Momentary Patterns Realigning


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Momentary Patterns Realigning

The energies of our entire planetary experience are rapidly moving into new forms.

Sometimes at a rate that cannot be fully understood or described, which leaves us in extreme emotional states.

I find the word radiance appropriate as morning sunlight pours into me from an easterly facing window.

How joyous we become when a sunny day appears in a long series of cloudy ones.

It realigns our energy and feeds us with the Light Energy we need in order to function in better emotional balance.

Our bodies are always in the process of recalibration, and our minds are always recalibrating how they will adapt without over-reacting to the external electromagnetic influx.

What invariably happens to us is we become periodically overwhelmed and need to spend more time in nature or a creative project where our minds are shifted into a higher vibrational frequency of creative flow.

Everything is further enhanced during the Full Moon, and the Water within us is brought into alignment with the Light to strengthen our energetic experience more deeply.

Add to that the many planetary and star alignments whose cycles create patterns which are another source of energetic patterning and we whose processes are independent of human logic or control. Here we are in this mixing bowl of experience.

So in case, you may feel a bit confused right now, today’s message is to remain as calm as you possibly can while it all realigns our sub-atomic particles and photonic crystal light.

Let us honor that we are far more than human bodies made of flesh and bone and remember that technology continues to play in our energy fields.

Our bodies do not fully understand the many uncomfortable distortions that will occur, and we will adapt to them.

We are far more flexible and resilient to these shifts and changes than we have been allowed to understand.

Our ancient ancestors understood it quite well and utilized it to co-create great civilizations, which are now becoming revealed in tiny trickles to create more chaos than we are already experiencing.

The key to all of this Pattern Realignment is to dive deeper into your inner waters and trust that what we become aware of is not here to destroy us but strengthen our immunity to future collective reconstruction.

Let us all find ways to reinforce what we might call the energetic frequency of Love.

“When we live in the love vibration, our energy resonates at a high frequency, and we express the God-qualities of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, respect, generosity, joy, peace—all that inspires, empowers, and enhances life. The love vibration lifts us to a higher state of consciousness and frees us of the thoughts, feelings, and actions that minimize and victimize us.” Shirley Marshall, Ph.D.

So I ask us all to stop the fear and focusing on lack and become brilliant vortices of Love and Light during these very challenging moments of our Greater Evolutionary Procession and Momentary Patterns Realigning.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.26.21

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Snow Moon Water 2.27.21


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Called by Spirit to the top of Mt Agamenticus and offering a ceremony of Love and Gratitude to the Waters for All.


 Water in all forms 
 has a living presence 
 We are also that Water 
 within our form 
 Every molecule of Water within us 
 is an ancient traveler 
 It is in liquidity
 that all transformation is seeded
 The intention of transformation 
 becomes transmutation 
 As we return to our liquidity
 before entering back into form 
 Let us honor our liquidity
 and flow without hesitation 
 around all obstacles 
 In order to nourish and fulfill 
 All that we call life in form 
 Every form embraces Water molecules 
 as a part of its journey through time and space 
 From the opening of Our Hearts 
 to the embracing of Water in all forms 
 It is the call that every human is now hearing 
 In order to receive and accept 
 its perfect balance once again 
 Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1/3/21 
 Inspired by Malini Rajendran 


Serving Light With Love


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Today’s message is about being in service to each other and all of Life here on our Mother Earth.

Sometimes it is not very easy to define what that might be. Yet, each of us has a responsibility to try and identify what that might mean for us individually and collectively.

The extreme cold weather that has engulfed the United States recently has brought me to realize that we as humans are very vulnerable and need to respond with Love to each other.

For me, it all began with thinking how grateful I am for the physical comfort I enjoy.

Yes, there are moments when it isn’t always a joyous moment, yet I have deep Gratitude for surviving all the hardships in my Life.

Yes, there are some scars, both physical and emotional, yet I have been allowed to offer others the Light of my Highest Self to others with a profound Loving Energy.

We talk about Love and Light a lot, yet how often do we take time to just send it to others without being asked.

It begins within your hearts as Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

“There is always something to be grateful for, even when life is hard and times are tough.” – Daily Om

These words hit me straight on as the first words I read this morning and brought me to thinking about how I have been through so much in my lifetime …

All of which has helped me to realize how Gratitude comes from acceptance.

