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Space For Love & Healing – Show Notes 7.16.21

Good morning and thank you as we journey deep within ourselves.

Today I want to talk about something that we don’t do unless we reach a point where everything within us and around us starts to crumble and fall apart.

The evolutionary timeframe that we live in right now is filled with a great deal of distortion, and it affects all living beings, more particularly humans.

Each of us has spent over a year in a state of heightened fear due to a virus that has spread worldwide and taken the lives of our loved ones.

As a result of separation and the rewiring of our neural system to protect ourselves, our brain has been overloaded with new information at a rate never before experienced.

I’m sure some scientists will argue that we are fully capable of handling this overload, yet each of us is beginning to show signs of extreme fatigue due to stress.

For me, it has been relatively stable until recently when the so-called Brain Fog has presented itself as a formidable foe.

Time to be alone has become a very mixed bag for many of us, and we are being challenged to create it and honor it.

As an act of Love and Compassion, we are being called to make tiny holes in our schedules to detach from the radical energy stream and find Peace.

Finding Peace in this craziness is not an easy task, but we are creator beings and have far more capability to heal ourselves than we have been told or might think at this moment.

The key to all our healing is Love, and here is a quote from a newly published book, The Guardian Gateway, by Kim Wilborn:

“The more Love you feel, the more powerful you are. Think about that for a moment, and notice how it applies to your own life. To be a truly powerful force for good in the world, we have to extend the Love we feel to include our own selves.” – Kim Wilborn.

It hit home with how we are constantly sending Love to others and know it is always available as we send it, yet how much do we send to our physical self.

Each of us needs to create more time to focus on allowing Love to flow through every cell of our bodies to heal our wounds and distortions.

Let us listen to our bodies and honor them at a deeper level.

Our Love and Healing is honoring all that We Are and replenishing our physical structure with the Divine Presence of Grace and Peace.

Grace and Peace are the keys to Our future generations, and We are the Keepers of the Keys.

Create both time and space to listen more deeply within yourself and allow the pain and confusion you hold within to be released, even if it is only for several short periods each day.

We may get overwhelmed by all that is changing at this rapid pace. However, We are Creatures of Peace, Light, and Love and need to tap into that Energy to refill and replace all the negative images we have of ourselves with those which hold the many frequencies of Love.

Then let us share them with everyone, for as we honor ourselves, it becomes easier to honor all others.

We are One Heart, One Love, and One Humanity

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 7.16.21