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This morning I awakened from what we commonly call a nightmare and found it difficult to shake off quickly, which is something I’m pretty good at.
My usual greeting of the day with a Thank You for being here, was not to be found nor heard.

Knowing that dreams are in many ways messages from our sub and super consciousness, this one has certainly become one to write about. So I begin…

In brief, I was with two young boys at the beach as their chaperone, or in the least I was responsible for them and not their parent. They left me to go explore a house by the water which was more like a barn and was having some sort of festival on the grounds.

I did not go with them but told them where I would be so they could meet me when they were finished. As I watched them walk down the hill, I felt how proud I was that they were becoming self-reliant and was pleased at their growing maturity.

After a while I began to worry, as they had not returned and when I went to look for them they were not to be found. So of course, fear and panic ensued and I was now searching everywhere and blaming myself for trusting that they would be OK on their own.

Finally I woke up and I immediately looked up dreams about children and death as I was certainly feeling that deep emotional sense of loss and liability.

I won’t belabor the story or the state of chaos which ensued. As you can imagine it was horrifying, but it did dissipate and left me pretty emotionally triggered.

Oh the mind just can’t let go of anything now, can it?
It just ruminates in the background keeping our energy hostage.

In the end… no specific answer was found to resolve my feeling of how I might perhaps be failing my own responsibility of “encouraging and inspiring others”.
That message was brought to me yesterday morning after a brief centering into my heart and asking of what truly brings me Joy.
And Yes, we all have those moments of where we need to sit quietly and contemplate our sense of Self.
Especially since I had died 26 years ago and was now really feeling the new energies of 2018 calling me forward, to really represent who I truly am.


As my New Moon morning now rolled on, someone on Facebook asked me about one of my Bumper Stickers “Practice Unlimitedness” and it became the inspiration to begin this blog you are now engaged in.

The picture below is a group of nine bumper stickers which I was guided to create by my Angels as I was trying to figure out what was then called my NDE, back in the early 90’s.
People were just investigating this process and I chose to experience what was happening within me rather than listen to the label makers, who were collecting data and categorizing it for their various modalities.

Bumper stickers

They were created shortly after my motorcycle accident when I had no money, little understanding of myself or life, living alone and on the goodwill others towards me after a period of divorce, bankruptcy, alcoholism and homelessness.

SO… how does a Nightmare, Practice Unlimitedness and Saving Grace all come together in a blog…
The nightmare was the energy which set it all in motion, a friend asking about that particular bumper sticker and the Gratitude I have for being here now to express it all.

What does it mean to Practice Unlimitedness?
How can we fully understand self-limiting expressions?
Especially when we are so deeply connected to so many of our past experiences that when we begin to shift and move towards fulfilling unlimitedness, we experience nightmares and emotional crisis.

The Message for us all is really all about Saving Grace…
Saving Grace is the only real answer that I can share with you.
The Saving Grace that I actually became when I was returned to what I refer to as my death or return to Original Energy Blueprint… however you may wish to label it.

And so today on this New Moon as we begin not only 2018, but a deepening relationship with ourselves and each other, let us begin to see how Saving Grace has appeared to us in so many ways over our lifetime.

Are we ready to receive it Now “unconditionally, with and in an open heart without conditions” ?

Yes , we have suffered and endured great pains.
We may be experiencing them today in some dramatic form and they may truly be a Nightmare, both physically and emotionally.

And yet, as I  now write these words … Bluebirds appeared on my porch in 20 degree weather looking for food…
Such beautiful messengers!
Their message is about happiness and fulfillment which are within reach when we let go of our self-judgement and begin to experience ourselves without letting limitation in any form hold us back from being who we truly are.

So let us now open our hearts…

Let us also appear with a deep desire
and listen to the Messengers of Saving Grace
trusting in our Unlimited Abundance through Grace
so that we also may also understand better
how we can “Practice Unlimitedness”
in all aspects of our daily lives
as we co-create Balance and Harmony
in this world of physical form we are living in
and receive All the Blessings of Peace, Light and Love

Saving Grace to you All and Thank You
Charlie Riverman Bergeron