Anchoring Loving Energy


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Be at Peace with Your Loving Self and the World will respond to you in kind.

Many times WE fall away from our enthusiasm and relationship to the Living Presence around us
Seeing the darkness and confusion that appears to diminish Our Loving Energy

In those moments let us dive deeper into Our Hearts and really pull Our Love through
Through the inner confusion and heaviness that feels almost impossible to navigate in

Take that Love which is Pure Divine Energy and offer it to be anchored within Mother Earth
As a gift of Thanksgiving in return for Her amazing abilities to nourish us when WE are in need
She will respond in ways that are both energetic and filled with a gentility that cannot be put into words

Honor Your Unity
Rise Up in Your Sovereignty
As One Field of Heart Resonance
that nothing can put asunder

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.27.20


Awakening In Place


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Awakening In Place 8.21.20


Good Morning and Many Blessings to all of you who hear or read my Friday morning messages, shared with the world as a part of my  Awakening.

Today is 8.21, and here is a message.

From ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes

…”Angel Number 821 brings a reminder from your angels that the more positive and optimistic you are regarding your financial and material circumstances, the easier it is to attract and manifest wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life.

Angel Number 821 also brings a message to decide what it is that you really want in your life, then set your course and take positive action. It is within your personal power to create the life you want to live, and it is your duty to fulfill the aspirations of your soul. Allow the smaller issues to go by the wayside and focus on what really matters to you.

Angel Number 821 tells you to keep your faith and trust strong and expect the very best in your life. Maintaining a positive attitude and optimistic outlook helps to manifest auspicious circumstances and opportunities in your life. Expect the best, and you will receive it. Expect to succeed and you will.”…

The Course In Miracles called me through the message on one of their cards with this statement,

“All things work together for good. there are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgment.”

On randomly opening the book itself, it chose Chapter 29 – THE AWAKENING.

First mentioning “The Closing of the Gap”

Raising the question of How can there be a gap in Wholeness?

I won’t read the book to you; however, it brings up the message that what we experience as separation can’t be possible except in our mind’s inability to accept it’s Divine Unity.

All of our separations are a process of sleeping, which now leaves us to Awaken to The Powerful Presence We Are and have always been.

We are caught in a living moment between the two words Love and Fear.

Love is the Truth and Fear is the Illusion

Awakening, is an energetic expression which confirms that nothing stays the same.

In Place, is referring to our home being this physical body.

We are now at a point in our physical journey as humans, to embrace all that is necessary to jettison what is no longer serving our forward evolutionary growth.

In short, We are ready on all levels to call in everything that is needed right now to change everything that is harming or diminishing ourselves and All living species and forms on Planet Earth.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.21.20


Sending Peaceful Thoughts


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Here is a little reminder for each of us to tap into Our True Self as a Unified Field of Heart Resonance.

It is easy to forget how precious and powerful our breathing is for physical sustainability. It is not just as individuals to sustain our bodies but also the Energy Fields around us. Both of which are greatly diminished in each of us through physical and emotional separation.

The In-Breath is where We receive precious oxygen; it also operates as an energy compressor, which empowers us to move and send energy both within our physical body and out into the world.

I, therefore, encourage us to focus on Peaceful Thoughts when exhaling that arises from within the Heart as Loving and Compassionate thought-forms.

Just think about how We already understand the power of cheering at a sports event or a large group during a concert, mainly how it brings us closer together as a Whole.

The opposite reminds us of all damage we can do in a state of anger when we scream curses violently and become offensive, literally clearing a room or even public space.

We now need to re-learn that when people overpower us, the first thing they do is take away or diminish our natural gift of breathing.

Pay attention now more than ever to your breathing and re-develop healthy patterns.

Fill your breath with Positive and Loving intentions both for others and yourself.

At that moment and in every breath, We actively participate and accomplish Healing throughout the Whole World.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.20.20



A Promise Of Unlimited Expansion


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A Promise Of Unlimited Expansion


Good Morning and Grand Rising…

It is another day of miracle moments wherein we can either accept them or deny them.

My thoughts as I awoke today were greeting me with a message of hope. Somehow I felt an excitement and positivity that was different and promising.

Promising is a strange word for me, and I’m sure each of you has memories of promises that were never fulfilled, or perhaps they were tricks to get you to do something that and were never honored.


Somehow, today’s card messages are a Triad of Hope for us All and are reminding me that when I lose hope, everything becomes dramatically diminished.


Let us begin our chat with a card from A Course In Miracles –

“Can you imagine what it means to have

no cares, no worries, no anxieties,

but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time?”


Please take a deep breath and a short moment to relax as I say that again,

“Can you imagine what it means to have

no cares, no worries, no anxieties,

but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time?”

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?
It brings up our inner desires to genuinely want to create that in our lives.

