Transformational Presence

Transformational Presence

Show Notes…
Transformational Presence

Arising today I felt detached from life.
In the sense that I did not want to participate in the many activities of my daily responsibilities.
Not that I had better plans or being depressed but just wanting to say NO Thank You.

Many of us are feeling this deep inner ambivalence about our journey here right now.
I know very well that I am not alone in this and neither are you.

As a matter of fact it is exactly where We Are Meant To Be.

I asked for guidance and was led to look out the window at the Sun brightly showing itself just above the treeline.
Take a picture of it I heard my Inner Voice say, so I did and when I transferred it to my computer I knew I would receive a message to share with the world.

Breathe deeply into the Light which arises on your horizon
knowing that the Gateways of the Divine Mother’s Heart
are pouring forth the precious elixir of transformation
for each of us to sip and savor as enlightenment.
~ Riverman 11.8.19

I then had pulled today’s guidance cards for this talk which are…

DYNASTY OF THE DIVINE MOTHER from the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild
BE PRESENT from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden

The Kuan Yin card was not to be read until after the second.

So let’s begin with BE PRESENT picturing two colliding galaxies which appear as if one is absorbing the other.

The main expression of Be Present is…

“I am conscious in this moment and know
I am in the presence of Divine Spirit.”

It brought me to think about my reluctance to join the world this morning as I lay in bed.

Yes there are many days now during all of this human confusion that WE may not want to be present to witness or endure all of the chaos and suffering due to our increasing sensitivity to it all.
However the Affirmations of this Card are…

“I do not think of the past or what is in the future.
I live in the moment and feel Bliss.
My joy is a compelling aspect of my being.
I do not wait for joy to come into my life, but feel joy NOW.”

It reminds us that even colliding galaxies appear as having “bizarre internal motions”

The Kuan Yin Card titled “Dynasty Of The Divine Mother” begins with this message…

“The only wish of the Divine Mother Goddess is that all beings be spiritually free. The Divine Goddess calls us to realize our true nature, to fall in love with our own divinity. Enlightenment is a culmination of many small steps, each one as a drop of water forming a divine ocean of peace, realization, love and unity within us, an ocean that washes away away fear, separation and scarcity and bathes us in abundance and bliss. You carry the torch of enlightenment within you, beloved. Let it shine each day.”

Our transformation is all about enlightenment and our enlightenment is all about compassion. Each day WE are given thousands of opportunities to express ourselves as a drop of water in a very turbulent ocean.
Yet each day We are being blown around by the winds of changing energies which make us feel scattered and separated from each other.

The Divine Mother in her many forms is reminding us that… We are never not Her children.

We are always moving forward into the Truth of ourselves so that We can make better choices and create a more cohesive, collective field of consciousness, in which enlightenment is as simple as breathing.

The Divine Mother is asking us to deepen into Our Hearts and begin living as our enlightened selves without judgment or fear.

To gather together and assist others to free themselves from the network of judgment and fear.
The old saying “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood carry water” is really allowing us to know that We are already Enlightened Beings but just now living our lives as such.

So let us close today by focusing on our hearts…

breathing in a relaxed and flowing manner…

Imagining a wonderful and warm rosy energy rising and filling our hearts from Mother Earth

and another warm golden energy descending into our opened hearts from the center of our Sun

Allowing those energies to unify within us and expand through our cells and filling every space available.

Now let us radiate this energy as a bubble around us as we deepen our connection to Our Enlightened Self.

Remembering that even within this physical world We dwell in – We have not ever changed or separated from Our Original Divine Blueprint.

Within our hearts We are always dwelling in the Peace Light and Love of Our Divine Mother’s Sacred Womb in Unity and Grace.

Please return slowly your conscious human mind , opening your eyes gently when ready.

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Judgment – Compassion – Respect


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Judgment – Compassion – Respect
Show Notes

Awakened at 5:03 by high winds and a pelting rain on my bedroom window I knew that I was about to receive a message from Spirit.
I never know how they will appear or what they will be about as I hope to stay open to both positive and negative.

Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers expresses the number 503 as a blend of the energies of 5, the influences of 0 and the vibrations of 3
5 “encourages us to be true to ourselves and live our lives accordingly, and resonates with personal freedom, making positive life choices and important changes, variety and versatility, adaptability, resourcefulness, life lessons, motivation and progress.”

