Gratitude and Inner Peace


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Gratitude and Inner Peace

Gratitude and Inner Peace 7.12.19

Humans have created a world of fear in order to control large groups of people from a distance.
Not the Creator of Humans!
So in order to return to our more natural state of collective consciousness we have to seek and embrace Gratitude and Inner Peace.

Let us begin today and perhaps every day with a simple thought…
It is My Divine Purpose to cast out fear, so that I may live in Balance and Harmony.

Breathing into that statement say it out loud…
It is My Divine Purpose to cast out fear, so that I may live in Balance and Harmony.

Gratitude and Inner Peace flows without restriction when there is Balance and Harmony in our lives.

Many of us have lost the memory of what that feels like. Yet it has only been buried beneath hundreds of years of forced separation, so that some could rule and others follow.

Many of you are experiencing some sense of awakening right now and it is at times, very frightening…
partly because your family, friends or loved ones do not understand what you may be experiencing and so your relationships have become more challenging.

Just remember that there is nothing wrong with you other than your seeking your True Self which naturally dwells in a state of Gratitude and Inner Peace.

When I died 27 years ago I had no form or body… only an awareness.
The first awareness was Light
the second was Love
the third being Peace
out of which Gratitude for Life and being a Human became my most precious gift when I returned into this body.

SO if We are to remember what it is like to truly co-create and live in Balance and Harmony we must come to that River of Life with our Hearts resonating Inner Peace and Gratitude.

Make it your priority and main focus, no matter what is happening to you.
I know it is not easy and you may fail many times but it is like re-learning how to walk or eat after a devastating injury.

That is what has happened… We have been severely wounded, yet…
We have the innate ability to heal ourselves beyond our human understanding.

We can do this by remembering how amazing Planet Earth is, that it is filled with so much life and abundance and was created for all of us equally…
not just a few who tell us we are not able to make decisions for ourselves.

Let Us Deepen into Our Amazingness…
As We Flow Within The Rising Love Of Our Opened Hearts

– Riverman

One day all wordly desire, all criticisms, all judgments, will dissolve in Wisdom’s strong light, and all Life’s upwelling springs will be renewed.
In this time many glorious visions will greet your sight. Love will in all her beauty once more repeat her sacred vows and Truth will smile on you. – Azrael

Life Cards – Rev Susan Collins

Accept – Resist
Aligning with our root Chakra – Physical Survival

Things come into our lives and they can enhance or disrupt our paths. Think about what is useful now and sidestep or ignore distractions.

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

Gifts of the Spirit
I live in harmony and love.

I open my life to the All Powerful

Soul Inspirations Message Cards – Kahliya
Devoted to the path

I walk between worlds
I nurture my fragility

as I know my ability

to see through the veil

I hold onto the vision

I am on a mission
Up towards the light

I shall revolve
for my Soul is here to evolve

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.12.19



Respect and Power


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Respect and Power

Friday 8.2.19 – RESPECT AND POWER 

Our True Power is always Respectful and Respectable.

The past week has been a prelude to the next few weeks which will be an amazing time for each of us to tap into ourselves at much deeper levels than We have been able to for many lifetimes.

The energies from Mother Gaia’s Galactic alignments will support all of our efforts take a deeper look and allow us opportunities to release many negative experiences which have only served to confirm We were powerless.

As I look around the 3D world of our physicality the old patterns are rising I us all and showing up in disrespectful patterns of behavior.
Most of us are unaware of what we might be re-creating but they are showing up for us to stop and find the root causes within ourselves and through forgiveness release them in both ourselves and in those with whom these actions are entangled.

Today’s Cards…

As I write this I’m amazed that the first card I pulled this morning was a Life Card from Rev. Susan Collins …
Card Number 13 which shows the words Respect and Dominate in opposition.
Respect – Best effort actions are enough
Dominate – Restrictive force limits growth in the whole system

Looking up the number
13 in ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes

Angel Number 13 is a message from your angels that some upheavals may take place in your life. This is happening for karmic reasons and will break new ground for you that will bring about new opportunities for you to grow spiritually. The angels ask that you adapt to changes gracefully.”

