Positive Renewal and Miracles


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Positive Renewal and Miracles

Positive Renewal and Miracles

Today we embrace the New Moon… a re-alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth where the side that always faces us is dark and reflects no Light.
Yet the Moon and the Sun are still offering us the enchantment of a New Beginning.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card for this morning is Enchantment and it speaks of the Universe being magical.
Our Universe is always providing miracles for us to accept and play with.

The Course In Miracles in its first chapter states…
1. “There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder”or “bigger” than any other. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.”

This is what the normal really offers us is the miracle of renewal. The innate ability of all of us to stop for a moment and embrace the dark sky in which only the distant stars can be seen.

And what do those distant stars have to offer us but their own light that travels such great distances to be with us. Light which existed long before we were even considered as human beings that were meant to dwell on this tiny little planet in a distant galaxy as human beings.

Sometimes I like to think about our life here on planet Earth as being magical not just the every day toil of finding food or keeping warm or sheltered from extreme weather conditions. If you really think about it we really are quite magical and we are miracles that have become so busy with our personal desires that we no longer take much time to move into deep appreciation for everything that life has to offer.

I would like everyone to take a moment and a deep inhale of the air that surrounds you. Gently exhaling and knowing that the simple action of breathing sustains your ability to accept the many miracles that occur in both beginning’s and endings.

This is the energy of the New Moon from which we receive “affirmations of rebirth which seem to go back but really go forward. They undo the past in the present, and thus release the future”. ACIM

Sometimes it’s very strange and difficult for us to accept that out of what appears as darkness and strife we are actually being given an opportunity to deepen into our hearts and bring forth light from within us that we may not have known existed.

So this is the time where Our Light if we so choose to tap into it, will guide and direct us into new beginnings, loving adventures, and expand us into dreams with great potential to offer our loving presence to eliminate all of the ills of humanity.

One of the keys to embracing renewal and miracles is to, “bear witness to truth”, for in that moment we accept a universal blessing. One in which we are not only accepting forgiveness… We are now available to share it with others.

In many ways forgiveness is a miracle, mostly because of its power to release everyone from fear.

Forgiveness offers us an opportunity to embrace who we truly are and provides the energetic opportunity for miracles to occur. Not only for ourselves but for those to home we offer our forgiveness. Many times there is so much power that in a synchronous moment there is a dissolution that occurs so rapidly that were not even aware of its occurrence until days, weeks or months afterward.

So here we are standing at the threshold in what appears to be the darkness of the night sky letting go of what no longer serves us, either personally or collectively. A new Dawn will come and our next evening may appear just as dark as this one, yet light will already have moved into the darkness whether we have noticed it or not.

This endless cycle that has been occurring throughout all of our lifetimes, always offering its quiet space for us to leave behind all that no longer aligns with us, is now speaking to us once again with opened and loving arms. Held out to embrace us, not in fear but in love.

Knowing that our false thinking has created such heaviness within our hearts that we fear it cannot ever be removed. Yet where there is Divine Order there is always hope which helps us to dispel all illusions.

So let us think about co-creating Miracles and sharing them with each other, as we did in the beginning. As we did at the birthing of humanity on this planet.

We are so amazing, so well designed, so embraced by peace, light and love that to fear darkness and to embrace anger and greed is a defilement of not only ourselves but all of creation.

So let’s now embrace each other, energetically once again as we step forward from this new moon with new intention and greater vigor.

To invite the miracles, and share the miracles knowing that after these days of separation from each other we are now realizing not only who we are but what we are fully capable of being when we live from our hearts not from our minds.

As I leave this morning just remember that this is an opportunity to correct our perception in order that our collective human consciousness is inspired to create with respect and compassion through the miracles that we embrace within our own hearts.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.22.20


Truth & Light Birthing


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There is a birthing within the Collective Heart of Humanity.
The Way to Truth is opening and inviting us all to bear witness
to the Light of Our Own Presence.

Nothing can change Truth or Light…
and the darkness weakens as Our Hearts open.
~ Riverman


Embracing Our Vulnerability


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Embracing Our Vulnerability


Yesterday morning I prepared a talk for my usual Friday morning Presence Of Light gathering here on Humanity Healing with the title Remember – Trust – Receive.

However there was an issue over my computer camera not being available through Google Chrome, so I did it live from my cellphone on my own facebook page.

So my plans were greatly interrupted by events of which I had no foresight.

As I speak today I’m feeling that the message of yesterday and all that transpired should be represented in Our message for today.

