The Blank Page


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The Blank Page – Show Notes

As we enter the last month of 2021 with the bang of a Solar Eclipse, I offer blessings to everyone. But, of course, the usual advice is to stay grounded and open to the positive energies as we move along with the rhythm of our Solar System.

Yet, at the same time, we are being forced into separation and judgment by the very people we are trusting to guide us into the future. So today, let us co-create on a blank page a list of obstacles to assist us in creating a future that is respectful and orderly for all humans and animals, especially Mother Earth.

My weekly talks always start with a blank page on my computer screen. A process that has taught me that within me, there is a message that is tuned to what I describe as my Higher Self.

A higher inner beingness with no limitations or reactions to fear or disarray. The peaceful observer, my guardian who is not always heard or listened to.

Each of us has a beautiful ability to stop the mind chatter that is aroused and sent spinning through our bodies, causing the neural and physical stress that is the body’s alarm system.

So what if we learned to trust that inner alarm system again and listened more cautiously to it. It would tell us how we can improve our lives, not harm them. It would say to us to be more cautious and not be so quick to believe everything without deeper investigation and to be careful to discern what might lead us to a negative emotional situation.

Our negative emotional feedback system cannot be shut down. However, it can be distorted, and it is this variation of frequency that allows us to follow patterns of behavior that others misuse to control us.

Every day let us create a Blank Page with two columns.

Peaceful and Agitated

When you notice moments when your energy is triggered in either direction,

write them down without judgment. You could even do this on your phone using one or two words to describe the cause.

What happens is you begin to create a visual record of the triggers which set off your inner alarm system, which helps you to discern what needs to be addressed as we move through 2022.

We must let go of what no longer serves our Higher Self and stop making excuses for not evolving in a positive manner.

It is not hard to do, and it can be quite interesting to learn how our minds can overshadow just about everything that has ever happened to us. However, the price of that overshadowing is very detrimental to our physical and mental health.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.3.21




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Let’s come together to extend Love to the whole world.
Not just those parts we adore.

Let us remember that we are a very big part of that world around us
and to live in a way that expresses our courage.

As well as our belief in the innocent potential and possibilities
we can co-create when we align with each other’s hearts.

When I think of this word I see an infant who has no desire other than to keep living and is incapable of intentionally harming it’s support system. However, as an adult we fall into a deep irreverence towards each other and our life support system.

Our potential as a collective of individual minds can synchronize with our environment and enhance it so that there is minimal destruction or harm done to the many different life forms in our communities.

Is the ability and willingness to blend our innocence and potential together in a way that creates positive outcomes for each of us rather than overpowering one another in a struggle for power or supremacy.
All changes are held in the frequency of possibility, be they good or bad. The issue for humanity is now to better discern what is no longer suitable for our future.

Balance is critical in moving forward and we are the hands on deck which need to shift the ballast before we become too unbalanced in the deep water.  

The awareness of the situation and our forward-looking vision is the first step in correcting our alignment with our future destination.
We are not lost at sea for we have an inner navigation system which is always connected to the sun and the stars.
The problem is our ability to stay in communication with them as the electromagnetic noise becomes thicker and more overwhelming.

We do however have the abilities to correct this within ourselves as we reconnect into the inner magnetic fields of Mother Earth which are broadcast through the trees, stones, and waters of her physical body.

As we seek to reconnect, we become more aware of the damage that has been done and begin to want to assist in limiting or ceasing our behaviors that contribute to her suffering.
We also recognize the similarities within ourselves and choose to do the same with our own healthiness becoming a personal responsibility instead of handing it over to others while we continue to damage ourselves.

This is the time of Awakening, of leaving the dreamtime of our selfishness.
May each of Us …

C ome back to Innocence
R ealize your full Potential
E mbrace the power of your Courage
A ccept the many beneficial Possibilities
T hank Mother Earth for Her tolerance
E volve with Her by deepening our Love and Respect

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.26.21

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Thanksgiving 2021


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Angel Blessings cards by Kimberly Marooney

Thanksgiving 2021

May we remember the courage it takes to stand up in our Light.

May our Light bring forth the courage to share with each other?

May that courage dispel all our deep resistance to change?

May surrendering to the flow of Light within us

be embraced as love and forgiveness.

