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The year 2021 is now well underway. Yes, only seven days, yet we can feel the energies of our awakening already percolating within Our Global Heart.

The shifts and changes are beginning to flow rapidly as humanity awakens from its old patterns of behavior of self-abuse and destruction.

Of course, the information that all of us are being fed is the same old rhetoric that has destroyed humanity’s integrity and the entire physical structure of Our Mother Earth.

We are now entering into a deeper awareness of everything around us, which presents us with new opportunities to refocus our energy towards wholeness rather than fragmentation.

The present political situation in the United States is now the Greatest Show On Earth, as it represents everything that is happening within us.

Under Unity’s mask, this drama of separation has been revealed for all of us to see within ourselves.

All of us are reviewing our behaviors and desires to heal the wounds of an internal war that has brought us to the shores of a distant land of revelation and resurrection.

The questions are no longer who We are or what we can conquer and rule over. It is one of how we can see ourselves as an Ocean of Love and Light.

Light and Love are what We have always been, and it is what we will always be, no matter how much we try to understand or invent ourselves as something else.

The journey now, is for us to recognize each other in all our many forms, embracing our abilities to co-create a better planetary experience rather than deconstruct and destroy the larger body in which we exist.

Let us rediscover the power of Unity once again, Honoring the moments of restoration rather than destruction.

There is no value in greed or oppressive rulership, for they both direct us into the dimension of pain and suffering, which is the energy of fear and self-abuse.

Each of us is being spoken to, from within the Water of our bodies, to flow again with grace and ease.

To move around or destroy the dams that keep us from creating the energies need right now for humanity’s evolutionary transmutation.

We are to act in Love and Compassion, which calls forth the Light that reveals our differences as brilliant assets, rather than the causes of destruction.

The imprints of our past behaviors are no longer sustainable, and each of us is now responsible for their release.

Water is Love and Light is Power

Planet Earth is Water – The Sun is Light

Each of us is the Earth and the Sun.

Each of us is the Water and the Light.

When we return once again to honor All Water with Our Light, the darkness will move away and reveal the Truth.

The Beautiful Liquid Crystalline Creators that We Truly Are

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.8.21

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