Thoughts and Words #11


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2017-05-14 09.36.45.jpg

We are just a few minutes away from the New Moon and it has been a very scattered week. Yet I felt this needed to be brought forth as a shift in thoughts and actions is beginning to root within  the mind and body.
We never really know what is about to take place… do we?
Yet we know that all our preparations will be met with a manifestation in one form or another.
May this New Moon bring forth the best in you as the Divine Feminine Grid above so desires for Her Children.

Re-tuning to Reality… not returning… no illusions allowed.

Today I awaken
lest I sleep forever
allowing the energies
of the future to be present

Releasing yesterday
with each breath I exhale
knowing it will serve
only the mind of the past

Within each moment unfolding
crystalline strands of our DNA
move us along the sine wave
in an illusionary linear manner

Today in syncopation ~ I flow


The issue of loyalty to our own hearts. We can only be as loyal to others as we are to Our Self.

The journey of burying that Self beneath the teachings of false prophets and charming gurus has ended and we now must move along our paths by trusting and being loyal to Our Own Hearts

Forgive Yourself… it really sets you free. You are the only one who knows every moment of your life.

2017-05-15 12.04.33.jpg

Watching the flow
I sit still and wait
for the peach blossoms
one at a time
then many at once
the ancient greenstone
in the stream
heals us all

There is a wilderness within each of us
filled with wildflowers of stunning beauty
how often we forget to quietly walk there
appreciating the radiant array of our Light

Let us all create a Clearing within our emotional self… a place to see things differently from.


So many energies creating all sorts of distractions as we move along our paths.
I don’t try to figure them out but feel them very deeply as they disrupt all processes which are familiar.

These are indeed strange times we are moving through, in which all previous patterns are being tested for worthiness in the future.

Be gentle with yourselves and do not judge so harshly what appears to confront you.
Each of us will make it through the process like metal being tempered by the flame.
Do not fear the heat for it will only make you stronger.


Thoughts and Words #10


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Let us find the beauty within our hearts and begin to create it all around us.
Let us share and connect it to each other becoming the Flower of Life once again.

As we move further away from the old paradigm there is a lapse in our struggling awareness.

One in which we are emptied of the many reasons that we have become who and what we are in this dimensional moment.

The outpouring of this Energy creates a void within our physical fields, into which Our Self which has no boundaries flows… to hold the fabric of our Unlimited Being together.

Our Unlimited Self is beyond words, undisturbed by humanity and cannot be completely distorted or overcome..

It is freedom, grace, beauty and eternally creating.

Fear not the lapsing, the void, the emptiness
Fear not the thoughts, the impulses, the lack of enthusiasm

For those are the bonds of human form slipping away into the old records to make room for the New.

Beloved Dandelion

This message I received last night in a group call with “GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah”

All I Am is Grace
All I can ever be is Grace in action
G reater
R esonance
A ctivating
C osmic
E volution

WE talk a lot about Gratitude as if it was something that arrives and departs in some sort of mystical manner.
Gratitude is a constant energetic resonant field…
It is we who enter and leave as we become distracted by what is outside and around us.

As we move out of the lower vibrations of the old paradigm discernment becomes a more valuable tool than reason. We need to pay more attention to our intuitive channels which are becoming more active.

As we awaken, our first vision is so bright that it is difficult to distinguish form.
This brilliance is the reflection of ourselves in the mirror.

Freedom from bondage in both an outer collective way as well as an inner personal one.

We are each a thread of One Unified Fabric of Light woven with Compassion as an expression of Love.

And we are also the Weavers with each pass of the shuttle now repairing the ancient cloth worn thin by the hands of time.

Let us be comforted and guided by faith and trust.
We don’t have to teach it – just do it.
Be who you truly are first and all fears will subside.

It is truly a challenge for many of us to tear down the walls we have built around our energy centers. However it is necessary for our evolution.

Riverman 2017


Mothers Day 2017


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Happy Mothers Day to All

Beloved Mothers I Thank You
May Your Day be filled with respect
May you always hold us in your arms

Divine Mother I Pray To You
May You be no longer defiled
May your Presence be magnified

May All Your Children
Call forth Your Heart in theirs
and open theirs in Yours

To my Mother I apologize…
for not knowing you before your illness
except through these old pictures
which touch my heart so deeply

I Thank You – I Love You – I Bless You

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Webhannet Falls Water Blessing


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2017-05-10 12.01.24.jpg

The Webhannet River in Wells, Maine has a small park from which you can view the falls as the waters flow towards the Atlantic Ocean a couple of miles downstream.

As part of my journey to bless the rivers of Maine this is the first one that is not a part of the Mt Agamenticus Watershed to which I have appointed myself as a guardian.

I have driven by this spot many times and not even realized it existed.
Oh how blind we are to the beauty that surrounds us in our daily busy-ness.

2017-05-10 11.57.15.jpg

This is where the Water Blessing Ceremony was held… once climbing down the rocks to the level of the river.

