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Change Begins Within 3.26.21 Show Notes

The first card I pulled today was from the point of no message; the field was silent, and I asked my guides what I should talk about; what does the world need to hear, the field was empty.

It was not a moment of frustration but one of complete silence.

I chuckled within my heart, knowing that sometimes in our lives, there are these places of stillness even though everything around us appears to be spinning out of control.

They are reminders to me of what it felt like coming back into my body after my near-death experience. It was a moment of stillness, calm, and not knowing where I was or what was happening.

And then, out of the blue, a voice spoke to me; a rude and uncaring doctor whose sarcasm still rings in my ears, 29 years later.

I often wonder how the words we use and the sarcastic humor that we offer each other cause pain in others.

We have been taught as children that our words don’t hurt.

Remember the childhood chant, ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, (but names will never hurt me).’

Well, the truth is that although our words are just made up of letters as we write them out, it’s a language; yet our languaging of life has changed the structure of our living.

When we turn on the television and listen to the words as they spill out and into our minds, we have learned to forget that the words coming at us have a powerful effect on how we feel about ourselves and how we react to others.

This morning, I want everybody to think about the words each of us is using every day and know that those words are an engagement in self-destruction when used as weapons to defend ourselves or attack another human being.

I said the word self-destruction because of the energy that arose from within you. Our words are potent conveyors of negative energy.

The Angel card I pulled this was Uriel, whose purpose is ministration and peace. The word ‘ministration’ is about service to others, and of course, peace is that wonderful calm feeling we all seek amid the chaos around us.

So it’s time to remember that our words are a tool to create either chaos or peace, and we need to take better control of how those words flow.

We’ve had world water day this week, and the word flow came out everywhere.

Many people talked about flow as to how the water flows, and when we look at the water, we see that it flows very rapidly or very gently.

When the flow is rapid and erratic, it has a tremendous potential to be destructive.

When the water flows gently, there is peace.

When we were children and learning our language in school, the teachers would always insist on reading aloud. We were to read with a flow and enhance words with the tone of our voice.

Many times they would tell us to put more emphasis on a particular sentence or phrase.

We’ve all been through this, yet as we left school and entered into the greater lifestream, we forgot those lessons.

Instead, we learned that speaking in a hateful and demeaning manner gave us a sense of false power. If we were bullying or criticizing other people, we somehow felt more important and influential.

We learned that those who spoke gently and kindly could be more easily manipulated to be overruled and serve us somehow.

Take a look at your newspapers, listen to news broadcasters on televisions and radios, listen more carefully to everyone who speaks to you.

Learn once again to feel the energetic frequency of how they speak.

You will feel their enthusiasm, pain, frustration, and anger in their speaking.

When we learn to listen more deeply and tap into the energies in which the words are spoken, we will begin to recognize moments of expression and take a deeper look inside of us.

Then we can begin to administer peace within our hearts and heal many old wounds which keep us in a state of fear of acceptance.

When we learn to be stable and find certainty in our lives, we will find the courage to be faithful unto ourselves, bringing back our real presence.

A presence of balance.

A presence of truth.

We may even discover that our suffering becomes diminished within ourselves, and blessings begin to flow with more ease and grace.

This way, we will seek to love and protect others because we will more truly see ourselves in them and recognize that pain and suffering are not just theirs but ours, as well.

Everything that I’m talking about here this morning shows up as words and expressions; however, it’s really about a forcefield of energy that we have forgotten how to manage.

In not doing so, we are Co-creators of our suffering.

That is what Archangel Ariel is speaking about to us this morning.

Talking about maintaining that force field of optimism and positive energy,

radiating from a center of light that is always there.

No matter how many words are thrown at us,

no matter how many painful moments

no matter who decides, they have the power to control us

no matter how much they want, us to believe in something that they will profit from at any cost.

We heard a turning point in humanity’s history where we must look for the calm and learn once again to sit within that calm and to look and listen to what the chaos is expressing.

We need to remember that chaos exists and that we are the calm in that chaos, and we as that calm have more power because it is positive energy.

When we honor the positive energy that we are, we balance the negative energy and restore balance not just within us but around us.

So be gentle with yourself know that the suffering that you are going through right now is assigned for all of us, appointed for all of us to look inside of ourselves and come to the inner realization of how we may not think we have power over anything outside of us but when we become powerful within ourselves the outside changes buried

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.26.21