A Blessed Opportunity


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Synchronizing in Love
Gathering deeply within our hearts

we come to embrace a Love that is complete
Deeply radiating without any interference

as it has for thousands of lifetimes

All of us seeking and embracing this Love
have the Blessed Opportunity

to radiate it more clearly without fear

In this amazing field of Heart Resonance

that we gather within each week
the harmonic frequencies not only synchronize

they radiate toward to the entire Planet
and into the stratosphere and beyond
Offering the message to come and join us
in communion and precious pulsation
One Heart
One Love
One Creation

Global Heart Team Message
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.8.21


Rising In Authority


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Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

Rising In Authority

Good Morning and Grand Rising to each of you who are just beginning on this journey of recovering from judgment and powerlessness.

Each of us is living through a historical event that future generations will question and write about as an evolutionary shifting of humanity.

We are more than what we are told and less than what we may think.

That is an interesting statement to write and watch the words play out on my show notes’ blank page. I was even guided to put it in bold letters.

Where are we headed, and how does our collective entrapment find a way to dissolve within the ocean of greed and avarice.

Powerful words this morning is coming through me, and it is all about Our Rising in Authority.

The message is what I call the writing on the wall, or the moment of awakening. Each of us know that when we have awakened from our sleep the dreams, we had begun to dissipate, some very rapidly while others may linger all day.

We might even carry them for several days or weeks, for that matter.

This process of releasing what is no longer necessary is a process we went through when we began to settle in villages and create cities thousands of years ago. It is a major part of our evolution that repeats itself over an extended timeline.

When the tribal communities were confronted with the patriarchal authoritarians of today, they are quite vulnerable. For these people who live by natural laws they are a threat and may look upon them as a virus that creates a pandemic in which their world is destroyed, and nothing in their teachings appears to have any power.

The Kogi message on the cover of their video ALUNA is “There is no life without thought.”

and they are asking us to think deeply at long the term consequences we are co-creating,

Their concern is for the environment, and mine is for our future humanity.

What is happening today is very similar to this pandemic. Every one of us is one of those beautiful villagers having our world destroyed around us and being forced into ways of thinking that are not only harmful but violate the natural process of planetary evolution.

My words may seem a bit harsh this morning, yet the message is really about Rising out of the Suffering and tapping into Your True Self which has the innate ability to Create.

Sister Mia’s, Soul Inspiration Message Card by Kahliya reads,

“Breakthrough The Veil of FEAR and LIGHT Appears”

The Angel Blessings Card by Kimberly Marooney

is Fortunata, which speaks of Prosperity

What is spoken of; is the fortune of Spirit.

That Spirit can overcome all fears and the Light through which it shines forth into each of our Hearts.

Yes, there is also authority in spiritual realms, which can be distorted to create an imbalanced hierarchy of leaders and followers.

However, I’m talking to you today to come back into the True Self You Are— the one who knows the difference between oppression and freedom within your own bodies.

You are being called to respond to the distortion within you with loving kindness and trusting in your own True Self to guide you through it all.

The “still, small voice,” as Eileen Caddy expressed it is what I call the Inner Power of the True Self, which never sleeps.

It is no small voice at all but is hard to hear over the waterfall of distortion and interference that is being shouted at us from every direction and electronic device we engage with.

The key to adjusting ourselves to be in more self-alignment; is to unplug from the media that is directing your thoughts in so many ways that you have lost your own ability to think independently.

Tap into the tiny pleasures you receive from Nature, for they have no agenda other than to exist just like you by being their fullest expression of Life.

Get out and receive more sunlight and drink water that you filter, not by someone else whose only goal is profit and making water a commodity that they can control.

Just remember that every time you honor yourself, you are celebrating all living forms, and they will respond in kind.

It will take generations to repair the damages we have created here on Planet Earth by Rising in Authority.

Not by fighting and arguing, not by judging and demeaning!

It will happen within us by listening to that “still small voice.”

