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Blessings to All and please offer Blessings to the water in your area in honor of
Dr Masuro Emoto.
His simple blessing of  I love You… I thank You… I respect you…
is enough to change the crystalline structure of water as he proved that
“human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.”

WAITAHA Water Prayer

Let my spirit, my deep mind travel
to the spaces in between the water patterns
Let my heartbeat echo the tinkle and bell sounds
of the water deep inside of my body
Let me hear the memories of the Gods and Goddesses
Let me hear the memories of the Angels, and Ancestors
Let me send my voice into every atom of water that is in me,
Water that is in front of me, behind me, around me, above me
Let all the forms of water hear my resonance in this time and forever
carry my blessings and wishes to the highest mountains, to the heavens
Then let all the living and the dying creatures and humans
hear the sounds of the joy of creation resonating
in every sentient form in this universe and others
to be the sound that sings forever and eternal
in the mind song of Creation