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Heartbeats become seconds
Minutes pass into hours
another day adds to the journey
that our Hearts have traveled

We are at the point we call a Year
both the end and the beginning
reflecting shadows and shining brightly
still the heartbeats are but seconds

Those constant companions of life
which have no concept of day or night
of Winter or Summer, Weeks or Months
yet with each pulsing moment mark time

Beyond the Heart Chamber walls
everything becomes sent to the mind
which places a label and energetic signature
upon all experiences and responses

There they come to life through creation
the gathering and connecting of moments
through which the heartbeat paced itself
without much notice or any real bother

I say to you Happy New Heart not Happy New Year

May your Heart radiate throughout all you may think
bringing forth your gratitude for every moment
each one building on the next and sending you forth
to respond with kindness and compassion in your New Year

cRb 12.31.15