The next card was a surprise from Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney

Number 31 or 13 backwards if you will…

It is the Seraphim Card of Sandalphon – POWER
Love is the key to all knowledge, wisdom and power.
Dwell deep in this love, and you will see as God sees.
Christ in You

“Sandalphon is a great angel prince.”
The overseer of “strength, abundance, beauty and joy of living.”

Sandalphon will assist in gaining both Wisdom and Self-forgiveness which is so desperately need by us all right no. Myself included.

The “Old Boy” network of power no longer works and each of us carry the scars of its unrelenting disrespectful and abusive methods of control.

So here We are, on the threshold of the New Earth as many refer to it.
Yet it is more about the New You and the many children who are watching us right now with new eyes and abilities to see through it all.

From the Sacred Space Meditation Cards
I Am Protected
The Angel of Light protects and guides me along my worldly path. I am never alone.


Amidst all Darkness

Remember who You Are

Even as there will be those

Who will not see your Light

Remember who You Are

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.2.19


Rising In Love


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Rising Into Angelic Realms

WE are traveling both upward and inward simultaneously.

The journey of separation is ending for all who are ready and willing to receive this Divine Gift.
Let go of any preconceived ideas of what that might be like for it is not to be understood on human terms and conditions.

Place your outer focus skyward and your inner focus on your deep resonant heart.
Allow yourself to be cradled and nurtured in these energy fields, for they are inviting us home.

~ Riverman 8.4.19


Mindful Reminders

Light must come from insideKindness-has-no-church
The Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere sometimes catches us and whirls us around in circles.
So as we now approach the end of July my blog pages have been sparse due to those wonderful outdoor activities which re-connect me to Mother Earth and all of Her Divine Inhabitants.

These two little picture reminders above have been quietly waiting on my desktop. Waiting for me to share them in some meaningful way.
And look how well they fit together.

Tonight they arose to be re-read and as I did the message was to invite all of you to just take a few moments out of your busy schedule to express some gratitude with those you may not have seen or heard from in a while.

Let them know that they are thought of and cared about and so are you.

This busy world We now live in needs these moments to re-connect and offer each other some reflection of how important our relationships with each other truly are.

And so I thank each of you for expressing …
Your Peace
Your Kindness
Your Light
Your Compassion
Your Love


Full Moon – Partial Eclipse


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Full Moon Rising 7.16.19.JPG

This picture is of the rising moon on 7.16.19, and a reminder of some particularly interesting energies we all may be experiencing.

The word CHANGE is what describes most of what we are now moving through, with almost each breath we take.

We need to remember that Change is a perfectly natural law of the Universe and there is nothing to become frightened about.
While Fear is the most counter productive force (other than for physical survival) that we experience as humans.

Are we fearful of change??? For most people the answer is Yes. This results in our repeating the same things over and over again, becoming more unhappy and deeply lacking self-worth.

As in the photograph above we can see the Moon has Her normal white light of the Sun’s reflection yet there is a halo of light around it, which for some could be ominous or foreboding.  Either way it is how we interpret it, that will Change the outcome we choose to receive from it.

This is what this Moon is all about…

Every day is a new opportunity.
Once we have seen something new, we have to let go of our old limited perception of it.

It is an opportunity to open ourselves to something we may never have dreamed about or even thought possible.

It is a gateway through which we will all pass, however some will be screaming and kicking.

Helix Nebula

So take a look at everything that is showing up in your path right now and begin to question whether you are looking at it as a contradiction to a belief you may hold or a behavioral pattern you may not wish to give up yet.