Rising into your Full Sovereignty, which has no judgment of others, only a desire to assist them in awakening to what they indeed are.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.9.21

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

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Embracing and Releasing Aggravation


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Humanity Healing Facebook Replay

Embracing & Releasing Aggravation

Grand Rising everyone, it is another beautiful day in the life of mother earth and each of us.  

Every day that we arise we are facing a blank page and we never know what we will write on it.

When I open my eyes in the morning I am always filled with a sense of gratitude. There is a humbled sense of the words thank you that arise within me.

Yet it does not take long for the day to shift and change that sense of gratefulness and I never know in which direction it will flow.

Each of us experience this in many ways however today I want to speak about aggravation.

How it is easy for us to get caught up in a mental energy field which offers us resistance rather than a peaceful wavelike rhythm.
Our mental capacity to process energy at times becomes very stubborn and rock-like, then at others it’s as if has it has no defense at all and becomes an open gateway that floods us with thoughts that are overwhelming to our holistic system.

Each of us handle this in different ways!

Let’s all take a deep breath now and remember how easy it is to get off track by a simple word being said or something not working out for you in a manner you desire.

Pretty funny isn’t it? That we can create and accomplish so many amazing things that our ancestors would not understand at all and yet we can le tiny waves of distorted energy ruin our relationships with each other and bring us back into what would be called savage behavior.

So here we are entering a new month and a waning moon. A time when we can tap into the energies of gratitude and sharing. Yet we may wake up and feel totally frustrated.

Today’s message of embracing and releasing is partially inspired by a card from Soul Inspirations Message Cards By Kahliya
Release the Density

Release the original experience

Heal in Stillness

Embrace Forgiveness

Elevate Your Vibration

Connect to your Power

Stand Tall

Create & Manifest



-Mia Leventhal

The picture on the card is of Water falling into a larger pool of Water from a place that could be moss laden rocks.

The synchronicity of this card was pulled as I sought release from the frustration of computer software not responding in the way it was designed to.
We all know what that feels like.

Yet I looked at the frustration and realized that I was not powerless.
That my emotional energy was only reacting to a program that had been implanted in my brain.
I was not my brain… it was a expressional part of me… not in charge of me.

Back to the Water

The first article I read this morning before my getting upset guided me to copy these two sentences I’m having to assume are by the Author Brandon Bays as I could not get to the original writing of them.

“River does not hammer against the rocks in order to get them out of its way. It just flows around the obstacles and keeps on its journey.”

“we simply feel them as we experience them, then keep on sailing down the River of life until the next waterfall or bunch of rocks in the stream. And then we repeat the process: experience, feel the emotion, let go, end sail on by to the next adventure.”

While looking for the original source of those two excerpts the Water spoke again.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – James N. Watkins

The word Embracing in the title of today’s talk is about upholding ourselves in Love within Our Heart. Acknowledging that positive choices are free to make and deploy.

The word Releasing is to remind us that the action of releasing is less painful when We act like Water and continue downstream, beyond the aggravation. Committing ourselves to the flow and positive possibilities we will move into.

The word that began this journey this morning is of course Aggravation.

We are all going to spend a part of our lives in some state of frustration. The message is to no allow it to advance into aggravation.

Frustration has a short timeline and is not directed at anyone.

Aggravation, however, makes everything worse than it originally was and seeks to set blame in place.

We are all aware of the words Aggravated Assault and need to accept that when we are expressing even a small level of aggravation it has the potential to expand to that level. However the assault will be on ourselves. So let us recognize quickly when our energies are rising to levels of discomfort and take a few deep breaths or go for a short walk to give the energy a safe outlet.

