LOVING WATERS & Love Lives Here: Earth Day Edition


Dear Friends,

You may have noticed that I have been posting Water Poems and Pictures and there is a very interesting reason.

It has been a commitment I made as a Council Member of  Loving Waters to participate is this world-wide event sponsored by Good of the Whole

Welcome to Love Lives Here: 2019 EARTH Day Edition and tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard! This is your Daily Digest for the 8 Days of igniting PLANETARY LOVE for the good of the whole.

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Droplets On Green Leaves


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Droplets on Green Leaves 600w

Droplets on Green Leaves

So many tiny glass-like beads
gathered along each outstretched leaf
reminding us of our precious connection
to all the waters of the world in which we live

Each one is but a delicate natural mirror-ball
in which we find ourselves waiting patiently
to be shaken loose from our attachments
and separated state of beingness

We water droplets yearn to be shaken,
to be cast off from our perches, to reach the earth
where we can be absorbed by Mother Earth
and fulfill our roles as a source of precious hydration

Our natural loving expression of wetness
in this arid world of voided presence
cries out to all living beings
to come and quench their thirst.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.10.19


Daily Water Reflection


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Daily Water Reflection 600w.jpg

Daily Water Reflection

In the stillness of the morning
with the waters not yet stirred
the sun slowly moves across its surface

Rising and lengthening in a purposeful pattern

This daily ritual seeks not an audience
yet it allows all those who pass by
a moment of sacred contemplation

Silently reconnecting their heart to its source

A trail of Light that beckons them all
into breathing more slowly and quietly
so as not to disturb an ancient remembering

Now deeply felt and acknowledged as unification

This daily ritual of sweet remembrance
stays within our bodies radiating Unity
as we turn away and begin our daily routines

Our busy-ness of collective separation

Forgetting except in brief moments of fond recall
our fragile longing to return to the water’s edge
where our illusions disappear in the shining reflections

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.10.19


Wanting – Not Present


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Wanting - Not Present

An interesting word arose this morning as I looked through the past week and how my emotional level had many peaks and valleys.


Definition of “wanting”

Not present or evident – absent

Lacking ability or capacity – deficient

Audio MP3 Replay on

Video Replay on Presence Of Light YouTube

An interesting word as I looked through the past week and saw how my emotional level had way too many peaks and valleys.
Of course in every week, we have many issues where our trust of self and the expression of that, has an opportunity to leave us questioning.

The word “wanting”  rolls out of that scanning and my first question was, Is it wanting in the sense of or meaning of desire?” And if so, “Was it about desiring something and not receiving it?”

Then I looked deeper into what was happening over the past week and recognized that many of my conversations with people were about loss. The loss of a loved one, the loss of abilities, the loss of hope as well as their sustainability.

These are such very interesting and trying times in our human evolutionary process.
We are being challenged by none other than our Higher Selves to be free of this “wanting”.

So let’s look at what we have been going through recently…

Each of us are facing the patterns and traumas of our lifetime and are finding it no longer easy to keep stuffing them back into what I love to call Pandora’s box.

Yes all of these little evils or moments when we lived backwards (evil is live spelled backwards) or were forced to suppress our living in an unending progression are seeking release.

In our hearts we want to let them all be free, to release them with forgiveness.

Yet the painful remembrance keeps us in a loop that seems unchangeable as well as unforgivable.

Common sense

So first we need to understand that this little Pandora’s box that holds all of these energies lies deep within the marrow of our bones on a cellular level.

That this is the root cause of our wanting.

Is keeping us from fully seeing and actualizing our True Self.

It creates the illusion that we are not being seen or heard for who ‘WE TRULY ARE’ and fearful of what others might think if we were seen in that amazing energetic presence.

When we can begin to understand on a deeper level that everything that has happened to us is not us who we are but a memory of what happened to us we are able to undo and free ourselves from this feeling of “wanting”.

So how do we do this?

First let us just drop into a quiet place of stillness, right here right now.

Take a moment to close your eyes and soften your breath.

Allow yourself to feel your physical body.
Feel your breathing, feel your heart beat, feel the places of your bodies holding pain or uncomfortable emotions.

