Embracing New Dimensions


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Good Morning once again, and many blessings to all.

Today let us look forward in a very gentle way to prepare ourselves for what is referred to as a dimensional shift.

Most of us have experienced many moments of awakening to ideas and teachings throughout the past 20 years that have brought about changes in our conscious awareness.

They are a part of a greater awareness of what can be defined as a multi-dimensional experience.

To anchor those moments into a stabilized pattern within our physicality, it takes releasing old energies that no longer serve these new frequencies.

Every day is another opportunity to embrace this unknown without hesitation or having fear rise within us and hold us as a prisoner.

This embracing of the unknown is a challenge for most of us as we absorb our leaders’ negative expressions of greed and lack of compassion for humanity.

As we move out of the pandemic, we appear to be resuming the old ways of violence and greed without releasing the collective energy of being held captive within our own homes.

So today, let us behold a vision for the future.

A concept that is in alignment with a dimensional shift that not only serves those who lead and manage the systems of our sustainability but one of harmony and balance for future generations.

WE are to deepen our acknowledgment of the true power each of us represents individually and is quantified when we align in purpose.

Take a deep breath and say to yourself:

I Am Whole

I Am Powerful

I Am Alive in this physical form

I call forth every cell of my body to align with the highest good for myself and all life forms here on our Beloved Mother Earth.

Let me remember my Truth and release all that is keeping it from being expressed within every breath I take.

I Am the Presence of Love and Light shining here and now from the New Dimensions of Humanity.

Let us listen to our Hearts and bodies more closely and honor them without the fear of ridicule or punishment.

We are here to co-create the future by embracing the information coming into our conscious awareness from the New Dimensions that we are now entering and anchoring them for future generations.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.28.21

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Healing Separation


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Healing the Personal and Collective Separation

Aligning within the energies of our physical Heart
we begin a journey of understanding and reparation
ever-deepening into that which is the cause of our separation
not only from each other but from our True Self as well

Take a few moments each day to sit in Nature and be still
listening for the mind to wander into its storytelling
and its ever-noisy planning
of events which may bring about fear or, better yet,
the old patterns of our behavior within our families

Each of us has unique expressions of the very same issues
which keep us separated and unwilling to release
what is not needed any longer
in order to see ourselves once again in each other
no matter what shape, color, or culture
we embrace as our ancestral heritage

Let us make a commitment to change our focus
and send Love to ourselves through each other
and let the healing begin with gusto

Written for the Global Heart Team
5.27.21 – Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Full Moon Eclipse May 2021


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The Sunset on Mt Agamenticus following our Drum Circle.
Rising Moon was hidden and will be in Full Eclipse come morning.
May each of you receive Many Blessings and Much Releasing as WE move through this Portal of Wonder. – Riverman

Wisteria Gone Wild … Always growing and exploring new possibilities for growth and creative expression. It is a reminder for us all to continue reaching upward and onward in our journey of seeking the True Light We are beyond what appears to be unreachable. – Riverman

As We deepen into the future Self, let us be reminded by all of life around us that Our journey can be challenging at the crossroads, which are designed for us to make new choices and let go of those that will no longer function well as We travel onward.

Declare within your Heart to keep this Portal of Love open by refusing to allow fear any entry into the Center Chamber.

For it is within this Center Chamber of Your Divine Inner Heart that you will recognize the Truth and bring it forth to bring release and healing to all past wounds.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.26.21


Here And Now


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Blessings to All as we greet another moment with each other.
The title of today’s talk came very quickly as I read a Course In Miracles quote;

Heaven is here,

There is nowhere else.

Heaven is now,

There is no other time.

(M,61 Sayings From A Course In Miracles)

if we look around at the world right now, it certainly does not seem to be very Heavenly and appears to many as a prison.

The earliest definitions of Heaven I could find were “home of God,” and earlier “the visible sky, firmament,” and “a heavenly place; a state of bliss.”
‘Here and Now’ is not feeling very heavenly.

Yet if we can shift our awareness from what is outside or around us and come deeper into our heart space, we may find the opportunity to reclaim the more profound relationship to what we think of as Heaven.

The Heaven deep within us is a vast energetic space filled with amazing wonder. We can somehow travel as far into it as we can the outer space around us.

Let us take a moment to go there:

Please gently take a deep and slow breath inward and pause for a couple of seconds before releasing it.

Do that 3 or 4 times and focus on the center of your upper sternum.

Take both your hands and gently tap there to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Repeat as you would if chanting a mantra the words:

Heaven is here,
There is nowhere else.
Heaven is now,
There is no other time.

Take as much time as you wish and feel yourself relaxing.

Hopefully, you are feeling a bit more peaceful and less disconnected from your physical self.

Heaven is where the Divine Self and the Here and Now coexist without agitation or disturbances.

All of us need to take time each day to come into this meditative yet physically active state.

We are honoring the Truth that We are much more than we have been taught.

Our immune system also receives positive effects, as our Thymus Gland is right below where we are tapping.

Let Us Be Well and know that We are Here right Now for a much larger purpose that requires us to align with both the Heaven above and the Heaven within.

Listen to the replay which offers much more than the notes and I offer you this final message;

“Be aware that the answers you are seeking are within you.”
Shanta Gabriel 2019 from The Gabriel Message Cards)

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.21.21

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Be Light And Love


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Be Light and Love
Once again, we gather here on Humanity Healing Facebook within the energy field of Light and Love.
This morning’s message is simple… Be Light and Love.

You might say that it is not so easy during all of the turmoil and illness manifesting right now.
However, we are moving through times that are not that much different from any global change humanity has experienced.

We all have different names, and we live in other places around the world, yet each of us is still a human being that is physically and consciously evolving.

I want to plant a seed of thought into the field of your awareness today. It comes from a powerful Sanskrit prayer that assists us with our spiritual evolution and can help to heal much of our human suffering.
LOKAH SAMASTA SUKHINO BHAVANTU, which loosely translates into:
May all Beings in the World be happy and free,
May my thoughts, words, and actions
Help to bring about happiness and freedom for all. (-crb)
Each of us has now come to a place where we must let go of the things that create suffering in the World. Not that we have not always been there, but now it is more important than ever.
We are to begin within our Hearts to accept the negative energies we might feel as an opportunity to clear away our suffering and that of all humanity.
Here is the Prayer as it is sung during our evening Kirtan, which is broadcasted on Live on Good of the Whole, Facebook at 10 pm EST.
EVERY ONE OF US, EVERY ONE OF US (both verses 2 times)
The message of all this is that Light and Love can change the World and ourselves.
We do not need to look outside of ourselves anymore for the answers, for we already have them, and they are rising within us.
The key to becoming more aware is to honor all things that represent a living presence or life-force.
Beginning within our physical bodies by respecting the body as the vehicle for our souls, which it truly is.
It is knowing that what we do to ourselves is creating a vibration that affects the field of energy around our bodies and all who come within 6 feet of us.
We are to rise in Our Light and broadcast it into the fields of darkness around us and sending it with waves of Love.
We are to share Our Light and Love specifically to all we encounter that are stuck or projecting their energies in harmful ways.
Just by taking a moment to recognize ourselves in them and knowing that as we send this kindness to them, we are automatically refreshed within ourselves.
It is simple and easy to adapt to this pattern, and it nourishes our whole energetic system. Which in turn allows us to radiate even more.
So this week, when you are feeling low in energy, please remember that you have choices which only you can offer to your Self.
The first being to invite that Higher Self into whatever is happening and listen deeply to what is positive as it shines through the darkness and dispels it.
Let us all change our thoughts and send blessings to the World rather than being its worst critic.
And in doing so, We will feel calmer and yet more powerful, like the Sun Rising in the morning.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5/14/21
I leave you to listen to this song by Sting when you get a chance…
It’s a Brand New Day…

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Peace To All The World


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Keeping Our Hearts Open Is the Key to All Closed Doors








Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.15.21


Universal Flow Is Calling


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I’m going to begin today’s talk with a question.

What does Universal Flow mean to you?

If anything at all.

This morning I pulled a Gabriel Message Card, which asked me to “Trust in the universal flow of good”…

I paused and thought about the many ways my sense of trust has been challenged over the past year. Then I recognized that everything is flowing back to its source and being renewed, even when it seems dark and foreboding.

I chose this ‘Soul Inspirations Message Card by Kahliya’ next as I listened to the “flow,” It reminded me how each of us is the Universal Flow. In many ways meaning We are calling to ourselves from a much higher level of our multi-dimensional experience.

Amidst all Darkness

Remember who You Are

Even as there will be those

Who will not see your Light

Remember who You Are

Even as you may feel at times

Defeated and Depleted

Remember who You Are

Be thy Light and shine then unto others

For as you

Continue to shine

They too shall remember who they are

~ Mia Leventhal

We are now more than ever being called to be the Light We Truly Are, during this stormy upheaval of existence.

Can you feel the Light within You?

