Living Droplet


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Radiant Drop 7.5.20

Full Moon Rising through the clouds 7.4.2020 York, Maine

Can we bring ourselves to the Wind

to be lifted and carried into the future

where we are uplifted and then rained down

as the Full Presence of Love’s offerings


Each one of us a Droplet of Preciousness

that quenches the thirst of the barrenness

each brought forth by the misunderstandings

gathered for so long, along our collective journey


Our collective purpose of liquidity

is being to catalyze and transmute

every possibility in all of existent life

gathered upon and within this planet


We All Are here in this Only Moment

transforming within our molecular structure

and flowing deeper into our Divine Beingness

to meet ourselves and each other in Joy


Each droplet of Ever-evolving Wholeness

Blessing the World and each other

without interference or distortion

fully aware of Our Gift of Life to each other



Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Preparation Not Restoration


Preparation Not Reparation – Audio MP3


Let’s begin our talk today by gently quieting our minds.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card I pulled this morning offers us the word… Potential.

When you look at the title of today’s talk, Preparation Not Reparation, I want you to see how potential is a key in both of those actions.

The card Potential headlines the following statement, “I am a spring pouring forth from the ocean of universal potential.”

The affirmations given to us by Elinor Von Linden, the creator of these cards, are as follows…

I draw from the ocean of oneness.

I am open to the universe in all its forms.

It empowers me as I journey through this life as it leads me to a new voyage of discovery.


Right now, in this present moment of our evolution, each of us is a bit out of sorts. The many energetic frequencies that appear now in what would be chaotic patterns no longer support the old paradigm of life in which we have been operating.

A paradigm primarily serves as a pattern or a way for a living community to align with an intellectual viewpoint.

So, as a result of the corona-virus, instigating the shut down of the paradigm, each of us are now experiencing the collapse of the structure in which we live, that is not visibly seen yet we are functionally aligned with.


The words this morning that I arose with were questions that were posed to me by my Guides.

“Now that you recognize that everything in your life that has been prized, as the structure of your life, is now melting or fading away into nonexistence, what is your next step?”

My logical mind immediately went into the thought patterns of fixing it.

However, My inner heart was guiding me to prepare for something new, something not experienced before.

Here we are at a fork in the road, a fork in the road where our future existence as humans is being determined by someone other than ourselves.

It is vital for each of us, no matter how fearful we may be during this time-frame, to ground ourselves to our Beloved Mother Earth and know in our hearts that without this alignment, we become detached from the greater reality of Our True Creation.


Creation is our Gift, for We are Creator Beings, and when we hand over our offering to a paradigm that is telling us it will do our creating for us, then we have given away that part of Our Sovereign Self.

This process is why right now, humans all over the world are being challenged, and so many are suffering from energetic imbalances within their physical structure.

The key to remember for all of us right now is to come back into our physical body and pay attention to what is arising in us as a part of the separation that we are being forced to experience while being told it is a protective measure and for our welfare as a Collective Humanity.

Take time to listen and prepare whatever is needed to stabilize the personal physical energy fields which are out of balance.

Re-arrange your whole daily schedule if needed.

Granted, this is not easy if you have family members who are not flexible or respectful of your personal needs or their own.

However, taking the time to recognize what you now need to bring you back into a sense of balance is very critical right now.

It is also possible to see your loved ones’ behaviors and to try and recognize how their patterns are out of alignment, as well as encourage them to honor themselves in a better way during this time.

Everyone is reacting to these changes differently, and respecting each other as individuals are critical.

Try to remember that we are now preparing for a future existence in a New World.
One that we are co-creating right now through every thought and action.

Remember that our actions are always results of thoughts or impulses.

Our thoughts and impulses now need to align with a more excellent vision than what we have been experiencing for the past thousands of years.


The idea of Reparation is merely inadequate and only serves to bring up all the reasons why we need to move beyond it.

We need to end what no longer works or helps our planet or ourselves and begin to create something new.

Reparation is the old band-aid approach and helps only those selling band-aids, not those who are suffering.

Thoughts of reparation are based on what someone else thinks you need rather than creating what you need.

We can do this together with every new thought pattern that arises to address the moment.

Each moment is a new opportunity for us to co-create offering strength to the structure of the New Paradigm and the Future Generations of Humanity.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.3.20

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Good Rising…


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Every day is another opportunity to greet Life with the fullness of your Heart.

As WE rise to meet the Sun, Our Ancient Benefactor…

Let Us accept with deep gratitude
an amazing opportunity
in which All Living Beings
are recognized as a part of ourselves.

