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dsc_0301-1I would like us all to take a moment for a deep breath…
before exhaling let us drop into our hearts and allow all else to drift away…

Many are experiencing what is commonly called withdrawal right now. A word many of us are familiar with who have had addictions in this or past lifetimes.

We have also learned to associate withdrawal with deep emotional and physical pain and suffering. However that does not have to be deeply felt unless we continue to choose to give pain and suffering a value of worthiness. Let us now recognize it without fear or a sense of hopelessness and learn to sit with it and see what it has to teach us.

The particular withdrawal I’m speaking about today is the withdrawal from the concept of a self which no longer being seen or feels served. The reason for this self to be seen or served less is the shifting and transformation of energy patterns in which this self was created. Of course this construct I speak of is the human ego.


As I withdraw and watch the greater collective fields of consciousness within myself there is a blending, if you will, of crystalline information which cannot be put into words of understanding from a limited human aspect of self. This process of coding or seemingly not recognizable informational seeding is now super-seeding the fields of conscious awareness within each of us.

As the seeds are received into our individual consciousness they are taking residence and forcing or rather encouraging the dissolution of thought patterns which no longer resonate with the truth of who and what we truly are. Both individually and collectively we are evolving and we have agreed to this whether or not we understand or believe it is occurring.

Personally I have stepped back away from a lot of interaction with social media first by noticing how social media has changed in the way it no longer serves as a great communication vehicle but a tool for the harvesting of emotional triggers for others to manipulate masses of conscious beings with.
I also have found that my own intellectual image of myself has been altered and many times not in admirable ways.
All of this is no real surprise to most of us but still needs to be looked at from our highest level of conscious awareness as a signal to seek to redefine how we are interacting as either a manipulator or being manipulated by others.

What is obviously seen when I do that is how innocently we can all be seduced into an artificial expression of self or a desire to fulfill our desire to be seen and heard even if false or hurtful to others.
This reminds me of how all the thousands of generations have continued to destroy the very sources of their sustainability both physically and spiritually.

Anne's Flowers

So to return to the withdrawal I mentioned at the beginning of this expression, it is a part of the process in which we are leaving that false sense of self. Leaving it in as much of a state of non-judgment as is possible. Much like when our computer fails or we have to learn new software as the old no longer does what we need it to in order to fulfill our true purpose.

We are now in the process of extracting the true self out of the chaos and rubble and re-igniting it with new energy and it is not always a pleasing experience in its initial stages.
So if you find yourself taking more time to be quiet and reflective, or perhaps holding yourself back from expressing yourself without careful reflection, remember to be kind, nurturing and loving as that Supreme Self which is now revealing its true power and energy within you.

It does not matter where we are each at by normal human means of measurement for this now has to do with what I would like to call Divine Order. The Order of that which we call Creation. Where each of us are now beginning to accept our responsibilities in the co-creation of an evolutionary process which is taking place throughout the Multiverse simultaneously.

So as each of you begin to make changes in how you relate to yourself and each other, and fear begins to arise within you, take the time to recognize what is causing the fear.
It is primarily the ending of the story that we have told ourselves and each other millions of times.

Like all good stories there is either a point of completion or another volume to be written. We are beginning to understand that we are the writers of this story and it has served it purpose in the grander scene of that which we call reality
The writing of the last chapter will always make references to that which led the story writer to a new understanding and so here we are.


The next Volume begins where we are now exploring and understanding that Breathing is no longer taken for granted. Nor is it worshiped as something outside of us and mysterious. It is an understanding in which our breath becomes the cleansing process which takes place in order for truths to begin to dwell in full earnest.

The “in” breath attracts into our conscious awareness all that is in need of being seen.
The “out” breath takes the responsibility of realizing the release of all falsity.

So now as my stream of thought begins to wander it is time for us to take another deep in-breath…
Let us attract all that needs to be brought to our higher awareness within us
enabling us to truly see all the falsity and fear that illusion creates

In the space between the in and out breaths…
Let us feel grateful for all that it offers us
welcoming the opportunity for transformation which it brings
confirming we are always empowered through our Highest/Divine Self

As we exhale let us feel the releasing…
Of all that can no longer be brought forward into this new Book of Life
because there is nothing there that will sustain it

And before we repeat this pattern…
Let us embrace our withdrawal however it plays out
knowing that all fear is attached to that which we are exhaling
That we are here to Co-Create Miracles
That there is only this moment
and it can be repeated with each breath we take.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.13.18