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Spring 2018

Blessings of Light To ALL

On this Friday the 13th … traditionally a day of fear or darkness I have the honor and privilege to talk on Humanity Healing facebook live.
I get to choose the topics but as you know by now the show is named Presence Of Light.

How perfectly the Universe fills our hearts with energies that dispel all falsity and local projections of our minds, to call us back into being the Light We Are.

I have always thought of the number 13 as Rebirth. I’m sure I read that somewhere and it struck a chord within me that created more resonance than the fear based stories, which we have been subjected to as being a bad omen.

I prefer to tap into the center point of the 12 around 1 teachings where all possibilities for Light to be brought through and shine can be tapped into.

My logical brain questions why so many would place this darkness in their storytelling other than to express a misconception that darkness has power and we must always worship fear on some level.
Of course it certainly appears that way and does have some power but it is a limited power which is only sustainable by absorbing Light which passes through it.
If we lookup up Friday the 13th it is mostly about death and we have been taught that death is something that needs to be feared above anything else as it is the opposite of life. So to Darkness is the opposite of Light yet all this fear only keeps us in constant communication with this opposition of who we Truly Are and which we have come here to Be.

As you look at the picture I took of the Crocuses in my yard you can see that without darkness the Light would be less dramatic so it does have an amazing purpose when respected but not served or worshiped.

And as well I couldn’t resist posting this picture as an expression …
Beautiful Souls

We were all given choices in order to come here from a world of Light which cannot be truly analyzed or logistically explained by any of our human senses, or by the many teachings of the Ages as it is a Source of Our Being here in human form.

We have many quantum theories now along with the ancient religions that have been sharing and describing for a long time some of the aspects of this Light We Are, in order to keep us in alignment with it.

As well we  can see in the world around us every age of our evolution has tried to maintain this balance between Light and Dark. However within the present Era, we are becoming perhaps closest to not bringing this back into homeostasis.

This is the reason we need to activate Our Light at levels which are unprecedented and also why there appears to be so much resistance.

So Today I talk about ONE LIGHT…
WE ARE THE LIGHT was the message I brought back with me from my death…

We Are The PEACE, LIGHT and LOVE is my daily message to the world and it is what I became when my Spirit Self left my physical body during a motorcycle accident.

A purity of energy which cannot be put into words or truly conveyed except by trying to emulate it in my daily life throughout all of the challenges we face. It is from this triple aspect of Oneness that I was offered an opportunity to return into physical form. Now sharing with you all in order to express it for my own human learning as well as yours.

So REBIRTH for me is not a fictional concept and not something I take lightly. I say it here to allow that energy to touch your hearts…
To encourage you to move deeper into your self
To embrace you there in your hearts
To truly See you as the magnificent Beings of Light  that each of you are

There are now many of us who are remembering this process of rebirth and much more. Each of us are now being called to Shine Brighter than ever before and be seen in our Truth. This visibility is crucial to all living forms which will also awaken and remembering much like the Crocus who feel the Light warming the soil and appears to welcomes Spring.
So too, WE are the messengers of the Spring of Humanity’s Evolution.

My sincere hope is that those of you who can find some resonance in my talks and words begin to see life a bit differently and know that the moment we call “right now” is the key to unlocking all of the treasures of Rebirth.
It is Our coming into resonance
with that which allows
the Light to Shine
without struggle to remember

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