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On New Years’ Eve shortly after midnight and the ball dropping in New York’s Times Square, I looked out my window here in Maine and this is what glanced back at me.

The poem was written 3 years ago and was inspired by another night sky photograph which was not mine…
Yet their message is the same, one of continued support for my transformation through inspiration…
May it also be yours as well… Happy 2016

Leaving from port we set sail again
embarking on another long journey…
though seas may be rough at the start
we look forward to smoother sailing

Our craft designed by the finest creator
seeded here through traditional means
will never fail in its designed purpose
unless misaligned or left unattended

Let us flash our Light in proud demeanor
as we pass alongside or move ahead
in the winds of change which propel us
broadcasting our unique presence to all

For here in a dimension of illusions
we navigate around a foray of obstacles
whose whole purpose and intent is distraction
to keep us off course… have us lose our way

Yet, although battered and sometimes forlorn
a new breeze clears the fog of frustration
and as we look back to the stars of origin
to correct our course through time

With an undeterred inner guidance
and the din of confusion not heard
we will soon arrive at the portal
where at first we set out to go.

We are transformed once again
cRb 1.1.13
New Years 2016