7.13 New Moon -Solar Eclipse – Water


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7.13 New Moon - Solar Eclipse - Water.png

Yes this is an amazing time to be alive here on planet Earth. Each of us awakening to parts of our true self through the amazing shifting of energies which everyone took for granted for so many lifetimes.

There were not any show notes for this talk other than looking up the numerological frequencies and meanings which are dancing through the vibratory frequencies of this Friday the 13th.

SO let’s begin there and you can listen to the talk later on.

The number 7 has overtones of Spiritual Awakening and Collective Consciousness. It relates to our searching for Truth in regards to our Soul Purpose and Life Mission.
If you look at the energies of this whole month that you have been experiencing you will soon note the many different ways that this has been represented. Some are large and in your face but most are very subtle yet you might feel that sense of aha as they flitter through your field of awareness.

Then we have 13 that infamous bad boy of numbers where fear or darkness has become attached to it by many who do not want you to see your Truth and have even eliminated from common use in many ways.

SO when people seek to hide something we have remember that it holds great power and to deepen our understanding not just bury it under reams of stories.
13 is a compound number and a karmic number which for me personally has always held the promise of renewal.
It binds the number 1 and 3 together which represent optimism and enthusiasm with 1 being always about New Beginnings and 3 representing the Ascended Masters which guide us through the dimensional portals to experience life in form.

Yes we are more than we may think we are.

Now we have 713 in a line denoting the total energy of Divine Love and Guidance as a portal or opened gateway during the darkness of the New Moon and partial eclipse of the Sun to express how fully supported we are in even the moments of our lives which grow dim and hard to find our ways in.

Finally the number 11… the Master Number in which I saw each number 1 side by side representing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies of Strength and Intuition.

The Masculine energy of Strength – which has been misused for so many generations that it is destroying Mother Earth as it choose to no longer respect humanity and seeks artificially created forms of life. Be it through tampering with genetics or just plain greed and destruction of Elements which support all living forms.

The Feminine energy of Intuition – which has been threatened and denied by so many that the lives of women throughout these same generations have been taken in heinous ways of torture in order to keep them silent. So as not to reveal the truth of how life should flow forth from the waters of the womb in both Sovereignty and Grace. Allowing for the rules and regulations of life and death to be implanted in total disrespect for Humanity itself.

So today let us honor the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that flows forth into each of us. Allowing it to equally balance within us and work in complete integrity for the most benevolent aspects of all living forms.

Be the 11 and marry your Intuition with your Strength. Allowing them to gain in Light as the orbits of our planets bring forth the Children of Light within us to once again swim in clean waters out of which were given access and permission to be here.

All my talks as well as my writings are transmission from My Heart so feel free to discern for yourself what is appropriate for you.
However please know and feel these simple words of Dr Emoto blessing the water within you…
I Love You – I Thank You – I Respect You

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Your Personal Independence Day


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Your Personal Independence Day
Hello all… I’m posting this a bit late as the amazing energies we are moving through and incorporating within our own physical vehicles has been a bit overwhelming at times.

These were my show notes as I felt into the larger field of my conscious awareness…

Your Personal Independence Day

Having just celebrated Independence Day here in the United States on July 4th reminded me of how timid everyone is to break free of the concepts of life, which hold all of us captives in a paradigm which has truly not been sustainable.

Mostly because it is based on subjugation in one or more forms.

Take a deep breath and relax into that


I wrote a message to myself over 25 years ago when I did not have any concept of what had just happened to me after a motorcycle accident in which I died and returned to my body.

It was like being a “stranger in a strange land” which is actually a biblical quote
Exodus 2:22 and Moses’s reflections on fleeing Egypt
“For he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land.”

Interestingly enough Moses’ first son was named Gershom meaning “sojourner” which is defined as to live temporarily.

So here I was reborn so to speak “a sojourner” into the same body with quite a different viewpoint of all I humanly knew before the accident.
And so, I wrote these words below before I was given the name Riverman…
when I was just trying to sort out all that I was experiencing and especially the enrgy of it all.