Begin to recognize that physical body you are observing. This is your mind which observes, records, and organizes all of your bodily functions.

Now focus on the top of your head and look for a point of space where your hands would come together above your head.

This point is where the True you begins… this is Ground Zero for who you Truly Are.

Feel the difference of that energy there and notice it in comparison to the energy below it in your body.

Move your thinking mind to the surface of mother earth beneath your feet and think of the energy below your feet and what that feels like.

Slowly bring yourself back into your everyday awareness.

Welcome back!

That experience we just went on is common throughout all teachings of our multi-dimensionality. It is a key to our freedom from wanting.
At the lower level below our feet mother Earth operates on its own accord in spite of all that we do on her surface.

At the higher level above us there is a sense of vast openness perhaps you might have seen some white light or even felt lighter as in  less dense.

Most of those moments were recorded in the brain which was stuck here in the middle and if we think about it, we begin to realize that there was no wanting, there was just experiencing.

So I want you to think about that this week, I want you to think about experiencing in the moment.

Give that mind of ours something to play with, a question.
The question is…”What would life be like if you decided to help me open and release…
all of my thoughts about pain and suffering.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.12.19


Transition and Integration


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Transition and Integration


ANGEL NUMBER 644 from ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes

“Your life mission requires that you be your authentic self and work on your life purpose and path”

Reminding us that our focus on the material world is creating an interference which is counter productive to our Universal Self.

As a result of this focus which is enhanced by our obsession with controlling the planet and all of it life forms we are continually setting ourselves up for failure.

Our Angels and Guides are encouraging us be patient, to ask for assistance when stuck and deepen our connection with them.

To focus more deeply on committing our energy to our intentions which align with that Universal Self and make them more of a priority.

Audio Replay MP3 on

Video Replay on YouTube


DREAM MAKER card from Sacred Space Meditation Cards
“The Universe blends everything in a harmonious way.”

Reminds us that the although the past of the Universe is recorded, it is not relived but transitions into Newness without losing any energy.

This is Evolutionary processing which is constantly in motion and never static.

Something we as humans need to be reminded of constantly is that our own life process is always one of transition and integration.


Slow Balanced Growth




Light of Consciousness

Divine Love

Spiritual Gratitude

Living In Grace

Overcoming Separation

True Essence


Awakening From Unpleasantness


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Awakening From Unpleasantness

This Presence of Light Talk arose out of my dream state just before becoming fully awake

Awakening From Unpleasantness

What’s coming Up

711 Sacred Scribes – Joanne

You are reminded also that the emotion of gratitude will speed the process of your manifestations, so remember to acknowledge and be grateful for all the blessings entering your life.

Angel Number 711 encourages you to maintain a positive attitude towards your life’s happenings, and keep up your prayers, visualizations and positive affirmations.

Angel Number 711 is a powerful, spiritual message from the angelic and spiritual realms. Pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas as they are revealing the answers to your prayers and are giving you intuitive guidance in regards to the next steps on your Divine Life Path

The following is what I jotted down quickly after awakening and before I would forget the details of the dream I was in.

Old Anger
Trying to please others

All of those adding up to Emotional Abuse which became my awakened perception.

Here are links to listen or watch…
Audio Replay – Mp3 on
Video Replay on YouTube

Below are the Show Notes:

Awakening is uncomfortable at times and yet we need to allow the processing of our past experiences become a means in which “WE” breakthrough 
all of the emotional abuse we have endured and allow it to be released.

Perhaps we should start with PERCEPTION which is basically observing something, then creating a mental image based on our mental abilities at any point in our lifetime.

Of course the younger we are the less ability we have to store the energetic information, of what we are experiencing in a way that will be understandable, as we mature and create a greater ability to relate to our existence in this human body.

Even while in the womb of your Mother I want each of you to remember that you were, an amazing Spiritual Being, moving into a physical form and you were receiving energetic information that was being recorded.

Your genetic coding was also being aligned and activated so that you could become a human being and experience this 3rd dimensional existence we call Life.



So let us begin to look around us right now in the world and what are we witnessing every day… whether directly involved physically or not.

