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Pink Roses

What a crazy week with these amazing Solstice energies.
Hearts were opening like Roses in the Sunshine

I’m sure many of you will ask me what planet I live on that I can be so positive in a world that seems to be sliding deeper into darkness.

The New Earth… Here We AreLight on MT A

Let’s continue the story of my weekly Presence of Light talk on Humanity Healing
Hearts, Roses Love and Light

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I began this morning’s focus without a definite topic other than an amazingly powerful week of Solstice Energies which were at some points very exhausting and a message from Innerself.com – Daily Inspiration

‘I am Love shining through my actions.’

It was a story about the Lamb and the Lion with the bottom line being, that we all can see darkness swallowing the light, yet remember that it is an illusion.
The Light has not been swallowed but we have only lost sight of it.

My notes which I write usually within hours of going live are basically a check in with my Higher Self and all who are presently in communication with it.
OK so where are we now as a collective consciousness that is appropriately named Hu Man… Hu meaning God and Man referring to a physical expression of God and is originally not gender specific.

Some of us Hu-man Beings this week were amazingly inspired and then brought down to levels of pain and depression only to rise again as if we were on a roller coaster ride.

So I want you to think about that emotional ride you were taken on and remember that E-motion is Energy in Motion.
We cannot separate ourselves from the Energy of Creation no matter how many stories we tell each other or try to control it.

This was exactly the message I spoke about all week as I rode the tail of this Dragon and faced its fiery breath yet in the midst of all this chaos the Rose in my Garden reminded me of My Heart that was opening further than it had ever been before in this lifetime.

Potential Rose
It spoke of an enduring Love which has no boundaries and which is constantly flowing through the Multiverse. A Oneness that when we align our awareness with it can shift all of our fears and misperceptions like the Morning Sun rising to dissipate the darkness of Night.

So the Solstice of June became the shifting point as we continue on our evolutionary path as one of trillions of species here on planet Earth.

We have been the most dangerous prisoners in a prison we have created
through the misuse of our power and wisdom
and have now been given keys to unlock our hearts
and send our Love both forward and backward through the time-lines
to heal and re-align all of our errors both individually and collectively.

We are not the most powerful,
we are not the most intelligent,
we are not the most precious and yet
we are way beyond our mis-perceptions.

WE Are Awakening from the deep sleep of our Long Night…
so Open your Hearts, Smell the Roses and share your Love and Light.

Each of us are a mirror in which WE can see our own pain
that suffering which needs healing and return it to love
WE are being asked to heal ourselves and in that process
WE heal each other and restore Hu~Man~ity to its full Glory.

Blessings to each of you as you begin to own your Truth and live it without fear.
Charlie Riverman