Everyday Is an Adventure
It can be your Wildest Fantasy
Or your Worst Nightmare
…”You” choose…
Your Wildest Fantasy is a limited thought
And you Worst Nightmare is just an Illusion
~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Take a deep breath and relax into that

Everday Adventure May2014

So the topic of Your Personal Independence Day hit me this morning in a text conversation with a friend who has watched me speak my truth and understanding, only to find himself become more truthful within himself.

I’m now being reminded of Janis Joplin whose lyrics still resonate in my ears from my youthful days.
“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose
Nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free, no no”

So with that said…

How can each of us free ourselves from thoughts and ideas which have been fed to us by those who wish to control us without creating another war in which they profit even more.

Here are the links and you can always join me on Friday mornings live on Humanity Healing Facebook.

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Allowing the Flow to Carry You


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As we arrive once again at the New Moon it is always a place of self-reflection for me.
An opportunity to become a bit more still and observe what I’m feeling within my human structure.

Of course the world in which we express our Beingness has many other ideas of what we are to focus on in any given moment, so we must sometimes come to an almost complete halt.

That is when we have the opportunity to allow the Flow to carry us.

Jean Tucker 2018-06-26

How many times have we been so centered in our own minds as to not notice the beauty all around us.
Our minds filled with all sorts of energetic responses which occupy and generate illusions.
All of Nature gifts us with an opportunity to come back home and tap back in to our own radiant beauty.
During this New Moon get out in your neighborhoods and find a stunning display of abundant beauty which opens your hearts.

2018-07-10  Stone.jpg

Where we all dwell in harmony and balance whether we are flowers of different colors or massive stones which have been split in two, yet have the power to attract a tree to join them in calling humans to come and be like children.

To sit and dream or share stories of the heart with their friends in a carefree innocence.

These photos represent that Flow which gives us an opportunity to become available.
Available to what, you may ask as my words flow through from some inner presence.

And that is it, exactly!
Your Divine Inner Presence.

Gifts of Renewal

May the Flow of Nature’s energy lift you and mesmerize you
May Mother Earth call out to you from within your own bloodstream
May Blessings be seen, and heard, and felt deep within your hearts

Above all else… Allowing the Flow to Carry You… is truly a renewal of the beautiful Spirit you are… desiring to be seen.

Much Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Honoring Your True Self


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July Blessing.jpg

When we look backwards over what we call time

there is a trail of events which remind us of who we are
Each moment is very precious and cannot ever be re-created
so honor the Truth within you today and everyday
in order that you may see yourself in the future
and know you have followed your Heart

Riverman 7.3.18


Riverman Speaks on Soulogy


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Soulogy Show

It has been a busy week and I just want to wrap it up as the energies of next week build new moments to embrace.

I was invited to speak on Todd Medina’s Facebook Live show Soulogy about 3 or 4 weeks ago as a person who was willing to express publicly his journey of what we lovingly call Awakening.

My journey was a Death Experience in 1991 which led me to receive the name Riverman and which has changed the way I interact with all life forms.

Many who know me personally have never really heard this part of my story and some who just have just dismiss it as … “that’s Charlie”  and dismiss it all.

For those who might be interested I will post the link the MP3 version of our talk below as in the video I was filmed upside-down for the entire show.
My computer camera failed and I decided it was a perfect representation of my re-entry into my body and this 3D world.

However it was probably a bit disturbing for many to watch which was also perfect.

Never lose your sense of humor my Angels have always told me… stay loose and trust the guidance you are given… the real you will understand and in that moment We are Co-Creating as One.

Soulogy Talk with Charlie Riverman and Todd Medina MP3

Light of New Dawn


Blessing of Peace, Light and Love


Love Is Who We Are


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Love Is Who We Are

Once again the topics for my Presence of Light talk on Humanity Healing seem to flow easily and effortlessly from deep within my Heart.

This one is number 44… and such a perfect number to be recorded on 6.29.18 which breaks down into many numbers with wonderful vibrations.

The message “Love Is Who We Are” is one that is becoming more understandable as we begin to resonate with the New Earth Energies which are re-uniting us all at the Heart Center.

