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Let Us Embrace


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Let Us Embrace

Mount Agamenticus on 1.15.20

There is so much to be Thankful For, yet we get distracted.
We forget what is precious and seek what is worthless.
It is now the moment when
We align within Our Hearts
to bring forth All that We Are
without fear or self-judgment
As the Light shines through to Earth
so too, are We those rays of brilliance
which the dark storm clouds try to block

When We embrace in Light and Love
the darkness is not only illumined
but enriched beyond our understanding

We become whole and complete
to peacefully uplift each other
rejoicing without hesitation

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.15.20


So Much Magnificence


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So Much Magnificence.png

So Much Magnificence Show Notes

The title of today’s talk is taken from the song I arose with playing in my head…
“So Much Magnificence” by Miten and Deva Premal

There is so much magnificence
Near the ocean
Waves are coming in

Maiden Ma Gu – Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

The Maiden Ma Gu, Goddess of Spring, healing and transformation, brings you assistance now. You are asked to honor that light can come from even the darkest beginnings, beloved one. In fact, sometimes we need to enter into the unknown parts of ourselves to find exactly what we need to grow in peace, creative self-fulfillment and happiness. The challenge can be to trust that we will arise from this darker place again. Just as the Spring always follows the Winter, beloved, so too will any inner work with the shadow precede a beautiful rebirth for you.

The word self-fulfillment in Kuan Yin’s message reminded me of how wonderfully powerful each us are when we align within our Hearts as Our Divine Sovereign Self.
All ideas of Separation become the sand that gets swept away by the Waves Of Love which cannot ever be ceased.

Abundance – Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

My world is like the ocean, full of abundance.
I am in tune with its rhythm.
I flow with its ebb and tide.

As we think on those words let us remember that We are all powerful Creators which have been lost in a world of selfish indulgence.

We are a Force of Cosmic Energy that has the ability to not only transform the complete surface of Our Home – Mother Earth but transmute back into its original beauty and completeness.


As we feel into that Power I ask that each of you remember who you truly are beyond space and time.

Deepen into your vision of this to reach as far as you are now able to within yourself.
Feel the depth of your Soul
Embrace the Self which has no regrets
It has no regrets because it is Pure and Powerful beyond Human recognition

HMMMM… this is the Abundance and the Magnificence of what and who you truly are.

We are all being guided now by the Divine Mother and it does not matter how we see or feel Her Divine Grace…

We are now very rapidly revealing all that has been kept secret in order to have diminished and enslaved us in a life experience that was separation rather than the Unified Field of Light Presence We Truly Are

Order and Light cannot be destroyed but it can be hidden away behind thick walls of darkness which we have been building for so many lifetimes and now has reached the point of its ultimate weakness.

I’m guided to say that Darkness no longer has the power it appears to have.

As each of us let it move into the Light for exposure there becomes less density and in the field of less density We begin to flourish once again as it was in the original beginning.

Let yourself be guided gently into the Highest Chambers of your Inner Heart and keep steadfast as the shadows scream for your attention.

Have no fear for you are the Ocean and You are filled and surrounded by Magnificence

Their are no limits now to anything that aligns with Your True Self
WE are being fully realized and sent forth to ignite each other with Peace, Light and Love

May each of you feel in every moment… your power and ability to make evolutionary choices.
For We Are Truly Guardians of ALL Creation here on this Drop of Water we call home.

Video Replay Links

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.10.20


Bringing You Home


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Bringing You Home


Good morning it is January 9 2020 here on the south west coast of Maine in the USA.. however this Live Video was done on January 3rd. It has been an amazing week of energies which are without words to explain and they continue to flow as we deepen into 2020. (Links to the talk are also at the end of the Notes)

With that said, here are the Show Notes which I love to share with you all in case you do not have time to listen or watch as they are the Column of Energy that becomes visible.

Bringing You Home

What an amazing opportunity to celebrate together our process of returning Home through our hearts.

Not just another year but another decade, that we have been not only seeking but dreaming of. One in which we come together more deeply and more sincerely as we remember our true potential to Co-create in harmony and balance with only ripples of interference from our individual uniqueness.

As we begin this Journey together the message I received is to refresh our thought patterns and reset our higher channels of communication, in order to bring about the Deeper Field of living coherence from which Harmony and Balance will be restored into its True collective frequency.

The first card I pulled today was from A Course In Miracles and its message was…

…”All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing”… ACIM

Reminding me of how long my inner spiritual journey to this decade has been. Along with the many Little Blessings that have shown up so many times to keep me now held within the safe boundaries of my path.

Each of us now are being reminded that the world around us is looked upon by Spirit as a teaching device, a guidance system for bringing you home.

And so here we are with the title of today’s talk… Bringing You Home.

The second card I pulled today was from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden entitled…


Reminding us of our abilities to be leaders not just follow others as we are moving forward through our worldly paths.

The card reads…

I have a great leadership qualities.

I am courageous and strong.

I know the Universal Spirit guides me along.

The affirmations are…

As I take control of my own life, I know I have power and guidance.

My actions are divinely guided.

I am more powerful then I realize and I am tuned into many opportunities for achievement.