0 “relates to the God force/Universal Energies/Source, and magnifies the influence of the numbers it appears with”
It also “represents potential and/or choice a spiritual journey, developing your spiritual aspects, listening to your intuition and higher-self, eternity and infinity oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point.”

3 “relates to growth and expansion, spontaneity and broad-mindedness, optimism, joy and enthusiasm, natural talents and skills, creativity, manifesting your desires, self-expression and communication” …

3 also resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters

So 503 encourages us to begin setting our goals and change certain aspects of our lives as a forward movement of improvements.
Setting “positive” goals which encourage our energies to align and manifest in the fulfillment of our desired results.

The “changes and improvements” may at times be challenging yet are being fully supported by your Dearest Angels who will assist us in maintaining a positive attitude throughout the process.

Today’s trilogy topic for 11.1.19 comes about as how each of us are now growing and expanding into areas of ourselves which might not have ever crossed our minds before.

As each of us tap into this newness and begin to express ourselves, the first thing we are met with might be judgment rather than encouragement.

The judgment will come from all directions but it is from those who we respect most that will create the greater sting and instability within our forward progression.

Our key strength now will be to look within and hold our hearts open enough to feel the judgment but not react to it immediately.
We need to be able to find our greater strength within and know that the judgment from others is a representation of their own fear or desire trying to express itself so that they may see it as well.

It is truly now our stepping into compassion rather than reaction that will bring about our greatest growth and expansion.

Ignoring them serves nothing for they are a natural part of our higher journey here.
Our judgments have value as a tool to teach us what no longer aligns with who we are becoming.

So let us become keenly aware of their power to knock us of balance and to respect their power while understanding anew that…
We Are More Powerful
We Are Being Eternally Supported and Guided
We Are Exchanging Fear For Compassion
We Are Respecting Our Resourcefulness

Let us all unite at the Heart and respect ourselves and each other more deeply. Exercising less judgment and more compassion for each other while encouraging others to do the same.

If there is to be a Fruitful Garden then it takes all of us to awaken to the earth shaking, the high winds, the fire and the rain.
Now this does not mean that we have to become doormats for other’s aggression … we are already that… and that is what we are rapidly moving out of and away from.

What compassion here means is that we are able to see the pain or frustration in others and offer them a blessing rather than a retaliation.

Perhaps if we can maintain our presence enough we can see in ourselves how we too can be judgmental and somewhat self-righteous and place that more to the forefront of our list our changes during our growth and expansion.

Remember that we are being supported not only by Angels but the entire Universe.

As I wrote this statement I pulled a Sacred Space Meditation Card

Which reflects to us that our lives are like gardens and tended to by a Higher Life Force which always offers Peace and Love.

Let us remember that We continually receive Higher Source direction and guidance as to what might be most in alignment with us on this journey.

Our desire and ambitions are very much like seeds to be planted and cared for by us, through our listening to that direction and guidance.

And as this morning’s rain reminded me so vividly… in order for anything to blossom it needs to be watered.

So I now feel that the last word of my trilogy this morning is to enter here…


Not only are we being called to respect at a deeper level
We are being called to respect not just the nice feel good parts of our journey but those which might not be so pleasant as well.

Looking around the world today it is truly challenging to not become judgmental, yet it is possible to not always react on those thoughts.

When we react to our judgmental thoughts… which will arise… we are feeding them our energy.
They are voracious and insatiable black holes that will drain every bit of our True Presence from us if we do not learn to respect both them and ourselves.

Let us become more observant of when and where they occur and to not react too quickly or without a pause of deep self-reflection.

Let us learn that respect for others is really respecting ourselves and not reacting to the external stimuli which allows us to see how we too are suffering.
Allowing us to make our own inner corrections or releasing.

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Blessing to you all
Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Declaring Energetic Sovereingty

Declaring Energetic Sovereingty

Declaring Energetic Sovereignty


Shining Brilliantly

Shine Brilliantly (framed)

This morning as I was reading through the many emails that I did not open during the week, I was struck by an article which contained the poem in the above Museography picture I created.

