Adjusting Focus


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Christmas Blessings of Light and Love to each of you
as We embrace this Season of Light

May it hopefully leads us, like the Stars led the Magi through the darkness of their  misunderstandings, to receiving Life-changing Light.

What appears to be clear in our visioning is often an envelope filled with possibilities.
What appears from our memory has already delivered us into the present moment.
It’s purpose has been fulfilled.

In the picture above you read…
“There are no real misunderstandings, only moments of our own cloudiness hiding reality from view.”
as it is placed in the sky above a quiet ocean and a serene piece of land and beach with rolling clouds in the distance.

Let Our focus be called from the sky, to the horizon which becomes the line of demarcation.

What would our lives be like if We chose to see the land as our past and sky as our future. Knowing that in paying attention to the faster rhythm of the Sky, we can trust that whatever is blocking our view (the clouds) will move away.

The Magi knew that the land would tell the story of what has always been based on its slower movement. It was an anchor of pain and suffering recorded over time.

The sky especially in the dark of night would reveal the Light to follow and that the clouds were only temporary.
If patient and steadfast, even the clouds could not hide the True Light they sought from them forever and their long journey would continue.

Herein lies the message of Adjusting Focus…
As we move through the rest of our days here on Earth
May We Focus on all that is ahead of us in Light rather than what is behind us in darkness.
May We Focus on finding shelter in our Hearts which is aligned with Light not clouds or illusions
May We Focus on Peace, Light and Love above all of our daily duties and bring forth A New Earth

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.24.19


Life Is An Journey Amazing


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Life Is An Amazing Journey.png

Life Is An Amazing Journey

Today is 12.20.2019 = 8

Eight is about balancing not only today,
yet every day as we move further along our path
as if we are walking along a knife edged trail
on a very extreme mountain top

In this vision
There is both excitement and fear
with a tendency to concentrate too hard
on what is happening in each step

Then we come to places where we need to change direction
which adds more drama to our journey.

Of course without pausing to look ahead
at what we might be approaching
the energies increase within us
to become somewhat unbearable.

Our evolutionary process is not so much a life or death situation,
yet is is a constant transition that reminds me of a spider web

Tarantula – Fire


A Time of Decisions



Where We are to…

Follow intuition

Focus on highest expectations

Grandmother Spider has co-created the Web of Life for us to Journey and experience the 3rd dimension of physicality within the Light and Wisdom of our Central Sun

She guides us through all of our journeys as we weave our way through this Web of Her love and Devotion. Feel Her constant presence as you pause now before our calendar year of 2020 begins

Here we are once again at the moment in our journey where the warp and the weft change the fabric of humanity.

The fine line of the weft is now becoming held by the warp and must not refuse to be captured by it.

This Grand and Divine weaving of Light and Spirit, Water and Earth, is always an internal one.
Love and Truth flow unceasingly from the Wellspring of Our Hearts

Our Solstices are moments in our earthly cycles which call us to balance our masculine and feminine energies. Each hemisphere of our planet is in a balanced opposition moving us deeper into the feminine or outward into the masculine

So take some time on this Solstice to tap into this Web of Creation
to behold Your Presence at this very moment in Our Evolution
to remember that no matter how frightening life can be,
Life prevails Eternally

The White Fire of Our Celestial Heart
lights up the Silken Threads of Grandmother Spider’s Web
and so to We Become Enlightened in that moment of their Unification

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YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.20.19


Messages from Riverman 12.18.19


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 Good Morning and Blessings…

As We begin Our last steps towards Winter Solstice let us know how much
We Are Loved.

Oftentimes in the bustle of the Holiday Season it is easy to forget to honor
who We truly are and begin to break down physically, emotionally and energetically.

These messages are to help bring you back home
To Your Divine Self

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.18.19


The Light of Epiphany


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The Light of Epiphany

These words were written as a reply to a picture taken of Satin Light on Lummi Island, WA…overlooking the Pacific and posted on Facebook by a friend in 2011.

Almost 8 years later as she wanders through her back pages they arrive back into my awareness by her thoughtfulness of reminding me of the post.

As I read them…

In the shining light of our awakening moments,
we are the receivers of a joyous epiphany,
resounding throughout the ages,
to carry us forward by our hearts,
til there is nothing left but Love. ~crb

April 5.2011

Their Light and Love lifts me and I respond with the above photograph taken at Sunset on Mt Agamenticus  in York Maine as a gift in return.