Look at your News and Media Communications
at your Country’s Leadership
at your Industries
at your Co-Workers
at your family members

Each are a source of some kind of emotional abuse or
Energy in Motion that is Abusive to us on some level

Our first response is … well you just can’t run and hide from it or go be a hermit.

When we don’t know what to do with it or can’t express it we stuff it into our cellular structure and energetically lock it up.

So what is really going here now in our evolutionary path is we are all reaching a point in which it is time to release all, or at least a major portion, of this very limiting and distressful background of our trapped energy we have been continually stuffing.

Below is a wonderful message from Kuan Yin through

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild
#43 Vale Of Shadows

A lotus blossoms with deep rich mud into which she plunges her roots and draws great nourishment. From this mud, made of water and earth, growth happens and great beauty is revealed. Your Soul lotus thrives through depth of emotion and aliveness of your body into which she can plant her Self and unfold as a lotus of light.”

Your Soul Lotus is Blossoming.”
Kuan Yin Oracle



Mountain Fog and Rain


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Can we ever begin to embrace all of life as a gift…
especially the gray and rainy days 
where the lines between fog and clouds are inseparable
Let us be the Light which waits behind it all
to shine even brighter as it all moves across our sky


WATER and LIGHT for World Water Day


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Water and Light

Today I want you to Celebrate Water.

Because we are Water
Water and Light

When we think about today being world water day

we have to think about how each and every one of us rely on water to live in these physical bodies.

It isn’t so much the water outside of us that is most important it’s the water within us that we are.

Around the World we are all more consciously aware now of how Water has become both scarce and polluted so that humans and all life in those areas are suffering and dying.

I want to talk more about how We can deepen our conscious relationship with it.

Because what’s more important is how it serves us in being the highest self we can be.

Audio Replay MP3 on YourListen

Video Replay on Presence of Light YouTube

WAITAHA Water Prayer

Let my spirit, my deep mind travel
to the spaces in between the water patterns
Let my heartbeat echo the tinkle and bell sounds
of the water deep inside of my body
Let me hear the memories of the Gods and Goddesses
Let me hear the memories of the Angels, and Ancestors
Let me send my voice into every atom of water that is in me,
Water that is in front of me, behind me, around me, above me
Let all the forms of water hear my resonance in this time and forever 
carry my blessings and wishes
to the highest mountains, to the Heavens
Then let all the living and the dying creatures and humans
hear the sounds of the joy of creation resonating
in every sentient form in this universe and others
to be the sound that sings forever and eternal
in the mind song of Creation
(Author Unknown)

Traditionally the Waitaha Nation are a Matriarchal people who followed the philosophies of Peace known as Rongomaraeroa, the entity of Peace. Incidentally there have been no weapons of war found in the oldest archeological sites in our land of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The Waitaha are some of our Ancestors which dwelled in South Island of New Zealand over 2000 years ago before Maori settlement and some were “known as the Starwalkers”
The Waitaha People

Which brings us to another fact that some of the water on our Planet Earth is older than our Sun and was Water which formed in our Greater Universe, gathering here as it was forming.

Water And Light
We are composed of Water and Light although we do not necessarily acknowledge that in our mass consciousness.

So Please Honor these aspects of yourselves and deepen your relationship as to how you express them.

No Water… No Life
No Light… Darkness

A simple Water Blessing anyone can do anywhere and anytime
I Love You
I Thank You
I Respect You



To Resist or Not Resist


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To Resist or Not Resist

WOW!!! it has been a longer span of what we call time since I posted my Presence Of Light talks. This talk was broadcast on the 15th of March and I have certainly been in a vortex of energies which reflect not resisting.
However I feel the need to ground a little bit more now and focus on those parts of my life which nourish me.

Here the Links to listen to this Talk…
Audio MP3 Replay @ YourListen

Video Replay @ my Presence Of Light – YouTube Channel

Here are the raw show notes…

Should I Resist or Not Resist

To quote from, The Silence of the Mind by Ilie Cioara an Eastern European Mystic
“Do not resist anything you encounter:

Thoughts, desires, emotions: just listen and watch;

They appear automatically from the baggage of your mind,

Old and countless residues, deceitful and stupid.”

