Seeds of Love & Synchronicity


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10.11.12 poem

Sometimes it is just about remembering…

I ran across this writing and piece of museography this morning and saw a thread of three timelines.

2012 when I first brought through the beautiful  words which created a numerical sequence of 10/11/12

2015 when I added it to the photograph of the bee who was very busy at work and demonstrating its divine purpose.

Now it is 2018 creating a sequence of 3 times it has been posted over 9 years, each time 3 years apart.

I love the synchronicity and flow of this, as I was told when I began my new life journey 27 years ago, that this was a language which I was to look for in all things.

So today this message reminds me to tell each of you how this process of re-balancing the energies we are moving through collectively… is really happening .

Time is not what we think it is, nor are we, what we think we are.

Yet the bee which continues to follow its purpose it is showing us that we are a all part of a much longer path which spirals until it comes full circle and then rises up to another level.

May each of you begin to see and feel the larger spiraling which cannot be seen but is felt within our hearts.

The Queen Bee or Divine Feminine Energy is holding us all together and without it we will not survive.

So, let us now all gather around the Queen in service and gratitude for the benefit of all.
Lest, if the colony doesn’t have a queen, it’s doomed.

The collective energy of Women is the Queen lest us stop and remember.


Truth – Confusion – Guidance


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Truth-Confusion- Guidance
Hello my friends and family, it never seems to slow down these days.

I first thought that retirement from the daily program of structured life might become boring and questioned if I was making a big mistake.

However I never really did fit in with the whole scheme of what I was told was the good life.

This week’s show notes have been lost and only this remains…

In her book, The Healing Secrets of the Ages, Catherine Ponder writes: “Bless the world around you unselfishly with divine order. As you do so, you release the power of order into the atmosphere to do its perfect work. Look for, expect and give thanks for divine order, often. By doing so, you release one of your most important mind powers to work for you and through you to bless yourself and mankind.”

I bless the amazing divine order in nature, from the tiniest molecule to the rolling of the galaxies in our stupendous universe. I bless the divine order in my life and that of my neighbour, even when to the human sense of things this order is all but apparent… I bless the divine order that is leading the whole of humanity through the many upheavals present and probably to come to the win-win paradigm which will finally give birth to that world which works for all, which is our divine destiny. ~ Excerpt from The Invisible Divine Order Behind Everything blessing.

So without further ado I will just post the links for you to listen or watch.
Link to Video on YouTube
MP3 Version on Yourlisten

May each of you remember that in our act of Blessing we are calling forth a part of our selves which has no fear or judgment. It is the act of owning our hearts desires not only for others but ourselves as well.

I send you all Blessings of Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron




Mountaintop Porcupine Messages


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All wild animals that appear to us have a message, whether we hear it or not.  This is the first time a Porcupine has ever appeared to me in its natural environment which in this picture, is Mt Agamenticus in York Maine.

At first I did not know what it was until I got closer to see its quills which are not a pleasant experience in our flesh. So I kept my distance which resulted in a grainy photo … but that is not the story.

The story is about listening to your Spirit Guidance and trusting that even when it may sound crazy, it is still a request for your action.

The day before, on a walk with my dog, I was guided to ask my two friends Elizabeth and Shelley to go to the top of Mt Agamenticus and connect with the energy there. As Elizabeth was only going to be here for one day before flying elsewhere.

So yesterday in the pouring rain two friends and I went to the mountain top to connect and honor the work that we do and our connection with each other.

It was a brief opportunity to be together and hold ceremony together in person as Council Members of  LovingWaters

None of us knew what to expect yet trusted that it was an opportunity we should experience in spite of the rain.

Arriving at the top, we began to walk to the stone you see in the background to hold a brief ceremony of thanksgiving for being called there. It is the center stone of a circle of stones where Drum Circles are held and had been previously blessed with ceremony and crystals. The whole top of the mountain itself was just recently blessed with Rose Quartz in a Star Tetrahedron pattern.

As we approached the circle we found a large rainbow-colored umbrella laying on a picnic table. The 3 of us could fit under it and stay relatively dry from the rain while offering our prayers and heart resonance of thankfulness… for being together, being called there and being together.

So to return today and see the Porcupine was, for me, a confirmation of appreciation for our dedication and willingness to listen, even when our comfort zones were being stretched.

Alas the messages…
Porcupines aren’t really aggressive animals but have a youthful, childlike expression of life unless provoked.

