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It has been a while since I wrote a Morning 1st Glance reflection; so here we go!

It has been a very strange Winter here in southwestern Maine with very little snow and only one week of real cold. Now the 2nd of February and it feels as if Spring really is possible this early.

Yet as you can see in the picture from my porch, just before sunrise, there is a beauty that I see as a Promise. One might ask of what and I would have to respond in many, perhaps abstract ways, of how on some level we all make many promises to ourselves.

Yet in the movement of the Earth which creates the illusion of a rising and setting Sun, we too get caught in illusions of our own creation. Many times we are just unaware and in a state of innocence, awed by all that life brings to us. Then at others, we fail to acknowledge our true passion for life, out of which we made those promises.

So this morning when I saw this beautiful image in the distance, I realized that the field of possibilities is always showing us our capacity to choose again. To re-align with our hearts and those promises we carved on the walls of our mind.

The Promise to live Life
fully and without fear
To reach out and touch
the World we are created in
Create from the pure Love within us
a welcoming experience
One which touches the lives
of all other living beings
Knowing that in that moment
We are powerful Creators
of Peace, Light and Love

cRb 2.2.16