Nothing could be heard
but the torrents of water
repeatedly creating vortexes
and patterns of energy
as it swiftly moved
around the rocks

2017-05-10 11.54.54

It has been a very rainy Spring for which we are very thankful. The result of which could not be missed here.

I Love You – I Thank You – I Bless You
May 2017


Breaking Point


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2017-05-08 19.13.44-1.jpg

Within each of us there is a breaking point…

Just before we reach it, we are each called to witness a very painful emotional energy arising out from the memory of all our ancestors.

Just before we reach it, we are each called to witness all instances of discord that humanity has chosen in one large and overwhelming burst.

Just before we break, we will recognize in each other the collective suffering which has brought us to this moment in our own hearts.

It is now, our responsibility to meet that energy and dissipate it without creating more damage to the collective human experience.

It is now, that we must not rage at those who have destroyed themselves to extract and separate the Soul from the Body in their distorted quest for power.

It is time to rise in our Strength and Co-Creative Wisdom to surround this Cancer of the Hu-Man Species and unite it once again with a Voice which speaks the Truth not falsity and distortion.

The Time Is Now Children and We are not alone. Our very own children and ancestors are calling us to stop this or they will.


Angelic Owls


Thoughts and Words #9


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2017-05-04 12.12.57.jpg

Oh how life becomes so much like the ocean
waves continually crashing against the rocks
clouds forming, morphing and disappearing
an ever-changing dynamic of energy and form

Some sit quietly on the rocks breathing it all in
while the benches remind us of the emptiness
out of which it all occurs in an obscure cadence
and those who fail to hear the call of its natural rhythm
cRb 5.7.17

The past week has been one of many reflections which did not get expressed in writing. They were absorbed or released on the inner planes of my beingness.
Now we enter into the Full Moon energies and become challenged by them on all energetic levels.

How Exciting!
Or do we withdraw and find a place to shelter from the noise and incessant pounding of the waves of our lives which need to be cast into the Sea of Infinity.

The captured  thoughts and words begin with ” STABILITY ” which became a central theme for a Circle of Hearts Radio show I spoke on last month.
The show was about standing at the cliff’s edge, leaping or being pushed and remembering how to fly instead of falling.
In order to maintain flight and forward motion we are to Stabilize and bring into balance the inner and outer pressures which will maintain our flight in a beneficial manner to achieve our destination.


S trength
T rust
A ccessibility
B etrayal
I nner Strength
L eadership
I nner Knowing
T ruth

The interesting part of what is happening is how we as humans have failed to recognize our own sound resonance and unify ourselves rather than continue focusing on separation.
Somewhere within our genetic codes there is an error in the programming which has been continually expanded on through many means as part of a collective and willing contract or agreement.
When we regain our sovereignty within our genetic self the sound resonance of creation balances and the external forms will balance as well.
So what each of you are pointing out is the same as Sound which becomes light and becomes matter in the 3rd dimension is still subject to 3rd dimensional energy in 4th density.
This is why Earth and all of its forms are now moving out of those levels and being re-calibrated just as our own DNA is.
What we call a Shadow has no real power but is a reflection and the sooner we all wake up to that energetic fact the sooner we will return to our own balance and return to our corrected trajectory of evolution.
The Matrix is only a timeline construct and timelines are amorphous energetic projections which we have agreed upon.
When we no longer agree to support them without our energy the will dissipate and return to the Source Field and all energies which they held will be reunited into the greater vibrational waves of which humans cannot understand at this time and level.

Mayday or Beltane brought forth the messages of Fire and that we don’t have to crash and burn. We can embrace the Element of Fire for its ability to transmute all that needs to be returned to its basic elemental state of being.


Let us bring all that no longer serves us to the Fires

Let us dance and drum and sing

Let us now move into the Newness of ourselves

Blessing All the Elements as we remember how to

Strengthen, Trust Ourselves, Become Accessible

Let go of Betrayal through Inner Strength

Bring forth Leadership that each of us forgot

Through Inner Knowing and Truth

Let Us say YES as we leap remember how to fly

2017-05-04 12.12.46.jpg

Returning to the thought of cliff jumping, the next two thoughts remind us that we are much more than we perceive and have greater abilities than we ever imagined at our disposal.

You may have been asked this morning as I have, to do something which is both wonderful and exciting yet bringing up your questioning of self-confidence or sense of purpose.

Each of us are being faced with stepping off of the cliff edge… not jumping.

We know how to fly… We will not die… We are just being asked to be who we truly are

As beautiful souls vibrate
in the harmony of all that is
there are changes
in the fabric of the Universe
and so we are woven
into the tapestry of Heaven

Each heart-sent kindness
and compassionate act
becoming an eternally reflecting
thread of joyous light
that shines in brilliance
to a world of foggy remembrance.            

2017-05-04 12.12.34.jpg

Wrapping it all up is a different perception presenting itself. One in which we are no longer leaping from one side of the cliff to the other but find that it is all One, until we choose to experience it as other than such.

The Ocean does not choose to be the incoming or outgoing tide, it does not differentiate but moves in rhythm with the energies of the Moon and Earth.