Spirit is sending a message through Porcupine that is all about our trusting ourselves and having  faith in our purposes here now on Earth.

It is showing us that our re-connection to our childlike self and innocence is key to what we are doing now. To do what we can… where we can… and leave the rest for those who can be more readily available.

Porcupine is representing strength and fearlessness which is essential for living in the now.
Reminding us that we are family and that kindness is the underlying energy of all of our actions while our external presence warns others to be cautionary.

Our take away from the mountain was a meaning which I can’t find right now but one I will summarize

Older Brother with little sisters…
and there we were… the three of us
Riverman – Elizabeth and Shelley
Giving and Receiving
Hearts as One
3 innocent kids out in the rain
listening and following Spirit
Loving the Water


Expanding Our Energies


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Expanding Our Existence

There are times in our lives when it is more than a challenge to assess and define our experiences.

I like to call it Self Expansion!

As many of us reach into higher realms of our possibilities We are left with a feeling of vagueness that would resemble a lack of self-confidence or loss of stability.

This feeling is not in any way a failure on our part but the releasing of all energies which no longer have the same values as they once had.

We may speak of it in different terms yet no matter what label is put on it, there is no place we can hide or run away to in order to avoid it.

Watching for the emotional signs within us is like looking at the sky each day and seeing clouds which form and mutate as we watch them.

How beautiful it is to come to the realization, that in the midst of all our suffering on a physical or mental level,  there is a profound shift going on within and around us.

An energy shift which defies us to put a name on it… though we will try our damnedest to do so.

Tonight it will change with the winds and reappear tomorrow.

So let’s not try to grasp and hold it, but ride in the flow of it, to that Higher Self we know exists as the Truth of who and what WE are.

Many Blessings on your journey and know that you are not alone although it may appear as such.




Calling Forth The Divine Masculine


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Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

How is everyone doing???
What a week of Energies for all of us.
This week’s talk has been brought about by so many things that are happening in the world that it is difficult to pinpoint the true source.
However I will say it is The Divine Mother who is returning in us all and rising in Her Fullness to give birth to a New Humanity.

Once again this is my personal journey which I share as I have chosen to do from a place of Divine Compassion for all Life.

Video Version on YouTube

Audio Version on Yourlisten

2018-09-06 19.10.54

I include this chart below which unfortunately, I can’t find the original article and author of.
However it shows how many aspects of our lives that are being brought to our awareness to bring back into balance.
Focusing Our Conscious Awareness is really all we need to do, to begin this process of ending a separation within us, that no longer can be maintained without dramatic destruction.

Masculine Energy     vs     Feminine Energy

doing     vs     being

aggression     vs     surrender

analytical     vs     intuitive

concrete      vs     abstract

impatient     vs     patient

striving     vs     tranquil

rushing     vs     nurturing

assertive     vs     receptive

left brain     vs     right brain

thrusting     vs     receiving

organization     vs     synthesizing

logical     vs     creative

busy     vs     calm

hard     vs     soft

controlling     vs     allowing

So be gentle with yourselves as you call forth the Divine Masculine and the DIvine Feminine as you feel called to.
Know in Your Hearts that none of us are innocent here after so many lifetime cycles, yet We Are continuously Loved by our Divine Mother and Father which could never be separated as the Source of All Creation.


Butterfly of Wonder

Butterfly 9.29.18

How often we pass them by
noticing not their amazing beauty
deep in our own mind of calculating thoughts

In a moments glance we are called
out from that mindset of isolated energy
into a world of Wonder and Truth

Their story of transmutation – a brief reminder
for us to always allow enough energy
to be constantly present for our own work in progress…

May your journey from the ego to the DIVINE SELF
be one of Peace, Light and Love

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Choosing Unity Within Us


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Choosing Unity Within  Us .png

Hello my friends…
It seems the week has slipped away at a pace which I cannot even begin to describe.
Tomorrow morning I will be talking again on Humanity Healing and I haven’t even had time to post last week’s talk.
So here it is with Love…

Light Show 9.21.18
Choosing Unity Within Us
Light Of Unity

Video Version on YouTube

MP3 Version on Yourlisten
Show Notes:
The energies of this Full Moon and Equinox brings us the Inner Voices of Our Personal Angels and Guides.

We are all being reminded to be on the lookout for a change in our lives which will be guided and influenced from the realms of Light and Love.

All of which will be chosen not forced as we become more aware of how our previous life choices no longer feel comfortable or even acceptable.