Here are the links if you wish to listen or watch…
MP3 version on Yourlisten

Video version on YouTube

So here are my notes for the show which were written just before I went on line.
It is becoming easier to allow what wants to flow through, be received and recorded as an outline which I can refer to during the talks.

All my human systems are feeling more alignment when I do this.

Perfect Love

Love has no motives

It knows no fear

Has no purpose

It is not a state of excitement


We can think about love or we can be love

When we think about love we are using the mind

When we are love we become who truly are

Love has no boundaries


Most of the love we experience as humans is a reflection of Love just as most of us are a reflection of who and what we truly are.

Reflections are mirror images which appear as something yet are not capable of holding the original energetic form.

So here we are at a point in our evolution where we are becoming physically able to hold the true energy of love and experience in its Divine State of Perfection

So too are we experiencing ourselves in Truth and it is revealing many very uncomfortable aspects of our mirror image that we have been portraying for many lifetimes

Yes Love is now returning to this dimension and We are the ones who chose to welcome it and bring it through.

We are both the greeting committee and the senders.

But… we have one huge problem Houston and its name is Ego

The Ego has a problem with Love because it (the ego) has been given more power than it could handle and is now in distress.

By placing itself in charge of love and by reducing it to a symbol, it created all sorts of parameters and regulations, as to how love is to act so as not to override the ego’s authority and ruling principles.

Note the similarity with our Governments.


So now let’s bring it back to Love

Love is not just a word

It is harmony and unity

It is more than just an emotional state

And cannot be given as a gift or bargained for


Algorithms and patterning cannot contain it

Nor can it be held captive

For it is boundless and selfless

And contains no energy which is controllable


This Love is all powerful in that it can transmute everything that is not in balance within the human structure.

It is not ordinary … it is Sacred

And it is need right now within the 3rd dimension to restore the balance and equilibrium of all life forms.

Love is Pure Potential that is now coming in waves from an Ocean of Oneness we have long been travelers on.
However we became disoriented and lost at sea.

Our navigators have become confused and too proud to admit their errors.

Yet each of us are now receiving Love in amounts which will correct our own compasses and guide us either Home or into the New Earth.

We have done this many times in the course of humanity and are not to end up on the shoals of another desolate planet to begin again.

WE ARE LOVE and always have been… not seeking anything out of a sense of aloneness but expanding into many galaxies and dimensions.

Our human experience is how it is expressing and we have given our true source of power away due to a short circuit in our Ego, which is a wonderful tool in our survival kit but not who we are.

May the truth shine through and create a new container within your hearts into which Love may be stored and poured forth from.

Blessings of Peace Light and Love … Riverman


Hearts, Roses, Love and Light


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Pink Roses

What a crazy week with these amazing Solstice energies.
Hearts were opening like Roses in the Sunshine

I’m sure many of you will ask me what planet I live on that I can be so positive in a world that seems to be sliding deeper into darkness.

The New Earth… Here We AreLight on MT A

Let’s continue the story of my weekly Presence of Light talk on Humanity Healing
Hearts, Roses Love and Light

YouTube Video Link
Yourlisten Audio MP3 Link

I began this morning’s focus without a definite topic other than an amazingly powerful week of Solstice Energies which were at some points very exhausting and a message from – Daily Inspiration

‘I am Love shining through my actions.’

It was a story about the Lamb and the Lion with the bottom line being, that we all can see darkness swallowing the light, yet remember that it is an illusion.
The Light has not been swallowed but we have only lost sight of it.

My notes which I write usually within hours of going live are basically a check in with my Higher Self and all who are presently in communication with it.
OK so where are we now as a collective consciousness that is appropriately named Hu Man… Hu meaning God and Man referring to a physical expression of God and is originally not gender specific.

Some of us Hu-man Beings this week were amazingly inspired and then brought down to levels of pain and depression only to rise again as if we were on a roller coaster ride.

So I want you to think about that emotional ride you were taken on and remember that E-motion is Energy in Motion.
We cannot separate ourselves from the Energy of Creation no matter how many stories we tell each other or try to control it.

This was exactly the message I spoke about all week as I rode the tail of this Dragon and faced its fiery breath yet in the midst of all this chaos the Rose in my Garden reminded me of My Heart that was opening further than it had ever been before in this lifetime.