Each of us have a capacity to over focus on what we feel is deeply needed for our success and sense of human fulfillment.
Yes! We are prone to keep our noses to the proverbial grindstone which has no real power over us, other than to lose sight of everything else around us.

I knew that I had to honor this and found the picture of the 3 Crystal Pyramids I had taken a couple of years ago.

And Boom!!!

I was instantly reminded of the Light We Are and so easily forget about, especially when we direct our energies on the frequencies of life which separate us from all of Our natural and amazing abilities.

Not only do We create a separation from others in that process but we actually become separated within as well, ceasing to broadcast Our Light into the world around us and each other.

Right now the messages that millions of people are receiving are to begin a re-evaluation process of everything the distracts us from Our deeper inner truth.

So just like the Crystal Pyramids in the photo let us…

Embrace the Light of the Sun that exists within us,
created even before our physical incarnation here,
and let it not be blocked by our clouded minds
of intense focus that is seeking recognition.

Lighten Up and Shine Brilliantly

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Freedom and Goodness


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Freedom and Goodness

Freedom and Goodness

Let us all take a moment to gather into a harmonic resonance as we play with the words Freedom and Goodness.

Let us just take a deep breath and release all of what the world has put into our minds and upon our shoulders.

Picture the six-pointed Star”

from the Be Calm, Be Steadfast Still Voice

Let us begin with with the word Freedom…”the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved”

As I think of this I remember Janis Joplin singing “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” and it reminds me of when I had just come back from my death.

What else could happen to me… my greatest fear was gone!

Prior to my death I had lost my job, then my family through divorce then all that I had in material wealth through bankruptcy.

And then to top it off I became an alcoholic who died in a motorcycle crash.

Where do you go from that point ???

Well Here I AM

Talking today about Freedom and Goodness

The Card Freedom from Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney was the card I pulled this morning which hit home the most.

The angel for this card is Nisroc aka “the great eagle” whose flight to Heaven is the symbol of Freedom.

Freedom becoming a deep awareness of Goodness…

The Goodness of the Unconditional Love of the Eternal.

The other card I pulled was from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards was of course Goodness which reads “I know I am guided by a higher power, and the voice of truth guides me to all that is good.”

So here we are looking at the world around us with ever increasing levels of distrust and fear… not only of what we see but by what we are feeling as a result of that.

Questioning our abilities to choose the right path to follow or who to listen to.

Am I on the right path”

What should I be doing”

Who can I trust”

The answers to all of those questions and the many others that arise are all deep within you.

Your Eternal Self has all the keys to those answers which you have locked up behind doors of guilt or shame, fear or unworthiness and anger and envy.

Right now We are being given an opportunity to move into Freedom and Goodness beyond our imagining.

I want each of you to think what that might mean for you and know that it is not a fantasy.

That there is no separation between freedom and goodness…

That they part of your completeness in the eyes and mind of Creation

Leaving either one of those aspects out of your everyday life is what I call a form of self-abuse. It is giving your power away to illusions.

Deep within each of your Hearts you are now ready to accept this and yet are fearful as to what will others think or how will others perceive me.

The point of today’s talk is to encourage you to finally be seen and heard as the True Self You Are.

The Universe supports this, Our beliefs in a Creator Being support this and within our cellular beings We support this.

Each of you are Miracle Workers and Magi… Blessed Beings of amazing powers that have been dormant for far too long.

Everyday Is An Adventure

It Can Be Your Wildest Fantasy

Or Your Worst Nightmare

You” Choose

Your Wildest Fantasy

Is A Limited Thought

And Your Worst Nightmare

Is Just An Illusion

~ Riverman
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Acceptance of Self – Truth – Evolution


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Acceptance of Self-Truth-Evolution

I was approaching the 28th anniversary of my Near Death Experience which is the 20th of October and I had just received a message about Acceptance.
I was feeling much like the caterpillar who was crossing the street looking for a place to survive through the winter. As I picked it up so as it would not to be run over, it curled up in a circular ball and reminded me of what was now happening to me as well.

My world was about to change in ways that could not be understood or expressed and I knew it was not going to be easy.

Many of you will be going through a similar process and this is what came up for me as I tapped into the energy of my Friday Morning Talk – Presence of Light

SHOW NOTES 10.18.19
Acceptance of Self – Truth – Evolution

A simple definition of self-acceptance is, “the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable.” 