Isn’t it just amazing that amidst all of the distress, all of the pain and suffering in what we perceive as the ending of many things, which are dear to our hearts, we are actually going to begin our strengthening and stabilizing as well as co-create Fields of Existence that were lost and overwritten, yet kept alive within the depths of our hearts.

The last card is a Life Purpose Card with Support as the message

Meaning that Your Life Purpose fully supports you
and in this year of 2020 We will be reconnected our true Life Purpose.

This will represent our amazing diversity on all levels of Being-ness.

Each one of us with unique gifts of expression,
unique minds filled with wisdom,
even beyond our understanding and Hearts
excitedly waiting to express Love
not only for each other
but primarily with Divine Love
for who WE truly are.

We say yes to our journey of bringing each other home, to celebrate and appreciate All that life has to offer.

So we have a lot to look forward to…

And I want to offer this prayer to each of you…

Divine Mother and Father Creator

Blessed balance of divine masculine and divine feminine

WE who are your children

Embrace not only each other

WE embrace ourselves

Knowing within every molecule of our physical Being-ness

There is Peace, there is Light, there is Love

WE willingly surrender our stubbornness

WE willingly give up our greed

WE learn to look differently at pain and suffering

WE invite the True Divine Energy of our Immaculate Presence

To guide us as We begin this next pathway

That has been aligned with the highest intentions

For the nurturing and bringing into expression

of returning to OUR Home within our Hearts.

Blog Replay Links….
Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

Charlie Riverman Bergeron written and spoken on 1.3.20


Each Moment…


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Each Moment Of Life

How can We begin the year 2020 without a bit of reflection?
These words poured across my facebook page from within a distant inner part of myself, as I was ending the first 7 days of this new decade.

Realizing that this was a very different feeling. One that had perhaps been accidentally introduced into my consciousness and could be unstable or as always it would leave as fast as it appeared.

Surprise has not always been a pleasant experience as a child for many of us… as a matter of fact it was very often, intentionally used to induce fear in us.

So this message is to remind us that Our ability to see ourselves as being precious is now returning from the darkness.

So let us re-adapt to the new frequencies of energy that support us and be humbly thankful for what may happen as we move deeper into next chapter of our lives.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.7.2020


Welcoming In 2020


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Riverman Yoga 2019.jpg

The last day of 2019 has reminded me that the only posturing and posing of 2020 needs to be a balancing and alignment with Our True Self…

The doors of our future have been opened and removed from their hinges.
They will remain open so that we may look into every room we have ever traveled through and open the windows to let in fresh air and light.

We are being presented with an opportunity to experience Life on levels that are now only dreamed about.
Listen carefully to your Inner Voice and those who wish to guide you. Seek to Love yourself more and resist those who wish to take your love and use it for their own purposes.

2020 is about re-balancing ourselves from within.. so let us look at all that no longer serves our higher sense of purpose and gently say goodbye to them. We are not as emotionally damaged as we have felt or been told by others.

It was all necessary in order to now move into the Higher Realms of Our Truth

So may any posing or posturing you do in 2020 be only for your glorious health and welfare as an act of Love to who You truly are.

May each moment Be A Blessing as We clean out the cobwebs and dust of weariness, from lifetimes of not being able to fully express our Full Glory.
And… Please take good care of those vehicles we call bodies so that your Divine Presence can be seen by All.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.31.19
…Photos by Nancy Yoga whose skills and dedication to Yoga got this 70 year old body to listen and respond very deeply to its desire for well-being.





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Fully Embrace Each Other

Tonight as I was cleaning out old files I found this quote I wrote as a Note to myself.
I may have posted it before and maybe it was just a note to me.

So as We move into 2020 it feels quite appropriate to place it into your consciousness.
The True Self is what is being called to show up next year and every year thereafter.
I won’t be easy for many to embrace each other and forgive all of the judgments that have caused them so much pain.
Yet they will certainly begin to feel and taste what true courage is.

To Stand As Our True Self is the Greatest Love We Can Offer

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.30.19


Emerging From The Darkness


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Emerging From the Darkness

Emerging From the Darkness

Arising at 6:29 the message of the numbers revolved around
Gratitude and Grace
Balance and Harmony
Life Purpose and Soul Mission
Endings and Conclusions

How sweet that it reminds me of the 4 directions which I see this morning as…

The East and the Rising Sun Gracing us with new opportunities to be Grateful for
The South Balancing us as We seek a New Harmonic Frequency of Living Grace
The West and Our Ancestors encouraging us to continue on our Divine Paths as Elders of the New Humanity
The North always reminding us of how in Our Evolutionary Path We must always follow the Light which leads us out of the Darkness

We are in this quiet space now as the we move into the year 2020 in which the opportunities to re-create everything in Our Lives is being given a golden opportunity.

Our collective consciousness is seeking restoration from the challenges and suffering that the darkness has surrounded and enclosed us in.

Empress of the Pearl
from the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild is a card that comes up fairly often …
10 Empress Of The Pearl

It is a constant reminder of how Pearls begin in a dark place as an irritant to its living host. Yet when removed from the oyster they become a sought after treasure.
We are much like this right now and are being sought after by those who will recognize our true value as a gift to each other instead of being an irritant.

