Angels are everywhere

I will apologize for the lack of pictures in this post but I have been a bit behind in a lot of areas and now catching up. The words however I have not lost this time and figured before I do… I better publish them.

The rest of the world is now beginning to take responsibility for the errors which have been thrust upon them unknowingly. As a collective of human beings they have a far reaching past like the indigenous peoples North America and many of us who are now connecting to our ancestral DNA see the horror which awaits in the future if it is not addressed.

There will be a battle on Earth unlike any other we have ever seen… it is about our existence and that of all living beings. We must maintain our heart sense and know that we are not alone in this and it will be our declaration of independence as Humans.

Our strength is in knowing that through Love not fear we will set it all aright. May Peace abide within each of you as we move forward and bring about balance once again.
 cRb 5.20.13

Balancing the heart and the mind
we center between the real and unreal
consciously aware that either one
can appear or disappear in the moment

This moment to the mind is an illusion

and yet to the heart is all there is

As the stars sparkle in the night sky
so are we sparkling between each other
and yet upon close observance
as constantly brilliant as the Sun

The moments, the stars, the illusions
all pieces of the fabric we interpret as Life

Yet we remain the constant observers of it all.
cRb 9.4.13

S ource
O f
U nconditional
L ove

cRb 9.8.13

We live in a world which has created an economic structure based on the profitability of war… we must each come to understand that war is the cancer of collective humanity.
Nobody wins or gains anything… 
Peace to each of you.
cRb 9.9.13

On this day of dark remembrance 
let us now focus on Light.

The Light that all the souls
who left his plane of existence
in that holocaust left behind

They are messengers now to all humans

reminding us that our choices
can be very hideous and cataclysmic

Reminding us that greed and jealousy
are the two evils from which
this heinous action has stemmed from

Let us connect to those innocent victims

in our thoughts, chants and prayers
and ask for forgiveness and compassion

For all of humanity

that it may rise and shift
out of this violent and destructive
behavioral pattern of living

This framework of existence
is not Living Life
but the end of humanity.

cRb 9.11.13

When we let go we are free to experience everything in a myriad of new possibilities. cRb 9.16.13

The expansion of consciousness occurs naturally through the process of releasing fear. cRb 9.16.13


P erfectly
E ngaged
A ctivating
C ollective
E ndearment


May the energies of this wonderful Equinox be with you as you accept your place within the changes of the planet.

Each of us are here for this sacred ceremony of human and planetary evolution and join  together in many different ways to assist.

I Am grateful to each of you for allowing me to see myself in you and keep me focused on what we have come here for.

Shungo “One heart, one mind, one universe.”

Let us all Awaken
to the Divine within
and fear not
what others glean
for in our Presence
they will see themselves.
cRb 9.22.13

There in the midst of it all
swirling around me like leaves on a fall day
Again I am lifted into the vibration
my soul reverberating
remembering how it all could be
if we all at once
let go again.
cRb 9.23.13

Between misinformation, censorship and controlled media we are now in a war for truth. So many of the world controllers have infiltrated every segment of information gathering and those they cannot, they will censor.

They will now make up stories in order to classify every human by interests and target them specifically as they grow in their ability to collect and link each one of us to some label for further infiltration.

This is not unlike what was done in the sixties but on a giant scale through their technology. Stay in your Heart space and watch what your mind chooses to get attracted to. They are setting up to discredit everyone that is not in agreement with their cause.

Stay free, eyes open, no fear.

And the seeds of Light
sprout Rays of Love
that all may share in Peace