To Resist or Not Resist


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To Resist or Not Resist

WOW!!! it has been a longer span of what we call time since I posted my Presence Of Light talks. This talk was broadcast on the 15th of March and I have certainly been in a vortex of energies which reflect not resisting.
However I feel the need to ground a little bit more now and focus on those parts of my life which nourish me.

Here the Links to listen to this Talk…
Audio MP3 Replay @ YourListen

Video Replay @ my Presence Of Light – YouTube Channel

Here are the raw show notes…

Should I Resist or Not Resist

To quote from, The Silence of the Mind by Ilie Cioara an Eastern European Mystic
“Do not resist anything you encounter:

Thoughts, desires, emotions: just listen and watch;

They appear automatically from the baggage of your mind,

Old and countless residues, deceitful and stupid.”

There is always a point where we experience resistance,
however it is only then that the question arises,

“Should I Resist or Not Resist”

Therefore resistance is a response to
an occurrence not an intention of creation

In electronics “resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines” – Wikipedia

For me my resistance is usually coming from a place of fear. And not necessarily one I might truly understand.
As a matter of fact lately it seems to be the latter of those places.

So let us Innerstand that Fear and Resistance are linked in many ways
and if we can manage our fears we can let go of our resistance.
SO I offer you that… Perhaps it is all about Resisting our Fear

The other day I wrote a meme for facebook…

Questioning Hearts
Everyone of us who are now
Living from Our Heart are

questioning everything that was
told & sold to us. ~ Riverman

It came about as I was awakened at 222 AM by my Guides and basically told that I could not do a simple job I was about to do because it would be in violation of my integrity.

I said WHAAAT?

Never before in my life have I been so abruptly confronted by Spirit that fear began to flow and my resistance rose to encounter these most beautiful beings which have guided me for so many years.

I knew in that moment I was resisting and would eventually block out their message without fully listening or trying to understand it.
I knew that if they awakened me at 222 it was an important message and that I should listened very closely as it was going to be a game changer for sure.

It was then I knew that there would be a lot of changes coming and they would be placed for me to step through as I strengthened my self-respect and honoring of my integrity.

No it was not going to be a piece of cake but it would be worth far more than they could express to me in human language.

So this is where we all are right now… at the threshold of something never before experienced

if we are willing to not resist.
It is about Creation on new levels and in order to do that we must set Intentions into motion
and if we are constantly in a state of resistance
we are in a state of conflict where the Intention gets blocked.

For thousands of years We have been told who we are and how we are to be

in a collective we have named Society
the state of being together with other people
and throughout it all there has been resistance


Our old teachings say that once we can manage our fears, we can then see that progress is impossible without resistance. Resistance is the challenge we need to overcome in order to progress.
But what if that was not the Truth but a construct created to limit us so that a few would prosper and grow while most would fail due to a lack of Trust in themselves.

When we question all that we have ever encountered and failed at we might first feel it as a lack of Trust.
A lack of Trust in ourselves and Our Spirit Guides

Our Trust is a connector in order to receive more of what we are focusing on.
When Our Trust in anything fails we are hurt EnergImotionally

and we begin to withdraw our energies our creations to soothe the source of our sufferings.

In all of the above we are making a choice which can be chosen in a different form

not to resist or not resist something
but to acknowledge it all as scenery alongside the roads we are traveling
Perhaps we can begin to see become a blur as we pick up speed
and honor it without fear
fully knowing in our hearts that integrity and honesty within ourselves

is the only energetic fuel that can create our release from Fear and Resistance

Thank You all for Being here during this amazing process of our evolution – Riverman


Equinox of March 2019

Rising Moon 3.19.19

Blessings of Light to All

I was awakened by Light this morning.
The light of a brilliant setting of an almost Full Moon and the rising of a new day’s Sun.

Yes, I get told by some that they do not rise or set … the Earth turns.
However I’m a poet and find that factual statement so uninviting.

This talk was my first live talk on my YouTube Channel as I felt a calling to step further into my being uncomfortable with being seen and heard publicly.

So the Equinox message was to step out anyway and not worry about how I appear or what I sound like. As I listened afterward I heard myself speaking of the Solstice rather than the Equinox and had to laugh at my error .

Years ago my brain was rewired from my NDE and what would be termed today TBI… Traumatic Brian Injury so my 3D memory has to search in a very convoluted way to find information as I speak.

I’m always being corrected by many well meaning people and told I can correct this memory issue… however it was a gift from my guides so that I would see and speak from my heart not my head.

Anyway I AM here to share Peace, Light and Love with you all and hopefully to spark your real memory about who you truly are and encourage you to be seen and heard.

Let’s all let go of the fear of judgment and stand tall in our True Light in order to bring about the balance that has been corrupted and stolen from us.

Here is the link to the video … my first attempt… I’m a Virgin again… and I Love It.
May each of you become Virgins and try something for the first time as we move in rhythm with the Universe in its Evolution

YouTube Live Video

For those who prefer Audio

MP3 Audio Version on yourListen


Reflecting On Our Journey

So long ago, yet just yesterday in our linear time this picture was taken of me to enter my beard in a National Beard Registry.

It was posted with the following words I wrote on facebook 4 years ago…

…”As we get ready once again to shift into a new cycle take a moment to reflect on your journey to this point. We are embarking into dimensions of ourselves that 19 years ago we couldn’t even vision.

Know that all you have been through and are letting go of are like the stages of a rocket launching which will fall away with grace and ease. After you reach an orbital state the thrusters will burn less and the stabilizers will keep you on target.”…


Both the picture and the words are a reflection of who have been and who I Am today. Each unique in their expression just as each of us are in this moment.

The messages which are only 4 years old such as… “shift into a new cycle” and “rocket launching” are still playing out for us all.

Some of us are just awakening to a new adventure and some are saying farewell to what may have been very painful within their last adventure.

Either way…

Herein lie the fractal moments of our journeys,
which are now moving into
the ever fading slipstream
of Our forward thrust.
Each of Us are not leaving anything behind,
as we would label it here on Earth.

We are re-creating ourselves
at multi-dimensional levels
in every “energimotional experience”
We embrace and release.

Show Up In Your Truth

As I began this day I was thinking of what might appear on my horizon. The stillness required for that however, was challenging to maintain at only a 3rd dimensional level.

I was gently reminded of how many other dimensions we exist in simultaneously, both silently and not so silently.

Our Divine Aspects of Self  in each of them were waiting and calling for us to return.

Listen to your Hearts and allow your minds to rest during this Equinox and Full Moon. ”

Most of All…
Show Up In Your Truth

Thank You and Bless You


In Praise of Irish Ancestors


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Currie Clan Founder

Clan Founder, Muireadhach O’Daly of Sligo, Ireland

So today the deeper meanings of my Irish ancestry came to surface as I chose to not celebrate St Patrick who was basically another migrant to Ireland.

Yes so many of us are migrants and have been transplanted and intermarried for hundreds of years. Which makes it so hard to trace the truth except through DNA which only tells of genetics not lifetimes.

As I pondered all of this I was guided to look up what records I have of my mother who was born in Belfast, Ireland and emigrated to the United States when she was 18 years old.

My Grandfather was a Beggs and I knew he had migrated from the Inverness area of Scotland to work at building ships for the Cunard Shipyards. His choice I’m sure was economic much like those of my father’s family whose migrations were from France to Canada.

However my Mother’s Mother was a Currie and there has always been a question of was she Irish or Scotch. Clan Currie is usually understood as Scottish.

So today after listening to her guide me, she brought me to this picture and told me that my poetic self was in the Irish genetic lineage that existed even before Clan Founder Muireadhach O’Daly of Sligo, Ireland.

That I needed to witness for them on this day because it is not in alignment with the original tribes of Ireland but Religious Invaders seeking to conquer not only their land but their souls.

That may sound a bit hard or judgmental but I could feel the pain and suffering of having to give up a complete way of life. One that had been as pure as the land it was lived on.
All for the greed of a teaching that was twisted to perpetrate torture and violence on many innocent humans of a land far away.
Certainly Not in alignment with the Source of their True Teacher.

Drombeg Circle5

Riverman in Drombeg Circle, Ireland many moons ago.

I personally hold no anger or sense of retribution for them or their decsendants but I spoke to my ancestors in the following lines which flowed from my heart…

In honor of My ancestors today…

May the stones of the earth

give way to the fertile soil

and the rains wash them both

May the skies ever remind us

of the most ancient songs

carried across the meadows

May this heart connection

deepen to remind us all

of our ancestors first arrival

To this Precious Garden

of Water and Earth

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Manifestation and Dissolution


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Manifestation and Dissolution.png

Manifestation and Dissolution

Has anyone felt like they have been attacked on some level over the past week?
It doesn’t matter whether it was psychically or physically… just at some level of your awareness.
Of course many could say that every week but that would be a different talk.

Feeling attacked on any level is never a pleasant experience.
Yet, it is an opportunity to realign our emotional attachments to what may not serve our Higher Self any longer.

Our first reaction is emotional shock and then we go into the fight or flight adrenaline mode.

It is here where our greatest opportunity lies.
It is an opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves and act from a completely new center of resonance.

Video Replay on YouTube

Audio MP3 Replay on YourListen
So let’s talk about the word Manifest first…
Having the ability to create, achieve or bring about change
This is who We Are as Creators

We are constantly manifesting something… good, bad or otherwise. It is a process of renewal which hopefully extends from Love and Gratitude for the Gift of Life We have received.

However as we look around at the world we begin to see so much that does not align with a Graceful Pattern of Manifestation and we see how the opposite is finding each of us or at least appearing out of nowhere a lot lately.

Opposing Manifestation is Dissolution which is sometimes very disturbing yet is necessary for new processes to appear out of the emptiness it creates.

For me Dissolution requires Surrendering to this process of feeling attacked and then observing it from a different level of ourselves. A higher viewpoint where we become the audience rather than the actor on the stage.

Of course this is not an easy process yet if we surrender to our Higher Selves we soon begin to realize that we are merely being seen and triggering a response from our audience.

I drew a card from the Keys To Happiness Oracle Cards from Gordon Smith

The Circle Of The Clouds

“the clouds of dharma are protecting the truth”

The positive side of this is about overcoming all obstacles in our lives including the fears we may think are insurmountable by guarding our five senses from inappropriate actions.

The negative would be to allow ourselves to trust in our doubt and lose sight of our Spiritual Path. (paraphrased meanings)

Created You Too

Each of us are being challenged right now.
Not as much by others but by ourselves.
These challenges will appear as if they are instigated or perpetrated by others and directed toward us with harmful or derogatory intention and purpose.

This is Illusion in its Grandest Display.
While many of you will say “No This is Real”

Let me introduce these words into our conversation now…
I stay still. I acknowledge. I accept.
I surrender. I let go. I accept.
I manifest. I receive. I accept.

Easier to say than adopt and feel yet it can be done and if done repeatedly will lead you through the Illusions back home to your Truth.

We will begin to see so many of the games we play that can be very purposeful but distracting us from Our Divine Purpose.
We will begin to understand how we manifest exactly what we need to wake us up… even if not pleasant or a form of attack.
Yes these attacks are harmful both in the physical and psychological realms and yet they are ready at all times to be dissolved by acceptance and surrendering.

In the end We regain or renew a deeper connection with who and what We Truly Are as Beings of Light and Love. Shifting all obstacles out of our path of evolution and realigning with our Heart’s True Purpose.

Many Blessings to each of you as this Talk was the last of my 7th Decade of life and I begin anew.



Precious Water


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2018-07-17 08.49.17

Precious Drop of Water

Snowflake flying in the breeze

Misty Sky we breathe

We are you in another form

Flowing around you and within you

Adoring you in Our full awareness

Gathering as precious droplets

Becoming One magnificent flow

Pulsing through the Arteries of Life

Bowing to You and each other

As We listen to Your every ripple

In awe of your Life Giving Presence

We Love You

We Thank you

We Respect You

We Are You


New Moon 3.6.19


Sometimes the words which come through me bring me to tears. They remind me of how precious Life truly is and how our honoring Life is the greatest act of kindness and compassion we can ever express.

We are Water Being Human…
I know that sounds very absurd to many of you yet scientists have explained how on a molecular structure level we are 99% water. Most of us can accept that on a physical level we are 60-80% water.

Yet in all of this discussion of what is the complete or true answer, none of us will exist without clean water.

So I ask each of you to begin to see the water in all life forms and deepen your relationship to it by singing to it, or praising it, or offering it prayers of thanksgiving.

Each drop is precious just as you are and you cannot separate yourself from it…
Let Us become Whole again by honoring ourselves and each other at this level and We will change the world in the most amazing ways.



Goodness Changes Everything


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Goodness Changes Everything

Goodness Changes Everything – So what is Goodness ???

Show Notes…
Good-ness is God-ness
Old English god (with a long “o”), “that which is good, a good thing; goodness; advantage, benefit; gift; virtue; property;” –

The first card I pulled and read this morning and it’s message reminded me of why I Am here and am willing to speak and uphold energy for others during these very stressful times.

“I know I am guided by a higher power, and the voice of truth guides me to all that is good.”

Hearing and listening to the voice of my Creator I become centered and peaceful.

My inner knowing becomes enlightened and encourages me to express it to others.

Goodness is what Creator provides to all of us; Goodness is all We really have to give to others.

In doing so Creator speaks of eternal life and guides us towards Our spiritual abundance which is always present and accessible.

We are such amazing Beings yet we have forgotten over thousands of years who We Really Are and what potential We have for sharing Our God-ness.

Video Replay on YouTube

Audio Mp3 Replay on YourListen

I felt called also this morning to tap into Kuan Yin and balance the Yin and Yang.  For we have been programmed to believe in a Masculine God while denying or negating all Divine Feminine aspects of Creatorship.

The Book Of Changes

from the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

“Just like a beautiful but unusual melody, the Divine plan is unfolding through your life, although it isn’t always predictable! Kuan Yin is guiding you in the right direction. Even if you do not fully understand what is happening in your life right now, allow Kuan Yin to bless you with trust in the unfoldment of your own Divine Path. The Book of Changes is always  at play, helping us find our way. You are just taking a smarter route to your destination!”

So we might ask ourselves what does that have to do with goodness or Godness.

Each one of us has a unique energy signature which has been aligned and passed on through our genetic lineage all the way back to the stars.
When we look up at the sky in the daytime we see only one star… our Sun or Sol as it is more commonly referred to.
Originally we worshiped the Sun because we could remember our journey from many different Stars which were the Suns or creative energy form our original manifestation points.
We Are Light
The  Sun represents the Light of Abundance which is also Goodness, Godness or the Golden Light of Creation.
Isn’t it interesting that we also worshiped Gold and still do although it has been removed from daily circulation as currency.

So getting back to Kuan Yin ‘s message of The Book of Changes she becomes a guide for us and asks us, “to trust and allow the circumstances in your life to unfold right now. If there are delays, don’t force an issue, let is settle and sort itself out with as little interference by you as possible. You do not have to let anyone take advantage of you, nor do you have to prevent yourself from expressing your truths and feelings about whatever is happening. However, you are being guided to trust that no matter what appears to b the case right now, this detour or unexpected situation is a blessing from the Divine Plan, confirmed by Kuan Yin, assisting you in avoiding unnecessary problems later on as she corrects your life direction and helps you move forward with greater grace on you Divine Path now.”

In wrapping it all up what We can begin to see if We so choose to…

That All Pain and Suffering which is so prevalent now can be dispelled by Our remembrance and manifestation of Goodness.Both Masculine and Feminine aspects of what we listen to, trust and perhaps worship are constantly available to us.
Firstly to assist us in our own personal journey here as evolving humans and to share with all others who we encounter along the road we call life.

As for my bright Yellow tee shirt…
I arose before sunrise and needed some Light so I found a bright yellow tee shirt to wear.
It came to me as a gift and it has St Thomas written on across the chest. Of course it came from the Virgin Island, St Thomas. So I was guided to look up St Thomas as the disciple of Jesus who is referred to as Doubting Thomas and it I wear it now to remind each of you that our doubts and ears are not insurmountable when We tap into The True Star Light We are and share the Goodness We Are with others.

Peace, Light and Love… Riverman

Thank You, Archangel Gabriel – Natalie Glasson

Let us take a moment to offer a prayer for ourselves and others to preserve the purity of all souls and their missions while we all adjust to the physical reality around us.

Let us learn to express Our Whole Truth through the abilities and senses of Our physical body … as pillars of support for the harmonization of the Soul within each and every physical body

Let us Take a moment to imagine the shift that such a healing could create by radiating Our Peace, Light and Love as an act of Goodness for our souls to theirs.



Loving Waters and Waterbearers



As A Loving Waters Council Member I invite you all to a Live Zoom Call


You are all invited to join us at Loving Waters
for our New Moon Water Stewards Connect!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 5 PM – 6:30 PM PST on Zoom with guest Erin Toppenberg

Gather with our guest Waterbearer Erin Toppenberg & Water Stewards from around the world in the inspiring energy of the new moon. Expand your knowledge of how the Waterbearers have funded clean water initiatives in 26 countries impacting hundreds of thousands of lives.

Wed, March 6, 2019
All are invited! (ZOOM link included below!)
Ripple these the waves of joy! Share with friends!

About Erin: Erin Toppenberg, co-founder and director, has played an integral role in the creation of The Waterbearers even before the initial campaign launch in January 2016, now in its third year! Learn about three pillars of The Waterbearers – Women, Water, and Wisdom, as it resonates with the pure intention to make clean water accessible to people around the world.



TIMES: UK 1:00am / US 8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST/ Next day AU 12:00pm AEDT /NZ 2pm NZDT


We are gathering together in flowing resonance from our watersheds around the world, in shared intention and love. Feel supported as you step forward as a water custodian in your community and make visible your love for our Source, Water.

Have your bottle of sacred Water with you to be included in our closing water blessing.

If you are not on computer-if you can download the ZOOM app-then just click on join meeting and add the ID#3749147271. Otherwise use the phone numbers below…

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

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Meeting ID: 374 914 7271
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Our partner and Fiscal Sponsor: Tribal Trust Foundation

Give a shout out and invite your friends to join us!
#LovingWaters #WATERFIRST

Check the Loving Waters Calendar for more upcoming events:

Loving Waters

The WaterBearers Organization



333 Looking Forward


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How sweet the message is today about Our position in which…
We Are Looking Forward…
So much is unfolding and presenting itself that it can be very intimidating to try and wrap our human consciousness around it all.
It seems that much of our focus over the last few months has been confusing to many.

I mean that in the sense of having been a hodgepodge of frequencies, which seem very fractured while at the same time aligned in a purposeful manner.

Peace In Impermanence.png
This message came through as I awoke one morning to a deeper sense of how all of the struggling we do throughout our lives is purposeful, but not as important as we make it out to be.
I saw what appeared to me as a layer of Water in which I was feeling a sense of struggle to keep my head above the Surface. Yet when I surrendered to the peacefulness of the water’s movement I would float just below the surface and didn’t even need to breathe.
How simple yet challenging to do in a physical body which relies on it’s surroundings to acknowledge it’s awareness.
Yet We Can both acknowledge Our Peace and Impermanence when we let go of our struggling to figure it all out and allow our natural ability to float to take over.

Guiding Light.png
A few days later I posted this to express how our sense of Time was somehow being distorted enough to be able to reach across many which were running parallel without any fear. The key to this was to open Our Hearts wider in Compassion and seeing it as a Light which would serve us as a companion and guide as We sought to forgive and release our past traumas and genetic corruption.
We are evolving now at such a rapid pace that the human mind is sometimes being overwhelmed in ways that are familiar yet very strange in the same instant.

Finally this arrived with March as if the past couple of weeks in February were just to remind us of how Amazing We Really Are.
As if setting the stage for a new Self-Awareness that was about to unfold as We enter into another level of Cosmic Awareness.

I was reminded of the old electronic games I played where I would Level Up.
How exciting it was to come to that place of newness and anticipate what I might experience next in this unfamiliar world.

So this is what I saw when I created this artistic photo…3.3.3 2019

A field of Light Energy in which both the Source and the Reflection were viewed circling around as if dancing.
Each unique in their own expression and connected through the muted and cloudy vortex of swirling uncertainty.
Each enjoying both the dance and the deep respect that is the expression of Creator and Created.
3 3 3 Blessings to each of you as We spiral through all illusions and embrace our completeness.  Knowing at our most inner level how amazing We Truly Are.





Harmony and Alignment 222


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Dawn of 2_22_2019

I arose to lookout the  window at this amazing view which is the sky over the Atlantic Ocean before our Sun had risen over the horizon.

Thus I began my day with this reading from A Course In Miracles…
The Great Peace of the Kingdom shines in your mind forever, but it must shine outward to make you aware of it. ACIM

On this amazing day of 222 I awoke to see Venus Rising in the morning Sky after a night of dreams that I actually remembered upon arising.
Dreams about assisting others with repairs, then looking to buy a new home, car being towed away  and walking miles with others who had no vehicles with a small child.

The number 222 is significant to me as I see it often and have a deep feeling of connection to what I call the Crystalline Collective Consciousness of 22 which assist us in our Human Evolution.

Their greater message of this day is perhaps felt in the first card I pulled…
I am a spring pouring forth from
The ocean of universal potential


I draw from the ocean of oneness.
I am open to the Universe in all its forms.

It empowers me as I journey through this life as it leads me to a new voyage of discovery


Here are links for those who wish to listen…

Link to Video Replay on You Tube

Link to Audio Mp3 Replay on YourListen


Harmony was brought to me by my Angelic Guides through the Healing with the Angels deck from Doreen Virtue and isn’t it interesting how she has changed in the past few years.

Card Meaning: Conflict is resolved in a situation that was troubling you.

Know that you deserve this peace and happiness, and accept it gracefully.

By shifting our viewpoint to the angelic perspective, you become an Earth Angel.

Beloved child of God, you are a peace-lover at heart. This card comes to you as a sign of new harmony that dawns upon you. Let go of viewing the situation as troubled, and see yourself and others through the eyes of your guardian angels. In this way, you will look past the surface and see the beauty and Light that eternally shines within everyone.

Holding an elevated viewpoint sparks miraculous healings in all of your relationships. Conflict drops away, revealing the clean and new truth about everyone and everything.

Yes, like Doreen, We All, will make new choices in how we are to complete our missions here on planet Earth.

The Greatest message of Harmony is to not Judge others or anything that we do not understand in the moment…
Our moments are traveling at higher frequencies of Light which cannot be measured, by any human standards and maybe one day I will talk about that.

So this is what the 222 Gateway is about…
The Alignment of Souls as Beings who are honoring their Truth without fear, through their Hearts.
Each recognizing and honoring the other as both individuals and as a Collective of Light Energy embodied in Human Form.

Multi-Dimensional Service and Responsibilities are now shared across a Spectrum rather than just individually among a few newly Awakened Souls.

Each of us becoming opened vessels in alignment with each other so as to act more powerfully, swiftly and responsibly.

WOW… How does that make you feel???
Let’s tap back in to the Potential card…

I am a spring pouring forth from
The ocean of universal potential


I draw from the ocean of oneness.
I am open to the Universe in all its forms.

It empowers me as I journey through this life as it leads me to a new voyage of discovery

Lastly there was one other card which I drew from

Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya

Dear God

Help Me

Think Positively

Releasing All

Negative Thoughts and Fears

Allowing The Flow

Of what needs

To Come and Go

Without Grasp

Without Judgment


To My Divine Source

Manifesting the Full Glory

Of Who I Am

To Be

So as each day begins to unfold, let us be humbled and thankful for the Harmony that occurs Naturally even after we begin to observe it all.
Let us feel complete and whole as a part of this field of Potentiality that awaits our inter actions to create Harmony.
Blessings to All
Charlie Riverman