Let us not ever forget how precious Our Words can be when they flow from the Heart.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.16.19


Positive Attitude, Light and Energies


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Positive Attitude, Light and Energies

Positive Attitude, Light and Energies
MP3 Audio Replay…


Friday 12.13.19 and WE are moving forward and upward.
This happens to be my 118th talk here on Humanity Healing Facebook to whom I offer Blessings beyond words for their many years of service to us ALL

I was attracted to their videos on YouTube 10 years ago and would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be speaking to anyone about my experiences never mind to all of you around this amazing Planet…
Here is a link to their YouTube channel…

Humanity Healing on YouTube


Today’s Show Notes:
So today I talk about how perfect We Are…
as the energies that are now beaming into Our Hearts are exposing OUR TRUE LIGHT, to the wonderful yet small minds that could not envision these moments in our evolution.

WE are beginning to step out of the old ways of thinking and relating, to each other and all of the world around us.
WE are accessing the higher or greater collective consciousness, that has been written and spoken of by so many Masters and their emissaries, throughout all ages of our existence here on Planet Earth.

The first card pulled today from – Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden


The Great Mind of God knows the answers to my problems before I ask.”

This is the key to OUR Rising into and Responding to everything with Love

Today let us begin once again to deepen into Our heart-space and know that all of the fear and discord that we endure in daily life can be transmuted into Love.

This transmutation begins simply by learning to observe our thoughts and pausing a few moments before reacting to them emotionally or physically.

WE have actually become addicted to fast responses and for many they are the sole instigator of all their suffering.

The deeper challenge is to allow Our hearts to have a voice in the decision making process.

When We can honestly embrace life from deep within We begin the real deep questioning of WHO and WHAT AM I, really?

Which bring us to today’s title…
Positive Attitude, Light and Energies

YES, this is who you really Are!!!

My first reading this morning at 7:21 from Joanne Sacred Scribes mentions these words…

Give away doubts, fears, worries or concerns

Bring forth faith self-belief and confidence

Read them again…

Give away doubts, fears, worries or concerns

Bring forth faith self-belief and confidence

It is when We can surrender and replace those negative and destructive thoughts and patterns with positive ones that everything begins to move forward again in our lives, in conjunction our greater

So yes it is Friday the 13th and We have been made to think it is negative.
I’m here to tell you that any illusion you want to believe in, that is negative, will keep you in submission to something outside of yourself.

You ARE by the WILL OF CREATION a highly charge field of POSITIVE LIGHT ENERGY

One more card for you… Kuan Yin Oracle by Alan Fairchild


In creating precious silks there is a sorting process, sifting out that which is broken to find that which is precious and pure. You are commencing a new cycle beloved and it is time to allow for that which is more precious and put, that which you wish to take into the future, to continue and to release that which does not align with your true heart. Sometimes we need to help ourselves access the new cycle by releasing vows from this or other lifetimes, releasing old emotional patterns and calling in wisdom and talents from past lifetimes. You are guided to accept healing now.

Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light


Much Love to You All
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.13.19


Softly Embracing


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Softly Embrace Yourself

Softly Embracing All that We Are
finding that tender moment
in which there is no doubt

Our purpose becomes a gentleness
that has no equals in our mortal world

A caring and kind acknowledgement
of the beautiful and peaceful ways
in which Unity can express itself

Boldly yet sweetly We are caressed
into a deeper and more loving embrace

How precious are these moments
as life itself becomes more challenging
to know this Divine Presence

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.15.19


Kindness Flows


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Kindness Flows.png

Good Day to All… And Highest Blessings!!!

Kindness Flows From A Balanced Heart
The Full Expression
Of Our Sacred Alignment

Acknowledging That
The Wellspring Of Our Sovereignty
Can Never Run Dry
Yet At Times May Barely Trickle

Our Inner Self-Balance Is Critical
Not Just Now, But Always, And In All Ways
For It Is Then That

As I came out of  the dream-time early this morning my thoughts were a bit unpleasant and distorted. They were revolving, or at times rapidly spinning, around past traumas and negative self-judgments.

This is familiar territory for all of us, yet not a very enterprising way to begin our day. For some this is a very common experience and very challenging to face each day, yet I write about it now as a surprise visitation.

As disturbing as this arising of negative past experiences is for us all, and my energetic impulses from them are not pleasant, on another level I see them as a gift from a very much younger/former self to be released forever.

ME vs I AM
It is from the ‘I AM’ that Kindness flows forth and the ‘ME’ which is seeking compassion and understanding becomes the recipient.