Changes which will be a releasing of old patterns and thoughts which have held us captive in our lifetimes of separation. All of which is necessary for bringing about an inner balance that will enhance our ability to integrate all aspects of Our True Self.

Last week I spoke of embracing integrity and this message became even more clear this week as I prepared for this talk.

“Integrating our many separate selves and living in Integrity is a key force in moving beyond the illusions to that vaster Self which dwells within our Hearts where conditions are not found because they have no support system.” – Riverman

Looking at the clock this morning and looking up Angel Numbers by Joanne Sacred Scribe…

Angel Number 555 tells of significant and necessary changes happening in your life that have been Divinely inspired and guided. These changes will bring about long-awaited circumstances and results and will fully align you with your true Divine life purpose and Soul mission.

Blessings to each of you as we move into Newness together.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron




Mabon Invocation


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Tree SpiritMabon Invocation

Leaves shudder and blow from the branches
as they turn into the colors of fire

Reminding us of the cooler and darker season
in which we will reflect on our recently past days of Summer

Green and Bright they brought forth abundance
as we toiled and gathered in the warm breezes
holding sacred ceremonies for health and renewal

Now we join our hearts on the day of equal Light
to reflect on balancing both Day and Night,
as well as our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.

Let us give our gratitude to all who assist us
from realms and dimensions both within and around us
in our planetary work of realigning all that is not in harmony
knowing that our family is much greater than what appears

Yes it is a time of both reflection and gratitude for all
As we pass the Light to our family in the South with Love

May each of us honor within our hearts the sacredness
of all the cycles of Life and make an offering of water, cider or wine
to those special trees and stones we respect as Guardians

As they too, surrender to the seasons and cycles of balance

Charlie Riverman Bergeron
Mabon 9.22.18


Embracing Integrity of the Heart


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Embracing Integrity

Integrity is the word that presented itself to me as I thought about this Presence of Light talk.
I received it on the evening before my talk and allowed it to just silently hold space within me as I retired to bed.

I know that it was given to me to sleep with and that in my everyday 3D life there is now a deep healing of separation that began long ago as a choice we made as Ancestors.

Whole and complete is how we began this evolutionary journey we call Life and we are now becoming aware of how divided and unbalanced our existence has become. So we seek within our hearts in order to find a way to come back into balance.

MP3 Version on Yourlisten

Video on YouTube

How do we begin to embrace integrity within ourselves and encourage others to join along with us?
…The state of being whole and undivided
Being true to oneself in honorable and moral uprightness
Honesty and truthfulness
Balanced and consistent in making conscious choices
accurate, thoughtful and intentional…

I urge others to seek words which resonate truthfulness within you and write them down to act as a quick reminder when you are feeling your integrity is being threatened or compromised.

The above gathering of words is from random sources which as I seek out information I jot them down in my own sequences, in order to create for myself a deeper resonance which I can then fully embrace.

Reach Out

And so, as I leave you to listen or watch the talk I offer these words, both above in the photo and below, each of which arose from my Heart from a Deep Well of Integrity.

“Integrating our many separate selves and living in Integrity is a key force in moving beyond the illusions to that vaster Self which dwells within our Hearts where conditions are not found because they have no support system.” – Riverman

Blessings To Each of You
Charlie Riverman


The Point Of Return


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Point of Return

We humans are an amazing species of Life and cannot ever imagine fully what it is like to not Be outside of our physical bodies.
Well in 1991 I had what is typically identified as an NDE and have been expressing myself as such for 27 years next month.

Recently I was cleaning out some posts from my Facebook Notes page as it was a very nice place to post until the parameters changed and became somewhat limited in its ability to be similar to a blog.

So as I was removing articles and reposting some I found this picture and writing which describes my return to Source on the day I died and then back into this body.

So I offer it here for you to all to enjoy and think about.

The Point of Return

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Looking in what appears to be a downward direction
from a point within pure consciousness
you see yourself talking as if watching a movie
the moment fades away as gently as it came.

Questioning the vision, seeing beyond cognition
being drawn into the mystery,
they call us from within and expect no answer
but that of our oneness.

With sameness and familiarity,
now accepted, we relax and let the journey begin
each step becoming less necessary as we
are gently guided into the brilliant portal

Before us, brighter than sunshine,
This vertical light shaft draws us and wraps around us
As if we were age-old friends, knowing us intimately
And yet not judging, we merge

Into the Light we expand without moving
No body, no mind, all self-image left behind