Bermuda Sky

Today like many days I arise and check in with several social media programs. However, I have noticed and been commenting on how I feel a change in how I interact recently.
Well this morning another facebook friend announced her leaving the many people she enjoyed and was sad but felt it was time for her to do this.

Since I have been shifting things around a bit so that less time is consumed that I might enjoy otherwise I found myself writing this comment to her.

We are all experiencing a sense of entrapment here and that is the part that is not resonating with us. Each of us have shifted and will have to re-adjust to the new energies. Our decisions will not only be about facebook yet will be made in regards to all energetic connections regardless of how slight or intense. We are to take away from these experiences, that which has assisted us in seeing parts of ourselves, in each other, that will empower us and leave the rest behind.