I will weave it all for you now…

First of all we need to remember who we are. Not just as a physical body but deeper as Divine Beings of Light and Love.

In the physical We began our human lives in a liquid state, which then developed into these bodies with a heartbeat and a brain that calculates and stores everything it is presented for future reference.

Much like the machines we are communicating with, we are very robotic and easily programmed and highly vulnerable to damage or being reprogrammed.

Vulnerability is not truly a weakness for us as human beings, although it does not feel very comfortable and can make us highly susceptible to many experiences which are not only damaging but can also end our physical existence.


Key #1 Remembering…

The Source of of Life Presence communicates to us and through us before We take our first breath as well as after we take our last breath.

In my own story I died 28 years ago in a motorcycle accident and was guided to look down during the event of leaving my body… as it was still communicating with another human about my name and address at the accident scene.

However, I was not present in that body but being guided to experience energies beyond which the physical body could survive as… they were Divine Peace, Divine Light and Divine Love.

The energies which Angels and Prophets have spoken of to our ancestors, even the artists have tried to depict in their paintings of Holiness and each of us seek to connect to them through prayer and sacred ceremony.

The Presence of that, which has many names but only One Source, Our Creator.

The message here is that our human vulnerability is only a small part of our living experience and a temporary opportunity to see where adjustments could be made in our energy fields.

Key #2 Trusting…

The trusting of yourself is a powerful key to moving forward now in our evolution and not becoming trapped or totally disconnected from Our Source of Oneness.

Trust is designed to be an Inner Guidance System and is recognized by a lack of distortion, selfishness/greed or control over outcome.

Trusting becomes easier as we realize that everything we were taught to trust, that is of human nature rather than Spirit/Divine nature, has an agenda that is capable of distorting our Heart Energy if we allow it.

When our Heart Energy is distorted, we as Conscious Beings are in a place of distortion and all actions that arise from our thinking mind will also be distorting the outcome of our actions.

Key #3 Receiving…

Each of us are a unique Receiver and always a part of a Greater Connector Field of Energy, yet we are still only a fragment of that which we understand.

That which we commonly know as God or Supreme Creator is always communicating with us directly through this Cosmic Field.
The messages from the Source of our Being are always offerings of abundance for it is everlasting source of abundance.

As I wrote this I was guided to see the letters in the word Being as the same in Begin. There is no end to it.

Whenever we sense that we are not receiving abundance it triggers our sense of vulnerability.
Yet it only means that our communication system is misaligned or blocked in some manner, shape or form.

In order for the Full Abundance that is ours to be equally received and shared, We must keep Our Hearts open to Keys 1&2… Remembering and Trusting.

The energetic pathways have now been cleared and activated on many levels and in dimensions, in order to restore the imbalances that have slowly buried us deep within the dark fields of judgment, greed, and hatred.

All of those in any form which do serve the Eternal Self.

Keeping Our Hearts Open
Trusting in what We understand as Divine
Tapping in to the Unlimitedness of the Universe
Refusing to accept all that causes harm to any living beings
Truly desiring the balancing of our Divine Feminine and Masculine Presence
Aligning us All in Our True Unlimitedness and removing all boundaries,
that have blocked or destroyed the TRUTH,
over the many thousands of years of Separation
We chose to explore Ages ago.

The painful memories of the past are being released right now by embracing our human vulnerabilities and can no longer move forward in this precious time of
Our Evolution.

Within the releasing of the painful, the True Memory is now being re-established so that Peace, Light and Love will once again flow in perfect balance and harmony with Grace and Ease through each of your hearts.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.16.20

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Releasing Aggravation


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Releasing Aggravation - Entering Into Oneness

Releasing Aggravation – Entering Into Oneness

The times and circumstances that we are now moving through reminded me this morning of the word aggravation.

Those moments in our lives where we are feeling raw, uncertain and our energies can be very scattered.

I had to stop as I awoke this morning to re-calibrate the thoughts that were generated during the night’s dreaming.

Of course, this has been a powerful Full Moon which embraces the Birth of Buddha and offers us a moment in our lives to question Our True Purpose.

The questioning in the empty space that follows awakening became for me the trigger point of my mental and physical feeling of aggravation.

If we stop and settle our minds at that moment of recognition, where we feel that agitated energy and just take a deep breath, then focus on our physicality rather than our mentality we shift the human mind’s ability to sabotage us.

The first card I pulled this morning as I settled down to think about today’s talk was guided to be from the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

The card is numbered 11 and it’s title is Enter The Jade Temple.

