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Let us find the beauty within our hearts and begin to create it all around us.
Let us share and connect it to each other becoming the Flower of Life once again.

As we move further away from the old paradigm there is a lapse in our struggling awareness.

One in which we are emptied of the many reasons that we have become who and what we are in this dimensional moment.

The outpouring of this Energy creates a void within our physical fields, into which Our Self which has no boundaries flows… to hold the fabric of our Unlimited Being together.

Our Unlimited Self is beyond words, undisturbed by humanity and cannot be completely distorted or overcome..

It is freedom, grace, beauty and eternally creating.

Fear not the lapsing, the void, the emptiness
Fear not the thoughts, the impulses, the lack of enthusiasm

For those are the bonds of human form slipping away into the old records to make room for the New.

Beloved Dandelion

This message I received last night in a group call with “GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah”

All I Am is Grace
All I can ever be is Grace in action
G reater
R esonance
A ctivating
C osmic
E volution

WE talk a lot about Gratitude as if it was something that arrives and departs in some sort of mystical manner.
Gratitude is a constant energetic resonant field…
It is we who enter and leave as we become distracted by what is outside and around us.

As we move out of the lower vibrations of the old paradigm discernment becomes a more valuable tool than reason. We need to pay more attention to our intuitive channels which are becoming more active.

As we awaken, our first vision is so bright that it is difficult to distinguish form.
This brilliance is the reflection of ourselves in the mirror.

Freedom from bondage in both an outer collective way as well as an inner personal one.

We are each a thread of One Unified Fabric of Light woven with Compassion as an expression of Love.

And we are also the Weavers with each pass of the shuttle now repairing the ancient cloth worn thin by the hands of time.

Let us be comforted and guided by faith and trust.
We don’t have to teach it – just do it.
Be who you truly are first and all fears will subside.

It is truly a challenge for many of us to tear down the walls we have built around our energy centers. However it is necessary for our evolution.

Riverman 2017