Giving Thanks…


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Spirit of a Flower 2

As many of us get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, in these days of chaos and dissolution of what were once held as the foundations of Democracy, I feel an emptiness and falsity to it all.

This day evokes in many, that warm fuzzy feeling of what thankfulness is all about, while others are left in the cold and are embracing memories which are far from anything to be thankful about.

Around the world people are celebrating and perhaps like me questioning how do we not see the suffering we are creating through our false leadership and greedy ideals, which were not perhaps the intentions of those who first settled here to escape persecution.


I will celebrate with family members who are pillars in their communities and I will witness separation in so many ways that it will trigger my own feelings of separation rather than make me feel truly welcome.
The day will be polite and cordial and everyone knows what not to say to whom, including myself.
We will be thankful in many ways for all that we have and have achieved.
We will Bless each other and our food which will be the center of our gathering in abundance and well eaten.
A gathering it is, of Souls who are performing a ritual which could be so much more.

So when I saw this quote the other day by one of the original founders of the Findhorn Community, I saved it on my desktop and knew that it would bring something forth in me.
Especially as I recognized how much I feel, at times, that I communicate much better with flowers and nature than I do my fellow humans.


It has been this way since I was a child, as I saw the falsity in much of what was forced upon me and told to practice as traditions.
The Spirit was not there!
It was just another attempt at pretending the separation between us was not real.


We are much more than our traditions and culture have ever told us and it is time now to remember.
We are consciousness itself which is Communion – Communicating Unity
WE are now to embody this not as a ritual practice, but by living it fully and embracing each other in truth.
We are to manifest this reality now as flowers in the garden indeed, which are each unique in form and purpose, yet really work together as a whole, to produce an amazing array of well-being that flows freely and needs no celebration or remembrance.

For it is never forgotten.

Read these words again from a opened place in your hearts where you sit among the flowers without the everyday chaos that we collectively create and know how precious you truly are.

The spirit of a flower and the spirit of a human can commune in consciousness,
blend and find that one is the other, that there is a real fraternity
between each outward manifestation.
– Dorothy Maclean, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation

I thank you… yes each one of you, for being the flowers everyday of my life experience here on Beautiful Mother Earth and may you each blossom fully into the Greatness of your Most Divine Presence.

Happy Thanksgiving Precious Ones
May Peace, Light and Love guide you to that deeper communion of thankfulness as a way of living.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.22.17


The Divine Mother Is Calling Us


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This message I received this week began a journey within myself that I was not expecting at all.
“Silence is Golden” is a phrase often heard and hard to trace back to its original source.

However in its most basic form Silence is likened to Gold, which is cherished as a symbol of wealth and power. The above photograph of the sunrise as I look out my windows, reminded me how in the still hours of the morning, silence is a precious guide in reminding me who I Am.

The contemplation which ensued led me to think about my purpose for being here, as if I were sitting within the Holy Temple of the Divine Mother’s Heart.

The next morning upon awakening in tears, I realized that in my Dreamtime the Divine Mother was showing me my innocent passion as a child and calling me to notice how much separation has occurred in my years of existence here.

Show Poster
“I awoke in tears this morning as I thought about our separation from each other.
How we have forced each other to deny the Divine Mother through ridicule and intimidation.
Through lies and illusions we have created a chasm between our hearts that appears insurmountable.
So today I will talk about slowing down and letting silence become our teacher in which the water is the only sound we tune into as it expresses the energies of our Divine Mother.
Yes it is now in which we arise and cry for all life as we learn to not live in fear any longer.” ~ Riverman

Videos Mp4…
Presence Of Light – The Divine Mother Is Calling Us on Humanity Healing facebook live
Presence Of Light – The Divine Mother Is Calling Us on my YouTube Channel

Audio Mp3…
Presence Of Light – The Divine Mother Is Calling Us – Mp3

Below please find the 2 Prayers I read during my talk…

Morning Prayer for Gaia

Great Earth Mother
I greet you from the East
Where old sun rises
to warm your face
and all those upon you
your breath a gentle breeze
or raging storm
conjured to bring forth life
Bless you Ancient Gaia
for your living energies
Oh Deep Breasted One,
I seek your vision in the South
Bring us passion, desire and love
as creative as fire
to transform your children
and teach us of our nature
so we might hold you sacred
Blessed Mother,
our actions in harmony
with yours
Old Majestic Mother,
praying from my heart,
I seek you in the West
where oceans, rivers, streams
flow abundance to your shores
Your intentions run their courses
as sparkling water of the Earth
reflects our inner knowing,
Listening One,
a mirror of yours
Bright Blue Mother,
mountains, rocks and hills
From the North
you ground and center me
deliver gravity
Lead me on this journey
grant me shelter, warmth and health
Lend me understanding
to be worthy of your gifts
Earthy Mother, hear my prayer