The answer to how we might do that is in the next card which comes from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor von Linden.


“I am guided by many spiritual companions;

they quietly lead me on my life’s journey.”

We all have Spirit Guides, even if we have been taught not to believe in them or trust them.

When we learned about Stars, they were objects that certainly had no significant influence on our personal lives either.

Yet they are both far more critical energetically than we could ever imagine and need to be honored with greater respect and trust as guides for our unlimited and evolutionary expansion.

The Stars are many times where many of our Spirit Guides connect to us.

The spirit world is not seen yet very expansive.

Spirit guides are with us at all times.

We can choose to feel them or deny their existence.

We can always choose not to listen or believe in them.

They will respond with guidance and protection when asked.

Learning to listen and trust Our Universe is the Key to Our Unlimited Expansion, for it does not operate on human logical terms.

The Universe is created on Divine Principles and Sacred Mathematics which cannot be understood entirely in 3rd-dimensional terms or language.

All of which brings us into facing our Trust issues. Those thought-forms which began as our brains were developing in our infancy, and from which we began to understand the world around us.

Everything in our world right now points to how we have made the wrong choices for future survival for thousands of years. Those many choices can no longer be brought forward into the New and Unlimited Expansion of Humanity.

The third card I drew this morning was from my friend Mia’s, Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya, which reads –


To the


Of the



The Limit





We are now in the process of a Major Evolution that will make us question every teaching and every action, We have ever been presented and understood as the truth.

It will not be easy, nor will it be pretty, yet it will prepare humanity for a future that will be brought back into balance and harmony.

This Promise Of Unlimited Expansion is the next frontier, and it lies mostly within us rather than outside of us. We will undertake this for the New Children Of Earth to be welcomed and their teaching of us.

Our present teachings and actions are to be replaced with Love and Compassion in every thought and action we take.

It is the Unlimited Expansion Of Our Heart.

Whose only desire is to replace the corrupted and greed-based human mental construct that perpetuates trauma and suffering.

Suffering is no longer sustainable or needed in any form; it is destructive not only to humans but every living form, including Mother Earth.

As the New Children of Earth

are being born now in physical form,

so too, are We being Returned to Innocence

Keep Your Hearts Open no matter how much it hurts and know that you are never alone in all of this, and as more of us reach into our sovereignty, we also hold out a hand for you to grab hold of and not sink any further into the quicksand of despair.


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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.14.20




Gratefulness And Empowerment


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Gratefulness And Empowerment

Gratefulness and Empowerment MP3…

Gratefulness And Empowerment – Show Notes

Today let us gather into Our Hearts the energetic frequencies of Gratefulness and Empowerment.

Many may question how our gratitude would have the ability to empower us, especially in these most challenging times. I even wondered about these words that came into my mind as I began to prepare for today’s talk.

As I looked for confirmation, the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck on my shelf called to me, and I drew card number 41.

The number 41 represents the power we have to manifest very positive outcomes to all of the distorted thoughts and results we may have created in our past.

4 – Being of Service and Devotion

1 – Our Achievement and Manifestation


The Kuan Yin Oracle Card by Alana Fairchild card reads as follows…

To The Celestial Mountain

“There are times when divine energy is needed to help us achieve our spiritual goals. When you do not feel completely in control of your destiny, the divine is usually gifting you with an opportunity to reach for assistance and to invoke divine power, to call to the celestial mountain so that you might be gifted with a far superior outcome. Your permission to beings that love you unconditionally to offer you help is an expression of spiritual empowerment, you empower those forces to come to your aid and help you manifest your life purpose and destiny.”


In this moment of Our Evolution, We have the most exceptional opportunity to honor and re-create Heaven On Earth.

What does that truly mean to you?

Can it be just a dream or wild fantasy that is not achievable except in a child’s mind?

Or perhaps what is playing out in the world around us is so painful or harmful that we cannot envision how powerful we truly are.

The card I pulled next is from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor von Linden…

Imagine The Possibilities

“As I merge with my higher self, I am open to endless possibilities, and I am truly blessed.”


I know We can access and bring through thoughts of Divine Purity.

We all receive messages that align with the highest potential for humanity as a collective whole. However, there is a part of us that quickly dismisses them, and we deny Our gratitude and ability to empower others with their teachings.

This practice keeps us from standing in Our True Sovereign Power as children of Peace, Light and Love. It keeps us playing out the victim role rather than Our True Creator role, which is needed right now to reinforce the forward momentum of evolution.

There is no life in a machine or artificial intelligence.

There is no mercy in laws that do not respect all of Nature’s life forces.

There is no gratitude or empowerment in a world which cannot honor its full capability to align within the Field of Creation rather than one of destruction, pain and suffering.

I encourage everyone to take a deeper look into your own heart and know the power that exists within it, an amazing energy designed to be a positive and creative force fueled by Gratitude.

Journey to the Celestial Mountain

I encourage everyone to take more moments of your day and sit quietly in Nature.

Envision a Celestial Mountain, where Harmony and Balance trickle into your consciousness, like Water flowing from a mountain spring into your heart.

As that Spring Water fills your heart, allow it to rise into your 3rd eye and feel it pulsing in rhythm with your heartbeat.

Allow that Water to enter your mind and cleanse away all thoughts of who you are or where you are in a very calming and caring way.

You are recognized here

You are safe here

You are home here

You are grateful here

You are empowered here

as the Divine Being, you indeed and truly are

Do not believe for a moment that you are not loved or that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

You are here to acknowledge that you are not only a human, you are also here to remember that you are powerful and never alone.

Your power, love, and energy is flowing from the Source of Life.

There has never been any separation except in the two halves of our human mind. We are divided only in our human thoughts and physical expression.

Let us return slowly now, into our physical presence and awareness,
let us be gentle as we return with the precious gift of Empowerment.

Once we are fully grounded, let us offer Gratitude to the Celestial Mountains, where those who love us unconditionally are always awaiting our arrival.

Let us also extend gratitude and respect toward each other, knowing that we are individually placed worldwide and come from different cultures and ancient teachings.

Yet again in the Celestial Mountains, there is only One language, Unconditional Love, which cannot be misused in any form as it is the Source of Our Creation.


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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.7.20


Rising In The Moment


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Rising in the Moment



Rising in the moment to a place above

the surface of our temporary existence.

Energies expand Our collective expression

and allow the reality of truth to be seen

Let Us All take a deep breath and refresh

that reality into this world of dreams

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.2.20


Encouragement And Trust


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Encouragement And Trust



As I awoke and the day began, I asked what the topic for today’s talk would be. After a few moments of silence, the word Encouragement came through with a feeling of deep love.

Of course, my human mind started questioning what the purpose might be for this topic and then looked back into the dreams that I was having just before I woke up.

They were fragmented thoughts and actions that all had negative connotations. They were bits and pieces of past emotions that were not aligned or could relate to any constructive patterns in my lifetime or future.

As I let out my dog and made my coffee, I realized that we all need a little encouragement. Much darkness and suffering are affecting us now, even when we are not focusing on it.

I was first led to pulling a card from my Course In Miracles deck, which was a gift to me many years ago as a facilitator.

The card reads,

…” Heaven is here.

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now.

There is no other time.”…

Please read that again, slowly, and feel it opening both your heart and mind.

This message comes from the Manual For Teachers, which speaks about Atonement or as I like to say ‘At-One-Ment‘ wherein we are no longer focused or disturbed in the present moment or our past.

We are fully present right here and right now. 

Heaven is always attainable, in this very moment. 

It is our human beliefs and fears that are the leading causes of not feeling Encouragement.

The next word Trust came forward from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards.

”The hand of God guides me. I trust Him as He leads me to where He has always been.”

The present situation of false leadership in the World is triggering a deep division within Humanity’s collective mind.

Wherein We are suffocating. I use the word suffocating because that is what it feels like to me.

It is time now for us to rise up and out of that suffocation and seek the more exceptional Air, which uplifts Us and nourishes Our Souls.

When Our Hearts are closed, We have separated, not physically, but energetically, and at that moment, We are weakened and vulnerable.

“It is Trust that is the key to Our Encouragement.” – crb

I know that each of you is feeling this right now. Whether or not you may realize it. This feeling of separation is the moment of truth for us to encourage each other and trust in Our Divine Presence to change the course of Humanity by directing it back into the Light.

Right now, as a collective, We can enter a New Spring through choice and will. Spring meaning the season of healing and transformation.

Let us encourage each other to find the places within ourselves that need healing. Those ancient wounds of mistrust, abusiveness, or emptiness have become the wounds we have been manipulated by.

Let us challenge ourselves and each other to restore peace, happiness, and self-worth to fill the darkness with the fertile soils that will bring forth the Abundant Joy of the New Spring within Us.

It is the Inner work that We focus on right now that will change the outer world around us, not the opposite.

Let us let go of the judgmental attitudes that are being triggered and remember the message,

” Heaven is here.

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now.

There is no other time.”


From the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild, I offer this, 

Spring Healing Prayer of Kuan Yin and Maiden Ma Gu

Beloved Kuan Yin and Spring Goddess Maiden Ma Gu, thank you for your unconditionally loving help now. I ask to be helped in knowing myself more fully and allowing that part of me that is seeking expression now, to emerge in a conscious, loving and empowering way. May I know and live all of myself, beloved ones, may my life be filled with light, energy and warmth, like Springtime after the Winter, for the highest good of all.

Om Mani Padme Hum!

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.31.2020

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Beyond Duality


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Beyond Duality


Good Morning and May Blessings arise from within you to embrace you and guide you as We All move into the NEW Earth frequencies.

The title of today’s talk came about after reading my morning influx of wisdom from many sisters and brothers experiencing the Rising Tide Energy.

All of us are becoming more sensitive to energetic interference in our daily lives. The changes in our perceptional abilities are allowing Conscious Oneness to become accessible.

Conscious Oneness, for me, is becoming awake and aware of our Multidimensional Self through an energetic shifting of our current perception and the viewpoint from which we observe it.

All of which becomes the Gateway of creating a New Reality.

Ram Dass has been quoted as saying, “the one, playing as the two, and then returning to the one.”

This message of Oneness is precisely what I was aware of in my own death experience in a motorcycle accident.

I became Pure Peace, Pure Light, and Pure Love, only to return into my physical body of extreme pain and suffering.

All sense of what We perceive as reality was instantly changed, and I was reminded not to forget who I was again.

Most people would express what I just described as duality. The concept being a Spirit dwelling in a Human body.

However, perceiving the inner Spirit Self leads us to the True Self, which is Multidimensional, which is Beyond Duality.

Hence, We have the title of today’s discussion.

The first card I usually pull for these talks comes from the Sacred Sacred Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden.


“Breath is the basis of life, as I breathe in power from Source: I know I have eternal life.”

My experience had shown me that breathing keeps the physical body alive while the Sacred Self continues to move through many dimensions until it returns to its Source.

The Source of All Life as We understand it in the human form.

Yet We are so much more and beginning to understand it at deeper levels.

The word Levels denoting our multidimensional existence, which is not new, yet certainly challenging to clearly define to the human mind at this point in its evolution.

I was guided to the Kuan Yin Oracle from Alana Fairchild for a message.


“You are a highly creative being with the potential to help raise the vibration of consciousness on this planet through your creative projects, work, dreams, and hobbies. The power of collaboration, choosing to work with others in joint projects, allows for synergy to occur where you can grow stronger and become more than the sum of your individual parts, calling in great cosmic assistance and potency! You are guided to remain open to other Souls joining forces with you. Just like the Sisters of the Sun Rising that bring great energy to help humanity through their group endeavours, when you allow for aligned group effort, much that is wonderful can occur. “
Today is a reminder for us to embrace the opportunities that are arising around us to break free from our old paradigm of awareness and explore all of the rising possibilities.

“We are no longer locked down or held prisoner in a world of duality

We are sovereign beings of Peace, Light, and Love

We are experiencing an essential global transmutation

wherein all of our past errors will be released as no longer necessary for the continued evolution of humanity as both a collective multidimensional form or as a singularity limited by the projection of fear within the higher dimensional Earth.” – Riverman

Many Blessings to each of you as We join within Our Hearts, which are opening more every day.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.25.20


Deepening Compassion


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Deepening Compassion Moon 7.27.20

We are now being called to be ‘On Purpose’

at a deeper level of Our Awareness.

Let go of old beliefs.

Embrace the ‘New’ with an Open Heart.

Deepening Compassion

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.28.20


GateKeeper Water Blessing 2020


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York River 5.28.16

Today is the day out of time

The day of no months

The day of no week

The dawn of a new Galactic Year.

It is also Global Water Appreciation Day.

We are in this frequency and structure of galactic void where we wait within our hearts. Together with each other and our star families at the gateways. Through which the birth of our Solar System and our beloved Mother Earth led to creating a home for the human species.

We are gathered here as the Gate Keepers, so let us remember the Waters as they formed and collected as a part of our Ancient Galaxy. Flowing in its sovereign beingness into our amazing Universe and Planet, as well as into each of us as we were formed within our mothers Womb

Let it be our greatest joy and pleasure to remember and honor all Water, from which there is never any separation even in isolation. Each drop of Water holds the memory of all life, and it is the bringer of life, the bearer of life, and the essence of life in many dimensions.

Dr. Masaru Emoto chose this day to be Global Water Appreciation Day. Let us begin by receiving his simple words into our hearts.

I love you

I thank you

I respect you

Then express them to the Water

We can then represent the grail cup from which both Grace and Glory flow into every dry well and replenish it.

To the Divine Mother, we bow in honor and thanksgiving for all, that is seen and unseen, from within this Sacred space, and may we always remain those who will hear the Sweet Voice of Water throughout all dimensions, whether consciously aware of them or not.

Close your eyes if they are not already closed.

Breathe in through your mouth and feel the water evaporating as a cool breeze.

Feel it as it enters into our lungs and deposits water throughout our whole body.

Yes, even the Element of Air carries the Water as a Water Bearer into our physicality, and as it flows through Our amazing structures, May we remain mindful of how precious it truly is.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.25.20