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Light, Beauty and Diversity

It is Friday once again and I am contemplating what I will speak about on my Humanity Healing/ Facebook live Presence Of Light show.

The week has gifted me with so much beauty and amazing moments that it has been almost too difficult to absorb and process into my energetic fields.

Ceremony Location

Yet, around the world there are so many emotional uprisings which are triggering innocent people to either remember painful experiences or want to run away from their inner responsibilities of moving forward beyond it all.

Topics or words that arose came in this order…

Super Sensitive
Low Esteem

My early childhood friend Francis whose family owned the laundry across the street where I learned to eat rice from a bowl with chopsticks and use the abacus. I’m not too sure what she learned at my house but we did embrace friendship.

186 (3)

Yet, ever since childhood, many of those we always thought of as friends were really not friends.
And I’m not really sure today what the word “friends” really means anymore, as we seem to have become both more and less connected through technology.

As little Children

I was presented with a question this week for a clue to a password…
Who was your best friend in High School?

As I thought about it I realized I didn’t have one.  Sad, however it made me think about much more than that. Truly a new perspective of what many of us are realizing as we begin to release old patterns of behavior.

Many hurt us in so many ways that we were not able to emotionally process it so we became numb to it all and accepted a view of ourselves which was far less than our full potential.

Many of us were Super Sensitive and wanted to be accepted into the world but found it very challenging both within our families and our neighborhoods.
Our viewpoint became one of very low self-esteem and we began to see everything through that lens.

So here is a little thought from Nelson Mandela…nelson-mandela-day

The last word on my little list is Doormat and it is not an easy word to admit to oneself as a feeling, yet many of us have been there even if only for a moment.

So let us focus now on three more words that appeared after those six…


As I wrote these words my energy shifted into what was always there behind the previous negative ones.

I realized then that my viewpoint is really not something that is stuck in one place forever but can be moved or opened wider to see differently about every thing that has happened in my entire life.

I am the one who limits it, not others.
I have the power to open or close the field of view if I choose to.

However so many of us are stuck in this small viewpoint of Self that we are not fully accessing or expressing the Light, Beauty or Diversity that we truly are.

2018-07-17 09.00.15.jpg

So how do we begin to shift and access those three aspects of ourselves you might ask?
By letting go of them…
we cannot let them go until we recognize and face them, not as who we think we are, but how we are feeling about ourselves due to information that was recorded in our memories with an energetic charge that is still trapped within our physicality.

We can and must release it all, choosing not to honor it, if we want to become freed of all hindrances to our moving into the New Earth frequencies.

I said want to because many do not want to.
For some, it serves a purpose and in my own journey I have to be ready to say…
Do I really want to create Peace within myself?

Peace in the world is not going to happen if I do not honor peace within myself.
The nature of Peace is Light, Beauty and Diversity

If we let go of what could be labeled past grievances we are essentially asking to see our life from a different viewpoint

All of which brings me to the end of my talk about the differences between Point of View and Viewpoint.

Point of View

  1. a particular way of thinking about or judging a situation
  2. someone’s own personal opinion or attitude about something


  1. a particular way of thinking about a problem or subject [= point of view]
  2. a place from which you can see something

As the lawn mowers in the neighborhood shift my point of view to one of annoyance I end this and move to a new viewpoint where their is less distraction.

Once again it is a Joy to share with you all some of my personal reflections and the following links will bring to the actual broadcast…

Link to Video version on YouTube

Link to Audio (MP3) version on Yourlisten


Many Blessings to all as we move into the Day of No Time and beyond.
Charlie Riverman Bergeron