As WE accept them into Our Hearts
Let Us feel the Wholeness of Life
which can only be reached as a collective
and open-ended consciousness.

A super-consciousness without restriction
or inability to comprehend the vision of Oneness
Our Ancestors are delivering to us
within each breath and heartbeat.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.30.20


Unity and Trusting Love


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Good morning and welcome to the Presence of Light Talk with Charlie Riverman Bergeron where today’s topic is about Unity and Trusting Love.

This week there have been many events held around the world, live and online which reflect Unity or that greater coming together Humanity in loving relationship and trusting each other through these very disturbing times.

This cyber celebration of humans from around the world only wishes to bring about a more Unified Collective Whole as part of our evolution. One in which We love and respect each other more openly and help to heal the wounds of the past.

The anger and pain that is rising around us now are only creating more fear and loss for our children to try and process during their lifetimes and has to be seen as an opportunity to trust ourselves to bring about the changes that are so desperately needed.

As I look around the world I see the destruction that falsity and lies have brought forth to create a lack of trust in us all.

Not just with our leaders but with each other.

We are somewhat adrift in the middle of an ocean of change with the ship captains arguing as to who will claim what is left from the turbulent seas when the storms have passed.

The first two cards I pulled from The Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden this morning which were Love and Trust.

I wanted to put them back in the deck as I asked myself what do I have to contribute to the world about Love and Trust.

However… Love is why I’m here and Trust is what keeps me here.

The Love card states “Love is the life current that flows through the Universe. This current fills my heart as I surrender my will to God’s will.

The Trust card expresses, “I know the love of God supplies me with faith and trust in life’s processes.”

As I thought about those two words the question arose as to how we are feeling about trusting love these days…

Hmmm!!! Here WE are.

All of this reminds me of the song… Eve of Destruction from 1964 whereas a teenager my thoughts were focused on watching my friends being killed in foreign lands while now I experience it in my 70’s next door and my neighborhood.

Be it a violent war or a virus, both have filled my heart with pain.

Both are creating a field of fear that our children will carry as a burden into the future.

The time is now to stand in Love and Trust and ask …

What affirmations can we embrace right now that will carry us through this and how can we show the children of the future We want to co-create a better world for them?

The opportunity is being presented to us all to rise not in hatred and anger but Love and Trust.

By taking a deeper look into our guilt and pain and saying… no more.

Let’s take a deep breath right now together and allow our Highest Self to speak softly to us saying…

We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

Allow that to settle and take another breath and look at the children around us in our own families.

As we gently exhale this time let us speak softly … I Love You…

You are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

Allow yourself to acknowledge the feeling of Unity that arises within you in this connecting of generations.

Feel the wisdom you have… about how all of life needs more respect and nurturing.

Feel the power you have… through Love and Trust to embrace the children and guide them.

Keep breathing gently yet deeply… feeling the Love and Trust returning into your heartbeat and all of your arteries and veins.

Feel yourself grounding to Mother Earth and receiving Her Grace

Perhaps She is speaking to you whispering… Welcome Home
Welcome back to Our One Heart which never stops beating.

It is here in the Heart of the Mother that the Evolution of All Life is given birth.
Given birth through Love and Trust and gently flows throughout All Life

Our Mother gently whispers

Listen for my Heartbeat for it is your heartbeat as well
Seek my Waters for they are both the lifeblood and tears of human existence

You are always my children, be you old or young
Your true nature is Divine and Life is a gift you chose
Our separation is no longer sustainable in any form
Share this message with your children now as you guide them

And above all else Trusting Love is the Key to Wholeness and Peace

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.26.20


Flowing With The Changes


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Flowing With The Changes MP3

Good morning and many Blessings to each of you as We move closer to the Solstice on June 20th here in the year 2020.

I‘m sure that each of you is feeling a lot of energy right now that may feel uncomfortable in a wide variety of ways.

The message for today is to stay in the middle of the stream of the erratic energies and to flow with all the changes that may be affecting you.

The keywords that appeared today are Acceptance and Manifestation.

The Sacred Space Meditation card I was offered today is Harmony.

The message of Harmony is,
“My heart sings in harmony with the Universe. I am always on key.”

What is arising in all of us is the greater sensing of fear. Not only in the world around us but triggering old doubts and wounds within us that are not yet resolved within us.

In many ways, this is the needed medicine for humanity as a collective; for those thousands of years, for which we are now being held accountable.