So this morning’s message was really about our beginning to understand that as We put focus on Balancing Our Hearts the little ‘me’ is given permission to fade away and allows for inner healing.

The Blessing in this at first is an unpleasant experience, yet it becomes not only healing but a greater ability to share Kindness with others. It manifests within us first, then becomes the gift of accessing and accepting Our True Nature of Beingness that allows ALL to heal their wounds.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.8.19


New Beginnings and Earthworms


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New Beginnings and Earthworms

New Beginnings and Earthworms|
Show Notes 12.6.19

As I awoke this morning the number 636 was flowing through my head and it wasn’t the current time.
What pray tell has it in store for us to tap into?

The Number 636
The first 6, is about growing or nurturing
The number 3, adds positivity and passion
The second 6, brings in our positive humanitarian compassion

The title of today’s talk New Beginnings is really about my own challenges of being on the cusp of a dramatic shift in consciousness.
Not just as an individual but as the whole collective species we call Human.

This starting of a new relationship or job is never really easy at its onset.
It takes us a good while to reconfirm within ourselves a deeper faith in our abilities.

Many questions continually arise from our ego mind which seem to undermine whatever forward motion we seem to make. So we need to continually calm the mind down as it presents every reason why…
WE should not move forward in Our Conscious Evolution.

After dealing with this little mind chat this morning, I decided to pull an Animal Spirit Card.

Earthworm – Animal Spirit Guidebook – Kim Kraus

The earthworm indicates a newbie or novice working to establish confidence in a new field.”

This card reminds us to not lose hope or become doubtful of our abilities.

The Earthworm is known as an “ecosystem engineer” as they “modify the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil profile”in which they live.
These modifications affect the habitat of all living organisms within their environment.

For most of us who no longer work in nature, the Earthworm is not considered to be very important of have much influence in our now high tech lives.

We have forgotten how the original blueprint of Planet Earth was created to function as a complete system whose only requirements were a merely a balancing of basic elements and energies.

So this card of the Earthworm reminds us to look at the Beginner Mind…

One definition of Beginner’s Mind, refers to …
“having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and freedom from preconceptions when approaching anything.”
“Beginner’s mind is actually the space where the mind does not know what to do. It is that delicious state when you are sure of nothing, yet completely fearless, totally available to the moment.” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Many times in our lives we receive that premonition of change and feel a bit vulnerable.
Yet if we can tap into that ‘Beginner’s Mind’ and see it as a clean slate upon which to write a new chapter of Our Purpose in innocence and without judgment from past experiences, We will begin to see the opportunities more clearly.

We also need to look at how the Earthworm moves through its process of modification as it does not change its structure but utilizes it as the vehicle in which it delivers its transformative powers to the world around it.

So the deeper message for me and us all today is to move forward in alignment with Our True Divine Inner Purpose, not in a frenzy but slowly and methodically.
Knowing that Within Our Hearts lie All the answers that the mind needs to learn.

May We All become Earth Worms with Beginner Minds

Humanity Healing Facebook Video Archive

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.6.19


Who We Are


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Who We Are

Interestingly there is much to be said about Who We Are, yet the narrative that  is most often told about us is mostly reflective of what we have achieved.

Our achievements are only a reflection of Who We Are. They are a collection of information which has been translated into forms and through which we judge our existence in terms of positive or negative.

Our actions and achievements then become the way that our worthiness is held captive or  promoted.

This message asks us to ponder what is behind the external thinking , knowing and doing and seek Our True Self behind all of our actions.

Deepening into the Divine Source and Nature -WE TRULY ARE-  and which has chosen to express itself here in physical form, on this amazing planet.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Embracing Reparation


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Separation - Reparation

Merriam Webster Definition of reparation

1a : a repairing or keeping in repair
b reparations plural : repairs
2a : the act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury
b: something done or given as amends or satisfaction

Let Us All take another look at those we feel have injured us and the damage that has been done to us over our lifetimes.

It surely becomes highly visible where Our introduction to separation began to create a pattern of  self-destruction.

This behavioral pattern can be reset and balanced through the awareness of Our True Wholeness.

That aspect of Self which has no boundaries, no exceptions nor any interference that cannot be overcome.

Take all the time you need to accomplish this shift in consciousness and know that each of you are being loved and supported in doing this.

You are being assisted by Angels of Peace

Charlie Riverman Bergeron ‎
May ‎20, ‎2019
Dec 04, 2019