Potential Rose
It spoke of an enduring Love which has no boundaries and which is constantly flowing through the Multiverse. A Oneness that when we align our awareness with it can shift all of our fears and misperceptions like the Morning Sun rising to dissipate the darkness of Night.

So the Solstice of June became the shifting point as we continue on our evolutionary path as one of trillions of species here on planet Earth.

We have been the most dangerous prisoners in a prison we have created
through the misuse of our power and wisdom
and have now been given keys to unlock our hearts
and send our Love both forward and backward through the time-lines
to heal and re-align all of our errors both individually and collectively.

We are not the most powerful,
we are not the most intelligent,
we are not the most precious and yet
we are way beyond our mis-perceptions.

WE Are Awakening from the deep sleep of our Long Night…
so Open your Hearts, Smell the Roses and share your Love and Light.

Each of us are a mirror in which WE can see our own pain
that suffering which needs healing and return it to love
WE are being asked to heal ourselves and in that process
WE heal each other and restore Hu~Man~ity to its full Glory.

Blessings to each of you as you begin to own your Truth and live it without fear.
Charlie Riverman



SOLstice Energy Message 6.20.18


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Align We Shall.JPG

Today has been one in which I have had to speak out about the energies which are highly active because of the Solstice.
They are creating much separation and as I thought on their effect on people I realized that they were only responding to them from their lowest sense of who they are.

The negative energy is only in proportional response to the amount of positive energy which is being opened for our Divine Unification.

I was not sure whether to write or speak and so I chose to speak first as the frequencies and vibratory resonance of my voice was to be sent out from my heart.  Thereby establishing the Heart Resonance first whereupon all life forms would benefit even if not heard or read.


So the above Meme was written as I began the day on Social Media as I was feeling my own pain around what has happened to children all over the world for thousands of years not just in this time-frame we are experiencing.

It brought me to focus on not listening to my mind which was certainly being intentionally targeted in order to force a reaction and steal my energy.  To stop me from tapping into the Divine Diamond Light Codes which are coming through on this SOLstice.

As I settled back in to my Heart the message came to do the facebook live message which I now share with you All.

Solstice Message MP3 on yourlisten

Solstice Message Video on YouTube


Solstice Blessings


Trust During Chaos


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Trust During Chaos

On Friday the 15th my Presence of Light talk almost failed to happen as so much energy was being received and released that it was a huge challenge to bring myself back into a stable frequency.

As we are only moments away from our Solstice I wanted to put this out and encourage all to tap into the amazing trans-formative energies and codes which are being presented to each of us through the many opened Star-Gates.


The following is what I wrote in order to balance the hemispheres of my brain and proceed with doing the show. The links to listen are at the bottom of the page and May each of you receive abundantly exactly what is in your highest accord for activation.

Trust During Chaos 6.15.18

This morning I arose from the dreamtime in a state of contraction or what I would call deep density. Both physically and mentally.
Yet, I was not overly alarmed by the dreams but questioning what was happening to me physically.

After years of being challenged by transitioning in many forms I do not move into fear anymore but watch it as I would any energy form seeking to communicate with me.

I have been observing this all week but not able to participate in many conversations of what is arising in the hearts of humanity.

Many people are speaking yet I have been not able to tune in as if I’m being guided to stay on the outside perimeter of a bubble which is floating through space and time.

The is feeling of being outside of the bubble rather than within it is new for me as I have been somewhat within  a bubble of amazing transformation for the past 27 years.

Yesterday I was called to look at a rose in my little garden and see how beautifully the Light dissolved all the petals into a spiraling of the color red around a field of Golden Yellow

When I went to post it to social media these words came through

There is no separation
Each of us are a part of each other
In a Playground Of Love 

Each of us are now experiencing many things both physically and mentally as well as spiritually as gateways to other dimensions of ourselves are being, not just opened but de-energized so as no longer being obstructions to the evolution of not only humanity but all life forms here on Planet Earth of the 3rd Dimension.

