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Beings Of Service

In the shining light of our awakening moments,
we are the receivers of a joyous epiphany,
resounding throughout the ages,
to carry us forward by our hearts,
til there is nothing left but Love.
~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.5.2011

…Let those words settle into your Hearts…

We are truly Beings of Service which need to focus on the Joy of our Hearts while We are reaching out to others.

SERVICE – from Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden
” I am an energetic worker and I am willing to serve.
As I serve others I serve my higher power. ”

Basically we just need to be ready to serve. It doesn’t matter to whom or how or why.

It is in our ‘readiness’, that the ability to co-create something greater than ever existed before. that Our True Power waits for us to call it forth.

It is in assisting others with Our Divine Light in compassionate service that we reconnect to The Truth of who WE truly are.

Our service can take many forms as long as it comes forth from Our Hearts without any expectations.

Be The Real Human You Are
The Real Human inside of you is a better human than we express
Think About That

Within every Sacred Moment

each breath becomes a fertile field

of ecstatic potential

Softly embracing the next moment

Allowing for the Field of Presence

to deepen into Sweet Bliss

and expand beyond awareness

Here within this Ancient Rhythm

WE return to Our Source

Our Original Blueprint

The Self before separation

Before conditional existence

One Peace

One Light

One Love

In True Remembering

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.1.19


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