There is always a point where we experience resistance,
however it is only then that the question arises,

“Should I Resist or Not Resist”

Therefore resistance is a response to
an occurrence not an intention of creation

In electronics “resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines” – Wikipedia

For me my resistance is usually coming from a place of fear. And not necessarily one I might truly understand.
As a matter of fact lately it seems to be the latter of those places.

So let us Innerstand that Fear and Resistance are linked in many ways
and if we can manage our fears we can let go of our resistance.
SO I offer you that… Perhaps it is all about Resisting our Fear

The other day I wrote a meme for facebook…

Questioning Hearts
Everyone of us who are now
Living from Our Heart are

questioning everything that was
told & sold to us. ~ Riverman

It came about as I was awakened at 222 AM by my Guides and basically told that I could not do a simple job I was about to do because it would be in violation of my integrity.

I said WHAAAT?

Never before in my life have I been so abruptly confronted by Spirit that fear began to flow and my resistance rose to encounter these most beautiful beings which have guided me for so many years.

I knew in that moment I was resisting and would eventually block out their message without fully listening or trying to understand it.
I knew that if they awakened me at 222 it was an important message and that I should listened very closely as it was going to be a game changer for sure.

It was then I knew that there would be a lot of changes coming and they would be placed for me to step through as I strengthened my self-respect and honoring of my integrity.

No it was not going to be a piece of cake but it would be worth far more than they could express to me in human language.

So this is where we all are right now… at the threshold of something never before experienced

if we are willing to not resist.
It is about Creation on new levels and in order to do that we must set Intentions into motion
and if we are constantly in a state of resistance
we are in a state of conflict where the Intention gets blocked.

For thousands of years We have been told who we are and how we are to be

in a collective we have named Society
the state of being together with other people
and throughout it all there has been resistance


Our old teachings say that once we can manage our fears, we can then see that progress is impossible without resistance. Resistance is the challenge we need to overcome in order to progress.
But what if that was not the Truth but a construct created to limit us so that a few would prosper and grow while most would fail due to a lack of Trust in themselves.

When we question all that we have ever encountered and failed at we might first feel it as a lack of Trust.
A lack of Trust in ourselves and Our Spirit Guides

Our Trust is a connector in order to receive more of what we are focusing on.
When Our Trust in anything fails we are hurt EnergImotionally

and we begin to withdraw our energies our creations to soothe the source of our sufferings.

In all of the above we are making a choice which can be chosen in a different form

not to resist or not resist something
but to acknowledge it all as scenery alongside the roads we are traveling
Perhaps we can begin to see become a blur as we pick up speed
and honor it without fear
fully knowing in our hearts that integrity and honesty within ourselves

is the only energetic fuel that can create our release from Fear and Resistance

Thank You all for Being here during this amazing process of our evolution – Riverman


Equinox of March 2019

Rising Moon 3.19.19

Blessings of Light to All

I was awakened by Light this morning.
The light of a brilliant setting of an almost Full Moon and the rising of a new day’s Sun.

Yes, I get told by some that they do not rise or set … the Earth turns.
However I’m a poet and find that factual statement so uninviting.

This talk was my first live talk on my YouTube Channel as I felt a calling to step further into my being uncomfortable with being seen and heard publicly.

So the Equinox message was to step out anyway and not worry about how I appear or what I sound like. As I listened afterward I heard myself speaking of the Solstice rather than the Equinox and had to laugh at my error .

Years ago my brain was rewired from my NDE and what would be termed today TBI… Traumatic Brian Injury so my 3D memory has to search in a very convoluted way to find information as I speak.

I’m always being corrected by many well meaning people and told I can correct this memory issue… however it was a gift from my guides so that I would see and speak from my heart not my head.

Anyway I AM here to share Peace, Light and Love with you all and hopefully to spark your real memory about who you truly are and encourage you to be seen and heard.

Let’s all let go of the fear of judgment and stand tall in our True Light in order to bring about the balance that has been corrupted and stolen from us.

Here is the link to the video … my first attempt… I’m a Virgin again… and I Love It.
May each of you become Virgins and try something for the first time as we move in rhythm with the Universe in its Evolution

YouTube Live Video

For those who prefer Audio

MP3 Audio Version on yourListen