Unlimited Light


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SHOW NOTES 11.20.20

Good morning and welcome to Presence of Light.

Let us start with a question.
How many of you are feeling as if something is limiting you?

My first message today came from the Sacred Evolutionary Space Cards by Elinor Von Linden. One of my favorite decks because of the randomness of its messages.

“The Universe is beyond the limits of our expansion, but not of God’s Divine Light.”

This message reminded me that if I feel heavy or sad about my human experience, there is an alternative surrounding me.

This card’s affirmations tell us that we need to look beyond the visible and reach out into the Universe to attract the Light, which is Pure Power beyond our ability to manipulate or dismiss it.

Calling it into our physicality and anchoring it to the core of Mother Earth.

Right now, in our evolutionary path, there is a great deal of instability, with many groups and individuals adjusting to all life in very destructive ways.

The mindset that creates this is what I would call collective darkness and will cycle back into balance but not without our conscious assistance.

Unlimited Light is now calling us all to see it’s many facets no matter who you are or where you live.
It has no rules or boundaries as to being right or wrong as it is the power of creation beyond the limitedness of our thinking minds.

For thousands of years, we have worshiped it in many different forms and given it as many names so that we might identify with it.

Each time we have done that, we have created a separation from it where we begin to make rules and regulations when Unlimited Light is precisely what the words mean.

We call it GOD and apply human attributes and rules to it to honor and understand it all.

My interpretation of G O D this morning is
Great Order Divine
which is the constant Unlimited Light Energy of all evolution

Let us look for the Unlimited Light in each other as we collectively move forward and ask that it increase its visibility.

Here is a prayer from my friend Mia
who is the creator of Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya

Dear God
Please protect me
And my loved ones
Help me find Peace
In this situation
Help me make All the Right
Choices for the True Path
You Wish for Me
Help me Walk
In Your Light
In All Ways

Mia Leventhal

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.20.20


Ancestral Trauma


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Ancestral Trauma – Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.13.20

SHOW NOTES – Ancestral Trauma 11.13.20
Good morning and welcome to the rising energies of a new world.

I have been touched once again by my sense of loss and desire to send prayers and energies backward in time to our ancestors.

Most of us are being challenged by what is currently happening worldwide, yet it has all happened before.

Each of us also carries the gene codes and energetic memories of thousands of lifetimes.

This morning, my question was, how do we come to a place of peace in our evolution.

A place where the collective humanity’s past trauma no longer has a detrimental effect, allowing us to move into a place where someone can acknowledge it without reinstalling the energetic distortion.

Ancestral Trauma as Energetic Distortion

The Sacred Space Meditation Card by Elinor Von Linden today is Answers.

“I need only to have faith and believe and the answers will be there.”

In today’s world, we have become less enamored by faith in our quest for truth.

Truth has become dramatically distorted by the past trauma of our humanity.

We seek beliefs that are nothing more than band-aids for a wound that is not healing but remaining and spreads like the current virus through generations.

As I write these words and allow them to flow through me, I’m feeling Planet Earth’s first foot races struggling to survive.

Let’s take a deep breath here and acknowledge that we are breathing.

Let us also recognize that at this moment, we have the power to focus our energy on anything we desire.

We have the power to accept things as they are or create something more beneficial.

We can be selfish or greathearted.

The more greathearted we become, the further backward or forward in time we can send our energy.

Here is the key to releasing not only our ancestral trauma but our own at this moment and the future simultaneously.

The most significant cause of death in humans is Heart Disease.

PTSD causes Heart Trauma, which can be attributed to excessive fear.

So let us begin to see the connection between our ancestors’ fear, which did not get resolved but increased today’s collective anxiety and fear.

A Fear that has controlled humanity in every civilization, keeping our hearts from operating at their highest and most beneficent frequency.

Let us overcome our separation by opening our hearts to each other without fear and send that energy backward in time to our ancestors.

It will, in turn, flow back through us and into the future generations.

Correcting the flow and restoring humanity to its original blueprint.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.13.20


WaterSpeak 11.14.20


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WaterSpeak Message…

Blessing the Waters and the Trees along the Androscoggin River in Maine


Before We were seen by any human

We lived in perfect flow and perfect balance.