Shortly after the Solstice, we experienced an Annular Eclipse of the Sun, which is also a resetting, whereas collective humanity, we evolve to another level of conscious awareness.

The fork in the road will now reveal a gateway, which provides an opportunity to leave the roadway behind us and travel on a LightPath or River of Light, which will not be seen by those whose hearts are closed or still heavy with darkness and ancestral anger.

This is the moment when many with enormous egos will falter and fail.

Where the prophecies of many ancestral teachings will be witnessed, all of which is to awaken and connect the Elders to the New Children.

Beginning the time of seeding and nurturing for the future generations.

Each of us has an inner alignment that will guide us, and it is not story-based. It is crystalline and not affected by the external frequencies of distortion, which are now being radically optimized as tools of control.

We are to remain in the Holy Waters of the River where fear will be minimized, and frustration will move into a progression of really positive events.

The Keys for us to move forward now are…

to trust the celestial voices which radiate as Creator’s Energy
to stabilize our individually unique energy fields within our physical Water Structure
to create Harmony and Balance and anchor it to the Heart of Mother Earth
to Re-Birth the Crystalline Collective Consciousness in all of humanity and end this Trail of Destruction.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.19.20


Solstice 2020 Message

Rising up in consciousness
there are times when the flower
doesn’t appear to be doing anything
and we wonder what we might be forgetting
or not doing properly
yet when the flower opens
it needs only to acknowledge its beautiful self

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.22.20


Abundance and Unlimitedness


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Abundance and Unlimitedness
MP3 Replay

Abundance And Unlimitedness

Good Morning and Many Blessings to each of you who are wondering what will happen next in this global state of chaos.

Many choices arise for us when the energies around us become overly distorted. However, they can be equally diminished to the point where we feel that we have no choice at all.
As I tap into these two words I have to wonder … Why Today and Why Me?

So let’s look at Abundance and how that word makes us feel… When we see the world around us functioning in a somewhat balanced order we feel ourselves as fairly safe and happy. Even though we may have illnesses or a lack of money, we move through life’s patterns fairly smoothly.

Yes, there are always the moments of surprise, where out of nowhere something appears to knock us to our knees. However, this fluctuation is usually reconciled by taking a look at the more positive things in our lives and feeling thankful for them. Whatever they may be.

The Universe is Abundance in its ability to create variety. It has no real boundaries or limitations that intend to contain it. It is ever moving forward in an expanding motion rather than a contracting one. Most of us would agree that it offers us humans support and opportunity to become more than we can think of in the immediate moment.

Limitation on the other hand is a restriction of flow. Where the energies that sustain us and encourage us to expand in new possibilities are diminished and everything is being squeezed through a very small space simultaneously. Perhaps you are feeling this as well and are not feeling very energetically well as a result.

LOVE is the card I pulled from Kimberly Marooney’s Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance & Inspiration

And I thought how interesting that we look at the world around us mostly in such a very materialistic way.

That we have lost sight of what Abundance and Limitations are really about.

And I heard in my mind… Tina Turner singing “What’s Love Got To Do With It”

[Chorus:]Oh what’s love got to do, got to do with it

What’s love but a second-hand emotion

What’s love got to do, got to do with it

Who needs a heart

When a heart can be broken

And it stopped me cold in writing my show notes to read this quote from the Angel Hadraniel page…

To love for the sake of being loved is human,

but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.

Alphonse de Lamartine

Then below it in her explanation, Kimberly Marooney writes… “Eternal love alone satisfies the need of the soul.”

The Angel Hadraniel in her book is a Heart Angel who is #13 which I always interpret as a new journey or beginning point.

And here we are in this state of flux and flow between Abundance Or Limitation

The True Power of Love is what is needed right now to overcome the fear, the cruelty and the pain of life which has now formed, “a cage around the heart with bars stronger than steel.” (Hadraniel pg59)

Let us seek out those places within our hearts that feel limited and know that this is not ours alone to feel responsible for.

This limitation has been growing and reinforced by generations of humans inflicting pain and suffering on each other and all life on this planet.

We are now far more consciously aware of the natural crisis facing us and the pain of watching our leaders being so selfish and destructive to save their selfish egos.

We are feeling helpless in many ways and when we speak up we are ridiculed or chastised like small children being bullied in a schoolyard and then sent to sit in the corner.

Where is the Abundance We ask and yet it is right here within us begging to be released.

It is the Love We Are and the Love We Give to everyone.

