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Show Notes for Presence of Light 1.15.21

Sitting in the Light of the rising sun this morning and feeling its welcoming warmth, I was presented with these three words in exactly this order – Change, Trust and Energy

The word “Change” represents what we are all experiencing right now on a collective world frequency—a dramatic change that affects all life here on Planet Earth.

It is not just a global pandemic or the clash of political dogma. It is a recalibration of what I would call the Divine Frequency within the Shifting of Ages.

“Trust” has been winnowed down to a trickle, much like the sands in an hourglass.
It still exists, yet its flow has been diminished, and a fear of becoming blocked is very prevalent in all humans’ minds.

The “Change” is tasking us, and ‘where we place our trust’ now comes forward in our most prevalent thoughts.
These 2 words together offer us an opportunity to deepen into our own personal Light Energy.

Where are we headed?

Is it the Eve of Destruction we sang about in the ’60s arriving a bit late?

Or perhaps it is the Road to Shambala and a Grand Revelation of what we indeed are, and how to live in unity once again.

The Kuan Yin Oracle card from Alana Fairchild that I pulled this morning is,

To The Celestial Mountain

“There are times when divine energy is needed to help us achieve our spiritual goals. When you do not feel completely in control of your destiny, the divine is usually gifting you with an opportunity to reach for assistance and to invoke divine power, to call to the celestial mountain so that you might be gifted with a far superior outcome. Your permission to beings that love you unconditionally to offer you help is an expression of spiritual empowerment, you empower those forces to come to your aid and help you manifest your life purpose and destiny.” -Alana Fairchild

Yes, We are at a point in our evolution where trusting ourselves as beings of great potential, rather than small and insignificant beings is happening.

We are being asked to call for assistance from what we think of as a far wiser source. To access the divine energy, that we will need to fuel our collective journey forward.

The Course In Miracles has a line that reads, “Look with peace upon your brothers, and God will come rushing into your heart in gratitude for your gift to Him.”

We cannot look with peace upon anyone if we do not have peace within our own hearts. So this journey to what we might call a celestial mountain is really about learning how to trust our own hearts.

To trust in all of the spiritual forces of the universe who are now aligning to guide us. They constantly ask for us to find places within the landscape which are near us and to let go of our fear and anxiety about the future there.

Clearly, they ask us to gather at the Water. The streams, the rivers, the ponds and lakes, seas and oceans, all of which represent life in its first form. For we are beings of Water whose power, when gathered together in unity, will overcome any obstacle.

At one point, our planet Earth was covered entirely in Water. Any life form that existed here at all lived within in the Water.

Right now within this moment of our evolution, we are being asked to remember what is not always visible. To keep asking ourselves why we are not choosing to honor and protect ourselves, but choose to live within a collective societal agreement as a species destroying itself and all that sustains us..

We are being guided to think on this in many ways, to allow each of us to come together for the benefit of all life forms..

Once we reach the peak of this Celestial Mountain and renew our Crystalline Self, we may gather and flow through the landscape and nourish it again.

Washing away what is no longer in balance, offering enrichment to All we encounter as the Peace, the Light, and the Love we indeed are, the Divine Beings of Light embodied in Water.

May We always seek to receive the much needed wisdom from our masters and teachers, angels and nature beings, as well as our ancestors, who continue to speak through the galaxies and into our hearts, not through our minds.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.15.21

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