Leaving separation and darkness behind us

we are allowing transformation to restore the pathways through which unity, strength, and inner sovereignty will return.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.25.21


Rising In Light And Joy


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Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

Show Notes from 11/19/21
Rising in Light and Joy

Blessings to everyone worldwide as we witnessed another fantastic galactic event that doesn’t happen again for many lifetimes.

As I awoke this morning, I could only catch the last of the Partial Eclipse of the Moon to witness the beautiful coloring as she faded on her journey below the horizon.

I then went back to sleep, feeling thankful for that precious moment.

Each one of us, at this moment, is seeking something better for ourselves and our planet. We are also dealing with a collective awakening to damaging our world and ourselves over the past six centuries.

I am feeling a great sense of hope rather than fear. As I look at our human history, I see all that we have become aware of and is available to us, right now, to bring back balance and harmony.

The Sun and Moon are perfect examples of balance and harmony in their orbital patterns. So too, we as humans are in many ways not only evolving but revolving as our DNA’s double-stranded helix.

Many of us will choose to cling to our old patterns of thinking and behavior while more and more will let them slip away in the future history books, then be banned or destroyed by those who do not want the truth to be known.

It seems pretty odd to compare ourselves to the Universe and the principles under which it evolves; however, each new human revelation is exposed within the revolving of the Sun and our DNA.

The macro and the micro are not separated much like the Yin and Yang symbol.

Nor are humans separated from Mother Earth just because they can move independently.

We are the guardians of Mother Earth, who have lost their way and called back to the Heart Center where there is no confusion or imbalanced duality.

Love becomes Light, and Joy is reflected in balance cycles like the Sun and the Moon.

So today, as we embrace our future, let us let go of the past emotional attitudes and negative drama. Let us envision having crossed a timeline in the galactic calendar where it is safe to let go of the past and begin again.

Much like our ancestors did repeatedly when Mother Earth changed the shape of her surface.

This is the history of humanity moment where we can come together once again to prepare an existence of balance and harmony for our future generations.

Let this Eclipse be a starting point for us to seek what is best for all life. The abundance of dollars or bitcoins will not sustain life; it drains life energy by creating fear and struggle to achieve the True Joy, which is as simple as waking up to see the Moon set or the Sun rising.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.19.21


Sovereignty Within Your Personal Heart


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Sovereignty Within Your Personal Heart

As we dive deeper
into the energies of our hearts
There is a moment of pause
as if we can go no further

It is within this sacred space
we find between heartbeats
the gateway to our personal heart
wherein our True Self resides

As we learn to open
this precious world within
we will be faced with
a different expression of who we are

The true source of that Self
which has no boundaries,
no regrets, or inability, to Love
everything it encounters

This is where our true sovereignty
lives and expresses itself
without any interference or trauma
and connects us to each other

Beyond our physical realms
that are guided by forces
that are influenced by the energies
that separated us through misunderstanding.

Written for the Global Heart Team
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.18.21


Breaking Through To Resurrection


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Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

Breaking Through To Resurrection
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.12.21

The message of “Breakthrough” today is one of enlightenment.

“Breakthrough The Veil of Fear And Light Appears”

This card was the first one I drew today from Soul Inspirations Cards by Kahliya.

I was on Mt Agamenticus in York, Maine, yesterday for a small personal 11:11 ceremony, and I became very aware of all the families there.

I felt called to notice how the children were joyous and carefree while their parents’ energies were cautious and fearful.

The highly obvious polarity reminded me of how the traumas of every human are now arising to be released by the Light that is within our hearts.

The Angel Blessings Card by Kimberly Marooney brought forth the word Resurrection and Archangel Gabriel.

“To resurrect something is to bring life again to that which appeared dead, or to raise from a belief in death.”

Yesterday was also Veterans Day which honors all who offered to defend and protect others in the military forces.

Both aspects offer humanity the energies which bring balance back to us and assist in releasing our fear.

It is always our journey to rise within our hearts and see beyond our daily encounters’ obstructions. That feeling of powerlessness is only an overabundance of fear and nothing more.

The mountain top is the witness of all that life can do to destroy and yet is always there calling us to it. In many ways, it offers us a resurrection as we are filled with a broader view of the world around us.

Today, let us challenge ourselves to look for the broader view in our everyday life.

Let us become the mountain that withstands all that is brought to it.

Let us share that intimate elemental relationship with all living beings.

