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Let me share with  some Thoughts and Quotes that will finish the month of May which was a time of many energies for each of us.
Personally when I look back from where I sit now in this body, it is hard to see all of it without it becoming a colorful blur.

444 Swirl
Learn to celebrate being in a Human Form for you are an amazing multi-dimensional being who has traveled the stars and have always known this.

We are all children inside who have fears…
yet as I said this morning we are multi-dimensional beings who have traveled the stars and have always known it.

The choices we make now… are to release us from fear, not keep us trapped in it.
So loving our selves, forgiving our selves, being kind to our selves is not just about us but enables us to do it for others.

This brings back balance, as we have always been taught to do for others at our own expense.

Deep within us all is the Power and Grace to both hold and share the Light of Harmony , Truth, Peace and Unconditional Love.
Remember who you are and who you have always been!

2017-05-28 18.10.02

In the stillness our thinking minds become more able to recognize the direction in which the flow is unencumbered.
It is always those rest periods in which we begin to see more clearly.

Living in the Now can be very exciting and exhausting.
Being Here Now is what We chose in order to free ourselves from the bondage of a collective insanity.
You are Now and Here and We are dissolving that which cannot be brought forward.

As we move into June of our calendar year our heart vibrations align with solar energy that reflects from within us to each other and the world around us.

It is a time to radiate from our High Heart,

the Self which has no fear of limitations,

seeking to be its full radiant Self.

2017-06-01 19.18.42

It is now June 4th and one year ago I did my first River Blessing with a powerful protocol here on the  York River, Maine.
Yesterday I blessed the Charles River in Boston in my first public River Blessing.
One year of working at an incredible level with the water has transformed me once again.

May you each find the Water Spirit within you and set it free

WAITAHA Water Prayer

Let my spirit, my deep mind travel
to the spaces in between the water patterns
Let my heartbeat echo the tinkle and bell sounds
of the water deep inside of my body
Let me hear the memories of the Gods and Goddesses
Let me hear the memories of the Angels, and Ancestors
Let me send my voice into every atom of water that is in me,
Water that is in front of me, behind me, around me, above me
Let all the forms of water hear my resonance in this time and forever carry my blessings
and wishes to the highest mountains, to the heavens
Then let all the living and the dying creatures and humans hear the sounds of the joy of creation
resonating in every sentient form in this universe and others
to be the sound that sings forever and eternal in the mind song of Creation