Then say Thank You to your Inner Self for acknowledging honoring it as your True Self.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.2.21

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

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Global Heart Field


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A Global Heart Team Message 4.1.21

Tapping into the Field of Love
within our own Hearts

We gather the energies
of pure and divine presence

Sending it out into the world

We invite everyone to open their hearts
and join with us in deep gratitude

Gratitude for the desire
to serve each other

the precious vibrations of Love
that change the coherent energetic
frequency and structure of all life

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.1.21


Spring Joy

The Playful Bubble Of Joy

Let us come and dance with the Angels
upholding the Joy and Grace
that has always
and all ways been within us

We speak of a Golden Bubble
and are reminded
that we are that Golden Bubble

In which Peace, Light and Love
are the energies of our True Self

How precious is the laughter?
Of the Angels that We are

When We dance in harmony and balance
Honoring the Presence of Creation

Each of us are in all dimensions
in all of what we deem space and time

Allowing ourselves to access our Sovereignty

Allowing the symphony to lift us
into the more expansive Heavens
which cannot be transcribed into words or symbols

Yet remain within our multidimensional beingness

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Change Begins Within


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Change Begins Within 3.26.21 Show Notes

The first card I pulled today was from the point of no message; the field was silent, and I asked my guides what I should talk about; what does the world need to hear, the field was empty.

It was not a moment of frustration but one of complete silence.

I chuckled within my heart, knowing that sometimes in our lives, there are these places of stillness even though everything around us appears to be spinning out of control.

They are reminders to me of what it felt like coming back into my body after my near-death experience. It was a moment of stillness, calm, and not knowing where I was or what was happening.

And then, out of the blue, a voice spoke to me; a rude and uncaring doctor whose sarcasm still rings in my ears, 29 years later.

I often wonder how the words we use and the sarcastic humor that we offer each other cause pain in others.

We have been taught as children that our words don’t hurt.

Remember the childhood chant, ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, (but names will never hurt me).’

Well, the truth is that although our words are just made up of letters as we write them out, it’s a language; yet our languaging of life has changed the structure of our living.

When we turn on the television and listen to the words as they spill out and into our minds, we have learned to forget that the words coming at us have a powerful effect on how we feel about ourselves and how we react to others.

This morning, I want everybody to think about the words each of us is using every day and know that those words are an engagement in self-destruction when used as weapons to defend ourselves or attack another human being.

I said the word self-destruction because of the energy that arose from within you. Our words are potent conveyors of negative energy.

The Angel card I pulled this was Uriel, whose purpose is ministration and peace. The word ‘ministration’ is about service to others, and of course, peace is that wonderful calm feeling we all seek amid the chaos around us.

So it’s time to remember that our words are a tool to create either chaos or peace, and we need to take better control of how those words flow.

We’ve had world water day this week, and the word flow came out everywhere.

Many people talked about flow as to how the water flows, and when we look at the water, we see that it flows very rapidly or very gently.

When the flow is rapid and erratic, it has a tremendous potential to be destructive.

When the water flows gently, there is peace.

When we were children and learning our language in school, the teachers would always insist on reading aloud. We were to read with a flow and enhance words with the tone of our voice.

Many times they would tell us to put more emphasis on a particular sentence or phrase.

We’ve all been through this, yet as we left school and entered into the greater lifestream, we forgot those lessons.

Instead, we learned that speaking in a hateful and demeaning manner gave us a sense of false power. If we were bullying or criticizing other people, we somehow felt more important and influential.

We learned that those who spoke gently and kindly could be more easily manipulated to be overruled and serve us somehow.

Take a look at your newspapers, listen to news broadcasters on televisions and radios, listen more carefully to everyone who speaks to you.

Learn once again to feel the energetic frequency of how they speak.

You will feel their enthusiasm, pain, frustration, and anger in their speaking.

When we learn to listen more deeply and tap into the energies in which the words are spoken, we will begin to recognize moments of expression and take a deeper look inside of us.

Then we can begin to administer peace within our hearts and heal many old wounds which keep us in a state of fear of acceptance.

When we learn to be stable and find certainty in our lives, we will find the courage to be faithful unto ourselves, bringing back our real presence.

A presence of balance.

A presence of truth.

We may even discover that our suffering becomes diminished within ourselves, and blessings begin to flow with more ease and grace.

This way, we will seek to love and protect others because we will more truly see ourselves in them and recognize that pain and suffering are not just theirs but ours, as well.