Begin to Honor Your Self and realize that the Universe is presenting this to you in order for you to catch up or join in with it’s Evolution.
It is reminding you that you are an integral part of it, not a separate entity.
That if you choose to let go of your little fears and join in with it, you will shift into a much more loving and acceptable human being and be supported fully as a part of the whole.

Many Blessings to You All… I know the journey is not easy but I can assure you that it will never be dull and boring.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Moving Forward and Upward


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Moving Forward and Upward

After a week off from my talks, due to being at the American Dowsing Society Convention in Plymouth,NH a gentle calm and greater
self-awareness appears to be unfolding.

I do not relish public events or crowds of any kind as I tend to get affected by the energies of large groups very easily.

However this event and being with friends whom I had never met in person, going on adventures which were not even on our horizon of awareness and being in such synchronicity, has confirmed for me that moving forward and upward is not to be taken lightly.

We are evolving in so many subtle ways that fears and judgments are just slipping away into the vast space behind us.

A Hearty Thank You to each of you and Big Hugs for being here now during these amazing times of deep and universal change.

Please join me live on Fridays at 10 AM Eastern (US) time on Humanity Healing Facebook (

Here are links to the replays…
Audio Replay on yourlisten
Video Replay on YouTube

Moving Forward and Upward – June 5 2019

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

My Rich Life – Mine is an abundant life, full of variety.
Source enriches my life in many ways.

Affirmations – The Universe responds to me.

There are no limitations or boundaries.

All levels of my desire are fulfilled.

I need only to adjust my will and to accept the realization of my dreams.

I honor the gifts and diversity the Universe has supplied me.

Life Cards – Rev Susan Collins

Heal – Compassion creates the conditions for health.

Wound – The serpent strikes but doe not always have venom.

Comment – Most healing is self-healing, and it can occur when we focus on and expect it. Others may try to wound us, but generally they only have that power if we allow it. If the situation is toxic, make choices to create better outcomes.

Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

Bamboo Moon – Did you know that there are no mistakes in the Universe and all events, circumstances, relationships and situations are unfolding in perfection with the timing and intelligence of the Divine plan?

Any apparent delay is in your favor.

If something is happening fo you right now, then that is perfect too. Divine timing is perfection. It is safe to trust this now.

Make it with Gravy

Thank you for the reminder of our need to refocus on what is most precious – Riverman



“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”― Cree Indian Prophecy

The heart of the world is not one powered by humans. It is the beat of life, powered by all life. We often forget this, or lately, have disregarded it altogether.

This is the unsung chord. A song that begs to be voiced, and to be heard. The rhythm of life that beats and hums within us all is mirrored by all living things, large and small. Even by the rock, which changes form over eons, finally coming full circle as our bones blend back into the Earth from which they were born.

This is the sphere of life. And we all dwell here.

But our sphere is dying.

I remember why I first began writing seriously, aside from forming ideas…

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Strawberry Moon Rhythm and Flow


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Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Rhythm and Flow – Show Notes 6.14.19

As we enter into the Full Moon energies of Sagittarius – The Strawberry Moon, The Oak Moon, we are being asked to say goodbye to what no longer serves our emerging Self.
Much like the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, Our transformation needs a bit of time to become stabilized in many ways.

Such a natural process seems very strange to us as humans yet we have been doing it in many ways throughout our life cycles over thousands of years. Yet it is as profoundly magical and mysterious if we so choose to embrace it.

What no longer is needed we might ask ourselves or what no longer works any more?

How are we to move forward from this newly formed awareness of Self ?

I’m sure many of you are not feeling so much like Butterfly at this moment but neither did the Caterpillar.

What we are experiencing is all part of a greater Rhythm and Flow of the Universe and even our Mother Earth is awakening into newness although Her process takes a much longer period of time.

Together we will synchronize our heart beats and once again and we will no longer be overcome by the processes we are now experiencing.

I awoke at 3:01 AM this morning for no apparent reason yet when I looked at the Angel message of that number I realized that all my efforts over the past months which were chaotic to put it mildly were drifting into the contrails of my forward movement.

301 represents an ending and new beginning, a receiving of new gifts and opportunities in alignment with our Highest Purpose and Heart’s Desires.
The energy of the number 3 influenced by 0 in alignment with 1.
Just take a moment to breathe into that.

0 is expressed as “God Force” or “Universal Energy” “Unlimitedness”
It is focusing and empowering the number 3 which represents our New Growth and Expansion.
Aligning with the number 1 which in this reading of it means our expansion into a new awareness of ourselves and everything around us.

Offering the encouragement and support of our Angels and Guides to evolve into Our future of balanced and compassionate communion within ourselves and with others.

My Guides and Angels are encouraging each of us to let go even more deeply, all of those painful experiences which have held us prisoner for so many lifetimes.

No we do not have to try to forget them now but just not feed them any more energy than perhaps a mere glance and acknowledgement of their occurrence in your timeline.

Bless them for their teachings which may have been very painful but acknowledge within yourself now that pain and suffering is not what serves your newly emerging Self.

We have a newly supported opportunity to feel safe and on the right pathway.

Consider the path of:
There is a need to see things as they are and not as you want them to be, or as others want you to see them.
Helix Nebula

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

The great spirit of Universal Wisdom fills my soul. As I accept the insight and knowledge, I realize my unique potential.

17 Star.jpg

Affirmations For The Everyday Goddess
17. Star
The Star represents the universe (God) in all its mystery and evolutionary potential. You are invited to be a part of the mystery of evolutionary consciousness by uniting your guiding principles of contemplative wisdom with the active use of your will. here you have gone to the source of formless energy (God) and the hidden vastness within yourself. You have understood the ecstatic, infinite awareness and intelligence of creation.

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Video Replay @ Presence Of Light YouTube




Rapidly Moving Forward


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93 Rapidly Moving Forward

Show Notes from Presence Of Light 6.7.19

The name of today’s talk started out as Anger and Forgiveness as I awoke with the word Forgiveness on my mind.

I have been pushing myself through so many energy fields lately that I finally hit my head on a branch while mowing the lawn and created not only a bloody mess but an overwhelming release of anger.

So if any of you are experiencing this tug of war between your Ego and Higher Self just know that the shifting energies and our ability to maintain a balanced emotional expression is very challenging right now.

You are not alone – We Are One

So the interesting part of this for me is that we are always in a state of self-forgiveness whether we are aware of it or not.
To be “for “or in favor of “giving”

The one we sometimes the hardest to forgive is ourself

As I wrote this a baby bird learning to fly attached itself to the window screen as it mother chatted for it fly back into the tree only a few feet away.
How beautiful to witness the theme of this talk Rapidly Moving Forward

We may not know how to forgive, and we may not want to forgive; but the very fact we say we are willing to forgive begins the healing practice. – Louise Hay

So let’s begin with the first card which I from the Sacred Space Meditation Deck by Elinor Von Linden
“The Universe is magical.
It creates wonderful miracles in my world.”

A very powerful expression isn’t it … inferring that we are always supported in choice of creating miracles in our lives.
What better way to express Forgiveness
Especially as we are moving forward in our evolutionary processes at beyond the Speed of Light.

The second card was from the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild
The Tao

The Tao is always flowing, always nourishing life into creation, always presenting steps and solutions and always reminding us that we are perfection in this moment. You are being guided to relax an allow life to flow.”

So now perhaps we can see that Flow which has rapidly intensified lately is a gift not a burden to overcome. However if we cannot address what angers us or forgive ourselves we are restricting it and creating vortices of energy which defeat all of our greater intentions.
It in turn keeps us from manifesting the Grace and Ease which is the balancing energy of Anger and Restriction

The last card I was guided to select was from my oldest deck which found me as a facilitator for The Course In Miracles over 20 years ago.