Thus we learn that by taking time to sit on the bench or the rocks and listen, we begin to hear the roar of the powerful and possibly destructive forces within really sing to us.
They sing a song of remembrance and releasing not judgment.

One in which our choices are really about showing up and participating.
Be it sitting, jumping, flying or just seeing ourselves in the state of rebirth.

The roller-coaster ride of Life, the game of Snakes and Ladders and the old passing away of order into chaos to create anew are always an exciting time if we remember that “back to square one” in this world of polarity is energetic opportunity waiting to express itself.

Opposites create an opportunity to make a new choice. Whether we choose consciously or not a choice is made and it is more beneficial to all if we choose in the direction of Unification rather Separation.

Until humanity is faced with its own incredulous behavior it fails to see itself as disjointed and cannot conceive its own rebirth

Many Blessings


We are one heart message from a dear friend…

Mother of All, where are you ?, We cry.
Mother: Children of my heart I hear you.
Children oh my heart I see and feel you.

Sanctuary of The White Rose


Soulshine or Moonshine


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Beautiful Souls.JPG

Tonight as I went out and into the chorus of the Spring peepers I was reminded of this poem I wrote 5 years ago.

As I looked up into the clouded sky, the Moon was dancing in and out of the clouds.

Joy as I played with the photos taken, yet one stood out among the rest.

Black and White came the message and show the Light!

As beautiful souls vibrate
in the harmony of all that is
there are changes
in the fabric of the Universe
and so we are woven
into the tapestry of Heaven

Each heart-sent kindness
and compassionate act
becoming an eternally reflecting
thread of joyous light
that shines in brilliance
to a world of foggy remembrance.

cRb 5.2.12



Thoughts and Words #8


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2017-04-20 16.54.04

The words have been slightly constricted in flow over this past week. The energies of the New Moon were for me very challenging and not much writing took place.
The thoughts were all there but committing them to readable text was not happening.
There was a sense of being withdrawn as in waiting to know what to do with all that was unfolding both around me and within me.

As you can see the Daffodils are not reluctant to show off  and the trees are finally beginning to sprout the early signs of Spring, although even they have not been very  encouraged by the rainy weather to come forth with their expression either.

So what was felt is a building of energies from both the Earth and the Heavens. The rains have truly been a blessing yet almost too much and have been unbalanced as much as in time of drought.

Long Sands Beach.jpg
The ocean has been unruly if not just truly vocal with each passing storm and the rivers and creeks filled to capacity. Yet the Seagulls appear to be unfazed by the rain, fog or expression of the Mighty Atlantic ocean.

A wee bit inland on the one or two days of sunshine I was able to Bless the waters of Cider Hill Creek…2017-04-27 15.03.56
which certainly was a bright spot and blissful occasion to se her filled and flowing so perfectly as if rejoicing for all the waters she was so glad to deliver to the York River.

So with my short narrative of the past 12 days I now offer what had been put into form from the scatterings of my creative mind.  Enjoy them as my offering to you from a place of deep resonance which never cease but choose at times to not be seen or heard.

Words among the Divine are only placeholders… where each heartbeat rests and awaits the next breath.

Allow Your Sovereignty to release you from all that keeps you bound to that which is not in proper alignment. It is not about ruling that which inside or outside of us but being our fully embodied True Powerful Self.

There are no coincidences
only moments
which are connected
to possibilities not yet imagined
all are miracles divinely guided by Love
I give – I receive
I receive – I give

We repeat patterns of Fear in a variety of ways until we receive the message that we have nothing to fear except our own misconceptions of ourselves.
From that point on we begin the gradual lift off from running around the same circle and start to from the upward spiral that leads us back into alignment within ourselves.

Forward Flow releases the past because it has no place to linger.

Our Glorious Transmutation so beautifully depicted and growing from within the Galactic Womb.
Let us gather within the One Heart and embrace ourselves and each other in the True Joy of which dreams and stories can only reflect.
Yes Indeed, let us rejoice and dance in the exponential “frequency oscillations”

trout lilies.JPG
Finally today I arrive with this message…

Be the Love that You Are and know that your Heart can no longer be hidden. The time to step into yourself fully and embrace your whole Divine Self is no longer just a desire or a dream.



Earth Day Blessings


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2011_05_02_137_.JPGIt has been a journey of Love for me as I first became aware of the many facets of Earth and Her abundance as a Mother at an early age.

That message was instilled in me as I was brought to the Boston Public Gardens in Boston as a young child.

My mother was a gifted communicator with nature although she had to hide it from others out of fear of ridicule. I was not even taught as she feared I too would suffer her pains growing up as a child in a world which was more interested in work and money.

Yet we learn without being taught as we observe the wonders which are all around us and mimic those who show love for all life.

So perhaps Earth Day is a bit more special for me as I reflect and think of it as Mother’s Day.

May your children see you in the gardens
May everyone feel your concern and nurturing nature
May all who encounter you be embraced by your open hearts
As we are all the Children of Earth

May the beauty and encouragement you receive change your lives forever