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The reversal of what we see
is not only an abstract view
but the beginning
of transformation…

Oh how we live
in such a nice little world
where everything has its place
to let us know
how to relate to it

Yet it becomes abstract
and feels very strange
when we begin to look at everything
from a new perspective…

How we relate to this world
outside of us
needs to be turned
inside out and upside down
if we truly want to transform it

How we create a change
within ourselves
is directly proportional
to what appears
outside of us

It is the resonance within
that transforms and changes
our relationship
to the outer world…

When we truly become aware
that we no longer feel
the harmonics or vibratory energy
that confirms who we truly are
we feel threatened and alone

Yet it is the message
that allows us to look
from a different viewpoint
at each moment in this lifetime
and bring about change…

Turn your world
upside down and inside out…

Transform yourself…

Become who you truly are
regardless of how others see you

cRb 2.5.16