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Artist – Josephine Wall – The Getaway 3

We are integrating our higher levels of consciousness with our now experience. We are multi-dimensional travelers accessing the truth of our existence. ~riverman

Many of us are experiencing the changes of life all around us at such a rapid pace that it is sometimes very challenging to keep up with it all without becoming distressed.

The word integration became my muse this morning as I have really been feeling it happening on so many levels. Physically there are more than the usual aches and pains, mood swings and dietary shifts to say that it is just another day here on planet Earth.

Then there is the emotional level in which the world around us has become an array of energies which are tossing us about on giant waves. Much like the boat above in the artwork of Josephine Wall.

Allow this all be a source of inspiration!
Let us travel on these turbulent waves, knowing that we are heading towards something greater than we can imagine.

Allow your awareness to take in the beauty of the journey we are on without being drowned by the fear that arises within us.
Let the horizon manifest itself as a coming together!

Allow your heart to stay centered!
Let us become aware that this is the greatest mass evolution of any species in our sector of the Universe.

We are integrating on a Soul level and the human level is awakening to the greater part of itself. Each of us will remain in our uniqueness yet co-create in harmony and balance a New Earth.

Integration…”the combining and coordinating of separate parts or elements into a unified whole” Merriam-Webster