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Goodness Changes Everything

Goodness Changes Everything – So what is Goodness ???

Show Notes…
Good-ness is God-ness
Old English god (with a long “o”), “that which is good, a good thing; goodness; advantage, benefit; gift; virtue; property;” – etymonline.com

The first card I pulled and read this morning and it’s message reminded me of why I Am here and am willing to speak and uphold energy for others during these very stressful times.

“I know I am guided by a higher power, and the voice of truth guides me to all that is good.”

Hearing and listening to the voice of my Creator I become centered and peaceful.

My inner knowing becomes enlightened and encourages me to express it to others.

Goodness is what Creator provides to all of us; Goodness is all We really have to give to others.

In doing so Creator speaks of eternal life and guides us towards Our spiritual abundance which is always present and accessible.

We are such amazing Beings yet we have forgotten over thousands of years who We Really Are and what potential We have for sharing Our God-ness.

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I felt called also this morning to tap into Kuan Yin and balance the Yin and Yang.  For we have been programmed to believe in a Masculine God while denying or negating all Divine Feminine aspects of Creatorship.

The Book Of Changes

from the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

“Just like a beautiful but unusual melody, the Divine plan is unfolding through your life, although it isn’t always predictable! Kuan Yin is guiding you in the right direction. Even if you do not fully understand what is happening in your life right now, allow Kuan Yin to bless you with trust in the unfoldment of your own Divine Path. The Book of Changes is always  at play, helping us find our way. You are just taking a smarter route to your destination!”

So we might ask ourselves what does that have to do with goodness or Godness.

Each one of us has a unique energy signature which has been aligned and passed on through our genetic lineage all the way back to the stars.
When we look up at the sky in the daytime we see only one star… our Sun or Sol as it is more commonly referred to.
Originally we worshiped the Sun because we could remember our journey from many different Stars which were the Suns or creative energy form our original manifestation points.
We Are Light
The  Sun represents the Light of Abundance which is also Goodness, Godness or the Golden Light of Creation.
Isn’t it interesting that we also worshiped Gold and still do although it has been removed from daily circulation as currency.

So getting back to Kuan Yin ‘s message of The Book of Changes she becomes a guide for us and asks us, “to trust and allow the circumstances in your life to unfold right now. If there are delays, don’t force an issue, let is settle and sort itself out with as little interference by you as possible. You do not have to let anyone take advantage of you, nor do you have to prevent yourself from expressing your truths and feelings about whatever is happening. However, you are being guided to trust that no matter what appears to b the case right now, this detour or unexpected situation is a blessing from the Divine Plan, confirmed by Kuan Yin, assisting you in avoiding unnecessary problems later on as she corrects your life direction and helps you move forward with greater grace on you Divine Path now.”

In wrapping it all up what We can begin to see if We so choose to…

That All Pain and Suffering which is so prevalent now can be dispelled by Our remembrance and manifestation of Goodness.Both Masculine and Feminine aspects of what we listen to, trust and perhaps worship are constantly available to us.
Firstly to assist us in our own personal journey here as evolving humans and to share with all others who we encounter along the road we call life.

As for my bright Yellow tee shirt…
I arose before sunrise and needed some Light so I found a bright yellow tee shirt to wear.
It came to me as a gift and it has St Thomas written on across the chest. Of course it came from the Virgin Island, St Thomas. So I was guided to look up St Thomas as the disciple of Jesus who is referred to as Doubting Thomas and it I wear it now to remind each of you that our doubts and ears are not insurmountable when We tap into The True Star Light We are and share the Goodness We Are with others.

Peace, Light and Love… Riverman

Thank You, Archangel Gabriel – Natalie Glasson

Let us take a moment to offer a prayer for ourselves and others to preserve the purity of all souls and their missions while we all adjust to the physical reality around us.

Let us learn to express Our Whole Truth through the abilities and senses of Our physical body … as pillars of support for the harmonization of the Soul within each and every physical body

Let us Take a moment to imagine the shift that such a healing could create by radiating Our Peace, Light and Love as an act of Goodness for our souls to theirs.