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Positive Attitude, Light and Energies

Positive Attitude, Light and Energies
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Friday 12.13.19 and WE are moving forward and upward.
This happens to be my 118th talk here on Humanity Healing Facebook to whom I offer Blessings beyond words for their many years of service to us ALL

I was attracted to their videos on YouTube 10 years ago and would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be speaking to anyone about my experiences never mind to all of you around this amazing Planet…
Here is a link to their YouTube channel…

Humanity Healing on YouTube


Today’s Show Notes:
So today I talk about how perfect We Are…
as the energies that are now beaming into Our Hearts are exposing OUR TRUE LIGHT, to the wonderful yet small minds that could not envision these moments in our evolution.

WE are beginning to step out of the old ways of thinking and relating, to each other and all of the world around us.
WE are accessing the higher or greater collective consciousness, that has been written and spoken of by so many Masters and their emissaries, throughout all ages of our existence here on Planet Earth.

The first card pulled today from – Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden


The Great Mind of God knows the answers to my problems before I ask.”

This is the key to OUR Rising into and Responding to everything with Love

Today let us begin once again to deepen into Our heart-space and know that all of the fear and discord that we endure in daily life can be transmuted into Love.

This transmutation begins simply by learning to observe our thoughts and pausing a few moments before reacting to them emotionally or physically.

WE have actually become addicted to fast responses and for many they are the sole instigator of all their suffering.

The deeper challenge is to allow Our hearts to have a voice in the decision making process.

When We can honestly embrace life from deep within We begin the real deep questioning of WHO and WHAT AM I, really?

Which bring us to today’s title…
Positive Attitude, Light and Energies

YES, this is who you really Are!!!

My first reading this morning at 7:21 from Joanne Sacred Scribes mentions these words…

Give away doubts, fears, worries or concerns

Bring forth faith self-belief and confidence

Read them again…

Give away doubts, fears, worries or concerns

Bring forth faith self-belief and confidence

It is when We can surrender and replace those negative and destructive thoughts and patterns with positive ones that everything begins to move forward again in our lives, in conjunction our greater

So yes it is Friday the 13th and We have been made to think it is negative.
I’m here to tell you that any illusion you want to believe in, that is negative, will keep you in submission to something outside of yourself.

You ARE by the WILL OF CREATION a highly charge field of POSITIVE LIGHT ENERGY

One more card for you… Kuan Yin Oracle by Alan Fairchild


In creating precious silks there is a sorting process, sifting out that which is broken to find that which is precious and pure. You are commencing a new cycle beloved and it is time to allow for that which is more precious and put, that which you wish to take into the future, to continue and to release that which does not align with your true heart. Sometimes we need to help ourselves access the new cycle by releasing vows from this or other lifetimes, releasing old emotional patterns and calling in wisdom and talents from past lifetimes. You are guided to accept healing now.

Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light


Much Love to You All
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.13.19