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For those of you who now know me a little better it is my purpose to anchor Peace, Light and Love into all living forms here on Earth.

On Solstice 6. 21.17 I had the pleasure of spontaneously blessing some water in Salem, NH at America’s Stonehenge.

Together with friends from distant parts of the USA who had invited me to gather with them, we walked the land and were blessed in the vortex of energy which others walked through but did not feel.

There was not much writing getting done that week as it was all a guided and experiential adventure of energy and spirit. 

So, I present these 2 writings from the day before the Solstice…

It is the waters which are always moving through the cycles of transformation from solid to liquid to vapor which are the channels of our emotions. As we begin to see how all water is crystalline in structure we can effectively change their alignments and free ourselves from the cyclical energies which they both create and represent.

As you record these cycles speak to the water within you as you would in blessing a child who is unaware of what it is creating in its environment.

In the records of time and space
we are gathered in brief moments
crossing and intertwining as gridlines
continually plotting and charting
cleaning and clearing
creating and restoring
the energies of Peace, Light and Love

Standing in my masculine energy at the Summer Solstice Sunrise alignment stone, in Salem NH, both connecting and acknowledging the center of the Earth and Stonehenge in England.
The lines of connection mimicking somewhat the Stone whose point I rest my hand on as Stonehenge in England at Summer Solstice and the other point as Newgrange which marks the return of the Sun at Winter Solstice.

AM Stonehenge to newgrange and stonehenge.jpg

And so the energies of this amazing and long-held as powerful gateway flowing into and combining with the New Moon played within my own energy fields.
Bringing both ancestral and future evolutionary energies into our awareness at levels that are challenging to fully describe…

Feeling overwhelmed is a natural part of our experience in physical form.

Two questions may arise…

What is it that is being felt and Why overwhelmed?

When we decide to ask for support we are really acknowledging that we have become separated from our True Self and need to be reminded to come back to center.

I now leave you with the last picture taken and I don’t really know how, when or exactly where it got taken.  Other than there it is and other pictures which I took that day were not on the camera when I got home.
Nor of what it is other than an amazing sense of Oneness with so many who I felt were so very near me throughout each moment of the Magical Day on planet Earth.

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