Now -Janie Sweeney
A friend took a most wonderful picture of the morning light at York Beach the other day and posted it to facebook. As you can see it is an amazing one taken on her iphone… It moved me in such a way as to save and enhance it a bit for my desktop wallpaper.

Well I happened to find a verse from the Course In Miracles that captured for me the essence of my attraction to that precious moment and I married them together… then as I lapsed into my musing mind the words began to flow…

How do i explain
the concept of now
as eternity
that is where
I go wrong
in the first place
is more than a concept
it is always occurring
So therefore
I never get beyond now
except when trying
to define it
Then i leave eternity
and become part
of the concept instead

cRb 10.30.14