Acceptance brings us to a place of Peace.

When we are at Peace within ourselves, it is much easier to offer others Love and Compassion because it dwells within our hearts.

Life is full of ups and downs, tragedies, and joyous happenings.

Each of us shares in the same dramas at different levels and timeframes within our lifespans.

Nobody escapes the journey of Life





None of us come into these bodies with full remembrance of who and what we indeed are on what we might call a Divine Level.

And as soon as we leave the waters of our mother’s wombs, we are entering into a physicality that cannot survive on its own.

Light transmuted into Form and needs others’ care to bring us to a place where we can function in physicality and alignment within a fantastic structure.

Let us look at each other as having had this same experience and coming from this same source.

Let us look at each other as Light rather than a physical entity.

Let us respect that Light in each other as the Light which is within us and who we indeed are.

Let us Love each other as infants who need guidance and nurturing to survive their evolution as a larger body we call Humanity.

And in doing so… acknowledge the Light and Love We Are and have always been and will always be when we are not in physical form.

Let us let go of the stories we have told each other and ourselves, which keep us separated from each other and Serve the Light in each other with Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.19.21


Rising Moon 2.26.21


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Each Rising Moon
that captures our attention
is another Sacred Heartbeat

Reminding us
to embrace and celebrate
the simplicity of Our Joy

That arises
within synchronicity
and the Delightful Brilliance

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.26.21


Celestial Self


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Celestial Self

The part of our awakening that is becoming more solidified within our thinking presence is that we have what some call a celestial self.

Only a small part of who we truly are is manifested in the physical form.

We are given this opportunity to experience physicality, yet we are so much more.

Our celestial body is the total of all the wisdom, all the compassion and all the love

that cannot be fully expressed here in our physical form.

Within our Journey of Awakening there is indeed a radiance and perfection that manifests from Our Higher Shining Celestial Body.

Let us now continue the process of looking to that Self for guidance and inspiration in all of our future expressions.

Charlie Riverman 2.24.21


Change – New Energy


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Change – New Energy

Softly shifting into a peaceful flow
We journey into our multi-dimensional Self
which has no limits or boundaries

Oftentimes the expansiveness
Is overwhelming yet balanced

It is a re-connection to our primordial
and most expansive beingness
from this center point of Diving Grace

All possibilities for change
and all ways of manifestation
are waiting to be called forth
into our 3rd dimensional physical form

Each of us are the manifestations
individually and collectively

For We are both of these
within every time frame
and frequency of density

Our liquidity is the Golden Key
that opens All Hearts
to receive All New Energy

Now gathering to propel Humanity
into the Highest Frequency of Change

Our Allowance of Change
is only restricted by the lack of
Our Zero Point – Self-Awareness

Inspired by Malini Rajendran

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.18.21




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Home is where the heart is Celebrate Love

Joy – Angel Ramaela
“Joy is food for the soul, the aroma of eternal ecstasy wafting on Heavenly air. Ramaela (raw-May-el-a) flies on wings of Joy and the buds of spring burst forth from her creative fires.” Kimberly Marooney – Angel Blessings

Joy is truly natural.
It is the sign within that tells us
everything is running smoothly.
Joy has no thought process;
it is a natural response to a lack of mental interference.
Transformation is like moving
when minds are focused and tranquil,
our hearts become more powerful
keeping Love alive creates Joy
there is no separation between Love and Joy
in that moment when we radiate a joyful energy field that everyone feels

How many times do we have to stop and search for Joy
or more commonly look for moments of happiness.

Or look for something to shift our focus into a place of more Light.
Let us look at Joy as being the emotional energy of Light.

We don’t need to study anything to try to figure it out.

As I sit and contemplate the word Joy this morning, I realize that Joy isn’t something that we acquire or is something outside of us.
Joy dwells within us.

We can’t buy or sell Joy; however, what we can do and what we indeed do is create Joy.

Not only can we create it within ourselves. It is highly contagious, and we can also inspire its creation in others around us.

So what are the aspects of Joy?

Joy is like a Bubbling Brook always flowing, making happy sounds or like a bird who sings for no reason just because it’s there.

Most of us find ourselves in a place where we are overthinking everything, and, in that process, we are creating a negative field of energy.
When we are in a negative field of energy, Joy is less likely to appear.