It is the Compassion We allow ourselves to feel for All who are suffering.

At that moment we recognize our suffering and relieve it together.

May each of us today

tap into the preciousness which flows from our hearts

Allowing it to seek those suffering who cannot be hidden any longer

Let us remember that the Power of Love

is not a second-hand emotion

it is not a fairy tale or painful drama

Limitlessness begins with a smile

as it opens the doorway of our hearts

allowing the flow of unconditional love

to return to the Universe abundantly

We cannot afford to stay in this cycle of destruction

wherein the creation of ALL LIFE is jeopardized

and We suffer every day while pretending we are not.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.12.20

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Breathing In The Light


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Breathing In The Light

MP3 Replay

Once again, we meet here on Humanity Healing Facebook to remember that our life experience is more than just being humans living separate lives.

We are each learning and remembering more about our Magnificent Presence, not only here on mother Earth, but also within a field of Greater Consciousness.

Our simple act of breathing is so much more than we have ever given thought to, as we just recently witnessed in an act of unimaginably vile human violence.

Today’s Sacred Space Meditation Card from Elinor Von Linden


“Breath is the basis of life, as I breathe in the power from Source: I know I have eternal life.”

Our breathing delivers awakening energy to our physical bodies which opens the gateways of our personal power as a Blessing.

Take a deep breath right now and feel your body expanding. Whether you breathe into the upper chest or fully expand your lower diaphragm you will feel a surge of energy that finds exactly where it is needed most.

This in many ways is the connection we have that has been taken for granted as just a simple process of bodily function. Yet, when it ceases we are no longer consciously aware of life in these physical bodies.

We are no longer able to experience each other in the state of Living Presence as so many of us have seen around the world now in the death of George Floyd.

I’m being guided to remind us all of how truly sacred each and every one of us is.

Of how truly sacred each and every breath we take is.

That each breath is a connection to the Universe which surrounds us and all of life within it.

Breathing is a Sacred Contract that allows us to experience each other in a physical form while dwelling on a physical form.

Let us take a moment to breathe gently and honor George Floyd whose last breath was such a profound message for us all during these moments of living expression.

…………………….. ……………………… ……………………

May we now call upon Kuan Yin… the Boddhisatva of Compassion who reminds us today to be a Shining Lotus through a message from the Kuan Yin Oracle Cards of Alana Fairchild.

“There are times when it makes sense to be discreet, until you find your inner strength so that you feel empowered enough to share your thoughts, feelings and beliefs without wavering, even in the face of challenge by another. At other times, we benefit ourselves and others by taking a risk, and allowing the inner lotus blossom of our true self to shine forth, for all to behold.”

It is truly the light we breathe in that assists us in tapping into the true compassion which we need to express more freely and more often.

It is the energy we need right now to take the risk of being seen and heard by all of humanity.

It is the call of Our True Self to embrace each other and leave behind the old patterns which have brought us to this place of Global suffering.

The acts of violence caused through deep inner wounding and hatred and which began and has been passed on through our genetic coding must now be revealed within our own hearts, so that we may release their energies forevermore.

There is now a Global Awakening of such grand proportions that it makes a pandemic look small in comparison, to its power and ability to rise and uplift humanity and to restore humanity to its rightful place among the Star Nations.


Kuan Yin supports us in actively sending our love and compassion into the World of Life. Breathing in Light and exhaling Love and Compassion without judgment upon anyone.

She asks us to keep our hearts open and to allow the Light we breathe to flow with ease and grace beyond our understanding, by trusting ourselves more deeply in our capacity to perform miracles.


A Miracle occurs every time our ability to surrender to Our Heart and embrace each other without fear or anger occurs.

At that moment the many ancient wounds of humanity’s struggle of separation from its True Source become less available to become re-manifested.

Simply by choosing to keep our hearts open and breathe in Light we become safe and more determined to fulfill the prophecies of our ability to co-exist in Peace and Harmony in spite of our many 3rd dimensional differences.

Kuan Yin offers us these words, “I am safe in my truth. I reveal myself with love, it is safe and fun to be me. My lotus light shines forth to benefit all humanity!”


A Prayer to Kuan Yin

Beloved Kuan Yin, mother of mercy and compassion, bless us all with a new capacity for understanding of all that is now necessary to gather our hearts together in Unity.

May you embrace and embody within us as the Divine Compassion that is contained within the Light we breathe into our hearts and also share forth from our lungs.

