Friday The 13th 2023


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Opening to the Unknown

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
Where did all the negative vibrations come from?

(1) new beginnings, motivation, progress, attainment, fulfillment, and individuality.

(3) optimism, inspiration, self-expression, inspiration, expansion, and manifestation.

The Number 13 reminds us to tap into our intuition.

Allowing us a graceful change as we align with our true divine life purpose.

Where did all the negative vibrations come from?

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2023 – More Peace


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2023 – More Peace

As we start this year, 2023, in the Gregorian Calendar form, let us remember that it is an expression of measuring time and is merely a chart for our human endeavors.

Of course, we track the heavens within it, having recorded it in many ways over thousands of years.

I bring this up as we look forward as we constantly spiral through the universe as a small part of the Milky Way.

When we look at pictures of the Milky Way, they are frozen moments that we cannot fully define as they are always in motion.

What does all of that have to do with this year?

Our human way of life is changing dramatically, which has become a moment of confusion for many.

Confusion … prefix con meaning With – Fusion

The fusion I speak of today is Peace as an attractor field.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.6.23


Truth Within Our Personal Heart


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Truth Within Our Personal Heart

As we deepen our awareness
within our Personal Heart
Truth arises and is seen more clearly

It has no physical form, yet we feel it
as an energy of honesty and trustability
inviting us to focus with more compassion

Encouraging our emotional experiences
with each other to be openly enhanced
and all thoughts of separation dissolved

Truth is never an object that changes
for it is an Eternal Presence within us
as a radiant energy of Love, Light, and Peace

Our Personal Heart Truth is needed now more than ever.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.5.23
Written for the Global Heart Team




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2023 More Peace…

Looking forward
into the time frame
we call a year
the usual dense fog lifts
as Light warms, the cold air
created by the fear
and suffering of humanity

Create more Peace
is my message
from the inner voice
reminding me of
the Peace, Light, and Love
I experienced and
became 31 years ago

Sharing that Peace
is just as easy
to gift to others
as the Light and Love
you now share
with all living presence
you meet or hear of

Peace is the Key
that ignites the Heart
which dissipates the fog
and melts the frozen waters
allowing the Light and Love
to flow with ease and grace
throughout all of Mother Earth

Happy New Year
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.2.23


Exhaustion Or Purpose


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There are no shows notes for this talk as I was awakened very early in the morning to a young man screaming obscenities.
As I awoke a second time it was just before I was to get on to Humanity Healing.

The question arose within me as to whether this event was to confirm how exhausted humans are with their life situations.

Or was it to remind me that our compassion for others who are suffering deeply is needed more now than ever before.

Charlie Riverman


A Crystalline Brilliance


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A Crystalline Brilliance

Today’s message comes from the delicate blanket of frost brilliantly gleaming in the morning sun. Frozen in place in a field of Light.

It reminds us how we are much more than we see at a distance.

In fact, our true brilliance and beauty cannot be seen until we look very closely at each other.

Our brilliance, however, is layered and flexible and able to shift energy within ourselves and each other very rapidly.

Light is needed for us to co-create and be balanced within our physical neuron-network.
That Light comes from the Sun, and if you find yourself feeling energetically weakened, get out in nature’s Light and recharge

Many of us are now experiencing deep emotional eruptions, which can be both ecstatic and very dark.
Hopefully, this reminds us of how important it is to pay attention to our Inner Light and that which emanates from within us.

Let us seek to find indoor sources that help to bring us joy and harmony, emotional balance, and physical longevity.

Become aware of the Light in your homes that is not Full Spectrum, especially where you sit the most.

Our Crystalline Brilliance is needed now more than ever for the natural evolution of humanity.
Our future generations are speaking to us clearly.

Presence Of Light Talk Show Notes
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.09.22


Harmony Within Our Hearts


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Harmony Within Our Hearts

If we think of our life as a melody
It is our heart that is the orchestra,
whose rhythmic pulsing reminds us

That the beating and flowing within
creates the magical and rhythmic melody
filling us with a thriving and balanced energy

Which, when experienced together
with others who are in Heart Resonance
Peace, Light, and Love are expressed in All

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.8.22
Written for the Global Heart Team



We Are Unlimited


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Within the illusion of our presence

Within the illusion of our presence

We have co-created limitations

Which like clouds in the sky

Only serve to hide us from Our True Self

Charlie Riverman 12.8.22


Balancing The Future


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Balancing the old and new requires an observation of both. ~ Riverman

This morning I woke up to a beautiful hawk sitting above the bird feeders in a young oak tree. The hawk is a bird that is very observant of details, whether large or small. It is the watchful all-seeing messenger of divinity, according to the animal spirit guidebook by Kim Krans.

It sat Very calmly with the Blue Jays, and smaller birds would try to get his attention so he would leave the feeders, yet he sat there as if it was me; he was waiting to see.

Hawks are messengers from divinity, and we must listen Quietly and carefully to our inner guidance.

Listening is about where we stand in this moment and looking forward to the future. Being asked to come to a place of stillness in observing everything moving around us without fear and aggravation.

Can we remain as still as the hawk in the middle of everything around us, trying to move Us from a place of peaceful observation to and moment of attack?

Right now, in the world, most humans are questioning everything that is happening around them and directly to them. But unfortunately, there is not a nation in this world that is not transitioning from old paradigms to a new and possibly overbearing authority.

All living beings are about to be forced in many ways to balance between the old and the new.

We can see the newness from a place of balance and clarity, or we can be highly suspicious of everything that reflects a change in what we are accustomed to.

It is a transition to a new perspective wherein entrusting others to lead us will not be brought into the future as it is now. Instead, it will sustain itself as we seek more peaceful coexistence with mother earth.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.02.22


Thankfulness Is A Key To Peaceful Co-existence


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What is thankfulness for you?

What is peace for you?

The message today is to be thankful for what you have and who you are.

Look at the parts of your life that are creating anger, sadness, and what is triggering your emotions.
Recognize that it is an internal alarm system.

How can each one of us look into future generations of humanity and leave them a legacy of peace
rather than fear, destruction, or hatred?

Let us help those younger generations by offering them some of the wisdom that we have learned
and experienced throughout our lifetime.

Let us encourage them to enhance it and to bring it into a focus
that will benefit Mother Earth as well as them personally.

All with the intention of living together within a harmonious and peaceful co-existence.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.25.22