Imagine your life is like a river. A river never stops flowing, just as your life continues to ebb and flow. Yet, so often, we interrupt the flow of life without even realizing it. 

Letting go is about accepting the here and now and trusting the natural flow of life…for it doesn’t always look the way we thought it would 🙂  ~ by Jean M. DiGiovanna


Letting Go

It’s not easy to let go of thoughts you’ve consumed for a long time.
It’s not easy to fully accept life just the way that it is.
It’s not easy to trust that all is well.
But, without giving it a try, you will never know what is possible for you.
Let go of unhealthy thoughts.
Fully accept yourself for all that you are and all that you are not.
Fully accept life for all that it is and is not.
Trust that you will be supported and all will go perfectly.
Letting go can be scary, but staying in the same place is costly, for life is meant to be lived with vigor, enthusiasm and joy for what is, what can be and what will be.
~ by Jean M. DiGiovanna