Next I pulled an 11:11 Alignment Card by Zera Starchild of An to get another reflection of what was coming through.

That card was Oneness (Whole) and read…
I merge my ego back to Source.
I Am One with the Universe

So let’s just take a moment and a gentle yet deep breath to soften into that thought…
I merge my ego back to source… I am one with the universe…

Feel into the energies of that process, of becoming aware of ourselves as a Unified Being.

Of course that next led me to the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Eleanor Von Linden which brings to us the card… Change

“Change is a permanent law of the universe. I am blessed by Source to make my change for the better.”

Before I even fully read the wisdom of the Kuan Yin Card I came to realize that the aggravation which I was feeling was all about my human mind’s inability to handle changes.
The changes that each of us are going through right now are a result of even greater changes that we are dwelling in, as human beings evolving.

Honestly take a look at the world around you and I will read the first paragraph that is brought through Alana Fairchild from Kuan Yin for us to deepen into…

“Kuan Yin, in her Temple of peaceful Jade, causes all conflict to elevate to higher peaceful resolution. A resolution and healing of any situation that is concerning you is already underway. In fact, you are being asked to begin to feel the relief of that resolution now, so you can more readily receive the divine solution and blessing of peace from the beloved Kuan Yin when it arrives.”

I love the word resolution in that beautiful message. It reminds me of how we celebrate New Year’s Day by making resolutions or promises to ourselves, that we will strive to improve ourselves in the new year

So, today is another opportunity, a powerful moment to remove all conflicts within ourselves that are creating aggravation, on any level. Even the slightest level of aggravation is a universal message to come back to center and redirect our alignment with Source.

The path we are on right now is one of liberation, one of accessing and embodying our sovereignty, Our Divine Sovereignty.

Let us now think of planet Earth as the Jade Temple and how we are to do well in that Jade Temple with respect and kindness, not only to our Source of being but towards each other.

The purpose being to bring about Peace and Harmony for our human self as well as for All Life on this amazing planet we temporarily call home.

Imagine yourself sitting in this Jade Temple, in silence, receiving the richness of the energies that surround you. Know that the deep peace you feel here is being offered to you from the Heart of Kuan Yin through a beautiful Jade Lotus that she holds out to you to embrace.

As we reach out to receive Her most generous gift of Divine Grace
let us remember as it fills our heart’s fields
that our surrender to Peacefulness and Kindness is not a sign of weakness
but the True strength of the Divine Masters
who have continually told us that through our surrendering
to the greater whole of all life
we will be welcomed and embraced eternally.

As we leave this Jade Temple today let us humbly bow in thankfulness for the healing of our hearts…

Om Shanti, Om Shanti. Om Mani Pame Hum. Om Shanti, Om Shanti. Om

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.8.20

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The Silence Calling


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Return of the Sun - Odd Nerdrum

Return of the Sun – Odd Nerdrum

A Dear Friend sent this poem by Rudolph Steiner to me without any other words of explanation.
A gift of the Heart that inspired me as if it were a Call and Response to which I slipped gently into the ‘Inner Quiet’ from where I replied.

Inner Quiet

I bear within myself,
Forces to make me strong.
Now will I be imbued with their glowing warmth.
Now will I fill myself
With my own will’s resolve.
And I will feel the quiet
Pouring through all my being
When by my steadfast striving
I become strong
To find within myself the source of strength
The strength of inner quiet.

– Rudolph Steiner




My Heart Is Lit

Stepping into the Sacred Silence

The pathway of My Heart is lit

By the Light of the Golden Angels

Chanting in Divine Harmonic Resonance

In order to find and heal

All Ancient Wounds still present

From Our Original Separation

And listening beyond hearing

We are One in Glory once again.

– Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.10.20



Rising In Gratitude


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Rising In Gratitude… during this Full Moon

Let’s take a look at what WE ARE and redefine our understanding of the words which are floating on these rippling Waters.
The Waters that have brought us here, birthed us and have sustained us throughout all lifetimes.
Peaceful and Flowing
Expanding and Contracting
Blissful and Serene
Source Light
Beyond Time
Let Us honor each other by expanding into these energies…
Today I rise in Gratitude
that peaceful river of Love
which flows from within the heart
whose shores are boundless
expanding and contracting
with each and every breath
There in bliss and serenity
I will dwell with the source of Light
which shines beyond all time
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.6.20


Light Always Returns


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Light Always Returns


Light Always Shines
Return of the Sun

Good morning… Beltane Blessings, Happy May Day or in much simpler terms let us embrace today as a Return of the Sun.