One Heart, One Light, One Love bringing forth Everlasting Peace to the hearts who are now suffering.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.5.20

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Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

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Ancient Rage/Full Moon Eclipse


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Ancient Rage

Friday, June 5 Full Moon…

As I felt into the energies of this sunny morning here on the Southwest Coast of Maine there was something asking me to look beyond the beauty.

It was asking me to look at the darkness in the world right now and acknowledge the pain and suffering of all humans.

I do not recommend my journey unless you have fully embraced the Light within your amazing Divine Presence.

What is being expressed right now from the collective whole of humanity has been building for thousands of years and through this process of isolation from each other is asking to be released.

The Darkness which appears as our beloved moon is eclipsed is not evil or malevolent, is an opportunity to recognize our cyclical connection to each other and the greater Cosmos.

Every unloving action influences every other action and will not stop until it is called forth from the darkness and placed in the light to be transmuted.

The greatest action of unloving is within our hearts and we have held it for far too long. Stuffing it deep within us and pretending that we are not affected by it all.

What we witness right now all around us… Is Us!

Screaming at the top of our lungs to End Our Insanity.

It is all about respecting each other and offering a better life to each other. One in which the manipulation of daily existence is no longer distorted by Greed and Hatred.

Both Greed and Hatred are not something that exists on their own… they are force-fed by our inner child, whose distorted acceptance of Love has created wounds so deep within the collective of humanity that it can no longer be held at bay.

This is Our legacy rising to be the mirror into which the reflections reveal our inner hatred of ourselves.

During this Eclipse where our shadows become strong enough to block our light, let us see the reflection of our ancient ancestors who are speaking so very loudly now,

to end this cycle of destruction,

to embrace the wounds within us,

to see them in each other,

to reach out through our hearts,

to truly forgive ourselves,

and find ways to work peacefully together

lest we condemn all future children

to repeat the loneliness and anger

that serves only separation and destruction.


Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.2.20



Deep Inner Guidance


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Deep Inner Guidance

Deep Inner Guidance
Good morning to All on this last Friday of May 2020 and Many Blessings to each of you.

As I asked my Guides for a topic the answer was in my question.
We All need Deep Guidance right now.
The world around us has shifted into something that is quite bizarre and at times very unrecognizable.
Our everyday routines and habits have become an object of criticism which is undermining the the energetic stability of every living being on our planet.

For my own preservation of emotional stability I have chosen to look at it all as a Great Storm which does not care what is in its path. It will destroy everything and have no feelings of empathy or remorse for its actions at all.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card I pulled today was Divine Guidance which shows an interacting group of several galaxies. It almost looks as if there is an arm of bright blue stars reaching out, as if to assist each other.

The message of the card is really about Divine Guidance… “I am secure in the knowledge of my place in the Universe. I allow Divine guidance to school me.”

Let’s think about Our place in this pandemic which makes us all feel so vulnerable.

There is certainly no easy solution and our band-aids are creating deeper infections which will not even surface to our awareness until much later.

I want you all to take a couple of slow and deep breaths… and then just relax into an easy breathing pattern.
Place a finger or your thumb on your wrist and find your radial artery in that soft spot directly upstream from your thumb.

Gently feel your beating heart… close your eyes and allow it to take you on a journey.

A journey which reminds you that you are not only alive, you are also very precious.
That no matter what is happening around you or to you.

Energy is flowing through our bodies connecting the galaxies within us.
Rivers of precious starlight connecting everything, everyday, every moment.
Without our directing, in spite of our fears and connecting us to each other.

Our Mother Earth’s Heart is pulsing as well and even though we can be separated from each other and placed in isolation Her Heart can be felt if we let ourselves just focus on our own heartbeat.

It is this Divine inner connection to everything that cannot be broken by words, actions or machines.
For it is the bond of the Universe both around us and within us.

Slowly let go of your pulsing artery and come back into your greater physical presence.

Know that the Deep Inner Guidance we all seek is always right there when we allow the brain to come to a place of peace.
That it is only not accessed due to confusion created by the Great Story Teller our human mind.

When we bypass all of the interference the wisdom rises to be able to be seen, heard and felt.

Truth is always held in your Heart not in your mind.
The mind can be controlled and then it seeks to control the Heart
In that moment We have been separated from Our Deep Inner Guidance
We are no longer the Sovereign Beings of Creation whose Love and Compassion is so desperately needed right now.

May each of You reconnect to Your Deep Inner Guidance and know how powerful you Truly Are.

Rumi – There is a field

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.

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Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light


Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.26.20