Part of our journey right now as we move through 2021 is to access higher levels of positive energy outside of the ones that we create within us.

Sit and think about what brings you Joy or what makes you feel joyous.

Allow that to become your attractor field, as in what attracts you to it,
and what you attract to yourself, much like a magnet.

As we become more of a magnet for Joy, what we will find is that we will also emanate more Joy.

All of this is a natural process of living life as human beings because we were also Angelic beings before becoming human.

Now I know a lot of you may not believe in Angels or what we understand as Angels. However, each of us has the capacity and the energetic frequency of Angels in our higher dimensional self.

Do you welcome Joy into your life?

Do you know that knowledge, truth, and vision are also forms of Joy and that joyfulness is energizing our creative processes?
Which automatically attunes you to Angels.

The popular image that we have of Angels are of those who are creatively playful. Many pictures of Angels are also strong and protective, but even they have a playfulness.

That playfulness is Joy!
When we lose our playfulness, we become captives, if you will, in a world where Joy is looked upon as not being serious or committed to a particular project.

This entrainment of humanity has created the chaos that you see in society right now. We have focused ourselves on protection and weapons and power and ownership, and at that moment, we gave away Our real power of Joy to others.

Real Joy does not come from someone else, although their Joy may encourage it to appear within you.

Joy is offering our true self to another, and this is what the Angels are asking us to do today.

To become as little children who don’t try to figure things out in order two overpower someone else, they enjoy the process of wonder.

Everything can become anything, for they live in a world of many possibilities.

If we become as children once again, The Angels of Joy will surround us and assist us in everything we do.

When we forget, we will immediately notice the difference in our energy in what we’re doing.

The energy and processes we emit when we no longer tap into the Joy within us become denser, and we tend to struggle.

Angels are the messengers of Joy and gladness and what they are saying to us today is that even your most trivial aspects of life have a song that can brighten your day.

If we only begin once again to look for Joy and simple expressions of brilliance, the Light within everything we’re doing, will lighten us to the place where Joy flows like an eternal River from the source of higher dimensional business.

I was reminded by a friend last night of a mighty River that carved its way from the top of a mountain to the ocean. No matter what came to be an obstruction in its path, it kept gurgling and singing all the way, no matter what it embraced in its course.

The message is when we let go of what our obstacles are and embrace the rippling and gurgling of the moment, we begin to realize that no matter what happens in our lives, we always have had opportunities to focus on Joy and share it with others.

I know it’s hard for many of us who are embracing the loss of loved ones, the loss of our financial stability, the loss of our health to sit and think we can be joyous at this moment. However, when we trust that Higher Self, our higher Angelic Self will begin a shift.

It is what we place our trust in that makes the difference in our lives.

When we trust in the world rather than trust in Spirit, we get what is offered by the world, for in the physical world, there is a struggle and there is hard work, yet in the Spirit world, there is Joy.

I guess the Angels’ message today is to take a look within yourselves and ask yourself: What am I aligning with and what am I trusting in and see the direct connection to what I’m feeling.

My message is always that we are continually being presented a point of choice, to Choose Again. Choose Joy!

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


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Loving Is


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Loving Is that magical moment
Wherein we embrace all of life
every form and expression of creation

Each of us working through
A collective of unique moments
That hold us as captives of the unknown

Each of us a mirror of each other
In which we do not want to recognize
the unsettling collective trauma

Let us Imagine the energetic potential and power
each of us have to share from our hearts
In the absence of all obstacles

It is our loving hearts
that see beyond the mirror
into the bliss, joy and wonder
of our Eternally Divine Selves

It is there within us
There in that forever moment
of joyous recognition and peace
that we become the glorious,
the unimaginable and perfect Love

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.14.21


Seeking Peace


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Seeking Peace
We gather within our Heart

Each of us joining together
through the Liquid Love
that flows from Source

Each molecule of 3rd dimensional existence
is eager and excited to bond
and co-create a physical existence

Oh, how precious is Peace
for it is not just a word or a feeling

It is a dimension of energetic existence
that emanates from the Source of All Beingness

There are no distractions within Peace
only what we bring into it
from outside of its perfection

Leave all of that confusion
and misunderstanding behind you
as you embrace stillness and perfection

Remembering that you are
The Flourishing Peace of Unconditional Love

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.11.21

Inspired by Malini Rajendran


Opening Hearts


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Opening Hearts

Good morning and grand rising to each of you around the world as we move forward into newness.