Ancient holidays are better called holy days. Simply because they were held in deep reverence and aligned with the natural world around us including our Sun and stars in the sky.

Long before time was divided into numbers and our lives became aligned with numerical patterns rather than a natural patterns.

How strange life becomes when we erase from memory the old ways, the ways of our ancestors, the ways of our natural evolution.

I invite you to take the journey with me today.

Let us leave behind our world of computers, our world of social distancing, the misunderstandings and perversion through which the entire population of our beloved planet has been now held as prisoners of fear.

May we take a deep breath in through our noses, exhaling as our dry mouth feels the water congregating on our tongues, as our breath re-enters the atmosphere around us.

Ancient celebrations were all about life, all about the patterns of life that everyone observed with awe.

A Powerful Presence which could only be respected for its Living Energy.

Let’s just rest here for a moment and notice on this ancient day of celebration, we can remember the natural patterns of life as a gift or a loss.

It’s a balanced day, a day in which we can look behind us at darkness or look forward into the new light.

I say New Light because light is always traveling towards us, light is always inviting us to dance. Whether it be around a Maypole, or a fire it is the dance of the circle of life.

No Sun, no Light, no Life.

It reminds me of our past celebrations of World Water Day and Earth Day where we gathered in our hearts, in a more modern way, yet still practicing ancestral ways in order to reconnect, to remember phrases like

no Water no Life

no Earth no Life

So today let us embrace each other as the returning Sun, the returning Light that brings warmth and powerful positive energy.

Not only to each other listening to this moment but to everyone, free of charge. As it was in the beginning, Is now, when you clear way all of the darkness and ever shall be when we align our hearts with our Truthful Memory.

Not the falsehood that has been layered and written over the truth.

Let us dance in circles showing our beautiful colors, a beautiful deep and rich spectrum of powerful presence that cannot be separated from us by virus or technology.

We are the Children of Light

We are the Dancers of the New Dawn

We activate Love and Grace

We are the Shining Stars celebrating Life.

I am complete

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

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Light and Resurrection


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Light And Ressurection


Light and Resurrection

As most of you are aware by now I don’t wake up in the morning with any big idea of what my talks will be about. I know that my Guides will present me with exactly what needs to be done.

So with that said…

Good morning everyone and hopefully I find you doing well during this global crisis which tends to wear us down as it draws itself out in time.

Today’s message comes to me as I vision a resurrection of humanity. One in which everyone is now being subjected to the unexpected crisis of global suffering.

Whether we know someone personally or only hear of it through our news media we are all experiencing the dilemma of illness and separation.

I see this as an opportunity for each of us to look within our own hearts and really question everything.

When I began to think about my talk this morning I was led to the an invocation from Patricia Cota-Robles appropriately named – Invoking The Resurrection Flame.

As I see us gathering energies from deep within our hearts in preparation for something both amazing and magnificent.

So I just want to read the first part of this…

I Am my I Am Presence and I Am One with the I Am Presence of ALL Humanity.
The center of my Universe is the Threefold Flame in my Heart.

My Universe consists of every person, place, condition and thing in my life, conscious or unconscious, past or present, the obvious choice or through karmic liability.
Within my Heart Flame, I have the ability to Love my Universe FREE of all lower energies and thus I set myself Free. Simultaneously I assist every other point in my Universe to move forward in Light.

I Am the center of my Universe.

I Am a force of God’s Resurrection Flame to all points in my Universe.

I Am Loving Free every vibration less than Divine Love.

I Am Free… I am Free… I am Eternally Free

I’m sure most of us see that invocation as a marvelous thought or perhaps magical wish that is so far from our reality right now that seems unachievable.

Yet when we think of the word resurrection we immediately think of the Easter story of Jesus which is not the first resurrection story but the one that holds the most power for us right now as an example of what it might look like or feel like.

So what I’m sensing is that through our physical separation from each other and our special places on Earth where we receive deeper connection to all life…

We are somewhat buried in a barren and empty tomb.
Waiting for that moment of inner release and acceptance of our True Freedom.

The future looks somewhat dark and much like a struggle for survival, yet our Deep Divine Love for Life has been buried under all our materialism and separation over thousands of years.

The Good News is that it is now being brought to the Light as Patricia tells us “WITHIN MY HEART FLAME.
Yes WE do have the power to change it all, once we acknowledge the destruction we have created.

