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Enchanted Unveiling

Enchanted Unveiling Show Notes – 10.11.19

Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki 

Enchantment transforms situations and relationships.
It converts hostility into civility and civility into affinity.
It changes skeptics and cynics into believers and the undecided into the loyal.”

The first card I drew today was Enchantment and set me off on this pattern of seeking where and when some sort of personal revelation will shine its Light and announce that there will once again be Peace in the Valley.

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden


The Universe is magical.

It creates wonderful miracles in my world.

Some Keywords for that card are…








Divine Power

This is where we are right now in our human journey… adrift somewhere in the middle of a vast Ocean of Confusion.

In Our Hearts there is a great desire or longing for a magical moment where we suddenly are awakened from our dream and we realize we were in Shangri-La all the time.

That place of Peace and Harmony where… We honor each other and live in balance with the world around us.

The next message is from the
Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

The Dance Unveiling

“There is a situation in your life that is about to reveal itself to you with greater clarity. Just like sands shifting, the picture will seem clearer and quite different to how it once appeared to you. This clarity will bring you great relief and confirmation of your intuition. Be patient and allow the revelation to come to you at the perfect time.”


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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.11.19