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Opening Hearts

Good morning and grand rising to each of you around the world as we move forward into newness.

This morning, I think about humanity, and it amazes me how our existence’s fragmentation right now creates an extraordinarily fragile experience. This fragility is based upon what we have been told, rather than being open to the truth of what we are experiencing.

Each of us feels a mixture of hope versus depression, and it is hard to visualize what our future will be like. At this moment, we are all living within peaks and valleys that energetically are challenging everyone, at every level of consciousness.

The positive message from this confusion is that we are all coming to a zero point, where we have an opportunity to find a pathway out of this dilemma.

All of which is an energetic global action, meaning that all life forms are experiencing this together, be they human or animal or even plant life.

Whether from fear or worry or desire to be together and embrace each other, all of the energies now being produced actively create a new energetic paradigm. However, this is a new beginning, not an ending.

What does a new beginning look like for you?

Are you genuinely desiring something better?

Is it more important to continue struggling and trying to fix what is broken?

The time right now is basically to take out the trash.

Look around yourself and see what negativity you have collected, whether intentionally or not, and now seek to check out the garbage.

Humans have a remarkable capability to overthink everything. Our creative mind always enamors us, and it’s the ability to want to lead us in new directions.

Now is the heart’s time.

We must lead each other from our hearts, from what the heart feels rather than from what the mind thinks.

Open your heart’s energy field as wide as you possibly can.

To do this isn’t very comforting for most people. For thousands of years, we have been shutting down and building walls around our hearts.

That process has created opportunities for isolation and control by others, and right now, we are experiencing that at its highest level.

We need to open our hearts and re-learn how to love each other, for we have distanced ourselves from our remarkable ability to love and embrace each other in kindness and joy.

This isolation of being separated physically creates thoughts that are not only destructive but poisonous. The poison now needs a remedy, much like the virus that has overcome the world needs a cure.

The current coronavirus is genuinely an influential teacher, which if it fails in its lesson of teaching us, our separation and self-destructive behaviors will not end. Its message will then be passed on to future generations about the ending of our lives and civilization.

I know it is hard for everyone to keep their heart open, but this is the only way we can find our way out of this desperate hole of distress that is swallowing us and destroying lifetime upon lifetime of co-creative existence.

Each one of us has a fantastic ability within our hearts to make a difference with minimal effort. The only step we need to take is to allow ourselves to release the pain and suffering we experience when it arises.

Do not continue swallowing it or stuffing it, or justifying it.

It is a poison far greater and more deadly than the coronavirus, and the virus is only the vehicle for it to be seen and heard, and felt.

As we enter the month of February, we are once again changing seasons. Whether we’re north or south of the equator, every season brings us an opportunity to focus on our living experience.

Supposing we attune to planet earth’s natural cycles more closely within our own physical and mental experiences.

We will then automatically come back into alignment with a natural process that has kept planet earth alive far longer than humans have been on it.

We have genuinely distorted our relationship over the thousands of years of our existence here, and we are now paying the price for it.

So, it is really an imbalance that we have created, mostly without our Higher Conscious choice.

We have just been fascinated with our overwhelming ability to generate and admire ourselves in this very selfish collective behavior as an awakening species of Mother Earth.

Let us become less aggressive now and create processes to realign ourselves, making a less destructive process that needs to be shared with others.

Let us come back into a rhythm once again with Mother Earth’s cycles in our own personal and physical bodies. It is in remembering that we have this incredible ability and intelligence to change everything in the world.

It is not beneficial to anyone when we destroy the world to create a new world.

Come back into your heart and release what no longer serves you or any other living beings.

Yes, it will be challenging. However, as I always say, we are the most amazing of creator beings here on this planet, and we have all the power we need when we align our will to co-create the highest level of community.

When we align and create positive energy, the outcome will be positive.

If we stay aligned in negativity, we will destroy everything.

These are the laws of the Universe, and no matter what we tell each other about our future within the Universe. We are only a fragment of it.

Let us praise and co-create what we can do for each other that balances all of our relations.

Our human history may be very dark,

yet it is time to bring Our Higher Light and Love to All

Not to destroy it but to balance it,

not to overcome it but to embrace it,

not to empower just a few but to empower ALL.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.5.21