Beauty Shines…


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When we watch how Mother Earth expresses Her Divinity
we are invited to pause and wonder how we might share our own beauty more abundantly.

Let your beauty shine from within your hearts ~ Riverman 5.30.23

As we enter into this Full Moon energy let us honor each other by seeking our true self within our own hearts. By releasing all that is not in alignment with a global future of compassion and safety.

May your beautiful Inner Self blossom and seek to call attention to all distortions which are created to divert you from knowing your True Light which shines from within your heart.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.31.23


Beautiful and Awake


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There are moments which take you
on a journey into realms of pure
and unexpected revelation
Precious gems of Mother Earth
which awaken our true self
allowing us to ponder
How each of us are beautiful
and unique in many ways
yet we have long forgotten
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.24.23


Loving Energy


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Loving Energy Video @


We have a more extraordinary ability to love one another than we understand.

We can silently send loving energy to everything, whether it be another human, animal, or a part of the landscape of Mother Earth.

In turn, Mother Earth radiates Loving Energy constantly to us, although we may not recognize it in a human capacity.

The key is our ability to create, send and receive electromagnetic fields with as much force as a tidal wave or be only a hardly noticed tiny trickle.

This connection and exchange constantly occur within and around us, mostly below our daily mental focus.

Love is a harmonic frequency that reaches out from our hearts and creates an attractor field that allows us to communicate what we feel in every moment.

“Attractor fields define our lives: emotions attract like emotions, like behaviors, and like outcomes.”

-Dr. R. Kurt Ebert

When we lose our ability to feel our Loving Energy, we become confused and tend to withdraw from anything that ignites a feeling of wholeness within us. Our internal process begins to allow our negative emotions to overcome us.

All of this is key to a better relationship with us and everyone we may encounter daily.

Harmony within our heart creates a greater electromagnetic field than our brain, allowing the human body to function at a greater capacity and balance.

The key to our future generations is to learn more about our Heart Resonance and understand how it is so much more than taught to believe as children and adults.



Without loving energy, we are empty

and constantly looking for wholeness

Let us pause for a moment and take a deep breath

As we pause for only a moment, there is a pulsing

A pulsing that allows us to breathe and live here

Silently send gratitude to that constant heart rhythm

This energy that it creates and emits and connects

not only what is within us at all levels

It connects us to the worldwide web of all living things

Remove any boundaries you may find arising

and send your Love without fear to experience

the power you truly have within and around you

Without Love Energy, you cannot say I Love You.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.11.23

Written for Global Heart Team


Transformational Presence


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Transformational Presence

Transformation appears in many cultures and their sacred teachings.

Presence is put as showing up.

What am I showing up for today?

What if I choose renewal and celebration?

“Feel it, Bless it, Release it.”- David Pond

The full moon eclipse and 5 5 Gateway allow us to clear away what is no longer serving our Highest Self.

Maya, the Hindu goddess of creation, may ask us to face our fears, heal old traumas, and increase our energy to redistribute or redirect it to allow us to help humanity embrace the importance of Peace, Light, and Love in all life.

The dimensional doorways are opened to higher levels to assist us with healing our self-love and self-esteem as well as feeling worthy.

Thinking clearly and positively is the key that opens our hearts to allow us to ascend and access the radionic energies necessary to dissolve the haywire vibrations or wounds that keep us from trusting our transformation.

May each of us clean and clear out our memories that diminished our potential for happiness and self-empowerment.

We know from our hearts that happiness and joy are keys to truth and transformation.

Through this profound observation, we challenge and transmute our ancestral genetic trauma and our own.

Each threshold we cross on this journey reminds us that we are returning to our sovereign self… the divine being that each of us is.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.5.23t


Multidimensional Communication


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Show Notes 4.28.03

Today, I asked my guides for a topic and found “Multidimensional Communication” was written on one of my notepads. I call this synchronicity, not chance.

The ability to have multidimensional awareness is a natural process in all of us and our environment. It is a connection to the energies around us that get received through our pure hearts.

Our Heart is our source point or central command if you will.

It is simple, No Heart, No Living.

No Communication, No Evolution.

All of us learned many ways to communicate with each other. We now rely on computers and 5G networks, leading us to use Artificial Intelligence as if it were our best friend and a most significant asset to our future existence.

