New Moon Water Blessing 3.13.21

Today on the New Moon, my Water Ceremonies were several…. they began by gathering the Waters which have been keep Sacred on my altars. The Triad of trees in my own yard were the first recipients of the Sacred Water.

The Apple is the oldest and was one tree with three trunks standing vertical though hollowed out by time and weather. The winds now have the last one laying and still sprouting branches which offer apples as a testimony to the strength of nature’s rooted beings.

Next was the Birch being the Sacred Tree which called me to live here many years ago. When the leaves are full you can see the shape of the Kokopelli playing his flute. If you listen very carefully you will feel it in your heart.

Grandmother Maple, whose roots dwell in the runoff area of an underground stream that flows to the river. A part of the original farmland as watering for the pasture animals. The changes of the landscape by settlers and now the oversized homes of the wealthy fortunately have not deterred the Water from Her sacred journey, just diverting it a bit.

Across what was a dirt road when I came here, my neighbor who lives on the shore of the Agamenticus River (York River) tells me that in her yard this tree with six trunks is over 250 years old. It is well rooted on the high bank carved by thousands of years of Water flowing both to and from the River to the Atlantic Ocean for it is tidal here.

Honoring the ancestors of the land I use the name Agamenticus and always offer my ceremony here to those who knew the Land and Water in a much deeper communal living relationship.

Now down to the Blue Fish bottle after blessing all the Trees on my way to this special shoreline, it rests there upon the rocks as I offer ceremony to the River Herself. Pouring the remaining Blessed Water, the winds actually stopped while the words of sacredness flowed from within the Waters of my Heart. Not just to the Water but all the Elementals which have been witness to the many changes over hundreds of years and yet continue to invite us as humans to listen to their wisdom.

Bless You All from the Hearts of those of us who honor the Sacredness of Water and offer ceremonies in accordance with the cycles of the Moon.

I Love You
I Thank You
I Respect You
I Am You
You Are Me
We Are Unity

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.13.21

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The cycles we go through
truly are amazing
they last for hours,
days, weeks, years
we never know exactly

However there are always times
when we sit quietly
and we recognize
we’ve been through
another one

How easy it is
to get caught up
in what we think is right
that we lose the sense
of everything else

Then …
in the passing of a moment …
we look up and say
What was that all about ?

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2016


Everyday Adventure


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Good Morning and Many Blessings to each of you,

We have now entered the month of March, which is where we are anticipating seasonal changes.

Of course, the changing seasons in our natural world trigger our bodies to prepare for the oncoming temperature cycles of heat or cold.

We do this without thinking until the physical moment the change alerts us to its presence.

We don’t think of our seasonal experience as an adventure, yet every cell in our bodies has to realign to what is happening beyond its physical space.

We are also experiencing our brains’ energetic challenges for our physical survival and communication with our neurological Self while dealing with our external interface.

Years ago, I created a personal Mantra, although I wasn’t sure what it was when I wrote it.

Everyday Is An Adventure

It Can Be Your Wildest Fantasy

Or Your Worst Nightmare

…You Choose…

Your Wildest Fantasy

Is A Limited Thought

And You Worst Nightmare

Is Just An Illusion

Now some 25 or so years later, it is taking on new dimensions of understanding.

Each of us is being held captive to a great degree by a virus for almost a year.

A year in which previous training was not available except through our ancestors’ trauma, which is still electro-genetically flowing through us.

The great news in all of this is that We are moving forward, leaving behind an old paradigm of existence.

This movement is the Adventure we have been awaiting.

It is not a Wild Fantasy nor a figment of our imagination.

We can choose to look at it as a Nightmare; however, it is occurring in broad daylight right before our eyes.

We are not just observing it; we are fully participating in every physical or energetically possible way.

Wild Fantasies and Nightmares are our inner ability to embrace what does not make logical sense to our thinking brain.

They are fantastic tools for our long-term survival and navigation, yet they create stories not based on reality and rely only on potential.

We have to begin to see from an old original and legitimate center point to adapt and evolve. That point being Our Heart.

Our first unique expression in Our Mother’s Womb was a heartbeat.

Our last expression as we leave physical life is the ceasing of our heartbeat.

We all are being asked to trust Our Heart in ways that may seem erratic and nonsensical. Once we begin to charge it again, our decisions become more aligned with each other, and all life forms her on our beloved Planet Earth.

It is in this jump-starting and charging of the Heart that Our Collective Choices become more aligned.

We become more in alignment with our Future Self and less attached to the past Self, which has many good and bad stories.

A New Story begins within each heartbeat that We honor, not the thoughts generated by the original Artificial Intelligence, our brain.

We need to wipe the haze from our eyes

Clear away the noise from our ears

Breathe more in-depth into our abdomen

And send more Love within each exhale

To every one of us whose grandchildren

Will be thankful for our presence, not our dreams

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.5.21


Rising Light


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creator unknown

Grand Rising Beloveds…
What we call Life is only a moment.
It is so much more than that.
Offering each of us
only a moments view
of what We truly Are.
Let us gather in Our Greater Light
and there will be no need to forget.



Divine Harmony


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There is a New Heart within humanity
silently beating from deep within the cosmos

Its energy is radiating into all dimensions
from our ancient crystalline beingness

Seeking those who have not forgotten
And gently reminding them of their purity

Embracing each one as a Being of Renewal
which has long awaited this moment

It is not an easy undertaking my beloveds
yet worth far more than precious gems

For it is Love’s Light itself
entering Our Human Presence

To be spread as soft whispers
and gentle winds of Divine Harmony

As only We who chose not to forget
have waited so many lifetimes to be a part of

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.4.21


Momentary Patterns Realigning


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Momentary Patterns Realigning

The energies of our entire planetary experience are rapidly moving into new forms.

Sometimes at a rate that cannot be fully understood or described, which leaves us in extreme emotional states.

I find the word radiance appropriate as morning sunlight pours into me from an easterly facing window.

How joyous we become when a sunny day appears in a long series of cloudy ones.

It realigns our energy and feeds us with the Light Energy we need in order to function in better emotional balance.

Our bodies are always in the process of recalibration, and our minds are always recalibrating how they will adapt without over-reacting to the external electromagnetic influx.

What invariably happens to us is we become periodically overwhelmed and need to spend more time in nature or a creative project where our minds are shifted into a higher vibrational frequency of creative flow.

Everything is further enhanced during the Full Moon, and the Water within us is brought into alignment with the Light to strengthen our energetic experience more deeply.

Add to that the many planetary and star alignments whose cycles create patterns which are another source of energetic patterning and we whose processes are independent of human logic or control. Here we are in this mixing bowl of experience.

So in case, you may feel a bit confused right now, today’s message is to remain as calm as you possibly can while it all realigns our sub-atomic particles and photonic crystal light.

Let us honor that we are far more than human bodies made of flesh and bone and remember that technology continues to play in our energy fields.

Our bodies do not fully understand the many uncomfortable distortions that will occur, and we will adapt to them.

We are far more flexible and resilient to these shifts and changes than we have been allowed to understand.

Our ancient ancestors understood it quite well and utilized it to co-create great civilizations, which are now becoming revealed in tiny trickles to create more chaos than we are already experiencing.

The key to all of this Pattern Realignment is to dive deeper into your inner waters and trust that what we become aware of is not here to destroy us but strengthen our immunity to future collective reconstruction.

Let us all find ways to reinforce what we might call the energetic frequency of Love.

“When we live in the love vibration, our energy resonates at a high frequency, and we express the God-qualities of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, respect, generosity, joy, peace—all that inspires, empowers, and enhances life. The love vibration lifts us to a higher state of consciousness and frees us of the thoughts, feelings, and actions that minimize and victimize us.” Shirley Marshall, Ph.D.

So I ask us all to stop the fear and focusing on lack and become brilliant vortices of Love and Light during these very challenging moments of our Greater Evolutionary Procession and Momentary Patterns Realigning.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.26.21

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Snow Moon Water 2.27.21


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Called by Spirit to the top of Mt Agamenticus and offering a ceremony of Love and Gratitude to the Waters for All.


 Water in all forms 
 has a living presence 
 We are also that Water 
 within our form 
 Every molecule of Water within us 
 is an ancient traveler 
 It is in liquidity
 that all transformation is seeded
 The intention of transformation 
 becomes transmutation 
 As we return to our liquidity
 before entering back into form 
 Let us honor our liquidity
 and flow without hesitation 
 around all obstacles 
 In order to nourish and fulfill 
 All that we call life in form 
 Every form embraces Water molecules 
 as a part of its journey through time and space 
 From the opening of Our Hearts 
 to the embracing of Water in all forms 
 It is the call that every human is now hearing 
 In order to receive and accept 
 its perfect balance once again 
 Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1/3/21 
 Inspired by Malini Rajendran 


Serving Light With Love


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Today’s message is about being in service to each other and all of Life here on our Mother Earth.

Sometimes it is not very easy to define what that might be. Yet, each of us has a responsibility to try and identify what that might mean for us individually and collectively.

The extreme cold weather that has engulfed the United States recently has brought me to realize that we as humans are very vulnerable and need to respond with Love to each other.

For me, it all began with thinking how grateful I am for the physical comfort I enjoy.

Yes, there are moments when it isn’t always a joyous moment, yet I have deep Gratitude for surviving all the hardships in my Life.

Yes, there are some scars, both physical and emotional, yet I have been allowed to offer others the Light of my Highest Self to others with a profound Loving Energy.

We talk about Love and Light a lot, yet how often do we take time to just send it to others without being asked.

It begins within your hearts as Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

“There is always something to be grateful for, even when life is hard and times are tough.” – Daily Om

These words hit me straight on as the first words I read this morning and brought me to thinking about how I have been through so much in my lifetime …

All of which has helped me to realize how Gratitude comes from acceptance.

Acceptance brings us to a place of Peace.

When we are at Peace within ourselves, it is much easier to offer others Love and Compassion because it dwells within our hearts.

Life is full of ups and downs, tragedies, and joyous happenings.

Each of us shares in the same dramas at different levels and timeframes within our lifespans.

Nobody escapes the journey of Life





None of us come into these bodies with full remembrance of who and what we indeed are on what we might call a Divine Level.

And as soon as we leave the waters of our mother’s wombs, we are entering into a physicality that cannot survive on its own.

Light transmuted into Form and needs others’ care to bring us to a place where we can function in physicality and alignment within a fantastic structure.

Let us look at each other as having had this same experience and coming from this same source.

Let us look at each other as Light rather than a physical entity.

Let us respect that Light in each other as the Light which is within us and who we indeed are.

Let us Love each other as infants who need guidance and nurturing to survive their evolution as a larger body we call Humanity.

And in doing so… acknowledge the Light and Love We Are and have always been and will always be when we are not in physical form.

Let us let go of the stories we have told each other and ourselves, which keep us separated from each other and Serve the Light in each other with Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.19.21


Rising Moon 2.26.21


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Each Rising Moon
that captures our attention
is another Sacred Heartbeat

Reminding us
to embrace and celebrate
the simplicity of Our Joy

That arises
within synchronicity
and the Delightful Brilliance

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.26.21


Celestial Self


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Celestial Self

The part of our awakening that is becoming more solidified within our thinking presence is that we have what some call a celestial self.

Only a small part of who we truly are is manifested in the physical form.

We are given this opportunity to experience physicality, yet we are so much more.

Our celestial body is the total of all the wisdom, all the compassion and all the love

that cannot be fully expressed here in our physical form.

Within our Journey of Awakening there is indeed a radiance and perfection that manifests from Our Higher Shining Celestial Body.

Let us now continue the process of looking to that Self for guidance and inspiration in all of our future expressions.

Charlie Riverman 2.24.21