It has been quite a month of energetic activity and there is a sense that all things have changed…

Can we forget who we really are?

Do we dare to share it with each other?

Activate your Angelic Presence without fear…  for it is this Light that will carry you through as the “beauty of God”.

The Manifesting Angel Iofiel reminds us that when we are attuned with our Eternal Self, we express the Harmony that is our unique reflection of that which we call God.

cRb 8.2.13
 Within the center of you
Of your loving heart I reside
I Am the Alpha and the Omega
The presence of Light That Shines
Our journey never ends 
It becomes more as we walk along
My heart in yours 
Your heart in mine
Precious truth
cRb 8.1.13


Eternally flowing

Acceptance of all situations

Constantly removing

cRb 8.3.13
Picture posted on facebook artist unknown

For kindness to be shared , one must be kind to oneself.
cRb 8.4.13

So how do we see miracles… 
not with our eyes but our hearts.

So how do we re-enter this dimension of living bodies without having been transformed.

It is by Our Grace which has no fear and cannot die.

cRb 8.5.13 

In the shifting sands

we dance

rising heat

searing the soles

of our bare feet

In the blazing Sun

our transformation

is accelerated

as we burn away

in the Alchemist’s Fire
cRb 8.6.13 

Can we ignore a radiant glow

that comes from the heart

to touch us in places

long ago forgotten

and humble us enough

to say Thank You

I Love You…
I think not!

cRb 8.12.13


In this world which is now changing forever, let us open our hearts as wide as possible.

May we perceive each other through the lens of our hearts, rather than our eyes and mind.              cRb 8.18.13

Blue Moon Rising 8.20.13

Oh precious heart in which we dwell

allow us to see the stars we are

Cast among your heavenly body
One heartbeat of separation

One breath of brilliance

in undying Love for each other.
cRb 8.29.13

 In Closing I leave you with this…
What are we… but God Consciousness that pervades the Universe.

And underneath all our knowledge and understanding there is a sense,

A sense of a special presence all around.

A presence that goes beyond all that we know cognitively, for words are at a loss when we experience everything in the cosmos all at the same time.

How can we describe the feeling of knowing all there is… all truths that feed the soul…

A knowing that connects a dew drop to a flower.

And at that point we understand how the dew loves the flower… and thus brings joy not only to both… but to the world.

As one is merged into the continuum of the vastness of expansive thought.

Holding one another in warm embrace…

We find spirit the essence of LOVE.

Love which thus condenses in the material realm… to form the body.

Dr. Paul Haider