We thought this about the phone, radio, television, and computers. All of which are excellent tools that inform and teach us so much. Yet there is a negative side to all of this technology.

Technology – the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment – Britannica

We no longer use our physical cellular being to govern and direct us into the future because the above technology is slowly altering it.

Significant shifts in our inability to be kind and loving to each other are arising in all aspects of our societal structure.

Let us pause and reconnect to our natural inner communication system.

Please close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath into your belly, pause for a moment, and then slowly release it.

Inhale calmly again, feel it in your belly and imagine it continues into Mother Earth.

Exhale calmly and allow it to rise gently through the top of your head.

Your energy is stabilizing and creating an open channel to your Multidimensional Self.

We live fully in all dimensions when our energy field expands, not when contracted.

Practicing this peaceful breathing assists us in co-creating a well-balanced society that respects Mother Earth and all of Her inhabitants.

So let us be amazed at the technology but not forget it is only mimicking what we can do naturally.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.28.23

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Love Is Expansive Gratitude


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Love Is Expansive Gratitude

Within each of our hearts
there is a sacred universal presence
emanating from deep beyond our understanding

Unending and purifying light beams
hold within them a divine, precious,
and magnificent gift of Love.

Yes, we are:
The living bearers of high spirits.
The wisdom of peace.
The Unconditional Love that extends mindful appreciation to all.

Let there be Love!
Let there be Light!

We are allowing our hearts to beat as One!
One Heart! One Love! Forever!

Allow Your Love to include all who suffer physically or emotionally.

Be the Light of Joy for those who are sad or lonely.
Be gentle with those who are hungry or homeless.
Be kind and compassionate to all in thought and action.

Encourage your Heart to seek truth and trust and rebalance the brain for Love to thrive.

It is our opened Heart that heals ourselves and others.

It is our shining Light that removes the heavy darkness.

It is each of you honoring your True Self which the Universe supports.

I Love You

I Thank You

I Respect You

I Am You

You Are Me

We Are Unity

One Heart

One Love

For Ever

Charlie Riverman Bergeron
Written for the Global Heart Team on Global Love Day 5.1.2023


Blaming Or Balancing


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Blaming or Balancing

Grand rising to all as we move further along in recognizing how confused we truly are.

The words Balancing and Blaming caught my attention this morning as I quickly scanned the internet.

The word Blame shows me how much we like to point away from ourselves when what is happening to us or around us is difficult to accept.

Years ago, my guides offered me this explanation,






Blame – v. To hold responsible or find fault with.

Blame is an energy field that is chaotic and creates separation within us so that we direct our focus of personal power away from us in order to re-establish a sense of self-control and balance.

Balance – n. A stable mental or psychological state; emotional stability.

On the other hand, balance is stability in which we feel secure and can use our higher dimensions of awareness to avoid all chaos or harmful responses as we evolve.

We are not the only living forms evolving at this moment, so how do we bring ourselves back into a rhythm within which we can truly see and feel no longer separated, staying within the wholeness of our more significant embodiment?

Let us gather in a sacred circle’s center and call ourselves back from the edge of the abyss into which we are pointing.

Let us gather in the heart center, visualizing a brilliant Golden Ray of Light descending into our hearts.

It flows like a Golden Nectar river as it collects within us and calls us to bathe in its warm and deep loving kindness.

I know that in this womb of Light, it is easy to feel yourself melting into the warmth of this Bliss, which passes all understanding.

Remembering once again that we are whole and complete, we become that in grace again.

Each of us is a part of the other in Harmony and Balance – In Joy and Peace.

Remembering that this is who we are as we leave this sacred and loving energy.

Returning to our body awareness, we will now see the many scattered particles of our lives as only journeys we took while returning to wholeness.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.21.23


Balanced Vibrational Energy


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Balanced Vibrational Energy

As each season begins, we can feel a shifting in our personal energies that is both physical and electromagnetic.
Both require our Heart, mind, and body to function within vibrational balance.

We are all Water-based beings that appear as solids, yet we cannot flow with ease and grace without fluidity.

The Heart is our active vortex which supports the vehicle of our body in more ways than we are consciously aware of at any given time.
Unless, of course, we sit still in meditation and tune into it.

