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Love Is Who We Are

Once again the topics for my Presence of Light talk on Humanity Healing seem to flow easily and effortlessly from deep within my Heart.

This one is number 44… and such a perfect number to be recorded on 6.29.18 which breaks down into many numbers with wonderful vibrations.

The message “Love Is Who We Are” is one that is becoming more understandable as we begin to resonate with the New Earth Energies which are re-uniting us all at the Heart Center.

Here are the links if you wish to listen or watch…
MP3 version on Yourlisten

Video version on YouTube

So here are my notes for the show which were written just before I went on line.
It is becoming easier to allow what wants to flow through, be received and recorded as an outline which I can refer to during the talks.

All my human systems are feeling more alignment when I do this.

Perfect Love

Love has no motives

It knows no fear

Has no purpose

It is not a state of excitement


We can think about love or we can be love

When we think about love we are using the mind

When we are love we become who truly are

Love has no boundaries


Most of the love we experience as humans is a reflection of Love just as most of us are a reflection of who and what we truly are.

Reflections are mirror images which appear as something yet are not capable of holding the original energetic form.

So here we are at a point in our evolution where we are becoming physically able to hold the true energy of love and experience in its Divine State of Perfection

So too are we experiencing ourselves in Truth and it is revealing many very uncomfortable aspects of our mirror image that we have been portraying for many lifetimes

Yes Love is now returning to this dimension and We are the ones who chose to welcome it and bring it through.

We are both the greeting committee and the senders.

But… we have one huge problem Houston and its name is Ego

The Ego has a problem with Love because it (the ego) has been given more power than it could handle and is now in distress.

By placing itself in charge of love and by reducing it to a symbol, it created all sorts of parameters and regulations, as to how love is to act so as not to override the ego’s authority and ruling principles.

Note the similarity with our Governments.


So now let’s bring it back to Love

Love is not just a word

It is harmony and unity

It is more than just an emotional state

And cannot be given as a gift or bargained for


Algorithms and patterning cannot contain it

Nor can it be held captive

For it is boundless and selfless

And contains no energy which is controllable


This Love is all powerful in that it can transmute everything that is not in balance within the human structure.

It is not ordinary … it is Sacred

And it is need right now within the 3rd dimension to restore the balance and equilibrium of all life forms.

Love is Pure Potential that is now coming in waves from an Ocean of Oneness we have long been travelers on.
However we became disoriented and lost at sea.

Our navigators have become confused and too proud to admit their errors.

Yet each of us are now receiving Love in amounts which will correct our own compasses and guide us either Home or into the New Earth.

We have done this many times in the course of humanity and are not to end up on the shoals of another desolate planet to begin again.

WE ARE LOVE and always have been… not seeking anything out of a sense of aloneness but expanding into many galaxies and dimensions.

Our human experience is how it is expressing and we have given our true source of power away due to a short circuit in our Ego, which is a wonderful tool in our survival kit but not who we are.

May the truth shine through and create a new container within your hearts into which Love may be stored and poured forth from.

Blessings of Peace Light and Love … Riverman