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Nubble Light 3.1.18

Nubble Lighthouse at York, Maine on 3.1.18

It has taken me a few days to post this last Presence Of Light face-time talk from Humanity Healing

The Full Moon this month has brought forth some old shadows for transformation.
One being the lighthouse at York Maine with its shadowy presence with the Full Moon shining above a sun in the night sky.

The shadow that it seems to have brought up for many this week has been Betrayal.
So we are now beginning to face some deep pains which are not easily expressed.

We are being awakened to parts of our journey which we have kept deep under cover yet have influenced our judgement and actions with each other.

It is now time to be free of the many self-limiting traumas as we see ourselves in each other.

Listen to the show and know that our future is somewhat conditional and needs to be a collaboration of energies in which the sense of betrayal is illuminated and left behind.

Presence Of Light on Humanity Healing

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