Like the rivers and streams around us, our inner balance appears as a feeling of peacefulness when there is a gentle flow.
This gentle flow assists us in tuning in to our higher balanced self.

How does balance feel for you?
How does imbalance feel?

Not feeling balanced is the first signal our body sends as a reminder that our vibrational energy is not stable or is getting supercharged
from outside interference.

This supercharging trigger dysfunction within our neural and muscular systems and our organs.

As we move forward or spiral outward on our journey as humans, we need to awaken to the new technologies now being presented
for our use with more awareness of what they will do to the neural network of all living species.

Seek to find ways it is unbalanced and threatening our future generations.

Earth has been a commodity for ages.
Water is now a commodity.

Will Air be next?

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.14.23


Mercy, Compassion and Kindness


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April Full Moon Blessings to everyone as the changes of the seasons have begun to shift our focus on everyday life.

These three words called to me this morning as a message of renewal.

MERCY – compassionate treatment of those in distress

COMPASSION – implies pity coupled with an urgent desire to aid or to spare

KINDNESS – loving-kindness as tender and benevolent affection

Definitions from

Each of these words describes renewal which is a word that offers many different possibilities for change. It is an opportunity to tap into a world of new potential, where our thoughts and actions can redefine how we communicate with each other and learn to live in unity once again.

Evolution is a constant process encompassing all aspects of advancing in ways that benefit the whole rather than the few. It is never held prisoner or encapsulated to halt its progression. If that were possible, we would not be having this conversation. Our future generations would not be preparing to bring forth their wisdom to rebalance what has been distorted or destroyed over the past centuries.

The month of April is one where dramatic change happens all over Mother Earth. From beneath the surface to the highest heights. So, as without, So within.

It is Spring, and you are taking plenty of time to observe all the changes in your future vision and desires for the next generations. Listen to the songs of the Elementals, which prepare for the next seasons of Summer and Winter.

Take time to release your worries, fears, and self-abusive behaviors.

Find ways to weave Mercy, Compassion, and Kindness into every moment.

Recognize when false prophets are leading you on the News Media.

Learn to understand when your negative thinking is triggered and release it peacefully.

Each of us has a vital role in nurturing and encouraging future generations to lead in halting past regulations that are harmful to all life.

Awaken to your Inner Divine Self that you have always been and shine brightly so that you may be seen and heard, especially by those ready to listen to words that unite, not separate us from each other.

We must co-create a New World of Harmony that does not mistrust its leaders, where Humanity becomes a commodity, like Mother Earth, Her Water, and Her Air.

As for Kindness, let us see our better selves in each other and strive to encourage and assist this magical energy to reach higher frequencies and be shared by our younger generations.

Blessings to each of you, as we have a lot of work to do together for our children and their generations to succeed and respect all life again.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.7.23


Choosing Peace Within Us


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Choosing Peace Within Us

When we are no longer able to change a situation –
we are challenged to change ourselves. ~Viktor E. Frankl

(The Fork In The Road)
The time of decision has come.
We all must choose.  
Do I stay in duality?
Or move into Oneness?
The 11:11 Alignment Cards – Zera Starchild

Point of Presence

Slow down, relax and always choose love.

Make it your commitment,

No matter what is swirling around you.

Keep your eyes WIDE open

There will be lots that you see,

Engage only with what lights up your Soul.

TRUST with every micro cell of your being

There is heavenly support,

Ask for guidance daily with gratitude.

Express fully with courage and care

Your capacity and skills are expanding every day,

Believe it.

Create with wild enthusiasm

Beauty, love, and grace are your golden essence,

Keep tending the fire.

Joy is not the result of the journey,

It is the process and the way,

Be it.

by Shelley Darling 
Author of ‘Songline of the Heart: A Navigator’s Guide to Resurrecting Your Heart’

“The biggest discovery for me is finding that just loving myself turns out to be the most empowering and fastest way to bring me back into Balance. It does not feel good when I am closed down to receiving. I don’t have the energy I need to do what I love and would most uplift me.
One of my favorite long
time affirmations is: I now allow myself to be loved and supported on all levels.

Shanta Gabriel – March 19, 2023