I was then guided to the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild and today’s card is appropriately #33 Ten Sisters Of Light.

The message is primarily to remember that our lives are a collection many of us are highly advanced souls. We have many skills and abilities that we have accumulated over lifetimes and they are now a unified expression.

She writes that… “it is like drawing on the power of 10 sisters, or more into your one current lifetime”.

Inferring that we have at least 10 times more power and strength than we think we might have. Our journey from this point on will be more of a Soul Journey versus a physical human journey.

Kuan Yin reminds us to be patient, to be open and to be trusting. We will be shedding so many old issues, pain and suffering even without full awareness of them.

It will be the Light of our Souls that will direct us and that we are to Trust that Light, that threefold flame of which Patricia speaks.

For we are the Light and have always been the Light yet have chosen a very long time ago to separate and experience the darkness.

I think each one of us can agree now that we’ve had enough experiencing of the darkness. We can fully understand the intrigue and its ability to swallow us. We chose separation in order to experience it, not fully understanding its power because we were innocent children of light, who were given free will to explore this beautiful garden in the third dimension.

So as I wrap this up I want you to travel deep within your heart’s, to seek what may seem like a very small spark of light. It may appear as just a very tiny sparkling crystal, but even that tiny shiny crystal has enough Light and Power for you to Resurrect yourself.
As we focus on the Light within our Hearts the Love will grow like the small seed, that becomes the giant tree, that provides so much for so many.

People like You are the Light and Love embodied as the resurrection and as We truly embrace the Divine Grace and Power that each of us Truly Are, WE end the separation and become ONE and whole again.

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Gently We Arise


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Softly White

The Spring offers us an opportunity
To softly arise to the warm rays of the sun

Shining ever so brightly
to put smiles on the faces of those who pass by

Hello, can you see me?
Can you sit with me just a moment?

Let us take this newness
and co-create a pleasant memory

One in which our recognition of each other
fills our hearts with peace and joy

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.21.20



Peace and Healing


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Peace and Healing


From Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Eleanor Von Linden

“I am at peace with myself, and I know that a powerful presence is working through me.”

From A Course In Miracles
“You have the right to all the universe; to perfect peace, complete deliverance from all effects of sin, and to the life eternal, joyous and complete in every way, as God appointed…” T, 538

Today’s message is about peace and whether it’s inner peace or external peace makes no significant difference.

Each of us are now receiving both energy and information from the Source of Creation that vibrates within us and which brings us into a perfect state of acceptance.

Acceptance of what you may ask?

How about the acceptance of healing.

Not talking about the healing from a medical standpoint but healing on a spiritual level.

The Kuan Yin Oracle card from Alana Fairchild today is…
Call Of The Dancing Crane

“Dancing Crane moves through the waters and muddying marsh with elegance and grace. The meeting call and dance of the Crane is full of beautiful moment flow. There are times when the astral waters of our emotional life become stagnant and will benefit from the healing movement, grace and beauty of the Dancing Crane. The Call of the Dancing Crane is a reminder that Sound can be healing too. This is particularly so when your thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns do not support you in living the spiritual destiny you were born to live.”

So here we are entering into a time-frame of letting go of the heavy muddiness, the darkness and all that keeps us stuck in the uncertainty of our consciousness.

The Dancing Crane reminds us that we are creating a new energetic pattern, in which our elegance and grace will be seen not only by others but brightly within our own hearts.

As we dance through all of our thinking and reacting to the programs of control which keep us stuck, we find a new ability to not be destabilized anymore.

Our sifting through the old thought patterns and filtering out of all which no longer serve our Higher Self, leaves the microscopic crystalline particles which re-activate the original blueprint of our dynamic energetic structure.

All patterns and changes that were superimposed over this original blueprint are no longer seen or felt, nor can they have any direct influence on our new choices.

The beauty of the cranes dance did not happen overnight. As in any dancing we achieve perfection one step at a time and through our hearts dedication. So we must be patient and accepting of our higher inner guidance as we redefine our self-worth.

Our self-worth increases in parallel relationship to our removing obstacles, which becomes easier through practice.

It is now truly important to keep reminding ourselves when doubt arises of how much we are loved on a Universal level.

From this embracing of Self we get asked very clearly, to reclaim Our Voices, Our Grace, and Our Light.

Knowing that in offering release to the muddy shadows of our existence, our fears and all that no longer serves our higher purpose, we allow for the True Self to move into that void which welcomes you Home.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.17.20