Here is where the word Trust arose in me and spoke as my mind was struggling to figure it all out and I had not topic for this morning’s talk.
My pre-arranged plans for the day were all changed and I was feeling as if I was compressed… vacuum packed is what comes to mind as I wrote these words.




My human mind which questions everything in its search for information of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How immediately began to try and override the message and re-construct in a form which would be more fitting with its own algorithmic coding.

I then realized that the mind was reacting in the same ways as a small child by clinging on to what it is comfortable with during times of transition and trying to create a sense of purpose for which it would be rewarded and praised.

Usually when we are faced with things we don’t understand we ask ourselves one or more of those 6 words which I am now feeling as the StoryTellers.  Realizing how their power to rewrite Truth to serve the EGO in its ability to distort TRUST our Collective Evolution.

So my message this morning is really about Trusting Our SELF …
That SELF which is not in need of asking those 6 questions and which distorts TRUTH which is LIGHT.
Feeding energy to the chaos only serves to keep us separated from Our Light which is Our Truth.

So as we move forward it really is just about overriding those answers from the StoryTellers with LOVE because it is Light and Love we truly are.

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose – In The Light of Love
In The Light Of Love

In the light of love

we are whole

In the light of love

we are home
in the light of love

we heal and sing

Thy will be done

In the light of love.


Trust During Chaos Video on Presence of Light YouTube

Trust During Chaos MP3 on yourlisten


Happy Solstice


For the Failed Father’s


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This picture is of my own father holding me in his lap in the Boston Public Gardens when I was obviously not very old at all.
We can clearly feel a sense of love in his smile that has bypassed the pain and suffering of his own childhood and maturation into maledom.

Obviously I was not a year old and now I’m working on completing my 70th.

He was 41 and not expecting to have children nor did he want them as he was the oldest of 10 children in a time when the world crashed around him.
There was a love/hate energy between he and his father because he had to leave school before entering the 8th grade to help his mother take care of his younger siblings.

A very brilliant child whose dreams of the future were shattered and he never overcame the pain of that wound no matter how many successes and knowledge he achieved.

His story is in many different forms the background for what I have called the Failed Fathers of which I am one.

So I am writing on this Father’s Day as I think about my own daughter who has not spoken to me in over 20 years, who will turn 50 years old in August.


Many men are reflecting inward today thinking about their own fathers and their children.  Questioning in so many ways what they could have done better or why situations failed in spite of how much they loved their children.

This is not something new but has been ongoing for thousands of years in thousands of cultures. However today the Fathers of this world are being asked to heal their wounds.

Heal their wounds not only so that they may be free of their own pain and suffering but to change the Collective Patriarchal Insanity which is willing to sacrifice its future generations because of their inner misunderstandings.

Yes, I wrote it as misunderstandings because I’m not seeking to place blame on anyone. The blaming is only an outburst of that destructive fire which burns in the hearts of so many men. Partly in trying to find relief from our own pain.

WE see and feel when it arises and attacks those we love
WE feel more pain and suffering when it has scorched and burned
WE are tortured between two worlds that both seem to want to devour us
WE place blame on things outside of us which are mere circumstances
WE fail to look too far within ourselves because it is like facing Hell

A Hell that began when we were very young, perhaps even in infancy before WE could even recognize words or meanings.

So I share this today in hope that some who may read these words will be triggered to open that Pandora’s Box within them and begin to allow healing to flow into their hearts.

Allow that healing to flow from them firstly to those with whom amends can be made, in order to establish a pattern of gratitude and recognition that being a Male is not about conquering and accumulation at any cost.

The cost is always paid by the children who are born innocent.

And so I feel my energy shifting to Bless my daughter and offer her Divine Healing Grace. For she like all of us is a prisoner of thoughts that torture her and create hateful moments of pain.
Sometimes directed only in thought to herself but also in form to others and I have to accept some responsibility for all of it.

I AM the Divine Masculine who has not understood my True Meaning because it was perverted thousands of generations ago.

So GENTLEmen it is now time to reinvest in Our Sacred Self and heal first our own wounds and then bring forth the amazing True Power of the Divine Father we have never not been.

Love is not the eneny

May you each be Blessed on your journeys
I send you Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron