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The journey of a lifetime begins in the water of our Mother’s womb
Even before entering the water we were consciously aware
although not in a form that would be recognizable
It is there we begin to receive the codes and energies
which would be our vehicle for this incarnation

Let us all remember that we are so much more than these bodies
Each unique and specific, regardless of our physical structure
We are travelers to this far away dimension of density
from our Source of Peace, Light and Love
wherein Unity and Oneness was not ever questioned

We have chosen many lifetimes and created many forms
in which we have moved out of polarity and into duality
aligning with chaos in its primordial essence
in our attempt to define who we are

It is time now to remember…
“when did we chose to separate, thinking it would be fun”

Let us return to our original Heart Resonance
clearing, cleaning, restoring and unifying
the energy of all forms in Harmony and Balance
so that who we are is never questioned again

cRb 3.10.16