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0f545-refractedlightWith the New Moon energies stirring the waters of my E-nergy-Motion this article reminded me of the importance of what we have labelled Free Will.

I say labelled as this it what we have done for thousands of years in our attempt to rule and govern each other by the use of language.

It brought to mind several issues in which all of us are now feeling separation and trying to influence others to align with us without respecting their freewill.

Freewill starts by listening deeply and then finding the source of the other person’s energetic alignment. Then we can process the energy behind the words and choose how to proceed personally.

We are releasing so much pain and suffering from thousands of years of control that it is a serious challenge to not align or be triggered by others.

Yet we must now be diligent in coming back into our center before we take action. Lest we perpetuate violating our own sovereignty for the sake of belonging or being in agreement with each other.

~ Riverman 6.24.17

The Importance of Being Free

I just see, more and more each day, how critically important it is for me to respect the free will of others.It cannot be that all we’re about is ourselves moving forward with our projects and getting ahead. It has to be that some among us are about helping others to get ahead. (1)

It cannot be that all we’re about is controlling events to get what we want. We have to allow others control over their own destiny.

If you were to ask me which Universal Law I’d like to specialize in, I’d have to say the Law of Free Will.  Matthew Ward defined it as follows:

“The law of free will is a cosmic law decreeing that it is the birthright of all souls to choose their pathway toward or away from spiritual enlightenment.” (2)

On another occasion, he added:

“All souls have free will regardless of their evolvement status, whether living in spirit worlds or physical civilizations, or their location in the universe.” (3)

We violate each other’s free will so often and in such a mundane manner that I’ll bet we don’t notice it. It becomes part of what Werner called the background of obviousness.

Telling another what they should do. Implying that what they’re doing is ill-advised or wrong-headed.  Asking them “why” they’re doing what they’re doing in cases where we don’t like what they’re doing.  Gumming up their machinery, diverting them, withdrawing support – on and on go the strategems of control.

I think of what Hilarion taught us some years ago on the matter:

“Each individual has the right to express and act on their own inner convictions of what they feel is the right thing to do and it behooves everyone to begin to respect each other no matter what the diversity of their opinions and convictions are. Everyone has the right of free-will choice because you live on a free-will planet and that is what it means to live on a free-will planet!” (4)

What exactly does he mean by exercising free-will choice? He explains:

“It is the right of each individual to access their internal sovereignty and use their Divine wisdom and knowledge to make free-will choices in that which they feel is the right and good thing to do. Because opinions differ does not mean that those you oppose are less than you – all it means is that they walk to a different beat. All that means is that they have taken the time to go within and choose that which they believe is the right choice to make.” (5)

In these times especially, it becomes critical to allow others to follow their own star, he says.

“These current times are all about choosing to follow your own star, to walk in joy, to do those things that bring you joy, that bring you happiness. It is not required that you need the outer world to dictate to you what can bring that joy to you, it is all within you and it has always been within you – for that is where the Divine lives – within you!” (6)

I wonder what kind of a world it would be if we paid as much attention to respecting each other’s free will as the celestials and galactics pay attention to respecting ours?

Well, a peaceful world for a start. All dictatorial regimes have taken away free will as soon as they had the barest claim to power. And so many couples in relationships seem to want to saddle each other and break each other to the bit.

When will we let go of all notions of control save those that are totally necessary? (2) When will we see that our advice, “shoulds,” and opinions are not really what the situation requires. Listening would be a start. Respecting the freewill of another? Now that would be an innovation.

There’s a whole new curriculum I’ll be studying in the years ahead. And the very first entry on it is Free Will 101.


(1) Service to self vs. service to self and others.

(2) Like in emergency services.

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