2019-06-13 21.03-horz.jpg

The 11:11 Alignment Cards by Zera Starchild of An
“I am an individual unit of Consciousness. I merge now back with all Consciousness.”

She gives no readings for these messages as they are really for us to discern within our own Consciousness.

However her words are always about bringing forth our Angelic and Celestial Self .
Many are now well into that journey yet some of you may just awakening to it so please be gentle and kind to yourself as you feel the shifting and changing of your thoughts or behaviors.

Forgiveness is the key you may have lost and now can be found within your own hearts if you so choose.

We may not know how to forgive, and we may not want to forgive; but the very fact we say we are willing to forgive begins the healing practice. – Louise Hay

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We Are No Longer Waiting


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92 We Are No Longer Waiting

“We Are Here Right Now and We Are Ready” is the big message as I sit to post this on my Blog page. In return I say “Thank You for Being Here As Well”

My personal journey through May was quite a bumpy ride through an obstacle course of grand design. Beginning with a major computer crash which has been resolved as best it can be yet took so much of my time that I now wonder if it was worth it all.

Of course the answer to that is a resounding Yes not only for myself but a host of characters with whom I communicate daily as Angels and Spirit Guides.

So with that said here are the Show Notes and Links to my Live Presence of Light Talk on Humanity Healing Facebook every Friday morning at 10 am Eastern

Inspiration Cards for 5.31.19

Sacred Space Meditation Card
“There are many ways in which the Universe gives e abundance; I am always open to receive the flow.”
I open my heart to receiving love and direction.
As I place my trust in the Divine, I draw upon an unlimited supply of success.
Soul Inspiration Card by Kahliya
Quiet Down

Before You Proceed
Look Within

You Will Find
All You Need
To Succeed
Two other cards I pulled from Healing with the Angels and Healing with the Fairies by Doreen Virtue presented these words
Balance and Be Honest With Yourself
Here we are on the last day of May in 2019 wondering what is really happening to all of us.
Or at least that is my thought as I reflect on the events in my personal journey.

No Longer Waiting

Let me begin with the words that first entered my consciousness this morning from a variety of sources.
Loyalty and Mastery
Patience and Passion
Honesty and Openness
Illumination and Healing
Elevation and Success
Synchronicity and Relationship
What is happening to us in this quick forward surge of energy is somewhat amorphous and very exhaustive as well as challenging to define.
We are receiving what some people call the “God Force” or “Cosmic Energies” of Creation.

Just think about that for a brief moment…
We are receiving what some people call the “God Force” or “Cosmic Energies” of Creation.


My question has been… how come we feel as if everything is falling apart???

The answer my Guides and Angels have for me is really very simple…
“Don’t look back at what you may feel as “Loss”

Letting go of fear and control is not an easy task but imperative in order for progression to be quick.

Yes you “will” feel a sense of loss at no longer being fearful, because you have spent lifetimes in this energy field and think it is real.


In order for Humans to evolve they must first break down the old walls you have built around their hearts in order to release all of the fear.

In the moment you release your fear, you are creating a space of harmony and balance for the Oneness and Wholeness to reside.

Creating is not meant to be easy… just take a look at our beloved planet Earth and all of the physical evolution that has occurred over Her life span. We are still finding buried cities from other civilizations and did they not also go through this process as we are.

Our potential is great and our choices are many yet, without fear and our trying to control every aspect of life, we will progress and evolve quickly and with less damage.

Will there be anger and old frustrations or pain rising through all this… of course there will.
Yet it is all our choice right now not to forget but let the energies we have invested in it all come back to us to assist us through this amazing time-frame to be here on Earth as Humans.

We will be guided through all of this by our feelings rather than our knowing. With a wall around our hearts we do not really feel much anymore so listen to your intuition and Higher-Self . Trust yourself and how your heart feels about everything and make this the source of your decisions.

Know that the process is really a gift to your-self and that you are certainly not alone.

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