We call to Your Heart

to remember to see us, once again

as a small child with eyes and hearts wide open.


Our relationship needs healing

and remember to

Teach Your Children Well



~ Riverman 11.14.20




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We are stewards of Mother Earth as well as our Temples and Churches.
It is through Our Heart and it’s Divine connection to All Life that begins within a Mother’s Womb
We need to honor and serve each other with Abundant Grace.

Serving in a higher purpose that enriches the Hearts of others.

You are being asked right now to deepen into yourself and bring forth the True Self which seeks to receive and share Love with everyone you may encounter.

For in this choosing to be Stewards of each other We become free to be the Love We Truly Are.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.12.20


Signs Sighs SIgns


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Signs Sighs Signs – Show Notes 11.6.20

This morning I awoke to read a personal message from a friend about the drama that is playing out in America during this Presidential Election.

Which over time will be a lesson for the whole world.

There were signs everywhere showing division not support. Not just political banners but people could no longer be civil to each other in conservation

So let’s begin with an Angel Blessings Card


Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel. – St. Augustine

Ariel is a powerful Angel of nature. She reminds us that what is most important right now is to have an open heart.

It is through an open heart that humanity and nature will overcome their separation.

As humans we are now witnessing the point in our evolution where we must understand our past and heal it for the collective whole of the future. Not only for ourselves but the future generations of all living beings.

We are to see the polarity and separation as a flashing reminder that by releasing our past we prepare the future, not just for a group or country or political success. We can only do this in the Present

The Present (as in time) is a present or gift from Nature for us to unwrap and be thankful for.

It is the moment of opportunity to reconnect with our mother Earth at deeper levels than ever before, in order to understand how much damage we have done to ourselves.

It begins within us, as We feel the pain that is arising from within us and truly realize that respect is the key to the future.

A Self Respect that is based on our ability to allow and offer Peace, Light And Love from deep within our hearts, not just to a few close people, to everyone. 

Our Divine Essence cannot be controlled by any energetic force outside of us.
It can only be buried or distorted through the programming of our minds.

We are now awake and it hurts.
Those who look at life as a contest or sporting event cannot see the Truth for they are blinded by the lights of the stadium and the roar of the crowd.

Time to sit within ourselves and offer love and compassion to the suffering we carry for the whole world is needed not more judgement.

WE have a clear channel within us that has never been disconnected to what we call our Divine Family, except through the distortion of our communication system.

If you look at what has happened during the last 30 years you will begin to see the gradual decline of our ability to love each other.

The next Angel Blessings Card

Stamera – Forgiveness

Offers us a look inside of ourselves…

Stamera, beautiful Stamera… come into my life my beloved and make me whole.

Fill me with your forgiveness complete, washing away all remnants of my intolerance for my own imperfections.

Stamera, blessed one, hold me in your arms of love…

You are my friend and companion, Stamera.

You are my bliss.


Let us now seek where the external is creating or agitating all of our ancient inner wounds and offer them forgiveness

As well as the opportunity to create new areas within us, of open space, that will be fertilized and nurtured for the future generations.

America is showing the world how wounded we are and how devastating the virus of our division is.

So be strong in vision of a better World and keep yourself attuned to not feeling weak but aware.

Many times we will surrender to an illness in order to overcome it.

We Shall Overcome

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.6.20

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Changing Worlds


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Changing Worlds

We sit and feel Her Presence
without fear
or hesitation
Knowing that Her Love
will prevail

over all discord

Energy flows through
the tiniest pores
of Her landscape
inviting us
to lay still and listen

with all of our senses

The peaceful sounds
of Her heartbeat
call us home
to renew and accept
an opportunity

to be reborn

Accepting graciously
Our Highest expression
of what We genuinely are
as a Divine Self

(written out as)

S overeign

E ternal

L ight

F ield

Our Power and Grace
being fully restored
United Forever
never to be separated
or diminished again

Changing Worlds

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.4.20


Action or Re-Action


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Blessings to each of you this morning as we embrace the Blue Full Moon energies as well as the cross-quarter energies of the Sun.