Divine Feminine Prayer, by Rev. Maia Chrystine Nartoomid

Mother of the Light, may you reign as a Goddess of Wisdom within my soul.
Be present for me now and in every moment of eternity.
Take my hand and lead me to the Birthing Light of God within me,
for there shall I find my purpose in life revealed.
Mother, greet me at the door,
embrace me in your loving countenance and smile gently upon me.
As your lost child, give me assurance that your grace is with me always.
All streams spring from the font of your heart.
Your eyes shine as the blue sea into my heart,
and you forever find me worthy of your love.
In the spirit of this revelation, I offer to reveal myself fully to you,
who is my Divine Feminine being, at all times and in all ways.


Letting Go… Again?


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Show Poster

Well my friends it is actually Tuesday night before I post my show from Friday morning here. Yes it has been 4 days of constantly letting go… filled with messages and new revelations.

As I type tonight I cannot actually remember what the talk was about except for some concept of time being an illusion.
Oh Well! Linear thinking gets boring and much of our lives was not as memorable as it was made out to be. Yet it appears at the most bizarre moments as if we were slapped in the face by a timeline.

Let us learn to laugh again when we meet ourselves, at the same memory we let go of so many times before, only to have it rise again in our faces.

Many lessons we have not truly learned repeat in different forms, until we finally surrender from letting them go and move beyond them without a rear view mirror.

Audio-Mp3 version of Letting Go… Again

YouTube Video version of Letting Go… Again

Much Love and Gratitude to Humanity Healing and the opportunity to speak to such a varied and wonderful audience around the world.
And to each of you who take the time to listen when you can.

May we all Let Go and become something more than we ever thought of before.

Charlie Riverman


Waiting for Mother…


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It is funny how animals sense what is happening by what you do.

Our Beloved Barbara has been on vacation for 9 days and we have been living through some strange energies.

As a typical male I begin to clean up the house hours before her arrival. Yes, even when we balance our Divine Feminine some traits still remain.
Hey… at least I’m cleaning now instead of leaving it for you know who with an excuse of being too busy.

Lillybelle as you can see is sensing her arrival for she is a veteran of this behavior and Barbara probably isn’t even in the States yet. Lilly recognizes my energy patterns and knows that soon her human Mommy will be home and all will be back to normal.
She will have both her humans to con another treat out of.


This is Lenny a recent arrival to our family.
Lenny The Cat  is much like a phantom which appears only when it suits his needs. He is a Mamma’s boy with an attitude so he talks to me as if I’m responsible for his human mother’s disappearance and all ills that he may be feeling in any given moment.As you can see he has his favorite hideout in his room (Yes he has a gated room to himself) which is base camp. He is not a happy camper at the moment as vacuum cleaners, dog and male human are at a tie for worse objects in the world.

Occasionally he will surrender to male human and cautiously allow a few neck scratches but very warily so and not for any length of time without expressing vocally he is ready to attack at any quick or disliked move.Yes he is the new arrival and has attached himself to Barb’s heart and lets everyone know how he feels.

Being not bashful he and Lilly have a bit of warrior entertainment which can arise out of nowhere. Yet, He too knows by the hubbub that Mamma will soon arrive or had better because this was not a fun vacation for him.

So I thought a little levity might be nice for a change as I always post the deeper meaning of everything just to let you all know that I really am just a regular guy.

And if we can’t laugh at ourselves then maybe we need to start our journey of enlightenment there.
Now back to work… just got the sheets out of the dryer and time to make the bed.

Much Love to all from my family to yours
Charlie Riverman



Pathway Confirmations


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…”Angel Number 247 is a message from your angels that your dedication to maintaining a positive attitude and mind-set has resulted in your prayers being answered. Stay focused upon your spiritual path and be true to yourself. Allow miracles to happen in your life.

