We Are Unlimited


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Within the illusion of our presence

Within the illusion of our presence

We have co-created limitations

Which like clouds in the sky

Only serve to hide us from Our True Self

Charlie Riverman 12.8.22


Balancing The Future


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Balancing the old and new requires an observation of both. ~ Riverman

This morning I woke up to a beautiful hawk sitting above the bird feeders in a young oak tree. The hawk is a bird that is very observant of details, whether large or small. It is the watchful all-seeing messenger of divinity, according to the animal spirit guidebook by Kim Krans.

It sat Very calmly with the Blue Jays, and smaller birds would try to get his attention so he would leave the feeders, yet he sat there as if it was me; he was waiting to see.

Hawks are messengers from divinity, and we must listen Quietly and carefully to our inner guidance.

Listening is about where we stand in this moment and looking forward to the future. Being asked to come to a place of stillness in observing everything moving around us without fear and aggravation.

Can we remain as still as the hawk in the middle of everything around us, trying to move Us from a place of peaceful observation to and moment of attack?

Right now, in the world, most humans are questioning everything that is happening around them and directly to them. But unfortunately, there is not a nation in this world that is not transitioning from old paradigms to a new and possibly overbearing authority.

All living beings are about to be forced in many ways to balance between the old and the new.

We can see the newness from a place of balance and clarity, or we can be highly suspicious of everything that reflects a change in what we are accustomed to.

It is a transition to a new perspective wherein entrusting others to lead us will not be brought into the future as it is now. Instead, it will sustain itself as we seek more peaceful coexistence with mother earth.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.02.22


Thankfulness Is A Key To Peaceful Co-existence


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What is thankfulness for you?

What is peace for you?

The message today is to be thankful for what you have and who you are.

Look at the parts of your life that are creating anger, sadness, and what is triggering your emotions.
Recognize that it is an internal alarm system.

How can each one of us look into future generations of humanity and leave them a legacy of peace
rather than fear, destruction, or hatred?

Let us help those younger generations by offering them some of the wisdom that we have learned
and experienced throughout our lifetime.

Let us encourage them to enhance it and to bring it into a focus
that will benefit Mother Earth as well as them personally.

All with the intention of living together within a harmonious and peaceful co-existence.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.25.22


Clearing A New Path


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Clearing A New Path

There is always a path to the future that is calling to be created.

The evolution of humanity is always a challenge of moving forward without any path to follow. In this case, we are guided by our hearts’ inner wisdom to be quiet and listen.

Our heart is calling us to listen to much more than hearing its pulsing sound wave. It is asking us to become more aware of the egoic self, which continually creates an exaggerated viewpoint that we have followed with little questioning.

The New Path begins here in our hearts, not our minds, and the first step is to decide what we can or cannot take with us on this adventure.

Many look to other planets as something to exploit and use in the future and will quite possibly repeat the same long-term damaging effect there.

So, the message today is about a New Path into our future with not just less damage but more respect for each other and all elements that sustain life.

Our human experience is not separate from the environment we live in.

On the contrary, it is in an active co-creation with it. For example, No Water, No Life.

Our New Path is also Our Now Path which shows future generations that we became consciously aware of the damage created over thousands of years and have chosen to restabilize for them to live and evolve in a better balanced and highly supported environment.

I am reminded of these 1970 Lyrics from Graham Nash

of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

“Teach Your Children”

‘You, who are on the road

Must have a code

That you can live by

And so become yourself

Because the past is just a goodbye’

We were the children then who could see the dark sky ahead before power and greed became the goal of humanity.

We are still many who are here to help guide future generations to a New Path based on Peace, Light, and Love rather than Narcissism, Pathology, and Destruction

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.18.22


Hopeful Air Message


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Hopeful Air Message

Looking into the Clouds
gathering in the blue sky

An invitation is being offered
to relax and vision
what is now evolving

As we unite our hearts and choose
to co-create a peaceful world
that respects Our Future Generations

~Riverman 11.9.22


The Convergence or Separation of Love


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The Convergence or Separation of Love

The two words of today’s title stirred my brain and began with convergence.

In Nature, I see it as two or more rivers coming together in Unity and flowing to the Mother Ocean as a Unified Field of Water without pain or suffering.

I questioned this process in Nature; both systems have beneficial attributes for the environment through which they pass and more unique offerings to Mother Ocean.

However, within our human brain, the rivers of thought struggle to agree and enhance each other for the more significant benefit of our Physical being.

Almost three years of long-term Covid have allowed me to follow how the brain gets blocked and floods while my Heart continues to flow even when erratic.

The energy of Love is constantly flowing, yet the receivers and broadcasters of it in the brain struggle to identify it and send it on.

Within and without, the process is the same.

We can converge and flow with Ease and Grace, or we can separate, struggle, and suffer.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.4.22


A Long Changing Moment


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A Long Changing Moment

Each of us is in another process of personal and collective change, each moment inviting new ways of adapting to the unknown and slowly forming future.

Everyone is changing as a part of our evolving collective consciousness. We call humanity.

Many are suffering due to beliefs that no longer align with who they are now.

Be kind to yourself and honor what is not yet revealed to you as a gift you are being given, not a struggle to hold onto what no longer has alignment with your newness. ~Riverman 8.26.19

I was reminded this morning of Bob Dylan’s song The Times, They Are A-Changin’ from 1964.

Fifty-nine years later, we are still in the process of evolving our collective consciousness.

Over 9 billion dollars is now being spent in the U.S. on current elections, and the suffering of food-insecure citizens remains at more than 28 million people, of which 12 million are children.

The only change we can really focus on is within our hearts.

Our Heart is the energy center of all our physical and mental actions. The change we are seeking is within us and will affect everything around us.

The words ‘Our Heart’ are singular and collective and cannot be separated except by fear. It is the energy of fear that creates distortion and dangerous behavior in all land and sea animals and humans.

It is an innate alarm system that tells us we are in a dangerous or life-threatening situation. In our biofield, its energy is viral and impulsive. It has effects that trigger emotional disorders causing multiple reactions which can become very disabling.

Here is where we need to find ways to create Changing Moments, first by acknowledging fear and then regulating our breathing. After that, meditation is encouraged, whether with music or repetitive speaking of a positive affirmation, until calmness returns.

As someone shared… “fear” is not a noun but the acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Repetition is our long-changing moment, and we begin feeling peaceful and self-worth.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.28.22


Like A River


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Like a River, we create as we flow.

Allowing us to Co-Create in the Moment of Now.

In that Sacred Presence,

 All of Creation flows within us,

 offering the peaceful energy of both sides

asking to be heard and carried.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.26.22


Become A 10


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Become A 10

We all deal with numbers daily, but it is not all about our finances and wealth. It is also a language of sorts with many meanings and values that are spirit-based.

10.21.2022 breaks down to 10, which is 1 and 0.

Number 1 relates to self-leadership and ambition…

It calls us to look deep within ourselves for the truth of our purpose in this rapidly changing world.

Do you have a hidden desire that you never told anyone? Perhaps it is time to begin to explore the possibilities of a new beginning.

We have been taught and continue to follow what everyone else tells us without ever knowing us.

World leaders now see us as numbers on a computer screen and treat us with the same concern as their profit margins and commodities.

The new beginnings driven by motivation within bring a level of trusting more deeply in our abilities.

Those gifts of wisdom create progress for all life here on Earth and achieve a triumphant feeling within us.

What or Who is this SELF that is deep within our hearts?

This optimistic, confident, highly creative human being is You without fear and with a determination that rises unadulterated from within your heart to the brain, which knows its place is to listen rather than calculate and respond.

You were born a 10, and the 0 represents New Beginnings.

Some call it the ‘God’ force, while others recognize it as Universal Energy.

How we try to classify it is less important than what it truly is and how we respect its power.

In many ways, the energies change forms or intensity yet always remain within us to keep balancing and harmonizing the physical structure we call a body.

Those energies refer to our spiritual self, which, when focused on, offers us a higher vibrational understanding of all we cannot put into words by many teachers.

All great teachings speak of the same energy source according to their focused ability to transpose it all into a way of life.

Our intuition then cannot be trusted and becomes a foe that is needed more than ever to see through the confusion humans have co-created over thousands of years.

Pay particular attention to your intuition and allow leadership and honor to declare your independence and creative powers.

Each of us is needed to be original, determined, and individually successful with our energy as we co-create positive actions to re-balance all of us.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.21.22


Love Transforms Your Experience


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Love Transforms Your Experience

It is an amazing time to be here on Mother Earth.
Surely you might think I am crazy when I say that with all the tragic events we are caught in the middle of. Yet I speak of your Greater Self.

That human being which is now leaving the cocoon and learning that it was a butterfly not a caterpillar all along. Yes, we are leaving behind our limited ways and learning the beauty and power we truly have within us to be free.

When we think of butterflies we immediately think of flowers and how they are pollinators. They feed on the nectar of brilliant flowers which enables them to spread the pollen from one flower to another.

This is who we are in many ways now as we share Love and Hope with each other. We can now begin to see the new gardens of Eden and realize that the more we share the pollen of Love the brighter the Light becomes to attract us.

Humans are a part of the natural landscape, but they forgot and chose to rule over it instead. Filled with desire and a fascination to become more powerful than any of natures other beings we have also created a way to destroy it all in minutes.

Our star ancestors are now watching very closely and will not allow us to destroy Mother Earth. So we will witness only the dismantling of human greed and desire to enslave all so that only a few have abundance and the rest suffer.

What I wrote for the Global Heart Team yesterday speaks to the pathway each of us will take in order to rise and gather together to remove what is now separating us all.

Abundance Of Love

Where is the Abundance of Love, we ask?
It is right here within us, waiting to be released.
It is the Love We Are and the Love We Give to everyone.
It is the Compassion We allow ourselves to feel for All who are suffering.
It is the Compassion We allow ourselves to feel for All who are suffering.
It is the moment we recognize our suffering and relieve it together.

May each of us tap into this precious Love flowing from our hearts
allowing it to seek all whose suffering cannot be hidden any longer

Let us remember that the Power of Love is not a second-hand emotion
nor is it a fairy tale or an imaginary drama

Love is Limitlessness, beginning simply with a smile
as it opens the doorway of our precious hearts to others

Allowing an unlimited flow of Unconditional Love
to be shared with everyone and then return
to the Abundant Universe for a constant flow.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.13.22

Written for the Global Heart Team