Everything that I’m talking about here this morning shows up as words and expressions; however, it’s really about a forcefield of energy that we have forgotten how to manage.

In not doing so, we are Co-creators of our suffering.

That is what Archangel Ariel is speaking about to us this morning.

Talking about maintaining that force field of optimism and positive energy,

radiating from a center of light that is always there.

No matter how many words are thrown at us,

no matter how many painful moments

no matter who decides, they have the power to control us

no matter how much they want, us to believe in something that they will profit from at any cost.

We heard a turning point in humanity’s history where we must look for the calm and learn once again to sit within that calm and to look and listen to what the chaos is expressing.

We need to remember that chaos exists and that we are the calm in that chaos, and we as that calm have more power because it is positive energy.

When we honor the positive energy that we are, we balance the negative energy and restore balance not just within us but around us.

So be gentle with yourself know that the suffering that you are going through right now is assigned for all of us, appointed for all of us to look inside of ourselves and come to the inner realization of how we may not think we have power over anything outside of us but when we become powerful within ourselves the outside changes buried

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.26.21


World Water Day 2021


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Sunrise over the Androscoggin River at Topsham Maine 3.22.21

Let Us embrace the Water
as the Sun does when It arises
and May Our Light be reflected as well
in such magnificence

The Water is constantly flowing, without end
through space, time, and form
without any hesitation or fearfulness
bringing Life to all living forms

It is in this very powerful moment
when Light and Water are One in reflection
that We have an opportunity
for Wholeness and Holiness to join
and to enter into us

Forget the stories you have been told
those which have created great distortion
those which have divided you into fragments
and which are now destroying Mother Earth

Those stories which no longer reflect
the Original Light or Water
from which every single one of us
have been brought into form at our birthing

Water is Our Sacred Mother
And We are as Sacred as She is

Let us return to honoring this Sacred Self

By honoring the Water within us
and the Water above us
and below us

Water and Light
Mother and Father

Offering Life to their children
which have forgotten
and who are now being asked to re-awaken

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.24.21


The Future Is…


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The Future Is…

The title of today’s talk came to me as I was thinking about the Vernal Equinox tomorrow and World Water Day on the 22nd.

These are moments we always think of as in the future until they arrive. Then, of course, they become the now.

We are always thinking about time concerning what we are doing, and it becomes a distraction to the present moment.

Of course, the present moment is the Now.

I look back on the last year as an actual personal trial for every living being on our planet. What has transpired during this pandemic has affected all life patterns and conscious awareness in ways that will take years to release.

I did not use the word overcome; I said release.

Release infers that we are holding something, and when we do that, we create a challenge for ourselves to overcome.

Let us look at our living process as always being in this moment rather than past or future. We are constantly right here with a powerful ability to look in all directions and not be hindered in any way from experiencing the ever-changing future.

Fear is the glue that holds us fast to limiting beliefs and closes down our vision. Without seeing and accepting what is possible ahead of us, we become trapped in the past.

It is straightforward, and we all are affected by it in some way or manner.

Learn to recognize the Now

the moment in the wave of time

that allows us to be free from all illusions.

It is there that we begin to understand our sovereignty.

Our ability to be free from any attachments to what has happened in the past or is possible in our future.

Our ancestors always looked at the Equinoxes as a time of preparation for the future, and if they had not, we would not be having this conversation.

Let us shift our awareness to Water;

The Water that we are physically comprised of is becoming stagnant.

We no longer flow forward in patterns that create positive energy and add to the environment that enriches others’ lives.

The cause of this is our inability to see the future and act in ways that align and flow. We are suffering from the pollution of our consciousness.

Let’s look at the control we humans have had to live under for thousands of years and what we have done to the Waters that sustained every aspect of our survival.

No Water No Life is the Truth that nobody wants to accept as a reality, and we continually allow our leaders to think of it as a commodity.

If Water is now accepted and sold as a commodity, then so are we, and it is time to question where all life is heading.

Let us all look into the future with the power that we indeed are and change its course from destruction to abundance for all life forms.