Angel Number 247 encourages you to focus your efforts upon your spirituality and life path and Divine purpose, safe in the knowledge that your material needs will be met. This allows you to concentrate on your authentic self, rather than on monetary issues.
Angel Number 247 is a sign that you are on the right path in your life and your angels urge you to believe in yourself and your chosen life path. Reach out to all living things with love and light.”…

ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes

I awoke at 2:47 AM from a dream state that was physically creating anxiety in my body.
the message was basically about maintaining my integrity in some work I have taken on to financially balance the books.

All day this feeling of anxiety would rise and then subside as I shifted my awareness to the many ongoing projects which engage my full attention. Yet I kept saying I need to look up the number 247 and never doing it.

Interestingly this evening during Tai Chi I kept moving out of sequence in a simple form which is well learned in my muscle memory by now.  When reflecting once again on the energy of the day it came back to awakening at 2:47 AM with anxiety again as if to get my attention some 15 hours later.

Funny how we sometimes avoid the simple and obvious when we think. How often the message in Tai Chi is to allow the energy to direct us not the brain.

So now at 10:15 PM I have looked up the message in the Angel Numbers and see that if I had looked it up in the beginning my day would have been energetically different.

So I laugh and play out all the thoughts and questions of the day as memories and see that over thinking anything is a human trait that is truly a challenge to overcome.

Yes, they keep telling me .. it is simple they say… it is you who creates the stories which disturb your frequencies.
May the Angels and Guides with whom you travel continue to gently nudge you back into balance…

“you are on the right path in your life and your angels urge you to believe in yourself and your chosen life path. Reach out to all living things with love and light.”

Peace, Light and Love


Water and Our Responses


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Show Poster

Blessings to all on this Monday morning…
Yes it is another rainy Monday but then again maybe it won’t rain and will just be humid and overcast.
Amazing how Water changes shape and form yet is always water. Liquid, Solid or Gas  there is no separation of the Hydrogen and Oxygen. Not that it can’t be done, it is just like us when we separate Our Spirit from the bodies We are contained in. We are no longer Hu- Man.

Yes We are feeling that Humans are truly being forcibly separated these days. Both from each other and within themselves. I’m always being reminded of the Divide and Conquer paradigm in which have lived for far too long now. Let’s stop the insanity, please.

Well My message this week was about Water and Blessing it in all its forms. So too, as we do this with the water in our own bodies, everything changes back into a more cohesive crystalline pattern.

So let us be Joyful on rainy Mondays and every time we are witnessing Water…
Water Is Life and not to be diminished or disrespected and Life is not either.

Going to post links to the show here from Friday

Audio can be found @
Water and Our Responses (mp3)

Video can be found @
Water and Our Responses (video)

Now I’m off to play in the rain or as some might say work… I prefer to play!

Have a great week and think about the Waters in your Life and how you can respond to them in a more positive and healing way. What you give to the Water you will receive as it flows through you every cell of your body.

I Love You – I Thank You – I Respect You


Let’s Talk About Integrity


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Show Poster

It is always an amazing opportunity for me to speak to the world via Humanity Healing Network. I never really know what the topic will be until the day before the talk and so I have to trust that I will find some supportive materials for whatever is to come through my mouth and into the hearing world.

The topic of Integrity is a big one for me as I have witnessed many people who claim to be healers and teachers failing to honor themselves and others in their pathwork.

I also watch as the leaders of the world have failed to muster up much integrity as well and are now scurrying to cover up as they rape the world in a greedy frenzy for power and control.

It is time that each of us  remember what the meaning of that word truly is and hold ourselves up as best we can to its principles… If, we are to truly turn this world around and get back to living in a better balance with nature and each other.

Any way my words flow through without much hesitation and are now a part of my statement of integrity to speak from the heart.

The reality test for me is that I have to watch and listen to what came through as well, and own it. Which is why I take a few days before I post it here.

Here below is a link to the MP3 version on my channel…

Presence of Light – Let’s Talk About Integrity
Blessings to All and please think about your own integrity, knowing that anytime we improve it we become more aligned with the truth of who we are.

Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Just Sitting Here


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Tired but not confused
wanting to write something
and allow the words to flow freely

Yes, it is blissful and blessed
to watch your fingertips hit the keys
as the words just appear within your mind

Not having any idea of what to write
but just write for the sake of writing
and correct the misspelling and Caps

Smiling and with a chuckle
we know that this is home
reaching deeply within our minds

Past the daily debriefer and critic
into that zone of freewill and resonance
which cannot be bought or sold

Touching parts of our Divine Self
that cannot be expressed in words
but has to be felt and seen with eyes closed

Yes this is what I wanted to do today
and now it is complete
letting go and smiling




10.23.17 Angel Card Reading


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2017-10-23 Reading
What a Monday morning!
I awoke to messages of Joy and Delight from my guides as I began to tap into the collective communications of the global community.