I’m sure that everyone worldwide is also tuned in to the Presidential Election in the United States.

All of which are creating an energy field that will be recorded in the annals of human history.

I arose from dreams filled with deceased friends who were lost and confused as if they were somehow returned into their 3rd dimension physicality.

Their confusion was tremense and they were lost in their dilemma.

It was also snowing outside, which is rare here on the SW coast of Maine in October.

I was not a happy camper and very confused. My first card I pulled from the Sacred Space Meditation deck and it was the word ACTION.

Hence the title of today’s talk Action or Re-Action.

The card reads,

I know Source has given me intuition and Divine guidance. I act for my good and the good of others.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.30.20


The Heart of Evolution


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Loving each other
is not always
an easy process

Yet loving ourselves
is even more

What we forget is
that Love is always

It is not something
we create
rather it is
something we are

When we allow Love to flow
it is then the water
and it will flood the World

Yet when we calmly
and gently direct it

From within our
Heart Consciousness

We make it tangible
for others to feel into it


Charlie Riverman Bergeron
for the Global Heart Team 10.29.20


October in Ossipee NH


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The grace and flow of a landscape
reminds us to embrace all of nature

Feel it within every cell of your body
and know that each breath you take
is a very intimate exchange of Living Love

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.20.20


Sorting and Structuring


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SHOW NOTES FOR  Sorting and Structuring

Blessings to each of you around the planet.
Our message today is about being the Children of Phoenix.
The Phoenix, in its most basic story, symbolizes renewal and resurrection.

This morning my dreaming was very clear, having me pay very close attention to being fooled by the people around me and the strength and qualities of a building I was led to help construct.

All of us are now experiencing a burning away of the old and challenged with a sense of loss and fragmentation.

We are being told and guided to build something new rather than mourn what we are losing.
However, we must sort through all that is weak or inferior within our living presence structure and learn to leave it behind us as we move forward in our evolutionary process.

It is basically like cleaning out your home to move into a new and better one, which will be aligned with serving your Higher Self.

The Kuan Yin Oracle Card – Daughter of the Phoenix, confirms that the challenges we face such as, “stuck emotions and stagnant energy,” are forcing us to look at what will not be needed in our future.

We must go through this process without fear. For it is the fear of moving forward needs to be burned in the flames of renewal, rather than the fear of loss or being trapped.

The Unkown will become known, and our trust, faith and love will be the Light that guides us.

In speaking of the Light that will guide us, we might ask, from where will it come.

Today’s card Quiet Meditation became the answer as it’s message is – Quiet Meditation.
” When I close my eyes and withdraw from the world around me, I enter the world of eternal life.”

The picture on the card reveals how a cosmic dust lane divides a galaxy into two halves.
Or how a division within our minds creates the struggle to figure everything out according to our teachings and memory.

Yet, if we quiet the mind and allow the heart to guide us in moments of silence, solutions will arise peacefully into our conscious awareness.

Once again, we have reached a point where the lyrics of “The Sound of Silence” call us to pull away from the collective social propaganda machine.

“Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly, creeping
Left its seeds while I was, sleeping
And the vision,
that was planted in my brain… still remains
Within the sound of silence”
– Paul Simon

The Structure that will serve us best as humanity’s collective will not be found on any broadcasting system or device.

It will rise from the quiet darkness within us that is not to be feared, for that darkness is what the new Light will arise from.

It is essential right now not to be misled by those who have created despair to look like saviors.

Spend more time within your physical structure cleaning and clearing away all that no longer serves a future you or a future world into which our children will come and suffer.

Find that Sacred Temple of Peace within your inner darkness and Trust the powerful being of Love and Light you are.

It is that place where you will be greeted and guided by Kuan Yin or other Guardians of Compassion.

It is our time to rise like the Phoenix from within your physical structure and clear away whatever is holding you as a prisoner.

Create a personal Declaration of Independence that serves all of Humanity, all living beings, and all of Mother Earth, whose pain and suffering is now forcing us to rethink what direction we are taking.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.23.20