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Sharing Your Light Show Notes 7.23.21

Grand Rising and Many Blessings to each of you as we welcome this Full Moon Light.

Yes, we are aware that this Light is a reflection, yet its power to invite us deeper into ourselves can be very dramatic.

We are being guided right now to dive deeper into the memories of our existence and release all that cannot be sustained in our future.

I’m talking about the pain, suffering, and trauma that is both personal and as a whole.

We are One Humanity that has a collective as well as individual memory.

The memory can be programmed to suffer through fear, and it limits our abilities to see the future as an open field of evolving positive creation. Except when Light is allowed to shine into the darkness and reveal what is an illusion.

Illusion happens when our perception is distorted, and we are told that we must see everything according to what others who have chosen to be our leaders dictate to us.

The word dictate is not a very pleasant word for many of us in these days of our evolution, for it resonates with been ordered or dominated rather than just being spoken to for us to remember information.

When we were children and walked in the darkness, we were given a torch or flashlight to reveal what we could not see before us, and this full moon is offering that to us.

It is here to teach or remind us that we have an inner light that is even stronger than what is being reflected to us, within us,

What if we tap into that Light that is eternal and not ever going to burn out or dissipate? We will find the truth that is beyond words that can be spoken.

Beyond what we can hear with our physical body, which will arise from within our conscious awareness with ease and grace, all that is blocking it will be released through love and trust.

The more we let go of our feelings of helplessness and expectations of something outside of our energy fields to save us, the more we will learn to trust the Light within us to radiate with greater intensity.

We will then embrace all of life as the Pillars of Light each one of us truly is.


Trust the more profound inner Light that you begin to get glimpses of—those moments where everything comes together in balance and harmony.

Know that the darkness you encounter is much like the evenings when there is no moon shining and only a temporary cycle.

Expect the Light to return when you are at your darkest moment, for it is already within, and you need to align with it for its transformation energy.

If we can once again trust that Inner Light and dismiss the darkness as on the background through which it shines, we will restore the peace within ourselves and extend it more easily with each other.

Bringing humanity back into balance with Mother Earth and restoring the imbalance that our future generations will face.

We are the Pillars of Light, sharing it into the present moment and the future simultaneously.

“The way to Harmony is by remembering who you are in every moment – a divine expression, spirit into matter.” Shanta Gabriel

In embracing the fullness

of who we are

we find Peace

for every emotion

is an invitation

to another path


our deeper beings

our souls will not let us

escape our truth.

Soul Inspiration Cards by Kahliya

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.23.21