Extra Ordinary


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Transcendant Knowing

Gathering now from within the Innermost levels of Self there is One Wave Rising that constantly reminds us to be Fully Present… No matter what may arise to challenge us.

Take that deep breath and dive into the Extra Ordinary which cannot be defined nor defiled.

Let go of all that holds you in old patterns which are no longer sustainable and know that everything has a timeline which will lead us back into Unity and Co-Creation.

If at first it feels uncomfortable then sit still within all the energies that arise to turn you away.
Know that this is a parade of the past which can no longer exist except by your choosing to not set all of it free.

Dear Ones… WE are far more precious than WE have ever imagined and awaiting the Light filled moment of Self Ignition as the True Collective Whole of Creation.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.25.2020


Crossing The Threshold


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Crossing The Threshold


A Beginning, an End or Both Simultaneously…

I pulled an interesting Kuan Yin Oracle Card this morning and it is very descriptive of where many of us are right now.
Be it physically, emotionally or spiritually, Our energies are carrying us forward through many unique challenges.

Kuan Yin Oracle #39 The Threshold by Alana Fairchild

At the Threshold you stand. Before you lies a way of being that is beyond fear. It is a sacred passing through a karmic veil into a new life of empowerment, peace, spiritual service to humanity and joy in your own Soul.”

You are embarking on a phase of deeper soul liberation, into freedom of love that triumphs over fear.”
We are really never ‘not moving’ out of our fear-based karmic stories because they are not just singular but collective as well. We share energy with everyone that we have ever met or have any kind of relationship with.
This continual process ebbs and flows continually and at certain points becomes overwhelming for everyone, at which time there is what I would call a massive reset of our heart resonance.

Here we are, reviewing our personal story and finding perhaps a large wall or block of dark energy which appears impenetrable or impassible by all of our old ways of healing or transformation.

Kuan Yin advises…
“Do not be disheartened by any old fears that are surfacing. You do not need to create a story out of them, you can just observe them with love and allow them to pass. It is just your inner Self releasing any vibration which is not aligned with unconditional love.”

The real message is about our taking care of our own inner business right now and calling upon our guides and teachers to assist us from turning away or feeling defeated by what is confronting us.

No matter what occurs, it cannot harm us any longer, as it is dissipating and vanishing more rapidly as time collapses around us and we are left with what appears to be only a Threshold and a Wall.

So We stand at a threshold which we have found without any doorway…

We can overcome it All as we call upon Divine Love, Divine Light and our I Am Presence that is shining more and more within our own hearts.

It is all about our Spiritual Transition and Divine Timing where we no longer use our forcefulness but our Love and Compassion to de-materialize all obstacles to

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.21.20



Love and Forgiveness

Love and Forgiveness

SHOW NOTES for Love and Forgiveness 2.14.20
Happy Valentine’s Day

Let me begin today ‘s talk with the lyrics from a song that was popular in 1965…. sung by Jackie DeShannon

What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing
That there’s just too little of
What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love
No not just for some
But for everyone

I chose Love and Forgiveness as today’s theme because we have a lot of Forgiveness to manifest within ourselves and share with each other in order to bring Love back into the forefront of our life experience.

The above hit song was popular way back in 1965 and 1965-2020 is 55 years.
Not a long time as we look at the age of the world and it really is still a very short time frame in the life of humanity.
Yet as humans we have not been very loving to each other or our amazing home… Planet Earth.
The number 55 is a Master Number and is all about opportunity, our ability to improve and transformation.
It is a positive reinforcement for us all to reach deeper and higher into Our Divine expression as spiritual beings. Especially when we recognize and feel a sense of great imbalance and darkness.

This is where we have Cosmic Opportunity to re-balance all that is distorted in our lives and the world around us.
To let go of all that no longer serves us, such as fears, traumas or simply our doubts about our self-worthiness.
We are embarking on a journey of discovery and full embodiment as the True Beings We  Are within Our Deeper Heart Space.

A simple confirmation of this, is the card I just randomly pulled from the
Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden

“As a spiritual being I know my light shines brighter than any star in the Universe.
– Elinor Von Linden

Yes, Valentines Day represents Light as well as the Goddess Juno whose was referred to as the Queen of the Gods in Ancient Rome. As Juno Lucina she was known as the goddess of childbirth “she who brings children into the light”

So on this day let us celebrate the Goddess in us all… and bring forth Her Light as Well as Love to be birthed in a deeper and more powerful way for all of humanity.

Which leads me to the second part of my talk “Forgiveness” and who better to seek guidance from other than Kuan Yin.

So our message comes from the KuanYin Oracle by Alana Fairchild and is the card Maiden Ma Gu.

Maiden Magu
“ The Maiden Ma Gu, Goddess of Spring, healing and transformation, brings you assistance now. You are asked to honor that light can come from even the darkest beginnings, beloved one. In fact, sometimes we need to enter into the unknown parts of ourselves to find exactly what we need to grow in peace, creative self-fulfillment and happiness. The challenge can be to trust that we will arise from this darker place again. Just as the Spring always follows the Winter, beloved, so too will any inner work with the shadow precede a beautiful rebirth for you.”
– Alana Fairchild

Our forgiveness is really about what is lying deep within those dark places of our genetic memory. All that is being brought up that disturbs us in any way shape or form which now needs to be brought to Light and seen fully so that it may be forgiven and released forevermore.

Every time we forgive what arises from our darkness we instantly gain more Light.
The more Light We are able to Become
The more Love We have to offer each other

What the world needs now
Is love, sweet love
No not just for some
But for everyone
-Hal David

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.14.20



Moment of Full Presence


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Full Moment

Tonight as I settle in to a more peaceful rhythm the above words flow forth from a very ancient part of my memory. It provokes me to define it with my limited human brain and I choose instead to ask for Guidance.

We might ask what is Full Presence or we might get caught up in defining silent sentience.  Either way we are responding to something that is very inherent in our genetic structure.

We are watching and feeling it all unfold from both a physical as well as a spiritual point of existence. There is also a great amount of exaggerated distortion in the energy field of our Heart. Reducing our ability to reach Silent Sentience.

“The world you dwell in, here on Planet Earth, is rapidly moving though frequencies that are difficult to pinpoint let alone understand. Which in turn create many waves of energy which are very overwhelming to all life forms in this present now. It can be very painful to witness or experience yet it is relatively short in terms of what you call time.

Full Presence is your ability to access and utilize every strand of your present DNA and assist in their acceptance of your new crystalline codes. Not by your doing or planning but by your ability to allow yourselves to calmly expand beyond the limitations which hold you in a somewhat frozen state of collective inferiority, as the Human Race.

What is important to remember is that you are not alone during this process no matter how dark it may appear. There are many Beings on many Levels of Existence which are assisting you now to become Your Fully Present Self

The Moment of Being Fully Present is the Zero Point… the Moment of Origin. It is the Source Level of all that can be transfigured into form.

Our Original Self which is both silent and sentient, exists within that Zero Point and it is from that Moment We co-create in full agreement and alignment with the Source of Our Unconditional Love. … S O U L

We ask you to seek deep within your Heart-Space for those areas of gentle stillness from which the Crystalline Light attracts your human attention.
Allow yourself to dwell there for gradually longer periods of time.
Remember that you are not a single dimensional creation… you are multi-dimensional and that is not fully understood by current human intelligence.”

As I conclude this message from my Guides and Teachers I ask that each of you be gentle and kind to yourself as you move through all that arises to distract you.
Make it a point to take time to be silent in a safe and comfortable environment as honestly ask questions from within your Heart rather than your head.

The head has been programmed to have an agenda and the wisdom that is needed now operates best when accessed by the Heart’s Desire not the Mind’s search engine.

Blessings to you all as we travel together along this challenging path.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.12.2020


Your Universal Resonance


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Your Universal Resonance

SHOW NOTES for Your Universal Resonance

The definitions I thought about were…
Universal… present or occurring everywhere – existent or operative everywhere or under all conditions.

Resonance… A synchronous energetic relationship that creates more stable and harmonious structures

SO how is your Universal Resonance doing these days? Hmmm?

Many of us are experiencing great peaks and valleys of both emotional and physical symptoms

What each of us experience is basically the same on an energetic level.

I know many will want to debate that statement, yet life is much more simple than we have made it out to be.

Each of us Are Creators of Universal Resonance.
Yet if we are not aware of it, then the patterns become easily distorted and manipulated.

Most of you to whom I speak practice a wide variety of protocols to help you stay in Harmony and Balance.
Which in turn helps the Universal Resonance to automatically reset into a deep cohesive and dynamic field of potentiality.

We Are, that field of potentiality at our most inner-core structure

We Are Pure Potential, which can never be fully separated or destroyed.

What we as humans would call Divine Blueprints are not something that are transient. They are permanent. It is only we who manipulate them which create any and all distortions.

As We understand ourselves more fully, our Ancestry is not just a few thousand years of brutality inflicted upon each other.
The deeper, inner seeking of Truth begins to offer glimpses of Pure Energy.
The same Pure Energy witnessed from the expansion of our Universe.

The Energy we have defined as Love is always expanding as well.
Until something interferes and redirects it.

Let’s become more serious about finding those moments in our daily lives where we feel that shock or resistance that interferes even for a short moment.

In order that we rebuild our field of Universal Resonance by learning where it weakest points are.

We all have them and we all have the power and grace to remove, repair or at least become aware enough to dodge or avoid them temporarily.

In order that we continue along on our collective evolutionary path.

I have a saying I use of “Moving Through The Eye of The Needle”. And we know that metaphor is not new.

Yet I see it now as a long thin path, through a crevice in stone, which we knew would always be our return. This is not punishment but a welcoming and not so much physical but spiritually energetic.

So take a deeper look at the structure of the energies you are experiencing in all aspects of your life.

Realize they are being offered to you to be released if they do not fit through that tiny crevice in the mountain you are facing.

Know that You ARE the Universal Resonance in living form and far more powerful that you think you could be ,when you align with your Heart.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.7.20


You Are Loved


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You Are Loved

Fully surrender to that inner vortex of sublime radiance more often. ~Riverman

How beautiful it is to feel loved
in ways that dare you to express it with words.

Yes, and here they flow…

Safely held within a blissful energy field
of balance and harmony
Spiraling yet focused,
whole yet fractalized
Brilliantly shining and knowing
what can’t be seen nor spoken

It is here during a Full Moon
gathering at the Inner Well of Life Waters
that We embrace each other without
any sense of unworthiness
each of us a part of the other

Charlie Riverman Bergeron



WE Are The Mountains

From the Mountains

There are times when we are not looking for any answers. Just taking time to enjoy the local scenery. The fresh air and sound of nature implore us to let go of our personalities.
Of course it is more interesting when it is the top of a mountain (even a small one).

The mountain I’m standing on in the cold winds of February is Mount Agamenticus here in York, Maine USA.  Just a hill to many areas of our world (as it is only 692 ft ) yet the view of the Mountains of New Hampshire in the distance can be magical.

I drifted into an alignment with these amazingly powerful Beings who are a family that existed during the supercontinent Pangaea.  And off I went flowing across space and time viewing the Amazing,  distant snow covered Mountains that existed before humanity.

Sometimes it is the gentle cool breeze that touches our ear and hearkens us to listen more attentively. Because our minds want to communicate as they did when We were the first footrace with the ability to evolve.

Our Wind’s Message was simply this…

From the Mountain You Are

to the Mountain You See

The Serenity and Eternal Presence

You Seek are not that far away

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.5.20


Loving Waters – Embracing Our Liquidity

EMBRACING OUR LIQUIDITY – Charlie Riverman Bergeron

This video was created as a Council Member of for the 3rdworldwide gathering

7 Days Of Rest 2020 … Day 6 – Envision
Learning the Wisdom of Life Enriching Diversity
Loving Waters Live on January 6 @ 1pm EST

It is an invitation to access and embrace how Our Liquid Self is always our most natural guide as WE Envision Our Future

And… What does this have to do with Diversity?
Ability to change forms and abilities in all circumstances it encounters.





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No More Secrets
Oh Dear Secrets…

how you have been so protected

for such a very long time

there in the darkness silently waiting

It is time now to be released and

May you open gently, yet bravely

for you cannot travel any further within me

Your purpose is no longer needed

for in Truth WE no longer fear you

Your power only kept us prisoner

So Bless You Dear Secrets…

May your Journey to Freedom

be received as a Gift from My Divine Heart

As MY SOUL Sets You Free

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.2.20

“Trust Yourself,
You will start to Trust Others.”
Santosh Kalwar


Action – Options – Destiny


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Action - Options- Destiny

Action – Options – Destiny

Do any of us have a plan of action that focuses on the positive outcome of our planet and each other.

Or perhaps we feel a bit confused right now with an overabundance of distorted information coming at us at an ever increasing rate of influx.

Our Presence Is Our Destiny…

to be fully present in all aspects

of Our Divine Self In Service

So how do we express that and what will it cost us…
Today’s first card is ACTION from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden

I know Source has given me intuition and Divine guidance.
I act for my good and the good of others.”

Another card from Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue this morning was OPTIONS that simply read “Consider the career possibilities that are open to you.”

The Teachings of Abraham follow with …
“There Is Enough Room for All Ideas and Experiences.”

The Card –  Orchid Priestess Of Destiny from the Kuan Yin Oracle was not read but I will place it here for your reflections.

“The Orchid Priestess of your highest spiritual destiny calls to you now, beloved.”

So May each of you be blessed on your unique journeys.

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