Let us remember that resurrection is not just a biblical term that only happens to perfect people.

It is the natural process of returning to your hearts and sharing your Love and Light with everyone.

It is surrendering to that deep inner self filled with every painful experience and opening the windows to allow the winds of change to blow them away.

Be gentle and kind to yourself… you deserve every minute of it for all you have been through.

Your sense of helplessness or unworthiness has been placed within you by others who could not see the Light and Love in themselves.

Let us stand tall and strong like the numbers 11:11 as pillars of Light and Love for others to see what resurrection indeed looks like in a human form.

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Exploring The Multidimensionalityof the Personal Heart


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Exploring The Multidimensionality of the Personal Heart

Let us gently focus on our physical hearts
which is the first organ to function
within the tiny embryo of our mother’s womb

We are now present in the 3rd dimension
to be nurtured and sustained by Mother Earth 
where our journey of Life in human form begins

Our hearts record every energetic experience
and adapt to the frequencies in order to exist
without knowing until the brain is functional

We have never truly left our True Source
which is multidimensional and unexplainable
except within languages which are only observations

The Multidimensional Personal Heart is much more
it is the collective presence of all hearts in a unified field
Love is the pure divine energy of creation within the quantum field

It cannot be controlled, misdirected, or destroyed
for it is the Source of all existence at all levels of formation
from whence the potential to become and exist is fully activated

Hence this Field exists both within and around us
and when we clear away all that is blocking or distorting it
every dimension is available to ourselves and others
to co-create in a reciprocal field of Love.

Written for Global Heart Team 11.11.21
Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Saboteurs of the Personal Heart


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Saboteurs of the Personal Heart

How deep is the pain

which lingers within our awareness

when our love has been dismissed

The suffering is trapped within

both our mind and body

The energy of a tornado

was left behind after the storm moved on

And as we look at the shadow of the perpetrator

we wonder if we truly deserved it

Written for the Global Heart Team

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.4.21


Darkness Birthing Light


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Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

SHOW NOTES – Darkness Birthing Light – 11.05.21

Darkness Birthing Light

Blessings to everyone as we celebrate the New Moon and Diwali, both of which represent returning Light.

We have also been feeling a lot of darkness within our minds and hearts because the Virus is still active, creating suffering and death for so many innocent people.

Yet, this morning the Sun was brightly shining in the eastern sky as a reminder that there is always Light that is present even when we cannot see it.

The first card I pulled this morning was from Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya, and its simple message is compelling:

Any Darkness

I Encounter

I Transform

Into Light

It reminds us that we are far more than what we have been taught to believe in these physical bodies as humans.

Reminding us that there is a Source of Energy within us, much like the Sun we see in the distant sky. However, it is deep within our hearts, not in our brains.

I’m reminded of the word “lighthearted” as I write and feel the sense of joy, freedom and wonder as it rises, just by trying to define it, just like the Sun, which is now warming my back as I write.

This is not just coincidence or dreamy talk to experience for a moment and then go back to struggling and ranting about how hard Life is.

Joy is one of the emotional energies of Light.

I ask you to go and sit by a body of Water and watch how the Light dances on the surface of the Water. It is mesmerizing, and our minds are released from worries and fears.

We are taken into the moment of no time, which exists just beyond all that our minds create as logic. The Water and Light play and dance in rhythms that take us beyond the body to an etheric world of electromagnetic waves of restoration.

You hear me always talk about Peace, Light, and Love as what I experienced in my death and many others who have had that experience, and it is not an illusion or brain process to be dismissed as delusion.

Light transports the Love of Creation to the Water, and what we call Life begins in a Peace beyond our understanding as humans or any living presence of Mother Earth.

The Miracle of all Life begins in darkness and is released into Light and is Light itself in form.

So, my simple message today is to release what keeps you from being the Light you genuinely are.

It doesn’t mean that we must create extravagant miracles. It just asks us to reconnect with the Light within us and share more of it through kindness and compassion for all others, as we are all here together, as the great separation ends.

The Light is becoming Whole again here on Mother Earth, and no matter what tries to continue in the separation will only separate itself.

May each of you awaken within your Hearts and recognize the Resonance that will uplift and carry you in streams of Peace, Light and Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.5.21


New Moon 11.4.21


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May Blessings of the New Moon call you to Shine Your Light even Brighter