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Whites Mountains 8.8.17

Last night my attention was privately called to review an article I posted on my page as to its content’s credibility.

As I re-read it with a different perspective it did show up as having statements which were quite a distance from traditional understanding and which I found were more metaphorical but not truly understandable as factual at the same time.

Which brings me to a place within myself as to my own writings and messages as Riverman.

As I become more aware of my capacity to serve more ways in the evolution of humanity, it is also a double edged sword of responsibility.

We all are becoming aware that in these rapidly evolving energies there are many whose personal desires are becoming unbalanced and we must constantly be discerning as to what we carry forward in our Hearts.

One edge of the sword is divine and lifts our emotions into states of Joy or Grace and Harmony. It shines brightly even in the darkness and is Heart based.

The other edge is honed by our humanity and its fervor to instruct and lead others based on power and control. It has no real substance with which to create, yet when left unattended it becomes the tool which severs us from each other.

And so I ask you all to please be even more careful with what I or others post or write and to allow the messages to inform you of their place in your lives during these changes.
That some of them may trigger you to question every belief you ever held as an individual or a collective.

Please understand that we are all humans in an evolutionary dimensional shift and that no one person has all the answers or knowledge.
Each of us are speaking from an enlarging Heart that is still connected to a human mind which is having to learn how to let go of control.

Please take into your Heart what resonates from others, including myself and may it be only that which brings your remembrance of ‘You’ as a Being of Peace, Light and Love.