Self – Acceptance is about being satisfied with one’s self in any given moment filling us with a sense of wholeness.
It doesn’t mean that everything in our lives is perfect but we at least have enough love and concern for ourselves to appreciate who we are and support that enthusiasm in positive ways

Social Acceptance – Refers us to look at others around us and compare ourselves to others in order to feel welcome or accepted as part of a larger whole.

The First Card I drew today was called God’s Garden which announced the message that, “I am a flower in the mind of God and I am rooted in Divine Love.”

Think of yourself now as a flower rooted in the Earth, with your roots reaching into the soil and both water an sunlight nourishing you into an expression of fullness. Hopefully it is easy to feel attractive and purposeful even if not in a garden but still uniquely visible, perhaps in a field or along the roadside.

However, it doesn’t take long for our mind to begin to wander off and think up reasons why that might not be true all the time. Or perhaps how we might be not seen in the field of wildflowers which seem so much more beautiful. Perhaps we see ourselves as alone on the highway, as if the wind had blown us far away from where we might yearn to be.

This is how easy it is to lose the precious energies of Our Acceptance of Self.

The Next Card was from A Course In Miracles for which I was a Facilitator 24 years ago which reads…
“Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be described and it cannot be explained… Truth will dawn upon you of itself.” 
T,139 T150  Found in Chapter 8 – The Journey Back

It is part of the reminder that We can never be separated from our Source of Creation no matter what happens to us or around us. Yet we have the ability to choose otherwise if we listen to the external information which comes to us as the stormy winds which threaten to uproot us or tear us apart.

Acceptance of Self comes from experiencing our Truth and living it without fear. – Riverman

The Last Card for guidance today was
There Is Evolutionary Value in My Personal Preferences
from Ask and It Is Given -Teachings of Abraham

This really hits home for me in the first 8 words…
“Do not underestimate the value of your preferences”
and in this case I see those preferences as those coming from within My Heart, not from the mind which can be so easily led by those who do not respect my Acceptance of Self.

“for the evolution of your planet depends upon those of you on the Leading Edge of thought continuing to fine-tune your desires.”

“Acceptance of Self… Truth… Evolution”
Here We Are on the cusp of either restoring God’s Garden or Co-Creating a New Garden.

Each of us diving deeper into our Acceptance of the amazing abilities and capabilities we are now opening up to and sharing them with each other.

All of us seeing each other both individually and collectively as Truth that is Blossoming, perhaps as we become the Lilies of the Field.

And move from the humbleness of our Self-Acceptance to empower all of Humanity through Social-Acceptance.

As I close I offer each of you a Blessing
May Your Trust of Self become fully known
creating within you
an ever-increasing desire to share it with others
May the resistance of others
not cause you to falter or cease your sharing
And May all of us together
co-create a resonant field Love and Light
that will assist all life in it’s evolutionary flow
to proceed with Grace and Ease

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.18.19

Here are the links to listen or watch the live talk…

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Enchanted Unveiling


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Enchanted Unveiling

Enchanted Unveiling Show Notes – 10.11.19

Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki 

Enchantment transforms situations and relationships.
It converts hostility into civility and civility into affinity.
It changes skeptics and cynics into believers and the undecided into the loyal.”

The first card I drew today was Enchantment and set me off on this pattern of seeking where and when some sort of personal revelation will shine its Light and announce that there will once again be Peace in the Valley.

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden


The Universe is magical.

It creates wonderful miracles in my world.

Some Keywords for that card are…








Divine Power

This is where we are right now in our human journey… adrift somewhere in the middle of a vast Ocean of Confusion.

In Our Hearts there is a great desire or longing for a magical moment where we suddenly are awakened from our dream and we realize we were in Shangri-La all the time.

That place of Peace and Harmony where… We honor each other and live in balance with the world around us.

The next message is from the
Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

The Dance Unveiling

“There is a situation in your life that is about to reveal itself to you with greater clarity. Just like sands shifting, the picture will seem clearer and quite different to how it once appeared to you. This clarity will bring you great relief and confirmation of your intuition. Be patient and allow the revelation to come to you at the perfect time.”


