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2017-06-15 16.32.17
How wonderful our imagination is that every moment can become playful and detachable from our roles and concerns of daily life.

On a walk recently I came upon this tree and it felt almost as if I could wear it as a cloak. That somehow I could wrap it around me and become something unimaginable yet complete and whole.

How much more wonderful is Nature which despite our continued predatory behavior towards it still invites to come and play.

Here are a few more daily messages from my Higher Self to You

In this Newness of Awakening we are to forgive our selves.
We are Love and in that moment
We are each other.
We are not separated by any guilt or pain, fear or suffering.
Find that which is a stone in your hearts and melt it with forgiveness.

Elders and Ancestors are energetically not separable.
As we age in any lifetime we are known as Elders if we share our wisdom and many of you are now becoming aware that You are the Ancestors.
Unleash carefully the secrets you are keeping from yourself and bring them forth to release them.
We Are Love and remembering.

We Are Indeed more powerful and sovereign when we truly open our hearts and unite as the Love We Are.
Walking away from greed and jealousy ends fear and need, all of which are only temporary and illusive blockages to the Light You Are.
Let us all recognize it in its many forms and transmute it within our physical forms.

Your Spiritual gifts are to radiate outward from your High Heart, your Inner Sun.
Allow them to  dance upon the Waters and become the gifts that others will be inspired by.

You are the Magic and We are Love
Every moment is an opportunity
to experience life in truth

Here lie childhood memories
gently held within the water
Return to those places
gently forgiving that very old child
Making peace with the water within you.

Many times we ask for and seek Love outside of ourselves.
It then approaches us in many forms from which we choose and question,
“Is this Love?”.
All the time we hide that We Are Love and deny its presence.
Let us stop playing Hide and Seek!

This morning I was recognizing that we are co-creators of abundance in many ways. That the credit for the abundance is relative to the whole, not the individual.
In the beginning we shared it all without fear or judgment because we were all fully visible to each other.
Nothing was hidden or separated out for individual use or glory. True power is shared for the benefit of all from the Heart not the mind.

2017-06-19 13.00.48
As I now prepare for Summer Solstice…
Let there be Grace and may it fill you with it’s Peace, Light and Love.