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We are just a few minutes away from the New Moon and it has been a very scattered week. Yet I felt this needed to be brought forth as a shift in thoughts and actions is beginning to root within  the mind and body.
We never really know what is about to take place… do we?
Yet we know that all our preparations will be met with a manifestation in one form or another.
May this New Moon bring forth the best in you as the Divine Feminine Grid above so desires for Her Children.

Re-tuning to Reality… not returning… no illusions allowed.

Today I awaken
lest I sleep forever
allowing the energies
of the future to be present

Releasing yesterday
with each breath I exhale
knowing it will serve
only the mind of the past

Within each moment unfolding
crystalline strands of our DNA
move us along the sine wave
in an illusionary linear manner

Today in syncopation ~ I flow


The issue of loyalty to our own hearts. We can only be as loyal to others as we are to Our Self.

The journey of burying that Self beneath the teachings of false prophets and charming gurus has ended and we now must move along our paths by trusting and being loyal to Our Own Hearts

Forgive Yourself… it really sets you free. You are the only one who knows every moment of your life.

2017-05-15 12.04.33.jpg

Watching the flow
I sit still and wait
for the peach blossoms
one at a time
then many at once
the ancient greenstone
in the stream
heals us all

There is a wilderness within each of us
filled with wildflowers of stunning beauty
how often we forget to quietly walk there
appreciating the radiant array of our Light

Let us all create a Clearing within our emotional self… a place to see things differently from.


So many energies creating all sorts of distractions as we move along our paths.
I don’t try to figure them out but feel them very deeply as they disrupt all processes which are familiar.

These are indeed strange times we are moving through, in which all previous patterns are being tested for worthiness in the future.

Be gentle with yourselves and do not judge so harshly what appears to confront you.
Each of us will make it through the process like metal being tempered by the flame.
Do not fear the heat for it will only make you stronger.