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All I can say at this point is WoW!!!
It is hard to believe that 2 weeks have been lived since my last Thoughts & Quotes post.
So I will just bring us up to 8.8.17

If you are not changed in some way by what we have just been through together, from a variety of both earthly and cosmic energies then anything I say will not reach you.

After passing through the Sun’s Alignment known as Lion’s Gate we are headed towards the Eclipse on the 21st which will ignite the fireworks we have just been playing with.

The photo above is telling us all about a 1/2 hour Facebook Live show that I will be doing on Humanity Healing every Friday at 10:00 AM Eastern Time which is being setup as you read this… so stay tuned.
It is such an honor and privilege to work with them as they have been a Presence of Light in my life for 10 years or more.

So now for the Thoughts and Quotes from where we left off…

2017-08-05 19.42.55-1

I like to refer to rage as part of my Dark-side yet I know it has no real power except to release something hidden or stuffed so deeply that only an explosion can get it moving again, to be revealed to a new dimension of myself.
The overwhelming fear of it and what harm it creates for others is not our most pleasant experience in our lifetime, but it does have its purpose in our being able to speak the truth to our selves.
We have come to a new place of self awareness.

So let us realize that it is something we can face and overcome through love and respect for ourselves. That the innocence which was stolen from us does not have to be kept secret from us any longer.
Let us be honest within our selves, perhaps for the first time in our lives and face the rage.
Look into its darkness and pain and truly see it is not as overpowering as we have allowed it to be.
It only has as much power as we have allowed it to steal from us.

No human is not damaged here but it is how we choose to correct or repair the damage that allows us to release the rage, so that it may startle us and others but also remind us, that we have deeper suffering to release.
And the time to do that is Now!

As we become more aware of the Darkness that we have been keeping company with, we fear it less and continue breathing. It may not be something we would think of embracing yet it embraces us every day and we continue to breath.

Embracing Unity rather than defying separation is the key to our co-creating the future resonance of humanity through the energies of Peace, Light and Love.

Let us all Flow as One
A Sweet Nectar of Sacredness
Gathering from within the Heart
Appearing as the Dew of the New Dawn
Glistening in the Light of our Central Sun

2017-06-11 13.40.58

What does honoring Self truly mean to you…
Is it the physical creation in which we reside?
Is it the mind which is typing these letters into a language?

Self for me is the conscious energy which flows from the Source of All Form.
Yes, each one of us are Ancestors and we are still here as we have only changed shape and density.
Our collective perceptions are only a construct in which we have agreed to experience ourselves.

I had to ask myself what makes someone an enemy to me since I could not actually feel the energy of that label.
Not that I haven’t or couldn’t once again, just that at times in my life I have chosen to not recognize it.

8 8 2017 Great Pyramid Alignment

Can you feel yourself trying to balance as we approach 8:8?
We commonly think of temperance as it is used with excessive negative behavior and as a connotation of extreme unrighteousness.
Here we come to understand that it is more of an alignment which brings us back into balance within ourselves.
As we align within, so too we align externally and actually send out a call to the Universe to join within us at the heart in balance and unity.

I See You…
You are the ones I have been waiting for to…
You are the Light, the Presence, the Unconditional Love
I Hear You
Singing the Mantra of Life…
Om So Hum
I Am That

As we gather along our waters for the Full Moon let us be carried to new shores where we can gather in harmony, balance and joyous resonance.


Let us all come to that stillness where the outer world speaks no louder than the inner world.

Where a balance is struck which allows the Truth to rise along the seam line between reality and Illusion and we can begin to observe them both.

Then let us not veer too far from either side of center as we readjust our values based on overcoming our fears and trusting our hearts which have been wounded.

From My Heart I write…

Dear Ones it is the water

which hold us All

without separation

It’s perfect reflection

is not just seen

but contained within
our own precious vessels

We Are One

2017-08-07 18.17.10