On World Water Day, get out and sit near your Water Sources and listen to it; ask it a few questions or if you can dive into it.

Our Human Future; Is held in the future of Water.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.19.21


Nurturing Our Love Seeds


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Deep within Our Heart

Love began its journey

even before we were born

We came into this world as innocent and curious

forms of Divine Love

Each of us given an opportunity

to explore and experience

the power of Love in a world of duality

Love in duality is still singular and whole

while at the same time

It is able to be expressed

in many dimensions simultaneously

We are the Love Seeds

scattered across the vast landscape of Mother Earth

And it is time once again to nurture all of the seeds

now awaiting their time to blossom

and produce their gifts of enrichment

to support and sustain

All Living Presence

Now and Forever

Charlie Riverman Bergeron3.17.21


New Moon Transformation


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Vibrational Transformation

Good morning and welcome to this fantastic world that is rapidly filling with new vibrational frequencies.

Each of us may be feeling a bit disoriented lately, having just experienced a year in which our lives changed so dramatically.

When we think about this year as a year of transformation rather than a lockdown, we may begin to understand what we might be feeling on many inner levels of our physical experience.

The emotional frequencies that we are still rapidly moving through, have radically opened what I call gateways within our energetic physicality. Our teachings and understanding have led us off course, and for many now, this is a well-needed course correction.

There is nothing to fear in this process, yet we cannot be blind to it. What is coming into your conscious awareness from within is there now to be released.

The experience is not unlike the volcanoes of Mother Earth but hopefully with much more damage control.

Our Inner Waters are shifting as well to stabilize the energies of higher frequencies, so if you feel a little seasick at times, do not be alarmed.

The many physical symptoms we are moving through help us become more aware, more aligned with the new energies that our beloved Mother Earth is receiving and generating because of a significant cosmic shifting.

It all may seem strange or alarming for many, yet it is a natural cycling process throughout the much larger Cosmos, of which we are one small particle.

My guides are always confirming that we are to accept rather than calculate all of this.

Delving into the root causes of the process will not help us adjust to it or become more fully aligned within it.

This message is not to alarm anyone; it is instead to invite everyone to find a place in their locality where they can sit in peaceful Heart Resonance with Mother Earth.

When we honestly think of planet earth as our mother, there is a shift in our energy that begins to align with a much larger and cosmic frequency.

For those who have had negative experiences with their human mothers, this may become a challenge.

My words to you would be to be gentle with yourself and learn to trust your own Heart at a much deeper level.

As Mother Earth receives new energies and processes them within herself, all new energies will be sent through Her new crystalline gridlines that so many have been co-creating and reconnecting.

Your entire understanding of crystalline gridlines is not needed as much as your awareness that both the past and future only exist as a thought-form.

Your CenterPoint for all gridwork is always your Heart.

When we fully open and engage our Heart, all energy flows in alignment to create harmony and balance.

When we constrain or redirect our Heart, the energy is diminished, and distortion becomes prevalent.

We are to remember during this transitional phase, there will be those of you who may feel strange within your physical body and your mind; please know that everything is working in synchronicity, not linear modulation.

Whether it is coming from millions of miles out in the universe to the core of Mother Earth or here within Her consciousness, there is no separation between any of us.

The only deterrent to receiving what you exactly need right now is your non-recognition of the frequency within which it is transmitted.

Some keys;

Take more time to honor who you are and learn what is draining energy away from you.

Be brave enough to make the changes that cease that draining action and redirect the energy to what will blossom from your Heart’s new focus.

Heal your energetic grid system with assistance from Mother Earth’s central vortex, which is now being activated at levels beyond our limited comprehension of evolution.

In closing, I offer this reminder;

“The great and glorious center of your heart will burst wide open as if struck by a lightning flash, and you will become the vibration of love, vibration so exalted above the love of human emotion that the languages of the earth do not contain words vivid enough to make comparison.” Ruby Nelson, The Door of Everything

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


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YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

MP3 Replay @ SoundCloud