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Acceptance of Self-Truth-Evolution

I was approaching the 28th anniversary of my Near Death Experience which is the 20th of October and I had just received a message about Acceptance.
I was feeling much like the caterpillar who was crossing the street looking for a place to survive through the winter. As I picked it up so as it would not to be run over, it curled up in a circular ball and reminded me of what was now happening to me as well.

My world was about to change in ways that could not be understood or expressed and I knew it was not going to be easy.

Many of you will be going through a similar process and this is what came up for me as I tapped into the energy of my Friday Morning Talk – Presence of Light

SHOW NOTES 10.18.19
Acceptance of Self – Truth – Evolution

A simple definition of self-acceptance is, “the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable.” 

Self – Acceptance is about being satisfied with one’s self in any given moment filling us with a sense of wholeness.
It doesn’t mean that everything in our lives is perfect but we at least have enough love and concern for ourselves to appreciate who we are and support that enthusiasm in positive ways

Social Acceptance – Refers us to look at others around us and compare ourselves to others in order to feel welcome or accepted as part of a larger whole.

The First Card I drew today was called God’s Garden which announced the message that, “I am a flower in the mind of God and I am rooted in Divine Love.”

Think of yourself now as a flower rooted in the Earth, with your roots reaching into the soil and both water an sunlight nourishing you into an expression of fullness. Hopefully it is easy to feel attractive and purposeful even if not in a garden but still uniquely visible, perhaps in a field or along the roadside.

However, it doesn’t take long for our mind to begin to wander off and think up reasons why that might not be true all the time. Or perhaps how we might be not seen in the field of wildflowers which seem so much more beautiful. Perhaps we see ourselves as alone on the highway, as if the wind had blown us far away from where we might yearn to be.

This is how easy it is to lose the precious energies of Our Acceptance of Self.

The Next Card was from A Course In Miracles for which I was a Facilitator 24 years ago which reads…
“Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be described and it cannot be explained… Truth will dawn upon you of itself.” 
T,139 T150  Found in Chapter 8 – The Journey Back

It is part of the reminder that We can never be separated from our Source of Creation no matter what happens to us or around us. Yet we have the ability to choose otherwise if we listen to the external information which comes to us as the stormy winds which threaten to uproot us or tear us apart.

Acceptance of Self comes from experiencing our Truth and living it without fear. – Riverman

The Last Card for guidance today was
There Is Evolutionary Value in My Personal Preferences
from Ask and It Is Given -Teachings of Abraham

This really hits home for me in the first 8 words…
“Do not underestimate the value of your preferences”
and in this case I see those preferences as those coming from within My Heart, not from the mind which can be so easily led by those who do not respect my Acceptance of Self.

“for the evolution of your planet depends upon those of you on the Leading Edge of thought continuing to fine-tune your desires.”

“Acceptance of Self… Truth… Evolution”
Here We Are on the cusp of either restoring God’s Garden or Co-Creating a New Garden.

Each of us diving deeper into our Acceptance of the amazing abilities and capabilities we are now opening up to and sharing them with each other.

All of us seeing each other both individually and collectively as Truth that is Blossoming, perhaps as we become the Lilies of the Field.

And move from the humbleness of our Self-Acceptance to empower all of Humanity through Social-Acceptance.

As I close I offer each of you a Blessing
May Your Trust of Self become fully known
creating within you
an ever-increasing desire to share it with others
May the resistance of others
not cause you to falter or cease your sharing
And May all of us together
co-create a resonant field Love and Light
that will assist all life in it’s evolutionary flow
to proceed with Grace and Ease

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.18.19

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