May each of you be feel encouraged to honor yourselves as We embrace each other in the NOW with Peace and Wholeness and move forward together in Unity and Balance.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.19.19


Gratitude and Inner Peace


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Gratitude and Inner Peace

Gratitude and Inner Peace 7.12.19

Humans have created a world of fear in order to control large groups of people from a distance.
Not the Creator of Humans!
So in order to return to our more natural state of collective consciousness we have to seek and embrace Gratitude and Inner Peace.

Let us begin today and perhaps every day with a simple thought…
It is My Divine Purpose to cast out fear, so that I may live in Balance and Harmony.

Breathing into that statement say it out loud…
It is My Divine Purpose to cast out fear, so that I may live in Balance and Harmony.

Gratitude and Inner Peace flows without restriction when there is Balance and Harmony in our lives.

Many of us have lost the memory of what that feels like. Yet it has only been buried beneath hundreds of years of forced separation, so that some could rule and others follow.

Many of you are experiencing some sense of awakening right now and it is at times, very frightening…
partly because your family, friends or loved ones do not understand what you may be experiencing and so your relationships have become more challenging.

Just remember that there is nothing wrong with you other than your seeking your True Self which naturally dwells in a state of Gratitude and Inner Peace.

When I died 27 years ago I had no form or body… only an awareness.
The first awareness was Light
the second was Love
the third being Peace
out of which Gratitude for Life and being a Human became my most precious gift when I returned into this body.

SO if We are to remember what it is like to truly co-create and live in Balance and Harmony we must come to that River of Life with our Hearts resonating Inner Peace and Gratitude.

Make it your priority and main focus, no matter what is happening to you.
I know it is not easy and you may fail many times but it is like re-learning how to walk or eat after a devastating injury.

That is what has happened… We have been severely wounded, yet…
We have the innate ability to heal ourselves beyond our human understanding.

We can do this by remembering how amazing Planet Earth is, that it is filled with so much life and abundance and was created for all of us equally…
not just a few who tell us we are not able to make decisions for ourselves.

Let Us Deepen into Our Amazingness…
As We Flow Within The Rising Love Of Our Opened Hearts

– Riverman

One day all wordly desire, all criticisms, all judgments, will dissolve in Wisdom’s strong light, and all Life’s upwelling springs will be renewed.
In this time many glorious visions will greet your sight. Love will in all her beauty once more repeat her sacred vows and Truth will smile on you. – Azrael

Life Cards – Rev Susan Collins

Accept – Resist
Aligning with our root Chakra – Physical Survival

Things come into our lives and they can enhance or disrupt our paths. Think about what is useful now and sidestep or ignore distractions.

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

Gifts of the Spirit
I live in harmony and love.

I open my life to the All Powerful

Soul Inspirations Message Cards – Kahliya
Devoted to the path

I walk between worlds
I nurture my fragility

as I know my ability

to see through the veil

I hold onto the vision

I am on a mission
Up towards the light

I shall revolve
for my Soul is here to evolve

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.12.19



Respect and Power


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Respect and Power

Friday 8.2.19 – RESPECT AND POWER 

Our True Power is always Respectful and Respectable.

The past week has been a prelude to the next few weeks which will be an amazing time for each of us to tap into ourselves at much deeper levels than We have been able to for many lifetimes.

The energies from Mother Gaia’s Galactic alignments will support all of our efforts take a deeper look and allow us opportunities to release many negative experiences which have only served to confirm We were powerless.

As I look around the 3D world of our physicality the old patterns are rising I us all and showing up in disrespectful patterns of behavior.
Most of us are unaware of what we might be re-creating but they are showing up for us to stop and find the root causes within ourselves and through forgiveness release them in both ourselves and in those with whom these actions are entangled.

Today’s Cards…

As I write this I’m amazed that the first card I pulled this morning was a Life Card from Rev. Susan Collins …
Card Number 13 which shows the words Respect and Dominate in opposition.
Respect – Best effort actions are enough
Dominate – Restrictive force limits growth in the whole system

Looking up the number
13 in ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes

Angel Number 13 is a message from your angels that some upheavals may take place in your life. This is happening for karmic reasons and will break new ground for you that will bring about new opportunities for you to grow spiritually. The angels ask that you adapt to changes gracefully.”

The next card was a surprise from Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney

Number 31 or 13 backwards if you will…

It is the Seraphim Card of Sandalphon – POWER
Love is the key to all knowledge, wisdom and power.
Dwell deep in this love, and you will see as God sees.
Christ in You

“Sandalphon is a great angel prince.”
The overseer of “strength, abundance, beauty and joy of living.”

Sandalphon will assist in gaining both Wisdom and Self-forgiveness which is so desperately need by us all right no. Myself included.

The “Old Boy” network of power no longer works and each of us carry the scars of its unrelenting disrespectful and abusive methods of control.

So here We are, on the threshold of the New Earth as many refer to it.
Yet it is more about the New You and the many children who are watching us right now with new eyes and abilities to see through it all.

From the Sacred Space Meditation Cards
I Am Protected
The Angel of Light protects and guides me along my worldly path. I am never alone.


Amidst all Darkness

Remember who You Are

Even as there will be those

Who will not see your Light

Remember who You Are

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.2.19


Rising In Love


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Rising Into Angelic Realms

WE are traveling both upward and inward simultaneously.

The journey of separation is ending for all who are ready and willing to receive this Divine Gift.
Let go of any preconceived ideas of what that might be like for it is not to be understood on human terms and conditions.

Place your outer focus skyward and your inner focus on your deep resonant heart.
Allow yourself to be cradled and nurtured in these energy fields, for they are inviting us home.

~ Riverman 8.4.19


Mindful Reminders

Light must come from insideKindness-has-no-church
The Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere sometimes catches us and whirls us around in circles.
So as we now approach the end of July my blog pages have been sparse due to those wonderful outdoor activities which re-connect me to Mother Earth and all of Her Divine Inhabitants.

These two little picture reminders above have been quietly waiting on my desktop. Waiting for me to share them in some meaningful way.
And look how well they fit together.

Tonight they arose to be re-read and as I did the message was to invite all of you to just take a few moments out of your busy schedule to express some gratitude with those you may not have seen or heard from in a while.

Let them know that they are thought of and cared about and so are you.

This busy world We now live in needs these moments to re-connect and offer each other some reflection of how important our relationships with each other truly are.

And so I thank each of you for expressing …
Your Peace
Your Kindness
Your Light
Your Compassion
Your Love