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Sunrise over the Androscoggin River at Topsham Maine 3.22.21

Let Us embrace the Water
as the Sun does when It arises
and May Our Light be reflected as well
in such magnificence

The Water is constantly flowing, without end
through space, time, and form
without any hesitation or fearfulness
bringing Life to all living forms

It is in this very powerful moment
when Light and Water are One in reflection
that We have an opportunity
for Wholeness and Holiness to join
and to enter into us

Forget the stories you have been told
those which have created great distortion
those which have divided you into fragments
and which are now destroying Mother Earth

Those stories which no longer reflect
the Original Light or Water
from which every single one of us
have been brought into form at our birthing

Water is Our Sacred Mother
And We are as Sacred as She is

Let us return to honoring this Sacred Self

By honoring the Water within us
and the Water above us
and below us

Water and Light
Mother and Father

Offering Life to their children
which have forgotten
and who are now being asked to re-awaken

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.24.21