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Today has been one in which I have had to speak out about the energies which are highly active because of the Solstice.
They are creating much separation and as I thought on their effect on people I realized that they were only responding to them from their lowest sense of who they are.

The negative energy is only in proportional response to the amount of positive energy which is being opened for our Divine Unification.

I was not sure whether to write or speak and so I chose to speak first as the frequencies and vibratory resonance of my voice was to be sent out from my heart.  Thereby establishing the Heart Resonance first whereupon all life forms would benefit even if not heard or read.


So the above Meme was written as I began the day on Social Media as I was feeling my own pain around what has happened to children all over the world for thousands of years not just in this time-frame we are experiencing.

It brought me to focus on not listening to my mind which was certainly being intentionally targeted in order to force a reaction and steal my energy.  To stop me from tapping into the Divine Diamond Light Codes which are coming through on this SOLstice.

As I settled back in to my Heart the message came to do the facebook live message which I now share with you All.

Solstice Message MP3 on yourlisten

Solstice Message Video on YouTube


Solstice Blessings