This morning, I think about humanity, and it amazes me how our existence’s fragmentation right now creates an extraordinarily fragile experience. This fragility is based upon what we have been told, rather than being open to the truth of what we are experiencing.

Each of us feels a mixture of hope versus depression, and it is hard to visualize what our future will be like. At this moment, we are all living within peaks and valleys that energetically are challenging everyone, at every level of consciousness.

The positive message from this confusion is that we are all coming to a zero point, where we have an opportunity to find a pathway out of this dilemma.

All of which is an energetic global action, meaning that all life forms are experiencing this together, be they human or animal or even plant life.

Whether from fear or worry or desire to be together and embrace each other, all of the energies now being produced actively create a new energetic paradigm. However, this is a new beginning, not an ending.

What does a new beginning look like for you?

Are you genuinely desiring something better?

Is it more important to continue struggling and trying to fix what is broken?

The time right now is basically to take out the trash.

Look around yourself and see what negativity you have collected, whether intentionally or not, and now seek to check out the garbage.

Humans have a remarkable capability to overthink everything. Our creative mind always enamors us, and it’s the ability to want to lead us in new directions.

Now is the heart’s time.

We must lead each other from our hearts, from what the heart feels rather than from what the mind thinks.

Open your heart’s energy field as wide as you possibly can.

To do this isn’t very comforting for most people. For thousands of years, we have been shutting down and building walls around our hearts.

That process has created opportunities for isolation and control by others, and right now, we are experiencing that at its highest level.

We need to open our hearts and re-learn how to love each other, for we have distanced ourselves from our remarkable ability to love and embrace each other in kindness and joy.

This isolation of being separated physically creates thoughts that are not only destructive but poisonous. The poison now needs a remedy, much like the virus that has overcome the world needs a cure.

The current coronavirus is genuinely an influential teacher, which if it fails in its lesson of teaching us, our separation and self-destructive behaviors will not end. Its message will then be passed on to future generations about the ending of our lives and civilization.

I know it is hard for everyone to keep their heart open, but this is the only way we can find our way out of this desperate hole of distress that is swallowing us and destroying lifetime upon lifetime of co-creative existence.

Each one of us has a fantastic ability within our hearts to make a difference with minimal effort. The only step we need to take is to allow ourselves to release the pain and suffering we experience when it arises.

Do not continue swallowing it or stuffing it, or justifying it.

It is a poison far greater and more deadly than the coronavirus, and the virus is only the vehicle for it to be seen and heard, and felt.

As we enter the month of February, we are once again changing seasons. Whether we’re north or south of the equator, every season brings us an opportunity to focus on our living experience.

Supposing we attune to planet earth’s natural cycles more closely within our own physical and mental experiences.

We will then automatically come back into alignment with a natural process that has kept planet earth alive far longer than humans have been on it.

We have genuinely distorted our relationship over the thousands of years of our existence here, and we are now paying the price for it.

So, it is really an imbalance that we have created, mostly without our Higher Conscious choice.

We have just been fascinated with our overwhelming ability to generate and admire ourselves in this very selfish collective behavior as an awakening species of Mother Earth.

Let us become less aggressive now and create processes to realign ourselves, making a less destructive process that needs to be shared with others.

Let us come back into a rhythm once again with Mother Earth’s cycles in our own personal and physical bodies. It is in remembering that we have this incredible ability and intelligence to change everything in the world.

It is not beneficial to anyone when we destroy the world to create a new world.

Come back into your heart and release what no longer serves you or any other living beings.

Yes, it will be challenging. However, as I always say, we are the most amazing of creator beings here on this planet, and we have all the power we need when we align our will to co-create the highest level of community.

When we align and create positive energy, the outcome will be positive.

If we stay aligned in negativity, we will destroy everything.

These are the laws of the Universe, and no matter what we tell each other about our future within the Universe. We are only a fragment of it.

Let us praise and co-create what we can do for each other that balances all of our relations.

Our human history may be very dark,

yet it is time to bring Our Higher Light and Love to All

Not to destroy it but to balance it,

not to overcome it but to embrace it,

not to empower just a few but to empower ALL.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.5.21