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Truth ~ ACIM
Each of us are continually seeking Truth although we may have many different approaches and beliefs about it.

This is not anything new for our time frame as it has been a human issue through out history and there have been many who claim that they know the truth. Even I might sound like one of them as you listen to my talk.

What I have found within myself is much closer to Truth than I have ever experienced in a physical body and in the couple of days without the addictive internet to suck energy out of me I read a short book which created a space within to explore much about my own ability to create falsity and believe it is reality.

The talk was cut off at the end as my phone connection also was briefly cut off so the last few minutes are just energy which cannot be re-manifested in form  However it was basically an appreciation for the amazing beings we Truly Are.

As with all my talks I ask everyone to listen with an open heart as many things I say do create some triggering of the mind and the teachings we have all been subjected to throughout our lives.

Yet when we sit in stillness and forget that there is really nothing between us except the thoughts we hold a favor for… we begin to see everything in a different Light.

It is The Light We Are
that We have All-ways been
and when we seek Truth rather than continue to create falsity
We Return from the Ego which is more of a slave-master than a friend
and has only the power to project an image of who we are
which keeps changing with the information it receives
and can only be a limited experience.

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Blessings of Peace, Light and Love to All