Heart Crew for the Global Heart


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Heart Crew for the Global Heart

Working together as a Heart Crew community
whose center point is Loving without fear
is the strongest bond that humans can have

Each Heart represents an opportunity
to live where the shadows of life
no longer have a desire or power to create fear

Offering to the Global Heart an energy
which assists and guides all living presences
to a powerful opportunity of dwelling in harmony

Harmony and Balance are the natural order
physically represented by the Heart and brain
which both are very spiritually misaligned

The misalignment created over many eras
is now dissolving through our awakening
and sharing Love with everyone unconditionally

Let us continue to invite others to join with us
and allow them to open their hearts to a new flow
of Loving Kindness, which will be passed on
and stabilized within the Hearts of our future children

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.23.22
For the Global Heart Team


Moving Forward


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Humanity Healing Video –


This morning I was offered a blank space to take a look into the future. I was hoping to receive a message that was as powerful as the latest Sunspot eruption.

What transpired was very different as it appeared as a blank page and a space older than the stars that would gently appear in it.

The message is that each of our lives through this current of confusion is a release of our past collective trauma of all kinds.

It reminds me that as a child in the 50s, I had a View-master photo viewer, which took me into outer space through the asteroid belt.

We have to move beyond it to see the true wonder of what is in our future.

We are each asked to shift our conscious awareness to levels beyond all the visible obstructions.

Focusing on a future of harmony and balance and removing what keeps us tethered to the past is essential.

This focus requires a great deal of energy which is now being affected and infected with negativity from many sources.

The message to me was to keep letting go of all that will not resonate with positive energy.

The actual beings we are will not let us fail in our evolutionary process no matter what happens.

We are in a collective movement, not just an individual one. Already completed in the future, many of us are already tapping into it.

Let us begin to reverse our thinking.

We are in the future, safe and sound and washing away all of our negative past in the River of Light and Love.

Keep trusting that inner self that guides you through positive synchronicities and enjoy those moments as green lights in dense traffic.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.24.22


Eastern Solstice Sky 2022


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Mt. Agamenticus overlooking the Cape Neddick Nubble in York, Maine

Gathering as the sun was slowly setting in the West as the 8th Fire Drum Circle, we honored the 7 directions and all ancestors of North America.

May each of us around the world commit ourselves to our future generations, as the Gateways of Light continue to guide us with Love and Compassion.


Solstice 6.21.22 Message


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Each of us are being encouraged by our Ancient Ancestors to shed the fears and robes of ownership. They are here now to assist all those who are seeking their deepest inner freedom after thousands of years of enslavement.

The Navel of the Universe is once again connected to Mother Earth and ready to re-balance our center of gravity and awareness with newly activated DNA and Bio-molecule.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.21.22


Awakening to a New Self


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Humanity Healing Facebook

Awakening to a New Self – Show Notes

It has been a couple of weeks since I have had an opportunity to share a live message with you here on Humanity Healing, and it feels good to be back.

Many Blessings to all as we Awaken to the deeper and more enlightened Self.

Awakening is not only physical but also energetic and thoughtful.

It is a deepening and expanding experience which can be strenuous at times.

We begin this journey by simply acknowledging how tired or agitated we are. These are common everyday feelings that most often send us to bed only to wake up and repeat the next day. Most likely arising without resolving or dissolving old judgments, beliefs, fears, or frequent misperceptions.

We are now learning to listen to multiple levels of ourselves, which have greater wisdom than we have been taught as humans. The actual knowledge has been rewritten to play follow-the-leader.

We are leaving our human childhood behind us and being guided by Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon, which will guide us into the Higher realms of Our True selves.

We exist in a singular form as humans and multiple forms as what we call Spirit.

This past week brought us the second of four Super-moons in 2022 that amplified our body and psyche’s gravitational and electromagnetic fields.

Re-connecting us more securely to the Galactic Center – the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, our true Mother’s Womb, the whirling disk which also gives birth to the stars.

The separation is ending, and communication is now resuming in spite of the human effort to block it or use it as a way to continue its destructive patterns of behavior.

What is happening now is only the beginning of another journey in which we are to assist our future generations.

We chose to be here now and have done this before. It is merely a process of letting go of fear first and then trusting our inner Self, which will guide us through offering forgiveness and assist us in sharing more Peace, Light, and Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.17.22

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Exploring Expectancy in Personal Hearts


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Exploring Expectancy in Personal Hearts

Expectancy is the Grace of the Divine
the inner light of a peaceful sanctuary
open to all possibilities of love
trusting the divine within us

Written for the Global Heart Team
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.2.22


Processing Personal Heart & Collective Pain


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Processing Personal Heart & Collective Pain

Our world is suffering on many levels
creating within each of us an open wound
that activates painful energy within our hearts

Thus, it results in appalling human behavior.
which is beyond the realms of comprehension
for many who have experienced profound trauma

It is a collective pain in each of us who are victims
some are having more pain and suffering than others
and most are not able to recognize it before reacting to it

Let us learn that the subconscious mind is a hard drive
that collects and stores all information transmitted daily
through our silent but powerful neural network

All of which could not be understood as children
and which was harmful to us and buried deeply
then not released for many years until triggered

Each of us now is having it trickle into the mind.
creating an overwhelming experience
that makes a need to release it forever

For ourselves, our ancestors, and the future generations.

Written for the Global Heart Team
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.26.22


Within The Light


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As we walk towards the Sunset

listening to the birds early evening chorus

there is a feeling of Oneness

that brings an overwhelming Joy

to Our Hearts

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.24.22


Source of Unconditional Love


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Source of Unconditional Love

Within all of life, there is a Source
within that source is true unconditional love
that cannot be bought, sold, or destroyed

The unseen treasure which initiates all creation
and replenishes all who may call upon it
within the sacred toroidal field of our heart

Unconditional Love is the magic we look for
in all our relationships and experiences
to bring forth harmony and balance within ourselves

Oh, how precious is this ethereal gemstone
that cannot ever be destroyed or imprisoned
for it is the true essence from which we came

To be here in form is so very challenging for many
yet when we surrender to Unconditional Love
we are set free from all distortion and negative influence

Then we rise as pillars of Light that shine brightly
for others to remember their own unconditional love
and dive deeper into the wonders and bliss of each other

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.21.22
Written for the Global Heart Team


The Inclusivity of the Personal Heart


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The Inclusivity of the Personal Heart

Our hearts do not create a judgment
it is our minds that manifest it
based on positive or negative energies

Our minds have been trained to assume
that all negative emotions are bad
yet many times, they may save our lives

All of us are capable of seeing and feeling
both of those aspects simultaneously
before we choose one or the other.

A split second of judgment

Holds us in a circle of criticizing
and reacting to each other
in very harmful ways

Let us pause and think
before we criticize
humans and their behaviors

Let us look deeper into
what their hearts might be feeling
without judging them

The most heinous actions of humanity
come from the repetition of hidden emotional pain
and a deep inner sense of hopelessness or guilt

Let us become more aware
of where our rising pain came from
and allow our hearts to begin healing

Let us carefully and slowly
offer forgiveness to ourselves
and then focus it outward to those,
we may have intensely held accountable

Sending Love and Compassion
to assist in the healing of their Hearts


Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.19.22
Written for the Global Heart Team