Even if it feels dim or hidden beneath the pain and suffering, it is still there.

We came from Light and return to it when we leave our bodies, and many now know how important it is to live from the heart right now.

The most outstanding amount of human deaths every day and every year are from heart disease. What is the heart but a toroidal field of energy?

It creates that donut-shaped field of electro-magnetic energy we call a torus that resides within a larger one that reaches out 4-5 feet beyond the heart, which is further than your arms spread wide open.

This toroidal energy also represents your field of Light and Love, which it transmits when it is fully opened and free from blockages.

As you realize yourself as this powerful vortex of energy, you reflect the whole universe and the full energetic radiance that it emits.

We are being called now by this Universal Flow no matter what name we tag on it. We are becoming more deeply aligned within our molecular structure as if in a moment of contraction.

The contraction needed to bring forth a new paradigm and evolutionary stage of humanity as an entire and wholly restructured energy field.

Let us open our minds to receive what is needed from our future self, which will come in as Light Waves of Crystalline Energy.

Emanating from Outer Space and Inner Earth.

Finally, knowing that our concept of power has been corrupted and no longer sustainable, we can leave what no longer is in resonance with our future generations behind to dissipate into the cosmic vastness of our traveling through space and time.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.7.21

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Spirit Rising Within


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This week’s topic is one that can have many different meanings for each of us.

For me, it begins as an awareness of Being where I recognize parts of myself in others.

In that recognition, there is always a moment when there is hesitation and then acceptance or denial.

I was reminded of Water droplets landing in the puddle and having that moment of acceptance, with the larger body of water, before it disappears into the greater whole.

When I look back at my past lives, I see many different moments where I would not be accepted. I did not quite meet the hidden requirements needed to be recognized and accepted as trustworthy or proper to the standard agreements of pre-established codes of existence.

All of this reminds me that being our unique Self can be very easily misunderstood by others or not fit into their collective agreements.

An essential part of our journey through life is to find Kindred Spirits, even if only for a short length of time. They allow us to feel and confirm our worthiness and assist in our not feeling alone.

Once again, it has always been a low point in my journey when those I trusted as Kindred Spirits moved on, either by passing away as in death or no longer aligning with all the personal changes we each make.

The loneliness we might feel from those events carries a sense of fear and the need to be highly alert to protect ourselves from unforeseeable dangers.

Kindred Spirits can and do become transient yet what needs to remain are the positive memories of the connection. They are the energy of our innocence being acknowledged, which assists each other to move forward along our evolutionary path.

We sometimes fail to remember that we are looking for our Self in others, and when the aspects of who we encounter are negative, they reflect a part of us that may be hidden beneath tons of emotional debris.

It is easy, of course, to overlook the negative as we look for confirmation, yet eventually, we begin to see parts of our conversations or activities become challenging to embrace.

Although it may cause significant emotional stress and end the relationship we have enamored, this reaction is a hidden gift.

Those we may think of as Kindred Spirits invite us to meet ourselves and helping us to recognize our passion and compassion.

They are not really any more important than anyone else in our world other than they help our hearts open a little wider. This opening allows us to share the peace and harmony of being in their energy fields, both physically and consciously.

Savor those moments until they start to wane and know that everything in our lives is transient. We are not here to hoard or hold on to everything that raises our harmonic frequencies.

We are here to embrace the moment of recognition – that AHA moment – the synchronicity wherein Our Light shines brighter, Our Heart beats faster, and Our Peace overrides all that is within the world of disturbance around us.

So as we meet each other in this Virtual and Sacred Vessel of Humanity Healing. We also meet many Kindred Spirits locally, every day, and it is there that Our Love for each other and ourselves is genuinely challenged.

We need to keep looking for the unique Kindred Spirits in our lives and be ready to release them when it is required, with Love.

Learning to release with Love is the key to unlocking those vaults within us that are holding the pain and suffering we have locked away for perhaps many lifetimes.

Right now, we see it playing out in every nook and cranny of the world and may feel helpless. The random violence and destruction signify the inner wounds exploding rather than being worked through by releasing them with Love.

Each of us is awakening to the inner depths of ourselves, which inspire our looking for Kindred Spirits so that we can see ourselves as the Light and Love We Are.

Just remember that even when those relationships come into struggle and explode.

One day you may come together again in another place at another time, remembering who you were in the time before, and now you can see that you are a little further along your path.

Hopefully, Much Wiser and able to see Your Self as having become the Kindred Spirit you genuinely are.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.30.21

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True Presence


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May the Beauty of your True Self always shine forth as we unite, rise and stand in our Divine Sovereignty.

Sitting on the edge of another week
Holding on to the last moments of now

There is a deep inner message rising
around the words, Amazing Grace

Each of us are now embracing moments
which the future historians will honor
as the moment of Bright Light

The Bright Light from within Our Hearts
Offering everyone the forgiveness
so desperately needed to reveal
the illusions of unworthiness and release them

The Truth of what We Truly are
cannot be hidden or destroyed
because it cannot ever be separated
except by illusion and fear

Amazing Grace overcomes illusion
and moves forward as gentle waves
that are not seen nor heard
especially by those who would oppose them

They are the Waves of Brilliance
which never come into form
yet without which, form never appears

You are that Light and Truth
That never ends because it never began
and yet has always been, and in all ways will be

May You Honor Your True Presence
and know how precious You Are

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.2.21


Changing Within


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Which are not what was spoken during the call but the primer for what came through. Yet they became the gateway that opened me to freestyle the message you will listen or watch.

Changing Within

Good morning to everyone here on this beautiful planet, our home, mother earth.

We are in this very moment experiencing changes that are both alarming and hardly understood. Each one of these changes begins within us, not outside of us. What we witness outside of us and around us is more of a catalyst for all of what is happening within us.

Life energies that arise within us are indeed linked with the energies around us. We may think that we are separated and not in a relationship with each other, but that is a falsity that has been true forever.

Those thousands, if not millions of years, depending on what you want to believe, are the long journey of who in what we indeed are they are born into and through the physical Rome of the third dimension.

So yes, we all have physical changes; we are born, age, and die. The part of us that is witness to all of this exists within the center of all that is happening to us , around us, and also that which exudes from us.

So who are we that is changing within?

We are not just human beings; we are a vast collective of energy that exists without a physical body but is part of a greater whole that even in this moment of our evolution is not entirely understandable.

This is how we became storytellers in order to express who and what we are so that we might not ever forget. Yet, with all the years of our existence, we seem to have reached a point where we have forgotten more than we remember.

I’m inviting everyone just to take a moment wherever you are and take a brief journey into your physical heart.

Yes I said you are physical heart.

Feel your body pulsing and know that wherever you may feel that pulsing, it emanates from your heart, and it is your head that recognizes it as beating. This is what makes you human.

We can see ourselves as separate from the environment around us.

It doesn’t mean that we are separated from it. It just means we can see ourselves as separate from it.

Whoever or whatever we are lives in this physical body only for as long as that heart keeps beating, and when it stops, whatever we are leaves and moves back into the dimension of energy from which it came.

For some of you, this may sound quite morbid or at least very strange. However, we are now in a global situation where many are returning back to the source and leaving to be that energetic self rather than a physical self.

Each one of us who remains in our physical bodies is witnessing that transformation.

The witnessing of what is transpiring around us concerning that leaving of our physical bodies is painful because it reminds us that we are vulnerable. Yet, our vulnerability ends up giving us our ability to seek our strength rather than our weakness.

Do we call this a lesson in humanity?

Do we call this an insurmountable force of chaos?

Do we allow ourselves to feel weak and fearful?

Every breath we take is sending a signal of energy to our heart to keep going.

Keeping going even when confused or totally disoriented has allowed us to shift and change but physically and energetically over millions of years.

We are amazing.

We are beautiful.

We are not here to suffer.

It is time now to breathe into everything that is happening around us and within us knowing that everything we are experiencing will Be left behind us as we continue to move forward on our evolutionary journey.

I don’t want everybody to start focusing on our capabilities rather than their disabilities and know that each one of us is a genuinely unique being of light.

That light cannot be diminished,

that light cannot be put out,

It can only be hidden

It can only be put into a container and hidden

which of course reduces its true power

and makes it a slave to another power

The only changes that need to be done right now are within us, and they will influence the changes around us. Each of us can change something that will affect or trigger that change in someone else, and it is up to us to change each other through kindness and compassion, not violence and hatred, and anger.

We have become obsessed with the power and have forgotten how powerful each one of us indeed is, and I want everyone to go within their heart this week and try to feel who you are within that heart space. What do you love, what do you care about, and how can you very gently align yourself with that part of yourself that is truly you.

I know it’s not easy in this world of confusion at this moment to stand fast and not so much defend yourself but express yourself fully.

Yet it is proper to express yourself as the loving, kind, caring energy field you are; you once again become the light that nourishes all others to rise from the darkness and breathe fresh air once again.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.23.21

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