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Original Live Video on Humanity Healing Facebook

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.11.19


October Full Moon


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October Full Moon Flowers

This Full Moon has brought so much beauty before my eyes.

The leaves are changing colors and falling more rapidly as Autumn progresses yet these three flowers were embracing the front entryway of St Georges Episcopal Church in York Harbor, Maine.

Perhaps they are a reminder…
to take more time to embrace the natural world around us,
to loosen our grip on the plans and schedules we so carefully create,
to teach us that if we cannot find beauty in what we are doing,
to change our patterns and be seen in our own unique and individual brilliance.

Let’s tuck that thought under our pillows tonight and dream a new experience.

After All…
It is the Hunter’s Moon and Her gift is to assist us in seeking what nourishes Our Hearts rather than our bodies.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.13.19


Blades of Hope


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Blades of Hope.jpg

Sometimes there are moments when We slip into the deep shadows of life.
They are powerful opportunities to embrace stillness.
Allow them to bring forth all the messages that have not seen Light for so such a long time.

Remember that We are like the blades of grass which are subject to so many changes in the weather patterns, that they turn brown and show no signs of life.

Yet deep within they wait silently, for that drop of rain to re-awaken them.
Encouraging growth and providing nourishment without any awareness of obstacles.

For all obstacles are only temporary and have no power of their own.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.12.19


Agitation and Renewal


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Agitation and Renewal

Here We are entering October and the weather changes once again no matter where we are on this planet. So too the changes are happening within us as well and they bring up this morning’s Presence Of Light Talk’s subject – Agitation and Renewal 

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Show Notes for Agitation and Renewal 10.4.19

As We gather here today… We hold and uphold each other and ask the Eternal Creator… May our beloved earth family allow their Higher Self to lead them through the Inner Cosmos to those most Sacred Sites within their own Hearts.

All of us are traveling through a time warp of renewal and most are feeling some sort of agitation as we move through the fields of resistance.

I’m reminded of a childhood toy call the View Master where one of my favorite subjects was Outer Space and one in particular about the Asteroid Belt.

It was fascinating to imagine traveling through this field of large rocks and not being hit by them or occasionally landing on one and feeling its lack of concern for anything except its constant forward movement.

As I think about that now I realize how cold and disconcerting it felt and how alone I felt.

Perhaps right now we may be feeling a bit like that in our daily lives as we see that cold and indifferent energy playing out across this beautiful planet we call home.

What does that bring up??? For me it is agitation.
We begin to express our energy in ways that are not aligned but fragmented.
Much like an asteroid belt with its dark and sharp edged objects which obstruct linear passage through them.

We have to weave and dodge our way through it all and sometimes stop to rest on the larger ones because we are weakened, by the loss of our forward vision and our exertion of so much energy for such little gain.

Let us rest a moment here and tap into this Sacred Space Meditation Card by Elinor Von Linden

The light of my spirit glows with His love; everything is one in this light.

So here we are in the middle of our journey and present in this not too welcoming environment.
Yet there is Light all around us which helps us to see where we truly are.

Without that Light our exhaustion can lead to our feeling helpless, lost and angry
All of which are Agitation which can express itself in hundreds of forms just like the asteroids.

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild


You are a highly creative being with the potential to help raise the vibration of consciousness on this planet through your creative projects, work, dreams and hobbies. The power of collaboration, choosing to work with others in joint projects, allows for synergy to occur where you can grow stronger and become more than the sum of your individual parts, calling in great cosmic assistance and potency! You are guided to remain open to other Souls joining forces with you. Just like the Sisters of the Sun Rising that bring great energy to help humanity through their group endeavors, when you allow for aligned group effort, much that is wonderful can occur.

Let us all begin to feel ourselves receiving Divine Light right now…
Take a nice deep breath…
Envision yourself being held in the arms of someone who deeply adores you
knowing that you are safe and warm
an intense wave of Peace wraps itself around you
allowing you to forget everything else that is outside of this

Everything around you is Peace and Light
You are now deeply connected to everything around you
Renewing yourselves in ways that you have no words for

Relax into that sensation of blissfulness
inhale it and exhale it knowing that you are
both feeling this and you are this Divine Light

– Charlie Riverman Bergeron