The main message of the card is
“You have an inner gift of great value, born of struggle, adversity and challenge. In wisdom you know that suffering can lead to growth provided we are willing to search for a way to heal through it. Seeing challenges as ways to expand your spiritual light empowers you to focus on the growing light, rather than getting caught up in suffering.” Alana Fairchild

So as we embrace the message of the Pearl I pose a question for you all…

How will You Be Seen in 2020?

Not just by others but from within your own Heart.

Gregg Braden has a message in his book Spontaneous Healing of Belief
“We are All “watchers”
And based on the quantum fact that just by being discovered and watched more intensely, We can radically change the behavior of all particles being observed.

2020 is offering us more Light to to see ourselves and therefore “radically change” everything in Our Life Experience.


As WE change so too does everything that interacts with us.

WE Are The Change We Have Been Waiting For is not just a slogan of of a past era.
It is the moment We are now collectively entering into.

So as We prepare ourselves
for this major and dynamic shift
in all of our behaviors,
let us also honor
the preciousness of each Pearl
We encounter as
We emerge from the darkness.

Blog Replay Links
Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive
YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.27.19


A Christmas Miracle


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Christmas Morning 2019

Around the world there are moments which have brought us all to question everything in our lives.
Today is one of them, whether or not you are a believer in the Christian Faith.

For me it is easy to believe in the birth of a Savior, whose name has been taught to me as Jesus.

In my first awakening this morning I was greeted by 333 as the numbers on my clock. The number of the Master Teachers.
My gratitude was overwhelming as I felt the energy of this message today, which also represents the 28th year of my sobriety.

I was reminded one more time, that everyday I awaken is a gift I have chosen,
not just for myself but for All Life and the Evolution of Humanity

…My Christmas Story…
It was 2 months after my drunken death and return to life in a motorcycle accident.
I was broke and still drinking with no purposeful meaning to life.
Deeply wallowing in self pity, after being homeless and having lost everything in my material life through divorce and bankruptcy.

Yet in all of this insanity My Beloved Soul Mate took another chance to invite me to her home for Christmas with her family.

The accident and my return from death had not stopped my alcoholic behavior and so on Christmas Eve I was again intoxicated beyond any limits of civility.

I did have a moment of Divine realization which went through me like poison. To have me feel the violation I had committed, through my behavior to My Beloved’s Divine Gift of sharing Christmas with Her.

The pain of this admission of my selfishness and ignorance was too much to accept and I could not bear it.
In my anger and shame I cried out to Jesus, on a stairway as I was leaving and screamed

“Jesus, If you are real, then take this from me or let me die again.”
Words, I will never forget.

So for me the Miracle became…
I have not had a drink for 28 years without any urge or suffering of withdrawal.
I have spent these 28 years with my Beloved in Peace, Light and Love.
Enjoying every moment that Life has offered through Her and Her family which is now mine as well.
Sharing my Heart with All who are sincerely seeking their Highest Self and even those who are not able to understand what that means.

My Christmas Miracle carried forward is the Presence of My True Self
and the ability to share this morning’s Light with you All

Much like the picture of this morning’s Sun
rising over the Atlantic Ocean through the clouds.

The Blessings that I offer to ALL Today are

To Know that in your darkest moments you are always heard,
That no matter what you have done or what the outcome may be, You Are Loved
That when we surrender fully to Our Divine Light, ALL That We Are Is Available
And Please Remember that Everything flows in the direction
of the Light We Shine Outward from Our Hearts.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.25.19


Adjusting Focus


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Christmas Blessings of Light and Love to each of you
as We embrace this Season of Light

May it hopefully leads us, like the Stars led the Magi through the darkness of their  misunderstandings, to receiving Life-changing Light.

What appears to be clear in our visioning is often an envelope filled with possibilities.
What appears from our memory has already delivered us into the present moment.
It’s purpose has been fulfilled.

In the picture above you read…
“There are no real misunderstandings, only moments of our own cloudiness hiding reality from view.”
as it is placed in the sky above a quiet ocean and a serene piece of land and beach with rolling clouds in the distance.

Let Our focus be called from the sky, to the horizon which becomes the line of demarcation.

What would our lives be like if We chose to see the land as our past and sky as our future. Knowing that in paying attention to the faster rhythm of the Sky, we can trust that whatever is blocking our view (the clouds) will move away.

The Magi knew that the land would tell the story of what has always been based on its slower movement. It was an anchor of pain and suffering recorded over time.

The sky especially in the dark of night would reveal the Light to follow and that the clouds were only temporary.
If patient and steadfast, even the clouds could not hide the True Light they sought from them forever and their long journey would continue.

Herein lies the message of Adjusting Focus…
As we move through the rest of our days here on Earth
May We Focus on all that is ahead of us in Light rather than what is behind us in darkness.
May We Focus on finding shelter in our Hearts which is aligned with Light not clouds or illusions
May We Focus on Peace, Light and Love above all of our daily duties and bring forth A New Earth

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.24.19