Of course I was already feeling that as I was scheduled for a Massage today which is always a Joy and Delight.

My beloved massage therapist (I call her my Body Dowser) is a gift and if you live near Kittery, Maine I will give her a plug as this is where I drew the card spread above and will explain below.
North Star Therapeutic Massage

She has this “Doreen Virtue/Healing WIth Angels Deck” on her table and it is my practice to open our session with a reading and what the Angels are expressing to us.

I always find it fun when I draw them while talking about something entirely different as so many times we interfere with the guides and angels who want to speak with us.

This was the magic of today as they flowed from left to right…
Answered Prayer

The last card I always pull just before I leave, as it usually is a message to take away after our deeply resonant session.

I will give my interpretations.. not those of Doreen, however both are amazingly wonderful.

“Answered Prayer” came through as a feeling that our long and deep prayers for the return of Divine Feminine was now well underway. That there was nothing now that could deter or deflect Her passion and love for Her children.

“Miracles” was speaking of how we have fooled ourselves into believing what we see rather than trusting who WE Truly Are and that all miracles are a change of perception.
One in which we realize that the miracles were always there hidden beneath our illusions.

“Focus” most definitely was a directive. It came through with a deep energy that was masculine in nature. It spoke of focusing on Joy and Delight rather than what we were perceiving to be shadows or darkness and chaos.
As if the Divine Masculine was saying He had also been missing us as we traveled such a distance from the true identity of our masculinity and lost our ability of leadership.
He was reminding me that as a male we have lost our sense of fair play and true happiness and now both women and men are miserable and have lost their sense of Joy and Delight.

Under these guidelines the massage was given and all places of painful or distorted energy spoke up, asking to be removed from the cellular patterning of the physical selves of both of us and so I blessed and released them with honor. For they too were trapped in a dimension which did not serve them either and I watched them leave into the ethers to be free once again in their original blueprints.

How powerful WE ARE when WE work together in Harmony and Balance in the Highest aspects of Our True Divine Feminine and Masculine Self.

Upon completion as I placed the financial exchange of energy under the blue Delft dish and sipped the water… I pulled the final card.

“Enchantment” and enchanted I was with such a childlike expression of synchronicity that was both magical and miraculous.

As I write this right now, I Am reminded, of this next picture of when I was a small boy at a beach on Cape Cod.

As little Children
Thank You Dad for capturing this moment of Innocence, Joy and Delight.

The Divine Masculine and Feminine enchanted with each other in unselfishness and trust…
And So We Are Becoming Once Again.

Thank You Angels and Guides, Masters and Teachers, and to each of you as WE embark on this Divine Journey of respect and compassion for each other.

Bless You All and may you feel a part of this within you and expand it into your lives.
Much Peace, Light and Love



Another Day – A New Day or Just An Illusion


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Show Poster

Friday October 20th was the day on which 26 years ago I died and returned into the same body I was born in.
Life is a funny adventure sometimes as we seem to want a clarity of it that just is not always available.

WE are all travelers here on many levels, and the title of my talk came as I thought about how every day here on this amazingly beautiful living planet is such a gift we have chosen to experience.

Yes, there is much pain and suffering that arises and we can get too focused on that, but what about the fact that this world is so unique and offers us so many possibilities to experience ourselves and see ourselves in each other as mirrors in what we as humans call time.

Oh how truly amazing we are!

Well, the title says it all and I’m thankful that I agreed to return and live as close to the Truth of my Highest Self.

I’m far from perfection here but just like so many now, who are awakening to the fact that they have been not fully realizing the powerful presence that they truly are.
WE come to face our shadows and realize we have been somehow swept into an illusion of our own creating over lifetimes, and everyday we procrastinate from being and living in the New/Now is actually separating us further.


I have also added the mp3 version of Presence of Light Talks to my “” page at yourlisten – Charlie Riverman Bergeron

All of my audio podcasts can be found here from OM times Radio, Elders Speak: Heart To Soul Talks and Blog Talk Radio with Allayah Frisch.

Many Blessings to all and Thank You for being here in these times of change.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron