SOLstice Energy Message 6.20.18


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Today has been one in which I have had to speak out about the energies which are highly active because of the Solstice.
They are creating much separation and as I thought on their effect on people I realized that they were only responding to them from their lowest sense of who they are.

The negative energy is only in proportional response to the amount of positive energy which is being opened for our Divine Unification.

I was not sure whether to write or speak and so I chose to speak first as the frequencies and vibratory resonance of my voice was to be sent out from my heart.  Thereby establishing the Heart Resonance first whereupon all life forms would benefit even if not heard or read.


So the above Meme was written as I began the day on Social Media as I was feeling my own pain around what has happened to children all over the world for thousands of years not just in this time-frame we are experiencing.

It brought me to focus on not listening to my mind which was certainly being intentionally targeted in order to force a reaction and steal my energy.  To stop me from tapping into the Divine Diamond Light Codes which are coming through on this SOLstice.

As I settled back in to my Heart the message came to do the facebook live message which I now share with you All.

Solstice Message MP3 on yourlisten

Solstice Message Video on YouTube


Solstice Blessings


Trust During Chaos


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Trust During Chaos

On Friday the 15th my Presence of Light talk almost failed to happen as so much energy was being received and released that it was a huge challenge to bring myself back into a stable frequency.

As we are only moments away from our Solstice I wanted to put this out and encourage all to tap into the amazing trans-formative energies and codes which are being presented to each of us through the many opened Star-Gates.


The following is what I wrote in order to balance the hemispheres of my brain and proceed with doing the show. The links to listen are at the bottom of the page and May each of you receive abundantly exactly what is in your highest accord for activation.

Trust During Chaos 6.15.18

This morning I arose from the dreamtime in a state of contraction or what I would call deep density. Both physically and mentally.
Yet, I was not overly alarmed by the dreams but questioning what was happening to me physically.

After years of being challenged by transitioning in many forms I do not move into fear anymore but watch it as I would any energy form seeking to communicate with me.

I have been observing this all week but not able to participate in many conversations of what is arising in the hearts of humanity.

Many people are speaking yet I have been not able to tune in as if I’m being guided to stay on the outside perimeter of a bubble which is floating through space and time.

The is feeling of being outside of the bubble rather than within it is new for me as I have been somewhat within  a bubble of amazing transformation for the past 27 years.

Yesterday I was called to look at a rose in my little garden and see how beautifully the Light dissolved all the petals into a spiraling of the color red around a field of Golden Yellow

When I went to post it to social media these words came through

There is no separation
Each of us are a part of each other
In a Playground Of Love 

Each of us are now experiencing many things both physically and mentally as well as spiritually as gateways to other dimensions of ourselves are being, not just opened but de-energized so as no longer being obstructions to the evolution of not only humanity but all life forms here on Planet Earth of the 3rd Dimension.

Here is where the word Trust arose in me and spoke as my mind was struggling to figure it all out and I had not topic for this morning’s talk.
My pre-arranged plans for the day were all changed and I was feeling as if I was compressed… vacuum packed is what comes to mind as I wrote these words.




My human mind which questions everything in its search for information of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How immediately began to try and override the message and re-construct in a form which would be more fitting with its own algorithmic coding.

I then realized that the mind was reacting in the same ways as a small child by clinging on to what it is comfortable with during times of transition and trying to create a sense of purpose for which it would be rewarded and praised.

Usually when we are faced with things we don’t understand we ask ourselves one or more of those 6 words which I am now feeling as the StoryTellers.  Realizing how their power to rewrite Truth to serve the EGO in its ability to distort TRUST our Collective Evolution.

So my message this morning is really about Trusting Our SELF …
That SELF which is not in need of asking those 6 questions and which distorts TRUTH which is LIGHT.
Feeding energy to the chaos only serves to keep us separated from Our Light which is Our Truth.

So as we move forward it really is just about overriding those answers from the StoryTellers with LOVE because it is Light and Love we truly are.

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose – In The Light of Love
In The Light Of Love

In the light of love

we are whole

In the light of love

we are home
in the light of love

we heal and sing

Thy will be done

In the light of love.


Trust During Chaos Video on Presence of Light YouTube

Trust During Chaos MP3 on yourlisten


Happy Solstice


For the Failed Father’s


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This picture is of my own father holding me in his lap in the Boston Public Gardens when I was obviously not very old at all.
We can clearly feel a sense of love in his smile that has bypassed the pain and suffering of his own childhood and maturation into maledom.

Obviously I was not a year old and now I’m working on completing my 70th.

He was 41 and not expecting to have children nor did he want them as he was the oldest of 10 children in a time when the world crashed around him.
There was a love/hate energy between he and his father because he had to leave school before entering the 8th grade to help his mother take care of his younger siblings.

A very brilliant child whose dreams of the future were shattered and he never overcame the pain of that wound no matter how many successes and knowledge he achieved.

His story is in many different forms the background for what I have called the Failed Fathers of which I am one.

So I am writing on this Father’s Day as I think about my own daughter who has not spoken to me in over 20 years, who will turn 50 years old in August.


Many men are reflecting inward today thinking about their own fathers and their children.  Questioning in so many ways what they could have done better or why situations failed in spite of how much they loved their children.

This is not something new but has been ongoing for thousands of years in thousands of cultures. However today the Fathers of this world are being asked to heal their wounds.

Heal their wounds not only so that they may be free of their own pain and suffering but to change the Collective Patriarchal Insanity which is willing to sacrifice its future generations because of their inner misunderstandings.

Yes, I wrote it as misunderstandings because I’m not seeking to place blame on anyone. The blaming is only an outburst of that destructive fire which burns in the hearts of so many men. Partly in trying to find relief from our own pain.

WE see and feel when it arises and attacks those we love
WE feel more pain and suffering when it has scorched and burned
WE are tortured between two worlds that both seem to want to devour us
WE place blame on things outside of us which are mere circumstances
WE fail to look too far within ourselves because it is like facing Hell

A Hell that began when we were very young, perhaps even in infancy before WE could even recognize words or meanings.

So I share this today in hope that some who may read these words will be triggered to open that Pandora’s Box within them and begin to allow healing to flow into their hearts.

Allow that healing to flow from them firstly to those with whom amends can be made, in order to establish a pattern of gratitude and recognition that being a Male is not about conquering and accumulation at any cost.

The cost is always paid by the children who are born innocent.

And so I feel my energy shifting to Bless my daughter and offer her Divine Healing Grace. For she like all of us is a prisoner of thoughts that torture her and create hateful moments of pain.
Sometimes directed only in thought to herself but also in form to others and I have to accept some responsibility for all of it.

I AM the Divine Masculine who has not understood my True Meaning because it was perverted thousands of generations ago.

So GENTLEmen it is now time to reinvest in Our Sacred Self and heal first our own wounds and then bring forth the amazing True Power of the Divine Father we have never not been.

Love is not the eneny

May you each be Blessed on your journeys
I send you Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron


99999 – Reflection & Introspection


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99999 - Reflection & Introspection


99999 – Reflection and Introspection

99999 was the mileage reading on my car this Wednesday and on Thursday as I thought about the Presence of Light talk the words Reflection and Introspection came to mind.

Nine is the final number. It then represents a limit, the end, or an ultimate goal.
mathematical philosophers called nine the “finishing post” and “that which brings completion.”
Nine is 3 trinity’s and the principles of the sacred Triad taken to their utmost expression.

“Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated.”

“Introspection, as the term is used in contemporary philosophy of mind, is a means of learning about one’s own currently ongoing, or perhaps very recently past, mental states or processes.”

Those words would certainly sum up my E-motional Energy for this week.

I have quietly withdrawn from social media activity this week as I closed my Peace-Light-Love-Energy pages and feel a bit unsettled as to my future Spiritual and Energy direction.

Something has definitely changed this week and my ability to focus has been somewhat unnerving at best.
Having already been through many shifts and changes does not raise fear in me anymore but a stillness which is very expansive.

Cosmic is a word that comes to mind as I type this right now.

So for definitions these two struck me as close to what I am feeling… a combination of Physics and Philosophy.

As I was preparing for the talk and reading  through my emails the following notes were taken from a couple of interviews with others who were describing what they were experiencing and struck a chord within me.

Of  course writing this blog 5 days later I cannot remember who I am quoting so you will have to forgive my memory issues. However the energies of the words are what is most important as we are all assisting each other to reach and define our Divine Purpose.

Divine Union Within
Discovery of Inner Self

Sovereignty Within

Evolving Awareness of the Heart

Sun of God

Love Within not Outside


Stepping Away From The Old

Feeling Extremely Tired

Embodying Multidimensionality
Crystalline Consciousness

5D 7D 9D

Freewill is Honored

Old Realities Collapse

Empowerment to Choose a Reality
Love Light Divinity Pure Source Consciousness

Less Dense Less Inferior Reality Experience

Non Linear Consciousness

Unity Consciousness in the Now

Co-Creative Freedom

Links to the Audio and Video files…

99999 – Reflection & Introspection – MP3 file

99999 – Reflection & Introspection Video on YouTube


2018-06-06 08.47.44

Number 9 resonates with the Universal Spiritual Laws, a higher perspective, influence, benevolence and altruism, non-conformity, leading life as a positive example for others, influence, a higher perspective and expansive viewpoint, duty and calling, strength of character, philanthropy, humanitarianism and lightworking. Number 9 also denotes endings and conclusions.

Angel Number 999 brings a message that certain aspects of your life are coming to a close and/or an important phase or cycle is ending.
Angel Number 999 encourages you to express your unique, true self and weave love into every aspect of your life and base your life on the principles of acceptance, integrity, compassion and co-operation.

Realign with your heart and soul and discover your true nature and soul purpose. You have powerful energies within you and they are to be used for the betterment of your own life and that of others. Listen to your inner-yearnings and intuition and follow through with your highest ideals, insights and ideas. Trust that you will be able to find a comfortable balance between your material, family and spiritual paths.




Detachment and Renewal


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Detachment and Renewal.png

The Gift of Detachment is Renewal…
Oh how strange it is to keep this process from overwhelming us as we continue to unravel our lifespans.
I think We can each agree that we are all experiencing some level of transformation right now, whether it is external or internal and that it is the internal that We need be more concerned with.

SHEDDING OUR SKIN was the heading of a paragraph in an article about the Full Moon in Sagittarius written by Simon & Jennifer and the question at the end of the segment was…
“Ask yourself: How can you begin to define yourself from the inside out in a way that truly supports your ongoing process of healing?”

And as I prepared for my talk here is what appeared when I went looking for quotes that might resonate…
Clifton-Anderson-Quote-We-must-let-go-of-those-.jpgSo here are the links to the show…

Detachment and Renewal – MP3 Audio Version
Original Humanity Healing Video

Leading up to the talk I had also created a meme on facebook of a message I received in 2010 form My Higher Self and friends…
Re-Awakeningwhich offered up a couple of thoughtful replies which I will share here with thankfulness…
From JGP – looking in the mirror – a hard task

From JA – Basically Not Many Re Awaken and When YOU do YOU Freak Out and Go back to Sleep

So just remember that this process of renewal is a offer of transformation and even 2000 years ago it was written in the Bible as…
“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:1–2).

Many Blessings to you all and stay close to your Heart
during these confusing moments
embracing more deeply
that which is within us
that which is exactly what we need
to move through it all …

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


The Road of Life


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Road Of Life.jpg

There are moments in which I AM truly moved by the energies which are unfolding both within and around us.

That unfolding is actually the essence of all that we are… life forms which are consciously aware of their existence in a physicality.

How beautiful We truly are when we surrender to the Eternal Truth of our Presence of Light.

May each of you receive the Golden Messages which fill you with Joy and Peace when you least expect it.

Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman


Faith – You Are My Teachers


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Faith-You Are My Teachers.png
How much faith do we really have?
How does lack of faith affect us?
How do we restore it?

The Presence of Light talk that was not to be heard…
I Am going to post this as a written testimony to having Faith and not just giving lip service to it.

As I signed on to Facebook live and began my 30 minute weekly talk on Humanity Healing, I was without a clue that my microphone was not functioning although I did notice that the chat box on the right of my screen was not working, so that I could not receive any comments.
That never causes alarm for me as it happens regularly and so I dove into the Higher Dimension of myself and let it all roll with great faith that all was in order. Only to find out as I signed off that people were trying to tell me throughout the broadcast and I was completely oblivious to it all.

With that intro I will now share my notes for the show which I actually did write as reminders to keep me focused


I have to thank the Archangel for this topic and Dee for her posting of the card Faith, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Archangel Oracle – Faith

As I read the post (hyperlink above)  I copied several sentences which resonated with me.
…”It is easy to have faith when everything is running smoothly, but what about when it does not go as planned? It is hard to remain strong in faith when nothing seems to be going as you had hoped.

Faith is about trusting Spirit, especially in those times when everything seems as though it is going wrong.
Being human means our point of view is limited and our understanding is skewed and one sided.
From the view point of the Universe, everything is ins Divine and perfect order.
Everything is exactly how it should be and needs to be, to help you move to your rightful place on your path.

Do not pull back your energy and trust because things are not working out the way you thought they would.
Breathe, and trust what is. Allow yourself to let go, even if only a little at first, of any expectations you have.

This card is about restoring faith, but not just in Spirit. It is about restoring your faith in yourself, in your abilities, in your choices, and in your heart. It is about restoring your faith in your fellow and mankind as a whole. Some of the human experiences you have had have damaged your trust and faith. Spirit is holding out their hand to you, but it is up to you to find the faith within and to take hold of it, regardless of whether you do or not, Spirit is by your side every step of the way.”…

– Cheryl Lee Harnish

Thus began my own writing…
Our Faith is always being tested because it is based in belief.

Belief is the Acceptance that something is true or really exists.
Acceptance has several meanings…
An agreement to receive or agree to something
An exercise of power during an exchange

A surrender as a response rather than a resistance to what is occurring in our lives in any given moment.

Each of us are tested daily as to how we are interpreting our Faith yet we may not think of it in that manner.

Lately in the world around us there are many things which are constantly attacking our relationship to Faith and diminishing our abilities to think rationally or perform acts of compassion. Not only for others but ourselves.

It creates energies within us which sound like depression and sometimes feels like it but… it is not. It is only a small part of our adjusting to a deeper connection to the Truth within us.

Formless Truth

Since my messages usually stem from my own experiences I will share that this past week was extremely challenging in regards to my sense of purpose, self-acceptance and how my journey has any valid meaning.

A recent situation triggered all of this self-reflection in which expectations of me were not manifested in another person, who desired to speak with me regarding their personal issues. The confusion in our texting became the triggering of an uncomfortable feeling as to my engaging in a phone conversation with this person.

I was left with this self-reflective feeling of “How did I create this?” and although I exchanged my phone number there was still some energetic resistance which I could not ignore and the phone call was never done.

Having faith and trusting our intuition that somehow there is a teaching for us to experience and as well for the other person is sometimes not a pleasant ordeal.
However the ability to say No and understand, that our speaking was not in the best interest for either of us, was led by Faith not judgment.

This is a great lesson for us all as we are each seeking to find out who we truly are in this world of increasing awareness of falsity.
If nothing else is occurring right now the lies and fake news of the past are literally forcing an awakening of many humans.

ACIM Faith

Before the talk show I pulled these 2 cards together from an old box of “A Course In Miracles” Cards which are always on my desk.
They came out together and as you can see the message of Faith comes through.
When you truly surrender to not trying to figure it all out but keep trusting that you are always connected to something much more powerful than yourself.
The Guidance always comes through.

Herkimer Diamond

As I wrap this up… I offer you all the energies of this amazing Herkimer Diamond Bridge Crystal to assist you in whatever way you feel called.

Here also are some affirmations from The Sacred Space Mediation Card Intuition
by Elinor Von Linden

I follow my intuition, knowing the insight I receive provides me with security and love.
Trust and follow my inner knowledge.
I recognize the loving guidance I hear within my heart, as it guides me in wonderful ways.
I am aware of my inner power and I intend to live with peace and love.

As I was told by the person who so wanted to speak to me that I’m no Guru I said thank you and know in my heart that each of us are merely a mirror for each other.
We are both teachers as well as students.

Please remember that Faith is strengthened by willingness and that each of us are here to lift and support each other by sharing Peace, Light and Love… it is really so simple when we let it all go and have Faith.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Evolution Is Not Waiting


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This week like many I had nothing coming through until just before I went on the air at Humanity Healing/Presence Of Light. Yet just before I began I felt the heaviness of so many people who are now rising to greater levels.
So I began to reflect on that and the word re-setting and the talk created itself.


The following was written 27 years ago as part of re-setting my life after an NDE when I felt so very strange and was trying to make sense of what was happening to and around me.

The BEginning

I sit here perched on the branch, that separates fantasy from reality.
I have come through the darkness, into the light.
Isn’t “To be or not to be”, the question humanity have struggled with, for so many generations?
Is it worth the struggle?
For isn’t “To Be Simply to “Be”.
One cannot gauge, with any scientific measure, the scope of “To Be”.
It is everlasting knowledge,
It is spiritual peace,
It is All of the universe,
pulled together in one ray of light.
Traveling towards a destination from its divine origin.
To envision this, is only the BEginning.




Your life belongs to you. You owe no debt to the being that roused you to this second life.
Neither must you expect this being to guide you or benefit you in any way.
It will not. You must find your own way now.

A.A. Attanasio

Links to the show are below…

Evolution Is Not Waiting MP3 @ yourlisten

Evolution Is Not Waiting Video @ YouTube




6 more Memes from Riverman


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Enjoy my little moments of fun on facebook where the messages need to be quick and pertinent to the moment.

Many words come through in regards to what is happening to us all both within and around us.
Capturing them and giving them a place to reside has always been fun for me with my photographs but here in this form they have no competition.

Much Peace, Light and Love


Mothers – Healing – Care – Compassion


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Light of New Dawn

I sit and fight with writing this for it is a deeply resonating issue that I have become more aware of as I embrace my own life history, in order to attain a better understanding of the shadows which are arising within me.
We celebrate Mothers Day on the Second Sunday in May here in the US along with 65 other countries around the world.

It is also held in every month of the year somewhere around the world depending on certain sacred days and local customs.
For this one day we raise women up and honor them as Mothers.

I now take a sad turn as I think of my own mother and the many women who do not get any recognition for being the embodiment of the Sacred and Divine Womb of Life they have been since our human incarnations began.

Throughout the world, on every day of the year and for over thousands of years they have had to endure patriarchal teachings which have forced them into submission and a form of self-denial which for many becomes micro-suicide wherein it threatens their physical and mental health.

So the words HEALING – CARE – COMPASSION arose as I felt into what might be said to the world to encourage each of us to deepen our understandings of the Divine Mother which each great grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter represent.

What do I say to other men who are trying to figure out why their lives are empty and they have become so greedy and it doesn’t satisfy them anymore

MOTHER is much more than the person through whom we were born into life
SHE is the Divine Feminine Rising in us all

The talk and a beautiful message below the links…
Mothers-Healing-Care-Compassion – YourListen MP3

Mothers-Healing-Care-Compassion – YouTube Video

As one who has chosen to be in service to the Divine Mother…
The following message arose within me while editing this photograph of this painting done by Visionary Artist Katherine Skaggs
which I had the privilege of watching her create live
during Love Lives Here: 40 Days Of Reconnection

! Katherine Skaggs Painting Message !

My Beloved Children of Light
As you dive into your passionate Hearts
know that you are always swimming within Mine
We are never separated in any moment of your journey

This Radiance that you encounter before you
even when you close your eyes, so as not to see
cannot ever be quelled or diminished
nor can it ever be overpowered by any falsity

For I sit before you to remind all Humanity
of the beauty and magnificence each of you truly are
as well as the Brilliance you are to emanate
as We join our Energetic Expressions in Unity

Call on me when you are weakened or fearful
know that I AM always within you and around you
to soothe and comfort you or lift you up
from all that You may encounter on behalf of the Whole

Blessed Ones bathe and then don the colors before you
knowing that within Your Truth the rainbow shines
and that each of you are gathered here now
to remember and bring forth
Your Gifts
of Re-Connection

~Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.1.18

Inspired by the 5.1.18 painting of Katherine Skaggs